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When You Fail To Be 2

So, yeah, part 2 (: @kaxpha enjoy ! <3 

I keep saying this, but well, I did my best and I hope I did okay with it! Please excuse any grammar mistakes and …the poor writing. 

Part 3 should be up later on the week. That’s going to be Lance and Shiro’s angst. 

Ok, i’m done rambling. 

Lance wakes up at the sound of a soft humming near him and he sighs unconsciously as he feels fingers passing through his hair in a soothing motion.

He recognizes Allura’s smell, a mix that reminds him of roses and vanilla. Lance hums contently, unconsciously leaning his head further into her touch and almost whines when her voice stops abruptly.

“Lance? Asteráki?” She calls softly and Lance limits himself to hum, pushing his head further against her lap. “Asteráki, I need you to open your eyes, please?”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Lance finally gathers enough strength to open his eyes and the first thing he sees is Allura’s worried face but a soft smile appears on her lips as soon as she sees his baby blue eyes.

“Hi, there.” She whispers, stroking his cheek tenderly and Lance’s mouth twitches upward.

“Hi.” He says hoarsely.

“How are you feeling?” She asks in low voice and pulls the blanket tighter around Lance as she watches the brunet shiver.

“…Good?” He coughs out, trying to suppress the shivers that shake his body, “I’m good.”

“Yeah, sure.” Allura says unconvinced and Lance doesn’t need to look up to know she’s rolling her eyes, “Try to not move a lot, please. I will be right back, I’m just getting you some food, okay?” Lance whines when Allura pulls his head up and places it gently on the pillow, “Sh, it’s okay. I will be right back.”

Lance faintly hears the sound of the door opening before it closes with a swoosh. Letting out a sigh, Lance turns and props himself up until he’s half sitting in his bed, panting harshly at the excessive movement.

He leans heavily against the wall, tightening his hold on the blanket around him and then closes his eyes. It shouldn’t have passed more than three minutes before he hears the door open once again.

“’Lura?” Lance rasps out and feels someone sitting on the edge of the bed.

Frowning at her silence, Lance blinks to clear out his blurred vision and his eyes widen at the figure of his boyfriend at the end of the bed.

“Keith.” Lance breaths out, his heart skipping a beat at the sight of the black haired teen, “H-Hey, you. Good t-timing, a cradling and c-cuddle session would be n-nice.”

He tries to smile playfully, but his smile quickly falls when Keith keeps his eyes down and turns his head away from Lance’s direction.

Lance’s heart stops and then he’s sucking in a sharp breath. “K-Keith?” He calls again, his voice soft and small, vulnerability dripping from it, “A-Amor?”

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Sherlock gently putting the lid on the coffin (a coffin meant for Molly) and caressing the wooden surface, all while his eyes remain glued on the “I love you” plaque, letting out a little sob at the thought of Molly being inside that coffin, Molly who loves him, Molly whom he loves, too, and has only just now realized.

Sherlock, remembering what he has just done to her, whispers “No” and undoes the button of his jacket, takes a step back and then proceeds to beat the shit out of that coffin.

Sherlock thrashing the wood all over the place, screaming every time he thinks about how Molly must be feeling right now, screaming every time he thinks about the pain Molly is in, the pain he has caused her.

Sherlock, the cold, thinking machine, the scientific, defining this experience as “Vivisection”

Varúlfur - part 1

SO, since for some reason the original post wouldn’t show up for some readers, I decided to repost this story to see if that’ll fix the problem - you can find the original post here!

-Diri 💕💕

Werewolf Jungkook x Reader
Words: ~3,500
Keywords: … Blood, a little gore, some fear? 

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He was frantically running. 
His paws were flying over the soft ground as if he was weightless as he followed the faint aroma he picked up earlier. The same smell that made him break all chains and escape his safe haven, a little house in the woods he had bought specifically for these nights. 

Full moon nights. 

The scent was getting stronger and further reduced his already redundant consciousness with every new breath he took. He was obsessed with it. 
With his head down, he was sniffing the ground cautiously, making sure he didn’t lose it. It grew stronger and stronger, and he knew he must be close to whatever was emitting it. He had to find it and make it his.

When he was still in his hut, chains around his ankles and neck, his small remaining human soul was patiently waiting for the monthly nightmare to be over, to be in control again, when a car passed by on the street outside and the wind carried the precious scent towards him. He lost any remaining control over his changed form, howled, growled and fought his chains until he managed to rid himself of his restraints and jumped out the window in a frenzy to follow it.

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lukabeth headcanons.

okay so, Luke and annabeth give me a lot of feels and people don’t appreciate them enough.

  • first of all, they are not friends. they are a family. luke is her big brother. don’t you even try to tell me otherWISE
  • the first night in the Athena cabin was a trauma for little annabeth, who was used to have both luke and thalia holding her close in her sleep
  • luke did hear her muffled sobs and sneaked inside her cabin because he could not leave his little annabeth alone
  • of course, he was punished. but he would do it again anyway
  • when the aphrodite cabin gives annabeth a makeover (the poor baby’s hair looked like a messy mane), she runs up to luke and shows him how cute she is and he can’t help but smile and squish her into a hug
  • luke would visit thalia’s tree almost everyday. one time, annabeth saw him there, and as soon as she realized that he was crying she walked up to him and wrapped his arms around him without saying a word
  • this is the first time annabeth sees him crying
  • of course they would train together
  • at first, Luke tried to go easy on her, but soon he realized that he didn’t need to do that, unless he wanted to get stabbed
  • annabeth would glare at any girl who tried to flirt with luke
  • luke was utterly amused by this
  • luke lost count of how many times he and annabeth watched Lilo & Stitch.
  • Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten.
  • (((annabeth still has the stitch plushie that luke gave her years ago. an old picture and that plushie are the only things left, since she lost her dagger.)))
  • she slowly starts to delevelop a crush on him, but it’s more of a platonic crush than an actual one.
  • the boy was her hero, okay.

i have a bunch of other headcanons, after luke joins kronos’ army. maybe i’ll write those too.

This pjo/hoo headcannon has been buried deep within my heart and i need it to be heard dammit

Okay so a lot of people may go totally against this and refuse to consider this, but hear me out! What if all the pjo/hoo relationships went just like real life relationships? Some end up breaking up and some end up getting married? Because honestly imo, it’s unrealistic to think every single one of their relationships will last forever (ik, ik, it’s also unrealistic to consider demigods and the whole plot of the series to be real as well but you get what i mean?). Like, let’s be real, do we really think calypso and leo will stay together forever? Calypso could possibly end up being annoyed with leo or visa versa. Maybe jason and piper agree that the relationship eventually can’t go on and they should see other people. They’re still good friends, and it was a mutual separation. Perhaps percy and annabeth have to get marriage counseling because of the trauma they’ve been put through have ended up putting a strain on their partnership.

Consider frank and hazel end up taking a break for a month, try to see other people but eventually end up getting married after coming to their senses.

The thought that their love lives are perfect after all they’ve been through seems a little far fetched in my opinion, and i get it if people prefer to think otherwise. These characters are comforting for a lot of us and many of us prefer to give these characters what we could never have, but like many of us know, life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; a shattered heart isn’t too uncommon and i doubt the goddess of love would think it’s a good idea to change the balance of things. Just like the whole series has tought us, bad cards are sometimes dealt to good people. I’d like to think will and nico grow old together and have lots of dogs! But hey, that’s just what i think. aphrodite probably wouldnt just stop being a salty deity just for specific people is what i think. But ya. I’m sort of sobbing a little inside. It’s okay just embrace it.


A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19Chapter 20Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25Chapter 26Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31Chapter 32Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 (Final)

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6 Months Later

‘Mark, Dont forget I cant work next week, Okay?’ you shout as you start packing up all the dishes and cutlery in the kitchen of the little cafe you had a part-time job at, your mind completely consumed by the thought that in less than 48 hours you’d be able to see Namjoon again for the first time in 6 months.

'What was that, Y/N?’ your boss shouts from one of the back rooms, and you almost didn’t catch the question where you were replaying last nights skype call with your boyfriend in your head, grinning goofily to yourself as you remember the way he’d pretended he was holding your hand through the screen, before he’d got caught by Yoongi who’d walked in on him and his hyung had began to tease him.

'I’m not working next week- I booked the week off…remember? I asked you last month and you said that was fine, and i’ve told you every day since.’ you chuckle, walking through to the back as you begin to remove your pinafore, making your way into your bosses office and almost colliding with him as he appears in the doorway.

'Next week?’ he asks, his brows furrowed as he looks down at you, and the expression on his face makes a sinking feeling begin in your stomach.

'Yeah, the 20th to the 26th.’ you say, brushing past him to hang your apron up on the hook, and feeling tension begin to build in your shoulders as you listen to the silence from your boss behind you.

'I-uh…Y/N…I dont know how to say this…I- I’ve got your days off as the week after…I- I must have written it in wrong or-’

'No, no, no, no- Mark! Come on! I cant work next week!’ you insist, flapping your arms desperately as you turn to face him and the sympathetic look on his face, has tears welling in your eyes almost immediately as he tries to find the words to make it better.

'I’m sorry, Y/N…I dont know what to say- I dont-’

'Mark, please!’ you beg, pulling on his arm and not caring any more that tears were streaming down your face in front of your boss, or that you were a blubbering mess- just needing to hear him say he was joking.

'Y/N, I’m sorry.’

You close your eyes as you let your arms drop from him, desperately holding in your sobs as you turn on your heel to grab your bag and your coat, before pushing past Mark and walking towards the back door.

'Y/N, hold on-’

You hear him shout after you, but you’d already walked out of the door, and were making your way towards your car, jumping in and taking a moment to calm yourself down and clear your mind of everything as you start the engine. You refused to even think about anything before you’d pulled into the driveway of your little student house that you used to share with Izzy- shutting the engine off and sliding down in your seat as you finally let yourself accept what had just happened.

You wouldn’t be going to see Namjoon.

You think through everything you could possibly do. You couldn’t change your flights without losing more money than you could afford to with your current 'student’ status. You could possibly try to convince Mark to change your days off, but from the way he’d just reacted to you a moment ago, that was probably unlikely, and you couldn’t afford to quit your job without your bank account taking a serious hit, and getting evicted from your house in the process.

Which meant you were going to have to tell Namjoon you wouldn’t be going to see him- and God, was that going to kill him… let alone you.

You climb out of your car slowly, feeling completely numb as you lock the door and trudge up the steps to the house, rubbing tiredly at your eyes, as you reach your key shakily up to the lock…frowning when you notice that the hallways light was already on inside.

'Please, dont tell me I forgot to turn it off again..’ you groan at yourself, twisting the key in the lock and shoving the door open, sighing as you kick your shoes off on the mat and close the door behind you, before making your way to the kitchen to grab yourself a drink to get rid of the dry feeling in your throat, not bothering to turn on the lights before .

But thats before you see a figure sat at the kitchen table.


You’re about to scream when you hear Izzy’s voice, your name coming from her catching you before you can shout for help and you frown as you flick on the lights and finally see her face as she stands up and skips over to you.

'What the hell are you doing here?’ you almost shout as she squashes you against her, hugging her back fiercely as you try to wrap your mind around what was happening.

'Well, when Namjoon told me you were flying out next week, I figured i’d come back here for a few days to chillax with you-’

'Okay, but what’s wrong? Izzy, you never say 'Chillax’.’ you cut her off, pushing her back from you so that you could look her in the eye and try to work out what was wrong.

'What do you mean?’ she chuckles, backing away a little and heading towards the sink so that she could pour herself a drink, 'I always say Chillax…Chillax is my favourite word.’

You narrow your eyes at her as she turns back to glance at you, catching your eye and looking away quickly when she sees you looking.

'Okay, now you’re just freaking me out…whats wrong?’ you ask again, making to walk towards her, but she quickly slips past you into the hallway, practically sprinting towards the stairs and you become more and more confused at her action, beginning to run to catch up with her but being stopped by the doorbell suddenly ringing.

You both stop and stare at the front door, you looking confusedly between it and Izzy, and suddenly seeing a flash of excitement in her eyes.

'Did you order takeout or something?’ you ask, beginning to walk towards the door to open it.

'Yep.’ she says, grinning at you, before sprinting up the stairs and you watch after her suspiciously, before opening the door and raising your eyebrows at the man stood on your steps.

'Can I help-’

'I have a delivery for Miss Y/N?’

When the guy turns around with flowers in his hands and a small box, you’re not sure what you’re expecting, but the young 15 year old boy with the green striped cap and the white shirt with the logo 'Gwyn’s flowers’ was definitely not it.

'Uh…thats me.’ you confirm, taking the flowers and the box from him and going to ask him if he knew who it was from, but he’d already skipped back down the steps and climbed onto his delivery bike before riding off.


You close the door again before making your way back to the kitchen, setting the box on the table and picking up the tag that was on the flowers to read it.

Dear Y/N, I cant wait to see you next week, But since I’m too excited now, I decided I’d send you something just to remind you how much I love you and miss you, and to help you countdowndown the days until we see each other again. I love you so much, baby – Joonie x’

You almost tear up all over again as you read the message, raising your hand to cover your mouth and reaching for the box, picking it up slowly, before slipping off the lid and sobbing quietly at what you find inside.

Its a tiny little sand timer embellished with silver rims and glass heart detailing, the end of the timer having a tiny picture of you and Namjoon on it from the time you went to the photobooth at the bowling alley. Instead of picking up the timer, you grab your phone out of your pocket and hit speed-dial for Namjoon, hoping that he wasn’t in the middle of anything or that he wasn’t sleeping.

'Baby?’ he answers on the second ring, obviously having been waiting for you to call, and you smile as you hear his voice, about to gush over the present you’d received, before the events of the evening come rushing back to you and you’re silenced by your own fear.

'Baby, are you there? Did you- I mean… have you got any parcels today? Any special-’

'Namjoon…’ you breath, your voice breaking as you feel the tears roll down your cheek and you slump into one of the kitchen chairs,  trying to figure out how you were going to tell him what you had to say.

'Baby…is something wrong? Y/N, are you okay?’ he asks, sounding out of breath, but you dont really register that fact as you suddenly flip.

'I cant come next week.’

You hear silence bear down on the other end, only the sound of Namjoon’s pants reaching your ears and you cradle your face in your hands as you lean on the table, trying desperately to hold in your sobs as you wait for him to say something.

'I…what do you mean?’ he asks, his voice not sounding as sad and as devastated as you were expecting, and you figure its probably easier that way as you shakily get up from the table, not sure what you were planning on doing, but ending up pacing up and down the kitchen instead.

'Mark- my boss- he…he said that- apparently he booked me off for the wrong week, so now i’m meant to be working next week instead of coming to see you- and I dont know what to do- because I need to see you Namjoon, but I cant give up my job- I cant Namjoon… I-’

'Baby, calm down…okay?’


'Baby.’ he cuts you off, his voice sounding suspiciously light-hearted as he says the word and you frown at the sound, wishing you could be that okay with the situation.

'Did you get your present?’ he asks.

'Uh…yeah…yes, thank you- I- that was actually why I rang you in the first-’

'Pull it out of the box and tip it up.’ he directs you and you scoff at his pushiness, walking back over to the box anyway and picking up the little hourglass.

'Joonie, why do you want me to-’

'Have you started it yet?’ he asks, cutting you off again and you frown at the phone, humming angrily as you continue to hold the timer.

'Namjoon, whats this all about?’ you ask tiredly, thinking to yourself that the timer probably only held about a minute of sand.

'Y/N, just do it!’ he says frustratedly, and despite the fact that his tone of voice was anything but warm, you still do it, tipping the little hourglass up and placing it on the table.

'Okay, i’ve done it, now will you tell me why, already?’ you ask, huffing as you walk over to grab the vase that you keep on the side and filling it a third of the way with water, before going to grab the flowers and placing them in it, all the while waiting for Namjoon to say something, but getting only shuffling noises and muttering on the other end.

'Namjoon! Come on! I’ve just told you that I cant come to see you next week and all you’ve said asked is ’did you get your present?’, and then when you force me to start a sand timer and I ask why, you say absolutely nothing to explain! What the hell is-’

'How long has the timer got left?’ he cuts in, appearing not to have listened to a single word you’ve said, and after the day you’d had, you were so frustrated that you decided to just give up.

'20 seconds. But you know what? I’m too tired to be dealing with you like this right now, So i’m going to go.’ you say tiredly, rubbing your head as you go to hang up and feeling like you were going to burst into tears at any minute, hearing a distant 'baby, wait’ on the other end of the phone, but not having the energy to listen to his explanation anymore.

You knew it was going to be hard, being away from him for this long. But lately, Namjoon had been being quite distant whenever he’d been on the phone with you, always having to go into a quiet room, but ending the call within 10 minutes for the past few days, and all the secrecy was starting to take its toll.

You weren’t surprised when you felt a tear roll down your cheek, or when you shuffled your way into the sitting room to collapse on the sofa, curling yourself into the blanket that had been draped over the back of it and beginning to cry quietly as you cover your face with it.

When another knock sounds at the door, you refuse to get it, calling out croakily to Izzy to grab it, since it probably was actually some kind of food she’d ordered this time, and frankly not wanting to have to scare away a delivery boy with a sobbing mess of a girl.

You hear Izzy yell back at you, for you to get it, but when she hears you make no move and the person on the other side of the door knocks for the 3rd time without an answer, she stamps down the stairs herself, huffing frustratedly at you, but you ignore her in favour of burying yourself under the thin but warm material of your blanket, breathing deeply to try and calm yourself, not wanting to let her know you were crying.

You vaguely hear Izzy murmuring to whoever was at the door, but your mind was too set on Namjoon and trying to rationalize with yourself that both of you were just stressed and tired, and the fact that you’d just told him you couldn’t go to see him was probably taking its toll on him. You dont hear the shuffling of Izzy’s feet as she comes up behind you, and you dont look when she dumps the bag of food down beside you, keeping your eyes shut as she wraps her arms around you and murmurs in your ear.


That wasn’t Izzy’s voice.

And for that matter, those weren’t Izzy’s arms.

Your heart is beating a million miles a minute as you lower the blanket from your face, shallow breaths racing in and out of your lungs as you turn your head slowly to look into his eyes


'Hey.’ he whispers, grinning at your astonished expression and you’re too frozen in place, staring at him in disbelief to realize that there were 6 other sets of footsteps making their way into the house behind him.

'Hey.’ is all you can say, the word barely a whisper as it begins to register in your brain that he was actually there. That you weren’t just dreaming it. Namjoon actually had his arms wrapped around you and was in your house.

'What the hell are you doing here?’ you shout as you scramble up from the sofa and grab him, clinging to him as you use your feet to climb over the back of the sofa and wrap yourself around him, hearing him chuckle in your ear and feeling your heart try to burst out of your chest at how ecstatic you were.

'I came to surprise you….but also, we have a show in the city tonight as part of our world tour.’ he explains, angling his neck back so that he could look at you and his eyes tighten slightly as he sees your tear stained cheeks, but he doesn’t stare for long, before he crashes his lips to yours and you’re devouring each others mouths, not being able to get enough of each other as your hands move all over one another and your thighs begin to burn as you clutch yourself to him, humming in contentment when he sits you on the back of the sofa, all the while keeping you pressed tightly against him.

'God. I’ve missed you.’ he murmurs, letting his tongue twist and dance with yours and you whine in agreement as your fingers dig into his hair and his back, needing him closer, closer, closer-

'WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME!?’ you gasp loudly as you suddenly pull away, tugging on his hair slightly as you try to decide what you need more; to feel his lips on yours, or for him to explain fully what the hell was going on.

'I wanted to surprise you, I knew-’

'Did you know Mark had booked off the wrong week?’ you ask, eyes darting between his as you drop small kisses onto his lips, still struggling to decide what you needed most.

'Baby, he didn’t. It was part of the plan- I asked him to pretend that he booked the wrong week off for you…I just- I didn’t realise you’d get so upset, I thought you’d be disappointed more than anything.’ he says apologetically, latching his lips to yours for a moment as his way of saying sorry, and you melt into him completely, huffing against his lips when your body realises it had been running on adrenaline and that you’d just ran out.

'God. You almost gave me a heart attack.’ you chuckle weakly, burying yourself in him and sighing happily as he holds you against him, dotting your face with kisses and as you both go quiet, the sound of laughing and chattering making its way to your ears from the next room.

'This is surreal.’ you murmur, lifting your head tiredly to look through to the kitchen over his shoulder, and smiling gently at the puppy-like face of Hoseok and the gummy smile of Jimin as they talk away to everyone.

'And yet it is completely real.’ he says back, laughing lightly as his fingers come up under your chin to tilt your face to look at him, and you cant help but smile as you take in all your favourite features of him- his glowing eyes, his wide nose, his dimples that sink into his perfect skin, and the jut of his lip caused by his slight over bite which always made for the most devilish smirks- which he was demonstrating perfectly well now as he watches you inspect him, before he speaks again.

'So since its real…Kiss me.’

You oblige him straight away, pulling him towards you at the same time he pulls you to him and crashing your mouths together once more, whimpering with how good it felt to finally be able to do it again after 6 months of telephone calls, skyping and gifts in the post.

'But seriously, seeing you in my house…its really weird.’ you giggle against his lips, continuing to kiss him as your hands rake over his body, the need for him having arisen in you as soon as you’d felt the first touch of his skin against yours, and it makes it hard to think about anything else.

'Do you want me to leave?’ he chuckles quietly, not being able to decide whether he wanted to taste your mouth or your neck more as he keeps making trails to the two spots.

'I swear to God, If you leave, I will kill you.’ you joke, the sentence ending in a quiet moan as his fingers dig into your hips and a jolt of electricity runs through you.

'Mmmmh, you cant do that to me!’ you moan, already slipping back into the ease of being with him, hearing him chuckle into your neck and whining at him.

'And yet, if the other guys weren’t waiting so patiently to say hello to you, I’d have you on this sofa in absolutely nothing whilst I pinned you beneath me.’ he breathes into your ear, the words making goosebumps rise all over you skin as you register his meaning and you snatch his mouth back up with your own, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and encouraging him to do it anyway.

'Can we say hello to Y/N now? We missed her too!’ Jungkook complains from the doorway, making you groan quietly into Namjoon’s mouth, before you reluctantly pull away to turn to him, Namjoon chuckling darkly at your annoyance.

'Kookie.’ you greet him, pushing Namjoon out of the way slowly, but grabbing his hand before you skip over to Jungkook, pulling the Maknae into a hug- all the while keeping Namjoon’s hand clasped in your own.

'Y/N-sshi, I’ve been working on my english!’ Jimin says, popping up behind Jungkook and grinning with that blinding smile at you, pushing Jungkook out of the way and pulling you into a hug like an excited child.

'I’m very excited to hear it, Ji-’

'Y/N!!!’ Hobi shouts, joining the Jimin hug and squeezing you tightly, making the 3 of you fall into the wall with the energy behind the action.

'Yah! Hoseok, get off of her, you’re hurting her.’ the scratchy voice of Yoongi complains from somewhere, and almost as soon as the tall boy’s frame is removed from your body- along with Jimin’s- Yoongi’s short arms are pulling you into a gentle hug, a quiet ’its nice to see you Y/N’ being murmured in your ear.

'Y/N! We brought food from the pizza place down the street.’ Jin says in greeting, grinning at you as he steps towards you and pulls you into a hug, Taehyung giving you a gentle hug in greeting after him, before he moves back to stand with Izzy, who was perched on the side in the kitchen, grinning at you like the cheshire cat on drugs.

You, have some explaining to do.’ you threaten as you point at her, grinning as she chuckles at the seriousness in your voice, before you’re pulled back into Namjoon, and you smile happily to yourself as you press your face into his chest, feeling him drop a kiss to your head and thinking that it felt like the past 6 months hadn’t even happened.

You all stand there for a moment, no-one really sure what to say or do as you all stand in the kitchen. You try and fail not to grin at all the boys looking awkward and out of place in your kitchen, whilst Namjoon continues to press kiss after kiss into your hair, eventually moving down your face to your lips, before ending up just kissing you normally, and you cant help but chuckle at his inability to not find a way to touch you- which was absolutely fine by you.

'So…what d'you wanna do?’ Jimin says, once Namjoon moves his kisses back to your neck, moving you in front of him so that he could wrap his arms around you from behind, and the shorter man winks at you as he demonstrates his cutely accented english.

'You guys can do whatever you want-’ Namjoon pipes up from your shoulder, glancing up at the others before turning your head to make you look at him.

'Y/N and I have some catching up to do.’

The next two days go by in what feels like seconds, with you showing Namjoon everything you loved about your hometown and your country, and the boys gawping and getting excited over the little cultural differences. It then only feels like you blink your eye again and you’d already flown out to Korea for 6 days and were once again stood in the airport with Namjoon, waiting to catch your flight home.

Both of you knew it would never get easier, but the thought of it potentially being the last time you’d ever have to do it- provided neither of you made a surprise visit to the other- made it a little easier to bare.

'6 months.’ he says, dropping a kiss to your lips when your plane is called, and you grin as he pulls back and you peer over his shoulder to see the others waiting for him a few steps away, all of them waving at you when they see you looking, and you wave back happily.

'6 months.’ you confirm, holding his face gently between your hands and you take a moment to soak up the moment as you press your lips to his once more, feeling his hands hold you tightly against him, before you pull away and bend down to grab your suitcase.

'I love you, baby.’ he murmurs, pressing his forehead to yours to prolong the moment, before beginning to guide you to your gate, kissing you once more and smiling at you before you’re once again turning away from him and boarding your plane, with a promise that next time you’d be back for good.

6 (more) months later

You bounce your legs up and down as the plane begins to descend from the sky, the view of Incheon, making excitement bubble inside of you as you hear the announcement for everyone to stay seated until the overhead light turns off.

Its as soon as you’re walking down the corridor to the departures area that you hear the excited shouts of Hobi and Jimin, their voices carrying all the way down to your ears and the sound makes you break out into a run.

Its in typical you fashion, however, when you get to the end of the gate and before you can even get a glimpse of Namjoon or any of the other boys, you trip on your own feet and end up dropping quickly-

…into a pair of warm arms.

'Hey Clumsy girl.’ Namjoon says quietly, grinning down at you, where he’d caught you before you could hit the floor, and you feel your heart swell in your chest as you gaze back up at him, drinking in the sight of him and raising your hands to tie around his neck as he helps you back onto his feet, stumbling back slightly, but you stabilize you both before you can fall.

'Hey, Clumsy guy.’ you chuckle, your heart racing in your chest as you finally let it sink in that this was it, pulling him to you to crash your lips against his in the first of many kisses that you’d spend the rest of your life sharing with him.

'Want to get coffee?’ he asks, reaching to pick up your suitcase and sliding his arm around your waist as he pulls you against him, beginning to make his way towards the others stood waiting to greet you, Hobi breaking out in a run towards you, before you’d even got to them, but before he makes it to you, you pull Namjoon into you, pulling his head down to eye level and smiling happily at him.

'Black, two sugars.’ you whisper, kissing him quickly before you’re tackled by the other boys and all that you’re left with is Namjoon’s hand in yours as the boys hug you tightly, all talking over one another about how much they’d missed you and how excited they were that you were finally there.

'I love you.’ you see Namjoon mouth over the heads of the others, watching you happily as you grin and chuckle at the others, biting your lip as you look back at him and smiling as you take in the sight of him, finally being able to look at him, and know that you wouldn’t have to leave him again.

That this was finally forever.



- despite being Kevin Day, Kevin is still to shy to ask for what he wants
- and this thing between him and Andrew and Neil is still new
- but it’s been consuming him
- and Andrew is the one who picks up on it
- one night he’s jacking Kevin off nice and slow, so slow Kevin feels like he’s losing his god damned mind
- “what do you want?” Andrew asks him and Kevin is confused
- Andrew nips Kevin’s hip bone “I see the way you’ve been looking at Neil, tell em what you want”
- Kevin full body flushes, and shakes his head but Andrew slows down even more until Kevin is about to scream.
- Andrew just looks at him
- “I…. I want him to ride my face” Kevin sputters out
- Andrew grins “was that really so hard?

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I’ve been seeing pictures of Connor with kids lately on my dash,decided to take it a step futher.

Modern!Connor spending the day with his kiddos,being an awesome single dad. Just thinking about it makes me die a little inside *gross sobbing*

I really want to color it but damn my back hurts,I dont have a proper work place set up not until I move. Anyway hope ya like!


#heart eyes

dragonings-deactivated20150318  asked:

sirius and remus? (you know i had to sammy baby <3)

fuck. my weakness.

who holds what:

  • The umbrella, when it rains - remus would be holding it. by himself. because his idiot boyfriend just turns into a dog plays with the puddles and remus just stands there doing his best to put on his “im fucking annoyed let’s go home” mood but all that comes out is “you idiot” as he laughs endearingly and shakes his head
  • The popcorn at the cinema - remus because sirius would be too busy flailing and gesturing around and overall being the most obnoxious movie goer “remus why are they in love already it’s only been ten minutes”… “i swear if they literally just //talked// they’d be married by now”….“see if they could apparate none of this long distance shit would be a problem”…..“WHY DOES CRAPPY MUSIC PLAY WHENEVER THEY’RE ABOUT TO KISS I MIGHT KILL SOMEONE”
  • The baby, when it cries - “sirius, wake up, can you please get harry? he’s crying again.” “sure babe” ten minutes later a black dog walks back into a room, holding a sleeping harry by his onesie with his mouth “sirIUS NO”
  • The ice cream cone, when they share - REMUS DOES NOT SHARE SWEETS. 
  • The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - sirius. probably trying to figure out how it works. “sirius, can u turn it down a bit you’ll wake the neighbors” “ok” “….sirius” “what” “do you not realize you paused it” “…oh”
  • The basket, when they go shopping - sirius. remus won’t allow him to pick anything out p much
  • The door, on dates - remus and he always does it subconciously and sirius pecks him on the cheek as he passes and it’s all so disgustingly sweet i am going to sob oh my god i can’t do this 
  • The other’s hand, most often - sirius definitely. every time. when they’re studying. when theyre watching quidditch games. when it’s minutes away from the full moon. when remus is fast asleep after the full moon and sirius is asleep too with his head at the foot of hospital bed. when he’s getting fucked into the mattress. every time. 
  • Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - hah u need to be alive to get married ha ha ha don’t fucking touch me  there wouldn’t be any holding of breaths. remus would laugh to himself bc “no this can’t be right this is a fucking joke how did i ever get this lucky he’s so beautiful oh my god”  and sirius would be hyperventilating and fidgeting thinking nothing but “holy shit holy shit holy shit this idiot going to be mine hoLY SHIT”
  • The camera, when they take pictures together - sirius. once again trying to figure muggle things out.

send me a ship and i’ll tell u who holds what

365 days


Imagine Person A dying and coming back to life after a year, and Person B freaking out seeing A being alive again.

Fandom: [K]

Characters: Reishi Munakata, Mikoto Suoh
Relationship: Shipping!MikoRei, Friendship!Mikorei (depends on your view really)
Additional info: Plot? What Plot? (In which Ranty attempts to write without a plot.)
Tagging: tasyatazzu​ (because she needs a dose of fluffy!mikorei afer horrendous doses of angsty!mikorei.)

It was on the 366th day after the Ashinaka High School incident that Reishi decided to visit the school personally.

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INTP-ISFJ-ESFP-INFP - Emotional Movie
  • INTP, ISFJ, ESFP, and INFP were walking out of the theater after watching Inside Out.
  • ESFP: It's such a good movie!! OMG!! I'm still tearing up. Anyone got tissues?
  • ISFJ: Here *hands ESFP one and takes one for herself*
  • INFP: I'm glad I didn't go to that dinner and came here instead.
  • ISFJ: I heard you sobbing a little inside the theater.
  • INFP: Well, it was so bittersweet! *looks at INTP* INTP has been so quiet.
  • ESFP: Did you like it?
  • INTP: Yea... *is holding everything inside and trying not to cry in front of people*

“I just really need to have you here right now.” - Sam x reader

Sam picked up his phone and as he saw your name he moved to the other room.

“Hey sweetheart!” he said, cheerful as he could. He missed you and little baby inside your belly.

“Sam…” you sobbed into the phone, barely holding it together.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Sam asked, panicking when he heard you like that.

You kept sobbing into the phone, hugging your knees. You wanted him to be next to you, to hold you and promise you that everything’s gonna be alright. 

But he wasn’t there to hold you and nothing’s ever going to be alright.

“Baby calm down. Tell me what’s wrong, baby…” He was panicking inside, but tried to stay calm for you and his son.

“Bobby… something’s wrong.” you sobbed once again. “Doctor’s won’t tell me what…”

“Where are you? Do you need anything?” 

Sam grabbed the keys of the Impala and motioned Dean to take their stuff. He needed to get to you as soon as possible and it physically hurt him that he wasn’t able to be there with you.

“I just really need to have you here right now.”

“I know baby, I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise.” 

His voice calmed you down a bit and you smoothed your belly. There was no usual kicking and you were scared that the worst is coming.

“ North Kansas City Hospital.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in two hours. I love you, okay? Everything will be fine, I promise.”


Sam almost ran into your room.

He couldn’t stop worrying about you and little baby, going way past speed limit so he could be next to you. He couldn’t lose you and he couldn’t lose his child. You two meant the world to him, you two were the reason he kept fighting.

He looked around, trying to find your beautiful face. Sam wanted to tell you that it will be alright. That in the end you two will have a beautiful family.

A golden ring in his pocket was forgotten. He had a plan. He’d ask you to marry him when he got from his hunt. His last hunt. Sam wanted to retire, find a good, worthy job and live an apple-pie life with you.

But you weren’t in the room. There was a bed, with your stuff around it, but it was empty. Immediately he spotted a red stain on the white sheets. Big, bloody stain that sent cold chills down his spine.

“Mr. Winchester?” he heard an odd voice behind him.

He turned around to face the doctor.

“Where’s Y/N?” was the only thing he could ask.

“She’s in labour, maybe you’d want to see her.”

Sam knew immediately that something’s wrong. He rushed after the doctor, hoping to see that you’re okay. That Bobby is okay.

“Sam.” you smiled weakly at him and he could see that life is leaving you.

“Y/N. Y/N, honey, stay with me.” he begged as he took your hand in his.

You smiled once again, knowing that this isn’t quite possible.

“We’ve got a beautiful baby boy, Sam. He looks like you.”

Sam sobbed hardly. “He must be beautiful, since you’re his mum. “ He did everything he could to smile at you, even if for just a second.

“Now you have to promise me that you’ll take good care of him.” Your voice was getting weaker, like your body, with every second.

“You have to be here to help me, Y/N. I can’t do it without you.”

Your heart was breaking into pieces when you saw Sam like that. He didn’t deserve this, he’s already lost too many people he loved.

“Sure you can, Sammy boy. Promise me, please?”

Sam sobbed even harder, but nodded. “Just… just don’t leave me, Y/N. I love you. D-don’t go.” he choked on tears, kissing your hand lightly.

But he was too late. Your eyes closed and you let out your last breath.

“No!” he screamed, shaking your body. “Y/N NO! Don’t leave me! Y/N come back! Y/N!”

Two doctors grabbed him to pull him out of the room, but he pushed them away, hugging your dead body.

“No, don’t leave me, Y/N. Don’t go, baby. I can’t be here without you.”

He was hoping that you’ll wake up and look at him, laughing. He was hoping that you’re pranking him, that this is all a big joke.

It was way too early for Bobby to be born. This had to be a joke.

Your body, despite all his prayers, remained cold and lifeless. Your eyes didn’t open and you didn’t crack a smile for him like you usually did.

Finally, doctors managed to drag him away from you, putting him down on the hallway.

“I’m so sorry for your lost, Mr. Winchester.” one of them said quietly.

“How’s my son?” Sam asked quietly.

Both doctors remained quiet for a while, not knowing how to tell him this. He already looked so small and broken.

“How is the kid?” Dean demanded after finally finding Sam.

He wrapped him in a hug and Sam rested his head on Dean’s shoulder. Meanwhile, Dean stared at the doctors, tears streaming down his cheeks as well.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but… we couldn’t save your son.”