sobbing a little inside

Sherlock gently putting the lid on the coffin (a coffin meant for Molly) and caressing the wooden surface, all while his eyes remain glued on the “I love you” plaque, letting out a little sob at the thought of Molly being inside that coffin, Molly who loves him, Molly whom he loves, too, and has only just now realized.

Sherlock, remembering what he has just done to her, whispers “No” and undoes the button of his jacket, takes a step back and then proceeds to beat the shit out of that coffin.

Sherlock thrashing the wood all over the place, screaming every time he thinks about how Molly must be feeling right now, screaming every time he thinks about the pain Molly is in, the pain he has caused her.

Sherlock, the cold, thinking machine, the scientific, defining this experience as “Vivisection”


the 100 » favourite moments
   ˪ monty & octavia in the dropship.

lukabeth headcanons.

okay so, Luke and annabeth give me a lot of feels and people don’t appreciate them enough.

  • first of all, they are not friends. they are a family. luke is her big brother. don’t you even try to tell me otherWISE
  • the first night in the Athena cabin was a trauma for little annabeth, who was used to have both luke and thalia holding her close in her sleep
  • luke did hear her muffled sobs and sneaked inside her cabin because he could not leave his little annabeth alone
  • of course, he was punished. but he would do it again anyway
  • when the aphrodite cabin gives annabeth a makeover (the poor baby’s hair looked like a messy mane), she runs up to luke and shows him how cute she is and he can’t help but smile and squish her into a hug
  • luke would visit thalia’s tree almost everyday. one time, annabeth saw him there, and as soon as she realized that he was crying she walked up to him and wrapped his arms around him without saying a word
  • this is the first time annabeth sees him crying
  • of course they would train together
  • at first, Luke tried to go easy on her, but soon he realized that he didn’t need to do that, unless he wanted to get stabbed
  • annabeth would glare at any girl who tried to flirt with luke
  • luke was utterly amused by this
  • luke lost count of how many times he and annabeth watched Lilo & Stitch.
  • Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten.
  • (((annabeth still has the stitch plushie that luke gave her years ago. an old picture and that plushie are the only things left, since she lost her dagger.)))
  • she slowly starts to delevelop a crush on him, but it’s more of a platonic crush than an actual one.
  • the boy was her hero, okay.

i have a bunch of other headcanons, after luke joins kronos’ army. maybe i’ll write those too.


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INTP-ISFJ-ESFP-INFP - Emotional Movie
  • INTP, ISFJ, ESFP, and INFP were walking out of the theater after watching Inside Out.
  • ESFP: It's such a good movie!! OMG!! I'm still tearing up. Anyone got tissues?
  • ISFJ: Here *hands ESFP one and takes one for herself*
  • INFP: I'm glad I didn't go to that dinner and came here instead.
  • ISFJ: I heard you sobbing a little inside the theater.
  • INFP: Well, it was so bittersweet! *looks at INTP* INTP has been so quiet.
  • ESFP: Did you like it?
  • INTP: Yea... *is holding everything inside and trying not to cry in front of people*

“I just really need to have you here right now.” - Sam x reader

Sam picked up his phone and as he saw your name he moved to the other room.

“Hey sweetheart!” he said, cheerful as he could. He missed you and little baby inside your belly.

“Sam…” you sobbed into the phone, barely holding it together.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Sam asked, panicking when he heard you like that.

You kept sobbing into the phone, hugging your knees. You wanted him to be next to you, to hold you and promise you that everything’s gonna be alright. 

But he wasn’t there to hold you and nothing’s ever going to be alright.

“Baby calm down. Tell me what’s wrong, baby…” He was panicking inside, but tried to stay calm for you and his son.

“Bobby… something’s wrong.” you sobbed once again. “Doctor’s won’t tell me what…”

“Where are you? Do you need anything?” 

Sam grabbed the keys of the Impala and motioned Dean to take their stuff. He needed to get to you as soon as possible and it physically hurt him that he wasn’t able to be there with you.

“I just really need to have you here right now.”

“I know baby, I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise.” 

His voice calmed you down a bit and you smoothed your belly. There was no usual kicking and you were scared that the worst is coming.

“ North Kansas City Hospital.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in two hours. I love you, okay? Everything will be fine, I promise.”


Sam almost ran into your room.

He couldn’t stop worrying about you and little baby, going way past speed limit so he could be next to you. He couldn’t lose you and he couldn’t lose his child. You two meant the world to him, you two were the reason he kept fighting.

He looked around, trying to find your beautiful face. Sam wanted to tell you that it will be alright. That in the end you two will have a beautiful family.

A golden ring in his pocket was forgotten. He had a plan. He’d ask you to marry him when he got from his hunt. His last hunt. Sam wanted to retire, find a good, worthy job and live an apple-pie life with you.

But you weren’t in the room. There was a bed, with your stuff around it, but it was empty. Immediately he spotted a red stain on the white sheets. Big, bloody stain that sent cold chills down his spine.

“Mr. Winchester?” he heard an odd voice behind him.

He turned around to face the doctor.

“Where’s Y/N?” was the only thing he could ask.

“She’s in labour, maybe you’d want to see her.”

Sam knew immediately that something’s wrong. He rushed after the doctor, hoping to see that you’re okay. That Bobby is okay.

“Sam.” you smiled weakly at him and he could see that life is leaving you.

“Y/N. Y/N, honey, stay with me.” he begged as he took your hand in his.

You smiled once again, knowing that this isn’t quite possible.

“We’ve got a beautiful baby boy, Sam. He looks like you.”

Sam sobbed hardly. “He must be beautiful, since you’re his mum. “ He did everything he could to smile at you, even if for just a second.

“Now you have to promise me that you’ll take good care of him.” Your voice was getting weaker, like your body, with every second.

“You have to be here to help me, Y/N. I can’t do it without you.”

Your heart was breaking into pieces when you saw Sam like that. He didn’t deserve this, he’s already lost too many people he loved.

“Sure you can, Sammy boy. Promise me, please?”

Sam sobbed even harder, but nodded. “Just… just don’t leave me, Y/N. I love you. D-don’t go.” he choked on tears, kissing your hand lightly.

But he was too late. Your eyes closed and you let out your last breath.

“No!” he screamed, shaking your body. “Y/N NO! Don’t leave me! Y/N come back! Y/N!”

Two doctors grabbed him to pull him out of the room, but he pushed them away, hugging your dead body.

“No, don’t leave me, Y/N. Don’t go, baby. I can’t be here without you.”

He was hoping that you’ll wake up and look at him, laughing. He was hoping that you’re pranking him, that this is all a big joke.

It was way too early for Bobby to be born. This had to be a joke.

Your body, despite all his prayers, remained cold and lifeless. Your eyes didn’t open and you didn’t crack a smile for him like you usually did.

Finally, doctors managed to drag him away from you, putting him down on the hallway.

“I’m so sorry for your lost, Mr. Winchester.” one of them said quietly.

“How’s my son?” Sam asked quietly.

Both doctors remained quiet for a while, not knowing how to tell him this. He already looked so small and broken.

“How is the kid?” Dean demanded after finally finding Sam.

He wrapped him in a hug and Sam rested his head on Dean’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Dean stared at the doctors, tears streaming down his cheeks as well.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but… we couldn’t save your son.”