sobbing of the gayness

shin-nyaa  asked:

(touches you with my tiny gay hands) You're infected now.

If there was anything Urd hated more than Shinyas incredibly annoying crush on his best friend,(and the fact that he was clearly blind to the fact that the guy liked him back) it was him trying to convert him to join his sexuality. However that would work.

A night at the couch, watching a dumb detective series, and suddenly having Shinyas hands all over his face usually wouldn’t have bothered him. If it weren’t for the fact that he was “infected”. He hadn’t told his roommate yet. Feared for his reaction. And honestly he’d been trying to figure out the past week just how he’d managed to fall for a guy.

In fact Urd had been quite certain that he was straight. Even to the point where he’d allowed Shinya to set up a date for him with another guy, and discovered just how unattracted he was to others of the same gender.
But turns out, he’d been wrong. Dead wrong.
In fact he was currently slowly, but steady, falling for a guy. Probably way older than him, not to mention that he was married and with fucking kids. Who would have known that he was that type… Into older men… He, for certain, wouldn’t.

“Why so straight, Urd?”

This was it. This was fucking it. The moment he’d finally loose his cold and snap. And for a second, blue eyes widened as the other realized just what a grave mistake he had done. Until a smile cracked on his face, the pale eyes narrowing in mischief.

“Who is he?”
“Shinya, I’m not-” in love with a guy. This time he stopped himself. Lying would make it too obvious, wouldn’t it? Denying it now would only serve to make the whole thing even more embarrassing if it ever… Who was he kidding. There was no way it was going to work out. He barely even knew the guy.

Sighing in defeat, he pushed away, leaving the couch with a light shake of his head. “You don’t know them.” Admitting his gender would be too much of a strain. Instead he took the safer round, thinking that the face he was pulling would be enough for his roommate to leave him alone.

And yet again, he was wrong.