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This is a gift for cupcake @sabomuii! She’s the person who got me into MysMe, so I thought this would be fitting. Yoosung is probably one of her favorite characters in the game and sunflowers are beautiful, so this came out!!! I never drew flowers before but I hope it looks okay. ;v;


Allen & Tim | The cute friendship |
Dedicated to my awesome Pri bby! @allenswalkers ♥ (๑❛ ▿ ◠๑ )

The Imamura Brothers  👥

    1760 - Present

S/O to my fkn bae4life @bananahut​ for this amazing edit!!


Nijimura Shuuzo | ♥ Teiko Captain ♥ |
↳ Happy Birthday to my sweetest bby Ela-chan! @hisokahs ✿ (。♥ ⌣ ♥。) ✿

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hi ur blog is cute ^_^ I just started using my tumblr again lmao so I was just wondering what are some good blogs to follow? also would you mind checking mine out too, oki thas it hope u have a good day x

um first of all, thank you so much ???? omg this makes me rlly happy lmao ;; esp because i just remade and yeah ;_; 
i could really just.. tell you everyone i follow tbh rip, but i will try to keep it low and just tell you some.. which is gonna be hard but like, yknow lmaooo. i will just.. do different sections so yeah :3

gifs/gfx: @hoseokxx @1lsan @1chae @jeonbegins @bwiboo @jeonggukes @mewchim @rapnamu @taejinmin @eatkookiie @eriinatsu @ksjknj @pjmjjk @pjmksj @taesflower @bangtanroyalty @jnghobi @hobipd @sugaswagdaddy and @fhawn who does art but like rlly great art im in love :((

writers: @gukvory @taexquila @tahyungs (who also makes edits lmao) @jungblue @chimout @jungkxook

cute blogs to follow just because: @2awake @ijins @sheloveskook @jinsasleep @mincute @jinnies @2seoke @apricotmin @taepott (she does things too but too many ok) @kimtae95s @officerkook @bfmoni @taegay @otpvmin @foryoubybts @protectaetae @rudetae @namjun @velvethoseok (um the mb queen /bows) @lovehobs @cryjeon @bts420 @pjungkook @jiminsangel @hobitaki @lie

and yesssss, honestly i love all of them and more tbh :(( but before this is turning into a literal follow forever, imma just stop here LMAO i hope i could help you!! :)


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500!? 500 may be a small number to some but for someone for who has just started, I’m still so shook about it T^T I really want to thank you guys for following this blog, liking my scenarios & sending me lots of positive things on my asks! I honestly didn’t prepare much because I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon so I’m just combining it with the bias mood board tag & a not-so-short about me (I promise I will do better for my next milestone):

  • My name is Iris and my Chinese name is 洁铮
  • I’m an Aries and I’m currently 17
  • I’m studying for my IGs now hence updates are less frequent
  • I have 5 ear piercings and I’m planning on getting 2 more so it can match my lucky number, 7  
  • I love Park Woojin if you couldn’t tell already :’)
  • I am Chinese, born and raised in Malaysia but I grew up in Australia for some part of my childhood
  • I am a night person hence it’s like 3am here whenever I post my scenarios
  • My sleeping schedule is really off, I sleep from 4PM to 7PM and then 10PM to 1AM (rip)
  • I can speak English, Chinese & Bahasa Melayu (trying to learn Korean now but I’m failing so hard asdfg)
  • My first post was on the 23rd of August so it’s been 12 days since I had this blog
  • I’m an ENTJ & I really like talking to people 
  • Some of my favourite book series is Robert Langdon Collection by Dan Brown, Sherlock Holmes Collection & The Hardy Boys
  • I’m going to read Harry Potter once I finish tackling my IGs but based on Pottermore, I’m a Slytherin
  • I love eating and my favourite food is froyo & any type of pastries  
  • I prefer baking over cooking and I love watching GBBO & all cooking shows in general
  • I drink A LOT of tea & my favourite beverage is a chai latte 
  • I really like travelling and I’m going Seoul end of this year for my grad trip
  • I used to run long distance & was part of my school’s volleyball team
  • I don’t read a lot of manga/anime but I love Detective Conan & POT
  • I learned the piano but stopped when I turned 14, played Chinese drums & 琵琶 when I was in primary and now I’m self-learning the guitar
  • Other groups I stan besides Wanna One are SVT, NCT & MXM
  • I usually make my mood boards first before starting on scenario and I find making mood boards so fun (I think I’m the minority who likes doing it lmao)
  • I do bullet journalling (w/ @sapphire-scorpion) & it’s really soothing
  • my first fuckboy! au was supposed to be a joke but people ended up liking it so I decided post more LOL 

I’m tagging all my mutuals who have basically 10/10 content so go & follow them?? Some of them are legit the nicest people I have ever met on the site and I don’t think I spoke to some that I tagged here soo hmu?? Thank you guys for everything!: @sapphire-scorpion (let’s not die for bm tmr), @porkjeojang , @perkwoojin , @pinksausageduo@wannabl , @baeijns@woojiniee , @wannasseu , @jamlesswritings, @wannabeone,  @wannabl, @donghyxns, @laignlin , @wannamoon , @wooh00jin , @wannawrite , @dearlydaehwi , @wannaonescenarios, @hwinkinghwi, @little-sundays, & @heochannies

Also, shoutout to these amazing people who have constantly been reblogging/liking all my fics! Y’all are the real MVP: @crystalkpop , @khhbae , @legendaryonibugi@loudandweird@ihidebehindyou , @parkjimblescauseschestpains , @legendaryonibugi & @kpopsincejune07

Last but not least, I love each & every one of you so so much! My followers are freaking cute hehe Feel free to drop by my ask or just message me cause y'all are truly an amazing bunch & I love writing for you guys (fuckboy! Minhyun will be posted later)! THANK YOU