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Jason Todd x Reader (Brotherly Relationship) - Are You Insane Like Me? Been in Pain Like Me?

TRIGGER WARNING: Blood, Alcohol, Drugs, Abuse

Requested by: @cattopolis

Song: Gasoline, Halsey

Word Count: 3,510

Falling against the hard and cracked wall, exhausted, broken, and in terrible pain, you attempted to somewhat compose yourself. You did not want to think about what had just happened, and be as it may that it happened almost every night, it wasn’t any more pleasant after time. You were all alone, as per usual, considering your father was passed out, and your mother had left when you were 3, and she was the only person that cared about you. 

You were now 17, and had grown up in hell ever since, but you tried as hard as humanly possible not to see it that way. Your father was a terrible alcoholic and drugie, and you had to feed his addiction or he would beat you to a pulp. You did what any person on the streets would do at the age of 17 for money, and you weren’t proud of it. You stole and sold anything within your sight, and it added up pretty quickly. Your dad had taught you how, this was the only thing he ever taught you before his descent into drugs and vodka, and you were damn good at it.

You had been doing this since you were 5, it was all you knew, and he would take all the money and put it to drinks and the newest substance floating around the dark and grim city, inviting his shitty friends over for parties, and you would have to clean everything up. He also used you as a test experiment for his drugs, a lab rat should you say, but you had no way to fight him against it, so you took is with cries and pleads, praying to live another day, and that it just might get better.

Tonight, it had been one after one, he would inject them into you, and you would take it because you thought, maybe one day, he’ll stop. Maybe one day, he’ll get better. Whenever there was a party, you would be strapped to a table in a tank top and shorts, and needles would be thrown your way left and right. Tonight was no different.

You were the entertainment, writhing and screaming as the vile liquids burned and clawed through your veins. You cried and pleaded for it to stop, but if you spoke a word, you were hit, so you stopped fighting, stopped asking. The only noise that was allowed from you were your screams, and god did your father’s terrible friends love to hear you scream. 

They cheered and chanted, watching you struggle to breathe and stay complacent, throwing whatever new or old drug they discovered at your father and his few closest friends so they could inject the poison into your flailing body, paying hundreds to watch you struggle in immense pain, and it was terrifying. You never knew when it would end, it all was a daze, painful and loud, but eventually, it all stopped and you were left as the broken girl they all loved to watch suffer, struggling to stay alive.

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Yoosung x Mother!Reader ~ Clingy

Summary: It’s Yoosung’s first day at school and to say he doesn’t want to go would be an understatement.

You smiled gently down at the sobbing boy in front of you. His eyes were red and tear tracks lined his cheeks, his tiny hands desperately clutching your leg. he had been excited at the prospect of school this morning, but when he was faced with the actual task of leaving his mother, all his excitement was forgotten.

You knelt down to his height and delicately removed him from your leg, ignoring his frantic attempts to reattach himself and more violent sobbing.

“Yoosung.” You tried to gain his attention in vain. He was far too hysterical to have heard you.

Sighing, you brought him into your embrace, him immediately latching himself onto your top. you stood up, still cradling him in your arms. You rocked him back and forth, shushing him whilst your ran your fingers through his brown locks.

He had always been a clingy child, often refusing the company of anyone who wasn’t his mother and following you around like a puppy. The stress of the prospect of being forced into a new place by himself was getting to him, and quite honestly you didn’t know what to do. You knew that once he got into school he would be fine, but getting him in wouldn’t be easy.

You continued to shush him, murmuring reassurances in his ear.

“It’s alright Yoosung, mummy’s here, mummy’s here.”

After a few minutes of consistent comfort, Yoosung began to calm down. He removed his head from your shoulder, his bright purple eyes shining behind a layer of tears.

“You’re going to have so much fun today sweetheart. You can make new friends and play together. Doesn’t that sound good?”

He shook his head, pouting. “I want to have fun with mummy. Only mummy.” 

You tried to go with a sterner approach instead as clearly your first attempts weren’t working, “Yoosung Kim, you have to go to school today. You can’t stay with mummy, stop being stubborn.”

You immediately began to regret your words as his eyes rapidly filled with more tears at the prospect that you were upset or angry with him. Your heart was breaking at seeing him so upset, but there really was nothing you could do. He had to go to school whether he liked it or not. You kissed him lightly on the forehead as a small apology for what you were about to do.

Walking quickly, you entered the school playground and quickly located one of the teachers. Yoosung shyly buried his head back into the crook of your neck, his arms wrapping around your neck. You began to speak with the teacher.

“Hi, I’m sorry to interrupt you but I was wondering if you could give me a hand. You see, it’s Yoosung’s first day today and as you can tell he’s a little nervous.”

The teacher’s eyes softened in understanding. “Don’t worry. It happens every year to many of our new students and I’m sure he’ll settle down in no time.” He turned his attentions onto Yoosung. “Hey there Yoosung! Would you like to come with me and we can make sure you’re all settled in on your first day?”

Yoosung shook his head, refusing to speak or unlatch himself from you.

“Come one sweetie.” You said. “This nice man is going to help you, OK?”

Again, Yoosung shook his head violently, his hair swishing from side to side.

“Maybe I should just-” Mr. Simmons had reached out to take Yoosung from you but Yoosung made a noise of surprise and just held on tighter.

You sighed. “I’m sorry.” You whispered to him. You began pulling Yoosung out of your arms.

Yoosung began to panic, starting to cry hysterically as he tried to hang on. But despite his best attempts he soon found himself in the arms of his teacher,  and not the arms of his mother.

You steeled yourself and began to walk away, but his pleas made you falter for a second.

“Mummy please! Don’t leave me mummy please come back! Mummy!”

You turned slightly, a sad smile on you lips. “Mummy loves you very much Yoosung. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

And with that final word you walked away. Out of the playground, into the carpark, into the car, and then out of sight.

Your hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. Leaving your baby boy was the hardest thing you had ever had to do.

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Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 34 (Fake boyfriend/Neighbour AU) - The End

Title: Friends after all

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: … (I refuse)

Warnings: Suicide attempt (I need to warn about this), Angst

Summary: AU. Dean Winchester. Mechanic. Neighbour. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You’ve known him for years and you’ve been really close. Everything will be put to test though when your sister’s wedding approaches and he has the brilliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would have ever thought of the result. Certainly not you.

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Friendly advice: READ. TILL. THE. END. Or at least half of it, till the other gifs. You can have your story end there too, if you want to.

It was Dean, he was in a car accident. He’s at the hospital (Y/n).”

The words kept swimming in your mind, Sam’s voice echoing inside your head, as you took step after step. You looked like you would pass out any given moment and you honestly didn’t feel any much better. If you even felt anything after this. You were literally numb on the inside, feeling dull. Your head felt so light as if you had lost all of your abilities to think of anything in general. And then there was that pain at the back and front of your head that made you squint your eyes. You literally dragged your feet, your head bowed down all the time as you gripped onto Sam’s arm.

It didn’t take much for both you and him to each your destination. You took in a breath but it was shaky. You clenched your jaw and gripped onto Sam’s arm. His eyes casted down at you- his red eyes that matched yours. He tried to give you a smile but failed miserably. He moved his arms to wrap them around you, giving you a squeeze. Your hands gripped his jacket tightly in your fists as even more tears rolled down your cheeks, just when you thought you were dry there they were.

A small sob left your lips despite how you clenched your teeth. All you wanted to do was bury your face in Sam’s chest and cry for hours- wait you had already done that when you found out the truth. A trembling sigh left Sam’s lips as he pressed a kiss on your forehead, soon pursing his lips to keep his sobs at bay. He rested his forehead on the side of your head before his eyes casted down at… the tombstone.

The light breeze made goosebumps form all over your skin, making you feel something for the first time in days after that dreadful night. It still made you wonder how you could still walk, hell even stand. But for that maybe you had to thank Sam for his support. You had been clinging onto each other for dear life these days, the both of you acting like walking dead. After you had tried to keep him from drowning himself in alcohol you had tried to pull yourself from the abyss you were falling in after… his death.

The pain could not compare to anything you’d ever felt before and at that moment you wished so bad he was alive and going out with whatever whore he wanted instead of… this. You brushed away the tears and clenched your teeth. You weren’t going to break, not now and not when Mary was standing right next to you. You glanced up at Sam to see his eyes were watery and slightly red but he was keeping himself from crying for probably the same reason.

You sniffled, letting your one hand move from Sam to the little girl’s head. She still couldn’t comprehend what was happening but at least after all the tears she’d shed she wasn’t crying anymore. She held some flowers in her tiny hands and slowly took a few steps forward to place them down next to the ones you had brought a few days ago. When she had asked you just yesterday she wanted to visit her father you and Sam had both stiffened. But just taking a look into her big green eyes that were identical to her father’s you found yourselves unable to say no to her.

“I miss you daddy.” she whispered and you bit your lower lip.

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You Are Dead And They Are The Only Ones That Can See You|| Teen Wolf Preference (REQUESTED)

Based on this request:that anon that asked you to do more sad teen wolf preferences can I give you like a thing to do for the sad one ? could you maybe like do where you die but he is the only one that can see you and the others think he is crazy but you warn him of danger? like you can shorten the tittle just go along the lines of that request ??? please thank you (I added a bit more characters) I really need to catch up on teen wolf im only up two season two

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Scott: it has been one week since you died in a fight against the a pack and in all those week’s Scott’s dreams are just nightmares of your death replaying over and over again he’d dream the same thing every night he would wake up crying for you looking everywhere around his room and when he couldn’t find you he just sat on his bed and stared at the wall blankly. His alarm clock went off but he was already wake to begin with he didn’t go to sleep last night as he got ready and went off to school he felt something grab his hand he looked to his side to see you there smiling at him he smiled back but two Lydia and stiles they wonder what has got him smiling since he hasn’t even smiled since you past away. “Scott you seem happy you haven’t been happy since the accident” stiles said avoiding your name “oh im happy because (y/n) is right beside me” he said looking at you , you smiled up at him you knew he was the only one that could see you but he didn’t know that Scott and Lydia looked at him like he was crazy “Scott she isn’t there” Lydia said softly “but she is” he said annoyed that they won’t believe him he grabbed your hand but to them it was just air and stormed off he let go of your hand when he went to his locker “Scott please calm down they let me go that’s why they can’t see me you have to let me go to Scott it’s not healthy” you said as you placed a hand on his bicep he slammed his door and faced you “ I will never let you go” with that he stormed off he didn’t really care if anyone was looking at him he went into his next class you just stood there next to his locker the hallways where silent a girl come up to you and stood in front of you “I can see you to you know” she said giving you a weird smile you looked up “how?” you  asked “oh I can see ghost (y/n)” you gulped “and you my friend are trying to go to the light aren’t you but something keeps pulling you back or should I say someone won’t let you go” “his just grieving” you said “(Y/n) let me tell you something if you stay here for another week your soul will be trapped on this earth forever” she said it like it was a bad thing “im trying ok he won’t let me go” she just smiled at you “well (y/n) I will make him forget about you because you are dead and well I am alive” with that she walked into the classroom he was in you gulped you walked out of the school and went to your grave as the day went on you felt Scott calling for you but you didn’t come to him at all you felt like that girl was bad news as it come to night time you felt a hand on your shoulder you looked up and saw Scott you felt him wiped a tear “I can touch you (y/n)” you shook your head and got up “that’s because you won’t let me go” as tears fell down your eyes “but I don’t want to let you go” he said as tears escaped his eyes “but you have to” you said trying to stay strong for both of you “I can’t (y/n) it will hurt too much” “but it’s hurting you now to see him to touch me but never be intermit with me to never grow old and have kids with me it’s hurting you please just let me go” you said as you walked up to him “ d-do you promise you will watch over me ?” he asked as he grabbed your cold hands you nodded your head “I promise” he sighed “goodbye (y/n) I will always love you” you smiled but you slowly faded into thin air leaving Scott a sobbing mess…………

 Stiles:  to say stiles was moving on was an understatement he would come to your grave very night and tell you about his day, he even looked up stuff that would supposably “bring you back to life” Everyone has worried about him he’d claim that he would raise you up from the dead soon and that you’s could grow old together, Malia was jealous of this she tried to get him to move om by making him like her but he was to stuck on the idea he could bring you back to life she decided to stalk him as he went to your grave again and talked about his day he started talking crazy talk she felt something cold behind her she turned around and saw you there your face looked unamused and annoyed “ (y/n)?” she said she went to attack you when she went straight through you, you just smirked and turned around “really Malia are you that stupid or are you to obsessed with my boyfriend ?” you questioned her your arms where crossed “you are dead so what does it matter you’re a ghost and your jealous” she said going through you again and hiding behind a tree watching stiles talk to your grave “you know I wouldn’t piss off a ghost if I was you” Malia turned around pissed off “you can’t hurt me” she said with a cocky smirk on her face “oh I can and when stiles finds out he can see me I think that will hurt you the most that his talking to his dead girlfriend . I know how much you want him” she went to speak but you vanished and went to stiles room and waited for him* 2minutes later* you heard the door close downstairs and heard someone walk up stairs you smiled a bit when you saw stiles bedroom door open and close as stiles sat on his bed his head down you decided to make an appearance “you know people think you are crazy trying to bring your dead girlfriend back from the dead” stiles head shot up towards you he blinked rapidly “a-are you really there? Like in flesh?” you walked towards him “well yeah I am really here I let you see me but I am still dead” “how? Why didn’t you let me see you before?” he asked tears going down his face “because I thought you would be fine that you would grow out of this phase of bring me back to life but you haven’t” he stood up from his bed in front of you “are you going to stay?” he asked hope in his eyes you nodded “off course” he smiled wiping a tear from his eyes you sat on his bed as he did the same “can I kiss you or will I go straight through you?” “Depends on how strong your believe is for me” you said smiling he leant into you his lips meeting yours in a soft kiss he pulled back a smile on his face “does that prove your point?” he asked smiling “yes” “can you please stay with me please” you nodded your head “always” he layed down on his bed “can I cuddle you?” he asked you giggled “of course” as you layed down you with him you felt him slowly drift off to sleep you smiled and you kissed his lips softly…..

 Derek: Derek knew he couldn’t give up on finding your killer your killer wasn’t supernatural just a dangerous person a murder he was close to him until he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder he turned around as he did his eyes went wide why were you standing there he thought you were dead “Derek please don’t do this just let it go” he shook his head and stood up “you aren’t real you are dead you are just a figure of my imagination” he said turning around again stalking the guy who killed you “Derek please don’t do this” he turned around “you died because of him” he said walking straight up to the guy and shoving him roughly against a wall “please stop Derek” you shouted breaking the glass of the windows near him the guy Derek had against the wall stabbed Derek in the abdomen unexpectedly and pushed him to the ground “you picked the wrong guy to mess with” he said threating before he got to do anything with Derek you throwed him against a wall making him groan in agony Derek looked at you and smiled a bit you went to him “so your like my guardian angel now” he said smiling up at you the other guy thought he was insane so made a run for it before Derek even noticed “ I always have been your guardian angel Derek” you smiled down at him…

Liam: he didn’t understand how you left him how you broke up with him he tried to tell you what he was but you didn’t believe him you thought he was lying again. So when he got home from a run to clear his mind he knew something was wrong since your parents were sitting there giving him sad looks “Liam sit down please” his mum said as Liam sat down your mum began to talk “(y/n) s-she was in an accident last night and-“  before your mum could talk he stood up “no no don’t say it” “she died last night” your dad said Liam couldn’t handle what your father said so he stormed out the front door and ran into the forest he dropped to his knee in a fatal position… He felt something warm on him he turned his heard and saw you “im sorry liam but I have to go to the light” you said “no” he grabbed your hand and when he could feel you hand “wake up liam, its not your time to leave” “what do you mean?” “You’re going to get a bad cold plus there are hunters out here” “I can’t leave you here” “they can’t see me unless they really want to see me” “but” he argued “just call my name whenever you miss me too much” as you said that you disappeared “but (y/n)?” “(y/n) what” Derek said behind him Liam jumped “come on Liam you’re going to get killed stop talking to thin air that you think is (y/n) when nothing is there” Derek dragged him away from you but your words were stuck in his head just call my name whenever you miss me too much……

Isaac: Isaac left beacons hill too much pain too much torture he couldn’t stay in beacons hill because you died there and what a terrible death you had your best friend stiles got posed by an evil Japanese spirit but killed you in the process and since they defeated the evil spirit stiles had to live with the guilt that he killed his best friend, as Isaac went into his hotel room he felt something of he looked around the room his eyes turning yellow as he turned back around he saw you on his bed “(y/n)?” “thank god you can see me do you have any idea how long it took you to get to notice me I was starting to think you didn’t want to see me” you rambled on Isaac stood there confused his eyes going back to normal “how is this even possible? How are you here?” he asked sitting on the couch “Isaac you can see me” you said excitedly “yeah but that doesn’t make it better you are dead” “but Isaac we can communicate this way” “(y/n) listen” he got cut off by a worker at the hotel “sir who were you talking to?” he questioned looking around the empty room “he can’t see me only you can” with that you disappeared “umh just myself” he said the worker nodded his head “ok well here are some towels” with that he exited the room great he thought he can see his dead girlfriend and that person now thinks his crazy… but at least he gets to talk and see you again even if it’s not how he wanted it to be….

Allison:  you were her little sister she couldn’t believe it when she found out you died her and Chris were grieving but Allison’s grieving turned into angry and she used that angry into hunting done the werewolf that killed you off course she didn’t get very far since Scott stopped her “Allison you will get killed please don’t do this” “it’s for (y/n) she needs justices” she said as she aimed her arrow at something she thought was a threat but it was really just a deer “(y/n) wouldn’t want you to do this” Scott said Allison with drawled the arrow at the mention of your name “don’t say that Scott don’t say that when one of your kind took my little sister and killed her don’t say she want me to kill her killer” she cried Scott soothed her rubbing circles on her back slowly he kissed the top of her head “but I didn’t want you to find the werewolf” you said behind Scott she gasped as she got out of Scott’s reach and went behind him she went up to you and hugged you to Scott it looked like she was hugging air he didn’t understand at all “Allison please don’t get yourself killed looking for a werewolf” “but he took you from me” she started sobbing “sh Allison” Scott said hugging her from behind when he did that you disappeared which made her cry harder…..

  Lydia: Lydia stared up at her ceiling she didn’t understand how you died like that how some sicko could rape you then kill you it left her numb when she found out you died especially since she could sense something bad was going to happen she started blaming herself and become locked up in her room very day “Lydia” she heard a familiar voice she looked to her side to see you laying on her bed “(y/n)? Is this real?” you smiled and turned your head to look at her “well I thought you blaming yourself for my death was pretty sad I mean you couldn’t of know it was me going to die could you?” “b-but you died (y/n)” she said tears running down her checks “Lydia stop crying go out be that smart confident girl you were before I died” she shook her head and turned away from you “but all that was for you because I was your role model and I let you die” “Lydia who are you talking to?” Allison said walking into her room she looked to Allison and all around her room but she couldn’t find you anywhere “(y/n) can’t you see her she was here a minute ago” Allison gave her a look of sympathy “Lydia I won’t mention this to your mother in fear she will take you to an asylum but (y/n) isn’t here she is dead” “but I can see her” Lydia said “I think your mind is playing tricks on you Lydia” Lydia shook her head “Lydia” her mom gasped “Allison can I please talk to Lydia for a minute?” Allison exited the room “darling this is not ok” she said as she sat on her bed “im fine mum” Lydia said seeing you again “Lydia you basically think you can see (y/n) and I know it hurts you because your sister died in a horrible way but you’re not ok which is why I’ve decided you need to go to a mental clinic at the hospital  you will be  in the morning  “ Lydia shook her head “no mum no” she got up and closed the door ignoring Lydia’s plea’s to believe her that she wasn’t crazy “I told you Lydia to stop grieving over this to forget about me to move on do you have any idea what it’s like at a mental clinic Lydia you will go crazy after this” “if they think im crazy now then how come im the only one that can see you” she screamed angry as she said that you disappeared making her cry harder she didn’t mean to yell at you she didn’t want to stop seeing you and now she didn’t even know if she would be able to…


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Prompt: C&B get home after Bracken is arrested and everything starts to sink in for Beckett. She has a complete breakdown and can't stop crying. Castle talks her through it.

She’s fine on the drive home, fine when they stop by the precinct - cool, calm, and collected Detective Beckett in front of her peers, the cameras, everyone. Until they finally arrive at the loft.

His mother and daughter are both there, ready with congratulatory hugs and smiles that they wrap Kate in, and she’s fine then too, reciprocating their excitement, exchanging kind words with his mother and a look with his daughter that is heavy, knowing, but when Alexis hugs his fiancé, it’s as if every ounce of tension that has been slowly dissipating over time drains from them both completely. 

It’s not until they make a detour to their bedroom that he notices her shoulders have begun to shake. It’s not until he’s shut the door, enclosed them in privacy, that her face starts to crumble. It’s not until he touches her that she starts to cry.

“Oh, Kate,” he whispers as he cradles her trembling body in his arms.

She shakes her head even while she allows him to hold her, even as she wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his chest, as if she’s trying to deny the tears streaming from her eyes.

They just stopped by the loft on the way to her apartment to share smiles with his family and grab a few things from their bedroom, but he doesn’t try to quell the tears or quiet the growing sobs that steadily build in her throat. She’s been so strong, unshakable throughout every second of this case; he knew a breakdown of sorts was inevitable. He’s just so glad it’s one born from relief. 

Castle steers her towards the bed, eases them both down and pulls her into his lap, keeping his arms locked around her quivering frame. She used to hate when he held her like this during emotional times, her instinctual need to suffer alone screaming for her to retreat, but now she curls closer without hesitation, the cool skin of her forehead resting against his jaw, her sniffling nose pressed to his throat. 

“It’s over,” she chokes against his neck, coiling her fingers around the collar of his shirt. 

Rick strokes a hand through her hair, tries to refrain from rocking her like a child, and holds her tighter instead.

“It is,” he confirms softly. “You made her proud, made everyone so proud, Kate.”

She muffles the sound of her whimpering with his skin. 

“I always knew you were extraordinary,” he continues, whispering his words into the top of her head, rubbing her shoulder as the breathless sobbing slowly settles into soundless tears. “But after today, extraordinary feels like an understatement.”

It takes a few seconds, but her head eventually lifts, and she offers him a watery smile when he gently smooths back the damp strands of hair that have become stuck to her cheek and wipes the last of her tears from her skin. 

“Thank you,” she rasps, catching the hand retreating from her face and planting a kiss to his palm. “I couldn’t have done it without you, I know I already said it, but I meant it. I couldn’t have done it without you and I’m glad I didn’t have to.”

“Kate, you were always going to solve this with or without-” She shushes him, presses her thumb to his lips and her forehead to his.

“I didn’t want to do it without my partner.”

He kisses her, pressing his pride and gratitude, his admiration and his love for her, against her lips.

How do you feel after reading r9k ch.39?
  • *Readers try to stop sobbing and crying*
  • Non-readers: "that bad, huh?"
  • Readers: "Understatement of the fucking century"