sobbing forever over this


We put the good in the good in the good life
We put the bad in the past, now we alright.

Stan Twins Headcanon

Okay, so I’ve been talking about this with @artsymeeshee and sharing our love of platonic bonding between Stan and Ford, and I loved this headcanon so much that I just had to share it one here for everyone to see!

Headcanon that Ford has nightmares not just about the portal or Bill, but also about Stan.

Headcanon that Ford would wake up after each one, sometimes in his bed and sometimes on his desk with a piece of paper stuck to his cheek, and he wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep until he sees Stan safe and sound in bed.

Headcanon that Ford doesn’t tell Stan what these nightmares are about, thinking that he was just being paranoid and overprotective. But no matter how many times he tries to convince himself it’s nothing, years of paranoia don’t go away that instantly.

Headcanon that Stan would notice how distracted Ford is the morning after one of these nightmares, and he seems to brush off Stan’s concerns quite quickly. Too quickly…But, he doesn’t press Ford for answers, and it doesn’t really affect their life or their relationship. After all, it’s not the first time they had nightmares they didn’t want to share just yet.

Headcanon that one day while they’re in port, Stan offers to pick up some supplies on his own. Ford, busy examining some ink from the Kraken they caught the other day, says “Yeah, okay.”, not entirely paying attention and seeing Stan out on his own as no big deal. They could both sometimes use some time by themselves, and they respect that.

Headcanon that after an hour has passed, Ford thinks Stan is taking a while to come back, but thinks nothing off it, and continues writing down the discoveries of the Kraken ink in his journal.

Headcanon that after two hours, Ford had long finished his research, and Stan still wasn’t back yet. It doesn’t take this long to get supplies, does it?

Headcanon that Ford gets more and more nervous with every passing minute. He paces the cabin, trying to not think about all the scenarios his brain is coming up with. What if someone from Stan’s time on the streets recognised him? What if someone picked a fight with Stan? What if he’s in danger right now? What if he had a memory lapse and he wasn’t there to ground him? All the memories of his nightmares come back to him all at once, and his paranoia is own worst enemy once again. He’s half tempted to “drop” something overboard just so he can have an excuse to leave the boat and look for him.

Headcanon that Ford tells himself to stop worrying. Of course Stan is fine. He’s a grown man, and he can take care of himself; you’re just being too protective and paranoid.

Headcanon that right when Ford is about to cave into his instincts and look for Stan, he hears footsteps on the deck and a voice. Stan’s voice. He finally enters the cabin with supplies in hand, saying “Ford, I’m back! Sorry I took so long. Fishing season is kicking in and everywhere is packed! And er…I may have taken some bait from another sucker’s basket. Which reminds me, I’m out of smoke bombs.”

Headcanon that Ford is barely even paying attention to the things that Stan is saying. He’s too busy thinking It’s Stan he’s here he’s himself he’s safe he’s safe thank goodness he’s safe he didn’t get hurt. He lets the relief overtake him, and without a second thought, he darts over to Stan and bundles him up in a huge hug.

Headcanon that Stan is startled at Ford’s behaviour. Was he really gone that long? But, he returns Ford’s hug and says “Good to see you too, Sixer.”

Headcanon that while embracing Stan, all those nightmares and fears and paranoid thoughts come crashing down onto him because this moment has proven to him that yes, Stan is here, Stan is safe and they are still together on the Stan O’War II. And upon hearing that childhood nickname, Ford is completely overcome and ends up breaking down in Stan’s arms. He finally confesses to Stan about the nightmares he’s had about Stan, about how he could be taken away and he could get hurt without Ford being there to protect him and he couldn’t lose him, not again, and every time Stan is out of his sight, he’s so scared that it’ll be the last time he sees him.

Headcanon that Stan, alarmed, immediately tries to comfort him, because it absolutely kills him to see his brave and strong big brother so terrified. Stan confides that he feels that way about Ford, too. That sometimes, he thinks he’ll wake up and realise that all this has been a dream, and Ford is still trapped in another dimension or they’re still fighting or still saving the world from Weirdmageddon. But, just seeing Ford every day helps remind him that this is real, and this is them living out their dream. He pulls Ford away, grabs him by the shoulders, looks him right in his eyes, and says “You’re not going to lose me, Ford. Not if I can help it. And if something does happen, well… You know I’ve got your back, and I know you’ve got mine. There’s nothing that can stop the Pines Twins. Wherever we go…”

“We go together.” Ford finishes, finally reassured.

Headcanon that Ford still has his protective moments, and so does Stan, but they both know that this is real.

But that doesn’t stop Ford from getting them both cell phones the next time they’re in port.

Aaaaaaand…that’s the end of that! Wow, that was a long one! But I just love moments like these between Stan and Ford so much! Who’s with me?!

I’LL NEVER EVER GET OVER the moment Diana screamed Steve’s name while he was running towards the plane to make that heroic sacrifice and, how he almost got cold feet and hesitated to move on and how he almost slowed down and turned around to look at Diana for the last time, and how the whole inner battle of his will to stay and not to stay was visible on his face, but… he didn’t do it because he knew if he turned around he’ll never able to leave her again.

.:The Two Geezers:.

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Hellooooooo!!!!! I just went through your entire and I am bursting with feels!!!!!!! I especially love your doctor! svt i am SOFT hnnnggg I am a psychology graduate so when I saw psychiatrist! Jun I was like "OHMYGOD ASJDVNDJCKWNR" *breathes* anyways can you please do a psychiatrist! Jun???? PLS PLS PLS 💖💖 thank you in advance!!!! 😚😚😚

jgkgfjk thats so cute !!! ur made for each other lmao:~) and of course, here u are❣❣❣

  • just for the purpose of this imagine, u are an emotional drunk who, one day, ends up sitting outside a club just quietly sobbing to urself
  • eventually u get fed up of bawling over being forever alone and as u go to stand u lose ur balance and are about to get a mouthful of concrete
  • but then someone grabs ur arm and steadies u
  • u look up and the most good looking guy who’s ever graced this earth is standing there
  • he just says “oops. careful” before sitting u back down and joining u on the kerb
  • then he kinda slurs “i’ve been watching u crying for the past 20 minutes. that’s impressive”
  • u don’t reply and just kind of weakly hit him in the arm
  • then he says “luckily for u, i’m a psychiatrist major”
  • u glare at him thinking he’s just trying to be funny so he says “look, i’ll show u”
  • then he clears his throat and puts on this formal voice and asks: “so what brings u here??”
  • u reply “i’m lonely and life is hard and no one would dance with me”
  • “how does that make u feel??”
  • u sniff and mumble: “sad”
  • “what makes the sadness better??”
  • “alcohol. chocolate. box sets”
  • “if u could wave a magic wand and make anything better, what would it be??”
  • u think for a few moments and say “a boyfriend maybe”
  • ur little drunk counselling session session continues for an hour or two and u basically end up telling him ur entire life story
  • .. although u wouldn’t actually be able to remember this all the next morning or even on the taxi ride home (which ur new friend kindly escorted u to and paid for)
  • u completely forget all about it until a few days later one of ur friends asks who the hot guy who shoved u into a cab was
  • and even then u can’t recall 75% of ur conversation
  • then when ur waiting for ur bus that week, the person lingering next to u peeks over ur shoulder at ur phone and goes “oh, so is that the best friend who constantly ditches u for her fuck-boy acquaintance??”
  • and u just feel ur body go cold
  • u look to ur left and there in all his glory stands ur kerb crying buddy with the most effortlessly beautiful grin on his face
  • u immediately flush a shade of pink and hide ur phone and say “can u like. forget the entire conversation we had please”
  • he just smirks and replies “u owe me £190 for a 2 hour session. plus the taxi ride home”
  • u start panicking like what the hell i did not sign up for this and contemplate just running away but he reads ur expression and coolly says “it’s okay if u don’t have the money. i like coffee. and i’m free every day after work from 4″
  • and u realise he’s offering to go on multiple dates with u
  • ur still kind of shell shocked so he slips ur phone out ur hand and adds in his number before waving goodbye as his bus arrives
  • purely out of boredom u end up texting him later that day and accidentally arrange a coffee date
  • these coffee dates become a regular occurrence consisting of “ur-very-generous-and-caring-and-handsome-psychiatrist-dr-wen junhui-but-u-can-call-me-jun” asking about ur day and how everything is going
  • and at the start ur kind of hesitant to spill, if not mildly suspicious as to why a random stranger would actually want to listen to u
  • initially ur just the one venting
  • and ur actually pleasantly surprised that he actually seems be attentive
  • he’ll sit there looking completely emerged in everything ur saying and nodding thoughtfully and generally seeming genuinely interested even when ur talking about something irrelevant like the fact that ur neighbour’s cat is obsessed with yelling at ur door as ur trying to sleep or how ur friends never notice when u cut ur hair
  • u feel so grateful for him for his little sessions that u try asking him things in return
  • and then, gradually, u seem to get to know each other more and more
  • eventually they’re not rly ‘therapy sessions’ but more like .. actual coffee dates
  • he starts walking u home or lending u his umbrella if it rains or just subtle things that make ur heart go !!! when u think about it
  • he’ll always give u his jacket even when it’s not cold just bc he thinks u look cute wearing it and loves taking adorable candids of u
  • each time u get up to pay he’ll spam ur phone with selfies and act innocent when u return
  • at the same time he will change his contact name in ur phone to something new every day. it can be anything from “wen junWOW” to “bad a$$” to “mengnan” [hunk in chinese]
  • after a few weeks u calculate that you should’ve paid off ur ‘debt’ or whatever, meaning u presume jun wouldn’t want to continue seeing u
  • but when u bring it up one day on the way home he gives u this smirk and says “then i guess i’ll have to start paying for coffee in the future”
  • ur kind of confused so ask “do u treat all ur patients like this?? like .. do u flirt with all of them??”
  • he’s clearly taken aback but quickly recollects himself and smoothly says: “but ur not a patient. ur my date”
  • he disappears before u can even question what he just said
  • that night u can’t stop thinking about what he said
  • like. ur dating. he’s ur date. ur his date.
  • and it’s been so obvious all along but ????? u begin to over-analyse every single time he’s smiled at u in a certain way or looked at ur lips as ur talking or smirked when u accidentally brush hands or aaAaaAAAaA
  • he takes a few moments to process what ur yelling about, then in this deep groggy i-just-woke-up-why-the-hell-are-you-screaming-at-me-voice he says “okay wait. i’ll come over”
  • so he turns up to ur front door wearing pajamas and this massive hoodie ,,, basically the definition of a hot mess
  • u let him in and he leans against the wall of ur hallway with his hands in his pockets and begins the conversation by saying “do u realise i’m always 100% professional with clients and would never usually try to console a drunk crying on a kerb, whilst being drunk??”
  • u kind of vacantly nod
  • ur trying to pay attention but u can’t stop thinking about how amazingly boyfriend-like he looks standing there
  • then he explains “to tell the truth, i was going to try and hit on u bc u were cute, but when i realised you’d been crying for ages i thought i’d try and help”
  • then “the whole coffee date thing was an excuse to get to sit and watch u talk about ur life bc i thought it would be the only way i’d be able to see u again. and i think every time i saw u i realised i liked u more and more and then i realised it might actually be love and-”
  • then he stops and rakes a hand through his hair and says “the first night i met u, u said u were lonely. i realised that even though i help all these people, i felt as lonely as u, and that being with u made the loneliness go away. i wanted to make u happy. i mean .. u said u wanted a boyfriend and .. here i am”
  • u grin and go “so basically ur asking me to be ur girlfriend”
  • teasingly he shrugs
  • so, in order to give him ur answer u lean forward and give him this light kiss on the lips, then he puts a hand through u hair and pulls u in and really starts kissing u
  • .. so much so that as u pull away to catch ur breath he murmurs “so is that a yes??”
  • to which u just smile and wrap ur hands around his waist and go “what do u think dr wen junwow”

Infinite list of Alice’s favorites things. [ 1/∞]
              ↳ Character: Anya kom Trikru from The 100.

“ You killed 300 of my warriors. I can’t show my face without a prize. ”


“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Tennyson.
Do you think he’s right?
I don’t know, but if you figure it out, tell me?

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I still hear it.

I still hear myself.


It will forever haunt me.

Maybe just as much as



I can still hear it.

I can still hear myself.

I thought my days of sobbing


Had ended years ago.

But my own words were haunting me

Bringing me to a past

I didn’t want to ever know



I broke in your arms

As past and present

Fit together so well

Like a puzzle

One that you bought but never aimed to

Put together.

And that drowning

Will haunt me just as much

As the words in my head

Because the pain wasn’t tolerable

Yet you were there

Almost having to bare all the pain with me

I’m sorry.

I’m broken

And this puzzle was made to destroy me

Not put me back together.


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My darling anon,

I AM SO SHATTERED. I JUST. How could Jaebum think it’s okay to mess with my heart like this??? I mean… HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS??

Like, it’s been months and Jaebum still misses Youngjae enough to beg him to come back like this! Which, you know, I knew that being roommates was important to Jaebum because he made such a big deal about it in his letter to Youngjae in January, and he always used to seem so happy when they talked about the roommate (and bed sharing) arrangements… 

And the fact that they’ve been still rooming together overseas means a lot about how much they still enjoy staying together and being together… ( x x x )


I still can’t believe it
That when I open my eyes, you aren’t there

I’m always drowned in thoughts of you
If it ever gets hard you can come back to me
I am here like always for you
I will never leave
Waiting for you

Come back to me please no matter how long it takes
Come back to me please I don’t want to lose you

- 1:31am by Def Soul and Ars 

My head is full of you, I want to hug you now
So we can be closer to each other
I hug you tightly so we can’t be apart

I hope we can be closer to each other
I hope that you understand my heart

- Prove It by Defsoul

AND THE FACT THAT Jaebum obviously feels like he lost something important when he lost Youngjae as a bed roommate??? He’s brought it up so often in the last year, that it has to be something that he thinks about often. Like, he literally said that he misses seeing Youngjae in his room when he opens his eyes. I can’t be the only one seeing the way he’s totally waiting for him to come back to him so they can be closer to each other again and he can hug him tightly again like a teddy bear while they sleep!! (Do you see the lyric connection???)

AND OKAY, WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SOMETHING. Because you know how the GOT2DAY episodes were pre-filmed a little while ago??? Knowing that Jaebum wrote that letter for Youngjae at that time made something that happened at their radio interview on the 27th of September jump out at me…

At about 35 seconds in, Mark mentions how the room he used to share with Jackson is the only one that doesn’t have air-conditioning, and then something interesting happens…

I JUST!!! When Youngjae jumps in to argue, he still calls Jaebum’s room “our room”!? Even though he hasn’t been there in a while!? And only a little while after Jaebum writes him a letter asking him to come back!?!? I mean, maybe I’m reading too much into this, but… look at Jaebum’s face!! He keeps blinking and flicking his eyes over Youngjae while he stares and he just looks so surprised and maybe… hopeful? Like… considering that he JUST begged Youngjae to come back, just imagine how much he might be reading into the fact that Youngjae called it “our” room!

And then there’s the fact that this precious and adorable 2jae skinship happened the same day!!!

Maybe Jaebum doesn’t have to wait for Youngjae to return for much longer! Maybe just a little more… one more step…