sobbing because books

I think my introduction to the real world and how I became aware of my own mortality was when I watched Bridge to Terabithia with my mother in theaters for the first time and being completely blindsided and hysterical sobbing 

                      STRAY! despite what may be the reality, that’s the first thought in her mind when she sees the ball of fur after wandering the area. ‘ it’s alright, you’re alright now. we’re safe and sound. even if the sky’s fallin’ down, i know that we’ll be safe and sound. ’  [ @pastwalked].

a papyrus thought

he likes sudokus, and keeps a pocket book of them in his room. He also uses it as a diary, and writes about his day and feelings in what little space there is available once he finishes a puzzle. There’s a small box hidden in his closet filled with sudoku diaries he’s kept ever since he was a kid, and only stores one there once he’s completed every puzzle in it.