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  « It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons »  - J.R.R. Tolkien

my heart is gonna be crying forever because of the moment diana loses faith in humanity, and says that humanity doesn’t deserve her, but steve… steve tries to comfort her by holding her face in his hands and tries to explain to her that maybe humans are not that good, and cries while doing so… then reminds her that “It’s not about ‘deserve.’ It’s about what you believe.” It’s something that diana already knows deep down, but she needs a reminder, and this person, steve.. with whom she has been through so much, and who has been an amazing example of the best that humanity can be, is the perfect person to give her that reminder.

Like can we talk about how Jughead is a sarcastic asshole to everyone, he doesn’t even spare Archie, like that comment abt the stealth operation how the Scooby gang could compromise them (i’m seeing innuendo everywhere!), yet he’s so gentle with Betty, he’s distressed by her calling herself crazy and immediately jumps to comfort her and she does calm down and that’s the beauty of bughead 

I’LL NEVER EVER GET OVER the moment Diana screamed Steve’s name while he was running towards the plane to make that heroic sacrifice and, how he almost got cold feet and hesitated to move on and how he almost slowed down and turned around to look at Diana for the last time, and how the whole inner battle of his will to stay and not to stay was visible on his face, but… he didn’t do it because he knew if he turned around he’ll never able to leave her again.


au - After Lydia announces her engagement to Stiles, the Stilinskis decide to start a series of recording for their unborn child.

Part 2 of the Baby Stilinski Vlogs Series. (Part 1) Also, Sarah, you dig me.

You know what my favorite detail in the whole Harry Potter series is?

My favorite?  From the whole series?

When Harry sticks his head through a fireplace for the first time and comments on how much it hurts his knees.

You know why this is my favorite?  Because it’s the first time it’s acknowledged an uncomfortable it is to make a fire call.  I thought wizard fireplaces were just different, or maybe they used some sort of magic to make your knees not hurt, or something, because until then, we had literally no indication that fire calls were physically uncomfortable.  

I thought for sure that Sirius “still mad about some 20 year old bullshit with Snape” Black would have given us some indication of it his knees hurt - a grimace, a grunt, a facial expression, a comment, anything.  But didn’t.  Ever.  Not one single time.  He was just so happy to talk to Harry; achy knees literally did not matter, and if he even noticed them, he didn’t bring it up.  He loved this kid so much and wanted to spend every possible second talking to him.

It’s just reason number 637482 that the love Sirius had for Harry was too pure for this world and we didn’t deserve it ok thank you bye.