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a few months back when I went through a rough patch in the fandom and in life, you're the reason I kept reading and writing stranger things and byeler! your fics are so good and a lot of them have inspired some of mine. you're also such a cool person, I love your content, and I love following you and your blog!

me, sobbing deeply and printing out a copy of this ask to clutch to my chest with emotion: this is a pretty nice compliment i suppose


In-game cuddles!!



I’ve seen a lot of post episode 12 fanart of Yuuri and Yurio growing their hair out so naturally I had to do a ton of hairstyle doodles.

(On another note, thank you for 2000+ followers on my fanart blog *sobs*)

Bonus: the man who started this hair growing/cutting craze:

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Your art gives me life! It's so beautiful. I'm absolutely enamored with your bnha work, especially, and I just scrolled through your whole blog -sob- Thank you for being you.

And thank you for finding my art and staying around to look at it even more!
Have some Todoroki leaving for hero work but silently reassuring Midoriya he’s gonna come home safe. :D

I’m in the middle of a big piece right now but I had to stop to doodle this.

Inspired by this post!!

Commission Me!

Did I misspell Appreciation? Yes. Yes, I did. Did I really just make this edit which is more or less the embodiment of this blog? Yes. Yes, I did. Do I have any shame over it? No. I Do not. Because it’s this nerdy blog’s second year anniversary today!! Wooo!! It survived yet another year and closely approaching its 3k mark and I am so fudging happy about that!! And of course, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this point if it weren’t for all of you continuously bestowing me your unending support and encouragement!!

Thank you so so much for everything!! For your time, your patience, your beautiful muses and intricate writings, and more importantly, for following me!! It means a lot to have been given the chance to represent my views and portrayal on Toshiro. And it means even more to me to know that numerous of you genuinely love and accept what I do and treasure him as a character as much as I do. Now without further procrastination, here’s a list of several individuals who have made things memorial for me. If you do not see yourself enlisted, then it’s because we have yet to have interacted in any method and should totally try to change that ♥

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Asche: “I don’t know much about flowers, I don’t even know the flower you’ve been named after, but- I know that flowers are supposed to look beautiful and smell nice.”


Asche: “Like a gorgeous fire flower.”

“You don’t smell nice in the slightest tho…”


Asche: “N-Not the most charming flower, no.”


Asche: “I don’t really know if they ‘abandoned’ me; maybe they just had a ‘dude where’s the kid’, ‘I thought it was with you?’, ‘oh fuck.’ moment and forgot me somewhere. Or maybe they died. It’d be kinda sad if they really died.

“But I never got to meet them. As cold blooded as it may sound, I don’t really care about them, or what happened to them. I’m curious, at most. They’re just some strangers to me, not my parents.”

“I only consider one person my parent…”

“And that person is disappeared.”

“And I swear I will find him.“



“Wait- did you just call me baggage?”



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what are your thoughts about bakugou and midoriya's relationship? platonic, i mean

I live and die for it, every part of the manga in which that relationship is shown progressing is between my favorite parts of the manga and I’ve reread them a hundred times and cried over them way more than necessary - the battle trial one? yes, the end of terms exam? absolutely yes holy shit, the post-license exam fight? god yes fuck me that’s my absolute fav, the rescue arc? shit yes between all the reasons why that arc’s my fave the change in the deku/baku relationship is definitely a worthy of note one

It’s an interesting relationship, a painful one that’s making both of them grow so so so much, a rivalry they both need to better each other and keep each other straight on the path to become two great, all-around heroes - I’m not sure they’ll ever end up having the type of relationship Izuku has with Todoroki or Bakugou with Kirishima, I don’t think it’s possible for them to be friends like that, they’re just too different to properly fit like that and to avoid stepping on each other’s toes every single day of their lives they’d have to change their core personalities too much, but they did end up being able to coexist (Bakugou’s even giving Deku tips!!!) and I do think they’ll be able to cooperate and support each other in the end. If one day they’ll be able to make fun of each other in a friendly manner and egg each other on and be honest with each other without it escalating into a full blown fight I’d truly be happy, that’s probably my main dream for this whole manga. For them to have a healthy rivalry, one in which they can maybe even laugh together. I think it might happen, I’m waiting for it to happen

Anon said: Hi Fran! I’m obsessed with your BakuShimaNari work. Here’s a cute thought to hopefully cheer you up a bit while you’re unable to draw: they’re all in their early 20s and Denki likes to poke/smooth out the little crease between Bakugo’s eyebrows and tease him about getting wrinkles early from all the scowling he does. Bakugo flicks him in the nose and says he’s starting to get crows feet from always grinning like an idiot.

Oh my god. Oh my g o d this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Oh my g OD I’m just imagining them doing that and Kiri in the background watching them like they’re most precious thing in the world I’m dying rip me this just made my whole life thank you so much anon *sob*

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