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5 hours into my spring break and im already spending it drawing cute girls smh

when gentle sweet girl falls in love with even sweeter shy girl 🌺❤️🌼


Matching icons for you and your soulmate! *emotional sobbing*
Two slightly different versions because I couldn’t decide between them.

THESE are the Valentine’s Day icons I couldn’t finish in time because I was raging against Japan. Free to use, credit is appreciated but not imperative, just don’t re-post them please :x

so uh two years ago today aaron told robert he loved him for the first time.

aaron - notoriously known for not being able to show his feelings properly, not being able to say ‘i love you’ (jackson *cough*) - told a man who he had stubbornly yet whole heartedly fallen for over the course of two months whilst hiding away and being nothing but a secret as the man in question paraded about the village with a rich girl on his arm.

aaron FELL IN LOVE with robert sugden after two months of barely nothing but barn hookups, shoves against walls and that special christmas realisation that robert actually gave a damn about what he said to him and actively acted on his words.

it blows my mind sometimes that aaron managed to build up the courage to try and stop robert from getting married because he just couldn’t handle it, because he was so in love with him by that point and he hated it but he actually wanted to BE with robert. he’d managed to see beneath the bravado and fall pathetically in love with robert and actually want him to be happy!

yeah of course he was there because he couldn’t handle robert getting married to chrissie because he wanted him for himself but also because he wanted robert happy and he genuinely didn’t believe that unless he was true to himself that robert could be.

‘i just want to be myself now, with you.’ - just sums that up really.

so yeah whenever anyone says 'oh i don’t think aaron loves robert as much as -’

aaron was willing to lay out all his feelings and literally place his heart in robert’s hands because he loved him so much, he was willing despite the possibility of being rejected by robert all because he just wanted robert to be happy and to accept himself and who could really make him happy.

aaron - i’m not good at emotions - dingle, told his secret lover that he loved him after just months of knowing him properly, on said secret lover’s wedding day. wow.

Seventeen Reacts to their S/O telling them they’re pregnant

My first request was for Seventeen reacting to a pregnancy! I hope this isn’t as terrible as I think it will be. I’m trying the best I can, so thank you in advance for putting up with me! 

Seungcheol: He would start sobbing because the two of you have been trying to have a baby for almost two years now but fertility was a problem and you both started to lose hope in finally bringing a little human into the world. But he would be so happy he’d hug you and just hold you against him until he was calm enough to whisper a faint ‘I love you so much.’ in your ear. 

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Jeonghan: Would be a giggly, blushy mess and would immediately run to the other boys to tell them the exciting news. Probably shouting about Dino having a little sibling soon which would confuse everyone until he could finally find the words to say you were pregnant.

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Mingyu: Was having a really bad day and was looking forward to coming home and snuggling with you under a big warm blanket. Was very worried when you started to act a little strange. He tangled his hands in your hair and pressed kisses to your face.

“What’s on your mind beautiful?”

He would nudge your cheek with his nose, patiently waiting for a response. 

“We’re having a baby.” You whispered with a shaky voice, unsure of his reaction. A smile suddenly appeared on his face as he pulled you closer and kissed your face then belly. 

“I love you both very much.”

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Wonwoo: A nervous wreck of emotions

“A b-baby. How exciting, I-I…Can I have a hug please? I really need one right now.”

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Hoshi: *Cue the gif here* 

Would grin to himself and already start to imagine what being a dad is going to be like. Is proud to say that he’s going to have a family with you. He would always just stare at your belly with the cutest little smile on his face, would be a little too scared to hug you though. 

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Minghao: “Will be the most talented beautiful baby in the entire universe.” 

Supportive and overprotective. It’s cute but can be annoying because he won’t let anyone even think about touching you and he always cuts people off when they talk about how horrible being pregnant is so you didn’t get scared.

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Woozi: He would cry because of nerves and happiness then go celebrate with his members about having a baby then would be glued to your side to make sure you’re both healthy and comfortable in every way possible. Always massages your back when you’re walking around and makes you random little snacks to make sure you eat plenty during the day.

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Vernon: Would be confused when you told him he was going to be an Appa soon, not really getting the hint at first. When he finally got it he’d mentally smack himself for being so stupid and send an adoring smile your way.

“Aju nice.” 

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Jun: Would be a little surprised but would also get emotional. He would probably stay emotional for the first few months of your pregnancy. (Especially when a little bump would appear. He would die.) Though he’s very emotional, he’s also very supportive and helpful. 

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Joshua: Wouldn’t know what to do with himself. You had been talking about starting a family for a year now and you’re pregnant! He’s beside himself and is already starting to read parenting magazines and trying to make sure you’re comfortable and happy.

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Seungkwan: He would be happy but would suddenly start to get insecure about himself. Starts having doubts about his style of living and worries often if he’ll be a good dad. Tries to help you out but always gets upset because he doesn’t know how to help exactly. 

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Seokmin: Would hold you with the biggest grin you have ever seen. Tries not to cry but would explode because he’s so happy. 

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Dino: Would celebrate by dancing around the house like a goofball. Then would giggle and have to call his dad like immediately because he’s about to die from excitement. Would most likely call the group and cry because he’s emotional and just so proud of himself.

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There you go! I hope I didn’t do too bad of a job. <3 REQUESTS ARE OPEN!! 

With the help of my mom and dad, I escaped my abusive now-ex-husband almost two years ago. I know the date by heart, but I won’t state it for anonymity’s sake. I remember clearly the last thing I said to him. I was sitting on the front porch, waiting for my dad (he was afraid of dad, and telling him he was on his way over to get me stopped him from being able to retaliate.) and ex said, “How are you not upset? How are you not crying?” while I sat there struggling to keep a straight, neutral face, not looking at him. And then I looked him right in the eye and said “Because I spent the last two days sobbing constantly over this.” I remember the surprise in his face. He never noticed. Not once. He never did. I’d cried over him countless times, through all the pain and hurt he put me through. And he went back inside.

But the thing that I remember the most, is that the last thing I did before leaving, was steal from him one of his hugs. The thing is, most people don’t realize, abusive people are not abusive 100% of the time. There’s honeymoon periods between the abuse, where they make you think it’s okay and it won’t happen again. And then it does. But his hugs.. they were the best hugs. Warm, big, make you feel safe. Made you feel loved. The hug was a lie, just like his love for me was a lie. And I knew it. But I stole one last hug, because it would be the part of him that I would miss the most.

It’s been one year and 10 months since I left. I have ptsd because of the things he did to me. And I’m thankful to say I don’t miss him at all anymore. All this time away from him, time I’ve been able to reflect on everything, I see now what it all was. The patterns, the selfishness, the violence. My life with him was crap. It was everything for him and almost nothing for me. And I just assumed that was normal. Because how would I know anything different? This was my normal. I want to thank the RAINN website and network. It was stumbling upon their page and reading the information there that made me realize what I was in the thick of, and thank you to my friends who coached me online into taking the plunge of running. And thank you to my boss and my parents. I literally couldn’t have done it without you.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to go on so much. But I felt that this extra information was important, so others can understand abuse better. I hope it’s still okay to submit. Thanks for reading. <3


This was originally supposed to be for Edwin week, but since I’m so late, I guess it’ll be on its own. (The prompt is “Letter”) Thank you so much to my fellow papi lover @capthawkeye for helping beta and edit this with me !!! (Especially with adding to the kiss scene) :D Also, credit goes to @fullmetallizard for one of the names in here, since I couldn’t seem to come up with one.


Word Count: 3,527

She found him on the couch with his head in his hands. His new jacket was draped over the armrest and a hastily ripped envelope lay at his side.

“Ed?” Winry asked. “What’s wrong?” He only shook his head, burying it deeper into his arms.

“You know you’re going to have to tell me eventually. Am I just going to have to read this myself?” Winry reached out to snatch the envelope before her arm was seized midair in his grasp.

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Leaving || Jason Blossom

A/N: So I have mixed feelings about how I wrote this but I hope you guys enjoy! I’m sorry I keep going inactive as well. Hope the anon who requested this is satisfied with the result! I hope all of you enjoy and feel free to request anything you’d like, anonymously or not! 

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of Drug Use, Some Angst

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.

A * symbol means that a flashback is occurring.


It has been two weeks since everything had happened. One conversation did so much damage to you and your twin’s bond, and it hurt you a lot.


You snuck into the drive-in, and walked into the shack you called a home. Immediately dropping your bag, you turned around as you heard someone move.

Jughead stood there, “Where the hell were you and why didn’t you let me know you’d be out?” he asked demandingly. You lowered your gaze, “Well, my loving twin. I’m sure you were a bit concerned-””A bit? That’s an understatement.” he muttered.

He got a sigh as a response, “I was with Jason..” you muttered quietly, giving him an apologetic look. Jughead just shook his head disapprovingly, “Stop meeting him, I’ve asked you this before. Please. I don’t want you hurt (Y/N)” he whispered sharply.

Despite knowing that you shouldn’t push him, you decided you had to. Eyebrows furrowing, you spoke up, “I can make my own choices. Juggie I’m happy with Jason, he even invited me to move in and I said yes-””You what!?” he interrupted loudly.

You flinched at how loud his voice got, he never shouted at you. The raven-haired teen took a step closer to you, “You are not moving in with them! Please…” he whispered at the last part sadly, furiously wiping at his reddening face.

Tears came to your eyes, “I already said I was, I have to. Jason needs me there and- I just””I need you here!” he interrupted, removing his hat and throwing it at the wall with as much force he could muster.

Jughead turned to you and you hardly recognized him. It was like all of his anger, frustration, and sadness had just taken over him, controlling every word he spoke.

You felt tears begin to fall, “You have to let me go. You don’t understand-””I think I understand just fine! You got sick of having me around- and now that you have a better option with someone you pick them! You don’t care, but I guess it’s just in the family, huh?” he muttered with a cruel, sad smirk.

Shaking your head, you spoke again, “Don’t go there, dad didn’t kick us out- we- we chose to-””I don’t see him caring, he didn’t stop us! You’re just like him, you’re selfish! You will willingly abandon me and make up excuses about it all! I’m trying to protect you-””I don’t want you to protect me!” you shouted.

Everything stopped moving, you knew that Jughead didn’t mean what he had been saying about your dad. He knew that it was his own choice. The thing that bothered you was how he talked about you as if he hated you.

He glared at you through teary eyes and pointed to the door, “Get out.” he muttered, and you listened. You stepped outside, shivering as you walked back to the Blossom family’s house.


Jason had immediately taken in your red eyes that night and sat with you in his room while you cried. He held you close to him and only whispered out apologies.

All Jason felt was guilt, he tore you from your twin brother, he ruined that. He watched you for the next two weeks carefully, and no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t get you to open up about what had happened again.

Despite you trying to hide the drugs from him, and convince him not to, Jason began smoking again from all of the stress and guilt. He would wince every time he saw Jughead and you avoiding each other at school.

Some days you would attempt to speak to Jughead and he would walk away,  sometimes it was the other way around. It hurt you both, and Jason didn’t miss the hateful glares Jughead would send him.

One day he heard you sobbing in his bathroom, occasionally hearing Jughead’s name being muttered. He ran to Sweetwater river and spent his entire day sobbing, cursing himself for ruining a relationship because of his own selfishness.

It took two weeks for him to form a plan, that he hoped would fix everything. He left a note in Jughead’s locker, pretending to be (Y/N) and practically begging him to meet her by Sweetwater river after class.

He called (Y/N) asking her to come later on as well, and as he sat by the river, he silently hoped to see Jughead arrive. Luckily he did, although when he saw Jason, he swiftly turned and began walking away.

Jason ran desperately after Jughead, grabbing his shoulder and turning him around to face him. Panting, he began to speak, “Please- You can’t go, I’m- I’m so so- so sorry, just listen to me..” he stuttered, giving Jughead a pleading look.

Jughead frowned, “What do you want?” he whispered, staring right into Jason’s eyes. Jason quickly began speaking, “I asked her to- to come live with me- I begged her to. I love your sister and I desperately wanted her there with- with me. I didn’t know that I would be hurting anyone I didn’t know- about how you were living…” he mumbled out desperately, having so much to say but feeling like he had only seconds to say it.

Jughead, despite the hate he thought he held towards the Blossom, put an unsure hand on his shoulder, “You can hate me all you want- I can handle you hating me.. But please talk to (Y/N)… She- she is so upset about everything and I can’t stand seeing her upset and knowing it was my- my fault…” Jason continued speaking rapidly.

Jughead quickly shook his head as he registered everything that Jason was saying to him, and guilt flooded him. He had made his sister cry, and he had expressed such hate towards Jason. Now as he looked at Jason he realized that he was so wrong in everything he said.

Jughead stared at Jason for a moment before a voice interrupted them, “I really hope i’m not interrupting something..” you muttered, wincing when both Jason and Jughead looked at you. Jughead immediately went over to you and hugged you, shoving his face into your shoulder.

Jason smiled at you weakly, almost encouraging you to respond to Jughead, which you did. There was a moment of silence as you both hugged each other tightly, muttering apologies to each other.

As you separated, Jughead immediately spoke, “I didn’t mean- what I said that night. None of it was true- I love you, (Y/N). I want you to stay with Jason” he mumbled, smiling at you like he always did.

You laughed, “I love you guys so much… you don’t even know” you exclaimed, hugging Jughead and dragging Jason into the hug as well, the three of you smiling, relieved that everything had been resolved.

After a moment you spoke up, “Now that all of this shit is resolved, let’s all get food, on Jason?” you joked, causing the two boys with you to laugh. Jughead shook his head, “You really are my twin, huh?” he mumbled.

You shoved his shoulder, grabbing Jason’s hand, “Yes I am and you better be proud you little shit!” you exclaimed, running ahead , only turning around to shout a loud ‘hurry up’ at the two boys who then began running.

That day was one of the most relieving, everyone got along, and had food at Pop’s, who was a little bit confused at the odd group. The three shared laughs and stories from their childhoods, and all of the conflict was quickly forgotten, and put behind them.

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This is super lame please take it before i change my mind

Let It Go

Summary: You and Mark’s relationship has run its course and it’s just not enough to fight for anymore.

Member: Mark

Part 1/3 : Pt.2 - Pt.3

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You had held it in for so long. The constant thoughts that told you to end things. In retrospect you knew that your relationship had run its course but, you both couldn’t bring yourself to end things. Especially not him, he was far too in denial. To him it was plain and simple; you weren’t trying hard enough. Once you tried harder everything would be fixed. But that wasn’t reality. Reality was that it was time to part ways. Yet, as you walked up to his house you felt the sudden urge to turn back. But it was that way of thinking that prohibited you both from being able to move on. So you half-heartedly knocked on the door until you heard footsteps.

Mark opened the door, his hair stuck to his face, and a towel wrapped around his waist. You guessed he was expecting someone else because his eyes drew out when he fully registered it was you.

“Hey,” you faltered, “Can I come in?”

Mark hesitated, “Actually can we talk out here? My mom’s sick and if this is that kind of talk than I’d rather not worry her.”

“Okay.” You smiled.

Mark disappeared for a few minutes while you sat on his porch. A million different scenarios running through your mind. But none of them ended well. Mark was not the most level headed. In fact he had a tendency to explode at random times. He was so easily frustrated that if you didn’t carefully explain yourself you could easily offend him.

The door opened and Mark walked out, his eyes downcast, and his hand out for you to grab. He helped you up and intertwined your fingers before walking you toward his car. You had no idea where he was taking you but a little more time with him wouldn’t hurt. You pulled into a parking lot. Admittedly the parking lot gave you dejavu. You and Mark used to go there anytime his house was too stuffy. You’d sit there and talk for hours or make out sometimes. Okay admittedly the latter more than the first. You found yourself smiling and when you looked at Mark so was he.

“My dad still gets the creeps passing here.” He chuckled.

“He did catch us with our tongues down each other’s throats.”

“His fault! What did he think two teenagers were doing in a vacant lot? Picking strawberries?”

“Nope popping cherries.”

You both started laughing. Mark turned his head and leaned it on his chair to watch you. His fingers trailed you arm and then they were cupping your face for a light kiss.

“Whatever it is I’m sorry.”

You searched his eyes, “Let’s get out.”

He nodded. When you both were out he leaned on the hood of his car. “So what’s up?”

“Mark, we should break up.”

Mark licked his lips and swallowed. “No.”


“Why? Give me a reason that isn’t bullshit?”

“I am not good for you. I can’t give you anything that you want!”

“Then I’ll change what I want because it doesn’t trump what I need which is you. So everything that isn’t you I don’t want it.”

“Mark your being ridiculous!”

“And you’re being selfish. You always get to say stop and go with us it’s like I get no say in my own relationship.”

“Because you never make hard decisions. You always say, ‘Just take it a day at a time we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’ and bullshit like that!”

“It’s not bullshit it’s the only way to control all your crazy!”

“Oh so now I’m crazy?”

“Yes blatantly insane honestly but I love you and your crazy obviously.”

You breathed in and out. This wasn’t going your way. You just needed him to understand where you were coming from but, he didn’t. He acted like you wanted him to be with someone else and completely forget you. That’s the last thing you wanted.

“Mark,” you shook your head. “Mark I love you but I’m tired of doing this aren’t you?”

Mark looked down, the tears were already rimmed at his eyes. He had never been so grateful for a baseball cap in his whole life.

“Mark were in over our heads. And sometimes love just isn’t enough to keep a relationship going.”

“I don’t know how to make you happy anymore.” He admitted.

“I know.”

He looked up finally, eyes bloodshot, and bottoms lip in between his teeth. He wanted to fight you.


“Sometimes you learn all you can from one relationship not to save it but to do better in your next one. The lessons you learn can’t reverse the mistakes you already made in the past.”

“No.” He dead panned.

“Mark please.”


“God!” You shouted and turned away, pressing your hand to your forehead. “You never listen.”

Suddenly his arms were wrapped around your waist. He kissed your collarbone and pleaded. “Y/N, please.”

“We can’t Mark.”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course.”

“Then please…” he trailed unable to finish his sentence. So he squeezed tighter, repeatedly kissing your shoulder, and neck. Praying you’d just change your mind. You didn’t. You couldn’t. Not just for his sake. For yours.

So you pulled his hands away and said, “I need you to let me walk away.”

Another sob.

“I need you to let me go. Don’t call or text. No more flowers or gifts.”


“I need you to be brave for two because I’m not strong enough to look at you right now and still walk away.”

A whispered, “Y/N.” was his only response.

“Please Mark. Please let me go.” You said as you threw back your head and let the tears stream. When he was silent for a long time you wiped your eyes and began to walk. Slowly at first, you always walked slow so he’d know to come. Because you knew that he knew you would always choose to go back to him. Even though it would hurt you both. You always went back. So you walked and you walked slow until, you realized, he wasn’t coming. Not this time. You walked slow, until the realization hit you and then, then you ran.

“I won’t stop you this time, Y/N, I promise.”

i don’t know if any of you have that one tv show that you’ve been following for years and years and it’s impacted your life in more ways than you can ever explain

i started watching one tree hill when i was 14, it’d already been on a while, but i started it and i am 22 years old now and i put off watching the final season for about four years out of the sheer fact i knew i’d be so sad to see it finally finish

i have had the one tree hill boxset for three years and i have two episodes left and i am sobbing??? because this is so much more than a tv show

this show helped me so much through the hardest of times it literally changed my life and saved me and i don’t think i can deal with the fact it’s actually finished. i know i can put season one on again after and pretend it never ended, and i’ll rewatch it for the rest of my life, but this tv show means so fucking much to me i can’t put it into words properly

yes i sound a bit weird and i am legit crying my eyes out right now as one of my favourite character’s just died and the music is beautiful and the show is beautiful and I NEED A FUCKING HUG AND SOME ICE CREAM

please please please watch One Tree Hill because it is the best TV show I have ever watched and that cast means the world to me. trust me it is incredible.

im like sobbing because only two people have ever truly appreciated and loved raven reyes for her intelligence, courage and  strength and its sinclair and bellamy 

sinclair is dead and bellamy is miles away with no idea whats going on with her and it makes me so sad i mean dont ge tme wrong i have faith in my girl but holy shit BELLAMY GO GET YOUR GIRL

they’re the only two people who have never manipulated her into doing their bidding or intentionally hurt her like bye


‘…because when we’re talking to someone we’re attracted to, we think their bad jokes are funny and we just smile when we’re talking normally, because we’re attracted, we’re interested and we can’t hide it, it’s like painted on…’

Secret Love | pt. 1

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Genre: angst, angst, angst and more angst =[

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2247

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

You weren’t having it.

Being a college student was hard. You had classes to attend, readings to do that were god knows how many pages long and assignments were thrown at you like brick stones. Ever since you became a college student, the word resting did not exist in your dictionary.

After working a mere two hours on your World History essay, your eyes burned from staring too long at the bright screen of your laptop, so you decided to call it for a day and closed the notebook. After stretching out your stiff limbs, you walked, or actually shuffled, to the kitchen to get some food. You didn’t do any grocery shopping yet, so you desperately prayed to god that you had something edible in house, otherwise it’d be another day of starving mercilessly.

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