sobbing a little again

Ishikawa Kaito san, please control yourself…


[Kageyama met Suga] “Ah Suga san, sorry for the trouble, thank you very much… thank you very much.”

[Kageyama met Kenma] “Kenma san, why do you ran away from me that time?”

[Kageyama met Lev] “I never really talk to you so I don’t know what I should say…”

– Haikyuu!! Radio (the episode when Ishikawa Kaito (Kageyama) and Murase Ayumu (Hinata) promoted Haikyuu!! Animate Cafe); sorry its a bit old… –

thank you, i’t been an amazing summer.

Faded pictures bleached by sun,
The tale’s told, the summer’s done.
In memories the Pines still play,
On a sunny summer’s day.
Hidden deep within the woods
A buried treasure waits for you;
Secrets lost and statues found
Beyond the rusty gates.

And even though our ride is here,
The bus awaits, goodbyes are said
Followed by the tears - and smiles.
Cause one day we’ll come back here
To mysterious Gravity Falls.

“See you next summer!” we scream.
We’ll be waiting here for you.
To come back soon…
We’ll be here.

yes, people, it’s me again, sobbing like a little baby (i’m still not okay). so yeah, i’ve made this. about us, probably. i wanted this to be about us. oh, and there is a little thing at the end, if you listen to it carefully.

if you haven’t heard it yet, i’ve also made a song for Bill:


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Kagome kissing Inuyasha’s palm. It just. Such a beautiful. I seriously can’t get over that part. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I’VE REREAD THAT PART. Do yourself a favor and read this please. @little-known-artist thank you. THANK YOU!!!

Haise went to :re at some point in the manga by himself and Touka ask him if he’s a teacher and he said he was a ghoul investigator. I wonder how the conversation goes on or did Touka just walk away and leave him be? Did he come again to :re after that? Did Haise know her name? Did he called her Touka-chan or Kirishima-san? Did he ever come back just to talk to her?  I want to know what happened behind the scene! Ishida-senseeeeeeei! Why are you doing this to us!


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