sobbing because these two


‘…because when we’re talking to someone we’re attracted to, we think their bad jokes are funny and we just smile when we’re talking normally, because we’re attracted, we’re interested and we can’t hide it, it’s like painted on…’


Matching icons for you and your soulmate! *emotional sobbing*
Two slightly different versions because I couldn’t decide between them.

THESE are the Valentine’s Day icons I couldn’t finish in time because I was raging against Japan. Free to use, credit is appreciated but not imperative, just don’t re-post them please :x

so uh two years ago today aaron told robert he loved him for the first time.

aaron - notoriously known for not being able to show his feelings properly, not being able to say ‘i love you’ (jackson *cough*) - told a man who he had stubbornly yet whole heartedly fallen for over the course of two months whilst hiding away and being nothing but a secret as the man in question paraded about the village with a rich girl on his arm.

aaron FELL IN LOVE with robert sugden after two months of barely nothing but barn hookups, shoves against walls and that special christmas realisation that robert actually gave a damn about what he said to him and actively acted on his words.

it blows my mind sometimes that aaron managed to build up the courage to try and stop robert from getting married because he just couldn’t handle it, because he was so in love with him by that point and he hated it but he actually wanted to BE with robert. he’d managed to see beneath the bravado and fall pathetically in love with robert and actually want him to be happy!

yeah of course he was there because he couldn’t handle robert getting married to chrissie because he wanted him for himself but also because he wanted robert happy and he genuinely didn’t believe that unless he was true to himself that robert could be.

‘i just want to be myself now, with you.’ - just sums that up really.

so yeah whenever anyone says 'oh i don’t think aaron loves robert as much as -’

aaron was willing to lay out all his feelings and literally place his heart in robert’s hands because he loved him so much, he was willing despite the possibility of being rejected by robert all because he just wanted robert to be happy and to accept himself and who could really make him happy.

aaron - i’m not good at emotions - dingle, told his secret lover that he loved him after just months of knowing him properly, on said secret lover’s wedding day. wow.


“When I see you, I get angry. But that won’t do. Because when I couldn’t see you, I got even more angry. To the point of going crazy. So, stay by my side.” 

― Jeonha Hyomyeong 


AU: Bellamy was unquestionably a leader among the Grounder army. Demanding respect from his seconds and standing loyally at the side of his Commander. Which is why he doesn’t understand when the Commander, Clarke, banishes him for questioning her decisions. Now, with war approaching, Clarke is struggling to inspire her warriors without Bellamy at her side. The Commander must decide between her head and heart, when it comes down to the good of her people.

Secret Love | pt. 1

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Genre: angst, angst, angst and more angst =[

Member: Park Jimin

Words: 2247

You were in a relationship with nobody else than BTS’ Park Jimin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, not if your relationship has to be kept a secret from the rest of the world becaue your boyfriend was an idol loved by many fangirls. Will your relationship with Jimin last long? Or will it crumble down just like dead leaves in the fall season?

Prologue | pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5

You weren’t having it.

Being a college student was hard. You had classes to attend, readings to do that were god knows how many pages long and assignments were thrown at you like brick stones. Ever since you became a college student, the word resting did not exist in your dictionary.

After working a mere two hours on your World History essay, your eyes burned from staring too long at the bright screen of your laptop, so you decided to call it for a day and closed the notebook. After stretching out your stiff limbs, you walked, or actually shuffled, to the kitchen to get some food. You didn’t do any grocery shopping yet, so you desperately prayed to god that you had something edible in house, otherwise it’d be another day of starving mercilessly.

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idk if chan and baek are my secret biases or smth i mean i stan yixing but ive been saving more pics of chan and baek lately- what the fuck do i do-

Step one: sob into a pillow because oh my gawd more are taking over

Step two: there is no step two

Like how there’s no way to run from this

Everyone in Exo is perfect. This was bound to happen at some point

I’m sorry

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Halp me it's two am and I'm sobbing because of a post I saw but mostly because I'm tired (s o b b i n g)

i am not a good person to contact about this bc im always sobbing,

So this one time, when I was like six...

…my dad wouldn’t let me get dressed or undressed in my own room for almost a year because, once, this guy in our neighbourhood got 911 called on him for peeping into a lady’s window and he was wearing nothing but batman briefs and a pair of pink knee high socks, and when the cops got there, he was on his knees in front of the window, sobbing while holding two pears to his chest because he was high on LSD.

I’m trying to write Sirius
And I’m so conflicted because
On one hand I have emo bad boy Sirius who hates his family, constantly defies authority and breaks the rules and hexes Snape on the reg and is generally an earring- and leather jacket-wearing, motorbike riding little shit who has meaningless sex with girls because he hates emotions

And on the other hand I’ve got gay unicorn drama queen Sirius who loves power ballads and his hair and starts singing “I Will Survive” at the top of his lungs in the common room or dorm every time Remus refuses to drink Firewhisky and/or snog him, until someone (probably James or Remus) casts a silencing charm, and when Evans introduces them all to Muggle movies he sobs the most when they watch “West Side Story” because “those two only had each other, PRONGS!!!”
And I don’t know which one to write him as?? Because both are so appealing but I can only make him one or the other and I just