How the Sides Cry

 Patton: A very loud, over the top crier. Tears fall fast and his whole body heaves with each sob. Glasses are pushed to the top of his head as he uses the palms of his hands to hold back the tears. The tears still manage to slip through.

 Logan: A quiet crier. Breaths are only slightly sporadic. You might not even know he is crying until you see the tears sliding down his cheeks. His shoulders are tense and if he sees other people are looking at him he’ll turn his head and try to wipe away the tears as if he was just simply rubbing his eyes. The tears still do not stop.

 Virgil: A silent sobber. His whole body shakes and it’s hard for him to breath at times. He curls up into himself as much as he can, makes himself smaller. The hood of his jacket goes over his face as his arms snake around his body and death grips the loose fabric on his upper arms. It takes a long time for him to calm down.

 Roman: A suppressed crier. Continuously tries to wipe away the tears as they fall. He tries his best to not cry out, but can’t help loud sobs from escaping. Locks himself away and bangs his head against the wall as he still tries to hold back, even when alone. Ends up falling to his knees in pure grief as he finally breaks down.

taylor's albums ranked by how much they make people cry
  • Taylor Swift: This is "Teardrops on My Guitar," which made us all cry when we were 12, don't lie, and "Mary's Song" may get you to cry happy tears if you're gay like me, but overall, this is an album written by a young, inexperienced at making people cry Tay-Tay, and my lack of tears overall reflects that. A solid start and an admirable effort. 4/10.
  • Fearless: If you didn't cry over "Breathe," "Love Story," "You're Not Sorry," and "The Way I Loved You" back in middle school, you a liar. Brings back memories of lying on my bed in seventh grade, wondering why nobody loved me, eating candy. 6/10.
  • Speak Now: This has "Dear John," and if you didn't cry at that at least once, you have no soul. It also has "Last Kiss," "Enchanted," and "Back to December." Which one gets you the most teary-eyed depends on your personal preferences, but you cried at least once. Don't lie to me. 9/10.
  • Red: This is "All Too Well." Enough said. 1000000/10.
  • 1989: This is mostly an album full of bangers, not so much an album full of make-you-sobbers. That said, the live performance of "Clean" made me cry like the bitch I am, so... 7/10.
  • TS6: It doesn't exist yet. 10/10.
bts scenario: getting back after them cheating on you

anon:  A bts reaction request: you somehow get back together after the cheating(I wouldnt forgive a cheater irl but since this is imaginary)

author’s note: please read this first to understand better. also this is so messy i’m sorry ;;


He would not believe that you had forgiven him after the biggest mistake he had ever done.

Cheating on you.

How could you forgive him when he knew that your heart hurt still? He wanted the best for you, so you seeing you making that decision was both making him thankfull and heartbroken.

“Y/n, I am sorry that I ever did that to you. I don’t know if you’re still thinking about me, but what I know is that I love you still, I’m an idiot and I know you hate me, and it’s pathetic that I still have hope. I love you and I want a chance.” he says as he looks at you with glossy eyes, the ones that you still loved just as much as you did half a year ago.

“I hope you have changed, Seokjin. I love you, even after what you did to me. It’s so complicated, but I am listening to my heart. I want to give you one chance.” you whisper as he looks back at you with a mouth agape, before pulling you into a nostalgic kiss.


As he was looking at the ceiling, he was thinking,

Why did he do that?

Taking another gulp of his bottle, he remembered all the memories that he had shared with you all the time he was with you. So did he really threw out all of that by one mistake he so deeply regretted? Without even thinking another second, he threw on some jacket and walked to the road that was so memorable yet so forbidden.

“What are you doing here, Yo-, Min Yoongi?” you ask as you catch him right before his drunken body falls right in front of your front door. 

Your mind was screaming at you to not let him in, to let in the man that broke your heart. But something in you still wanted to see him everyday.

“Y/n, I know you might think that all the things I’m going to say are not true because I’m drunk, but I still know what my hearts wants. It wants a chance. A chance to make you more happy than I ever did, to make up all of my mistakes, to show how truly I love you. But I’m not forcing you, because I know someone like you can’t forgive someone like me. I love you Y/F/N, and I hope you still know that.” he says as he looks at you from his knees, hope still deep inside of him. 

You look back at him, your eyes ready to tear up, and your voice small, but still full with sign of affection.



He was still thinking of you, even after he walked out of your life because he was an idiot that was ready to punch himself.

Why did he think that cheating on you was a way to cope with him missing you?

He really wanted to punch himself and scream at himself. All of your future together was taken away by his fault. So he got himself in his hands, because he needed to fix his own mistakes.

You were waiting at the train station, your shift ended and you were exhausted. As you sat on your seat you sighed, a small cloud leaving after it. The cold November brezze still chilling you, even in an enclosed space. You close your eyes, slowly drifting into sleep but interrupted as someone sat right next to you.

“Hoseok?” you ask shocked as you look at the man once was your whole life, maybe still is.

He smiles shyly,

Oh my god I’m so sorry, you must think I’m a stalker or something. Truth is, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I can’t live a day without thinking about you. I know I proved otherwise in my past actions, but I do mean what I say. I know, it sounds cliche, but, can you give me another chance?” he says with a small voice. 

Taken aback by his words, you look in another direction and start thinking. Maybe a chance was truly a goood decision? 

After some minutes of silence, you spoke up.

“Only one chance to prove that you have changed, Hoseok.”


He knew that he had done the biggest mistake that night. Cheating on the person he oh so loved still was a down fall and a dead end in your relationship, if it wasn’t obvious.

He was ready to give anything to be with you again, but it was impossible and pathetic.

But nothing is impossible, right?

He walked down to your house, and you couldn’t even say how shocked you were to see him, at the middle of the night, at your doorstep.

As he saw you couldn’t speak, he held your hands in his with hesitation.

“Y/n, I know this might come off as a shock, seeing me after I said to forget about me. But I still love you. I always loved you, and always will, that night…that night was the most awfull thing I ever did, and I’m so sorry. I know you wouldn’t forgive me, I just wanted to get this out of my chest.” he says as he let’s go and turns to go, but you stop him with a hug. He doesn’t move, but relaxes in your embrance. 

“Kim Namjoon, I forgave you. I hate myself for it, but I can’t do nothing about it because I love you too.” you whisper.


After that letter, you didn’t hear of him. Not even one call, one message or one official goodbye. You thought that he really never loved you, and you regretted ever thinking that he did. 

But were your alibis ever true?

You walked home into your apartment complex, and looked into the mailbox, expecting another unimportant paper. But oh how wrong you were.

A well written letter was in your hands, the handwritting way too familiar. 

“Look around…” it read with a black ink.

You did as you were told, heart pouding hardly in your chest.

“Y/n…” Jimin whispered, as tears were leaving his eyes.

“I am such an coward and an idiot. I am so sorry that wrote only that letter, because I was afarid. Afraid that you would hat me forever. Why was I, when it was logical for you to do so? I was such a hopeless man, betraying your trust when I wished I did not. It was a mistake, and you have every right to hate me. And I know it’s impossible, but can I ask for another chance? If not, I’m okay with your decision. I love you, Y/n.”

You look at him breathless, before you ran up to him and kissed him. It was stupid when he did what he did, but you trusted him and that he had changed.

“Is this enough for an anwer?” you ask whispering.


You were walking home, another awfull day at work. Things really seemed like they got out of hand after you and Kim Taehyung had broken up after he had ruined all of your relationship.

You didn’t even notice how the rain started to pour, at least not after you bumped into someone and they held up an umbrella. You were ready to apologize, but as you looked up you saw a once famlliar face.

“Taehyung?” you slighly gasp.

He looked different, yet you still recognized him. He looked at you and gave you the boxy smile you loved so much, and apologized himself,

“I’m sorry for bumping into you.” he spoke, “How are you, by the way?” he asked worriedly. As he saw no response, he sighed. “I’m sorry, It’s stupid of me to ask after all I had done. I know you hate me as much as I hate myself for what I did, but I am truly sorry and I hope I could just go back in time and prevent that. It’s not your fault, and I’m sorry that you had gone through that. But I can make you happier now, would you let me?” he asks whispering.

You look at him, a silence hanging in the air, and you finnaly spoke up,

“Will you really make me happy like before?” you sigh and nod, his face lighing up, making him hug.

“I will” he whispers happily.


It was still a memory that hurt. Him on his knees as he confessed you his wrong doings, was something that only brought a pain to your chest.

But only did you know that he would be in the same position two months later.

You were watching another drama, it making you sadder than you already were. Your session of endless crying was cut off by knocks on the door. You wiped your tears and opened the door, you voice breaking at the small “Hello?” that escaped from your lips. You gulped as you were staring at the man who left you with a hole in your heart. He looked back at you as he let out small sobbers, and sinked to his knees, just like months ago when he had broke your heart.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I’m such an coward and stupid piece of shit. I’m sorry that I left you like that, that I cheated on you. You’re everthing I ever wanted, and I hate myself that I ever brought you pain. But I promise, I promise I’ll make you happy, I’ll let you see that I changed. But you’re not forced to, and If you want, I’ll never bother you, because your happiness matters more. I love you.” he cries hopelessly.

You let out cries yourself, and patted his hair affectionaly. You knew you should have thought about your answer more detailed, but you just followed  your heart.
“I love you too.” you whisper as you shed one more tear.

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it's my birthday today and I was wondering if you could do some headcannons for richie crying? (ps I love your blog I check for new headcannons everyday!!)!


- richie hates crying, he thinks it makes him weak

- but when he does it must be something bad because it takes a lot for richie tozier to crumble

- his hands shake and his bottom lip quivers and he has to look away from whoever he’s with so they don’t see his magnified tears in his eyes (stupid glasses don’t help)

- he always walks away and finds somewhere private before he slides down the wall and just puts his knees to his chest and his head in his hands

- richie is a sobber, like it’s loud and ugly and his chest hurts and he can’t seem to stop once he starts

- he has to gasp for air as he lets out this long, choked out cries and if anyone ever heard him their heart would break

- eddie once heard him cry and he was leaning against the other side of his bedroom door silently crying with him

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Hi mom! ^^ Love your writing! It was just my birthday last week and I was wondering if I might request a namjoon author/editor au? (if he was your editor or you were his etc. whichever!) Apologies if you've done something similar before;; Thank you!♥

ahh happy late birthday!! ive written author taehyung before, but namjoon fits it too so !!! here you go, something cute for him~ 

  • is primarily a poet, and yes im talking love poems and all that jazz, but also really emotional poems about social injustices and human pain 
  • and he has a way with words that makes readers overcome with tears - like there’s a reason he’s on the best selling list and was featured in over twenty literary magazines
  • and people probably get quotes of his tattooed on them like damn
  • his pic on the back of the book sleeve is black and white and he’s got his hand under his chin,,,,,,,,,he looks like a uni professor LOL
  • people always get teary eyed at his book signings and readings, his tour managers have to request extra Kleenex for the sobbers,,,,,
  • honestly namjoon just gets confused and is like,,,,im,,,s,,,sorry??? but everyone is like n o no it’s just so bEautiful 
  • (tbh he gets super shy when complimented, much to his fans shock,,)
  • interviews with him actually get a ton of views because well 1) he’s handsome but 2) he does this cute smile and hides his face when people say he’s a great poet
  • like sensitive boy namjoon is real and thriving
  • you’re his editor and even under the whole beautiful, simple, amazing writing - the poems that seems so short and quick to write - you’ve seen his struggle
  • breaking his back over thousands of drafts, crumpling up pages and throwing out full notebooks of poems 
  • and writing about heavy stuff isn’t easy on namjoon either, sometimes you find him sitting on the floor beside his desk, staring blankly at a news title of some atrocity in the world
  • sometimes he doesn’t eat for three days. doesn’t sleep for a week. 
  • he publishes his book and people swoon over his talent and good looks, but you’re the only one whose seen this side of him
  • the side all writers and poets hide from the world - but not from their editor
  • so when you meet up with him, the usual dingy coffee place that namjoon has come to love, you see something is off
  • he’s worse than usual
  • “i have no inspiration, and they want a book of poems by the end of the month.” 
  • his deep voice has never faltered, but it sounds dejected and tired
  • “well,,,,,,,let’s find you some.” you try to sound optimistic, but you’re not sure
  • namjoon’s first book was based off of his first love. his second, off his views on the harsh world, his third was on a recent, secret breakup. now,,,,,he was stuck and you weren’t sure if there was anything left
  • you try to see his face, but his eyes are stuck to the blaring laptop screen. an empty word documents stares back
  • “i know you can do it namjoon, is there anything that you’ve maybe been saving? or maybe haven’t explored? a secret?”
  • namjoon’s eyes suddenly flick to meet your gaze
  • the tips of his ears turn pink, you’re on to something
  • inching forward in your seat you go, “you do! is it a person? write about them!”
  • you don’t notice it, but namjoon’s eyes are taking in the details of your face. the small things that he can’t believe he’s noticed all along
  • you said write about something he’s never explored - a secret,,
  • there’s one he’s kept ever since you became his editor
  • suddenly, namjoon begins to type and you grin. he found it.
  • “ill get some more coffee for us.”
  • you get up to go order, making sure to take some extra money to buy namjoon a snack since you know he won’t eat while he’s writing
  • as you leave, namjoon bites back his lip
  • he mouths to himself what he’s wrote so far, 

    “my secret sits across from me, voice like velvet,
    sun ray eyes spark tender flickers, why cant i tell them all i have hidden from the world is you. you, my secret sitting across from me.”

  • he doesn’t notice you come back, leaning over the table to see his laptop
  • “did you write something?” your excitement apparent and namjoon jumps a bit in his seat
  • quickly, he closes it and takes the cup of coffee you’ve set down in order to avoid answering
  • you smirk and tease, “you totally did. i can’t wait to read it!!!”
  • namjoon feels his heart race a little in his chest, because if anything, he had never imagined he would confess his feelings like this
  • in a poem, that you were sure to read and edit
  • he thinks to himself, i can’t wait for you to read it too. but will you still only want to be my editor after it?
  • you wave your hand in front of his face, laughing as namjoon snaps out of it
  • “you’re in a writing daze, but here i got you this so you don’t forget to eat.”
  • you put the bag of scones down on the table as well, smiling and namjoon takes them with a thank you
  • you’ve always taken care of him, he knew you were different when you picked up his first draft carefully - like it was priceless
  • when other people had clawed into it and thrown it around without care
  • “so, what’s your secret - i want to know now!!” you urge again, but namjoon shakes his head
  • you’re my secret, but you’ll find out soon 

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Hello! I just read QI in one go, I couldn't put it down! It was just so good. Much kudos to you and good luck to your new book! I look forward to reading it. I do have a lil prompt for the short QI-verse oneshots you're doing tho, if you have the time. I love seeing hardass chef Gordon Ramsay being all gooey and kind to children, so how bout Chef Lexa in Master Chef Junior or a similar kids cooking show, Clarke melting at how good Lexa is w kids?

First and foremost, thank you so much!  I’m glad you are enjoying it.  Below, find your oneshot of Clarke seeing Chef Lexa being kind to a kid with some cutesee domestic stuff in there, too.  Oneshot time!

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Shawn Mendes | Birthday sex

Count of words: 867

Warnings: sexual, strong language

A/N: In honor of my birthday (it was this monday actually) I thought it would be a good idea to write this little gem for you guys. Hope you like it ♥ I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW I EVEN WROTE THIS. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME! 

Btw if it is horrible please forgive my sorry ass cause I’ve never writen a detailed smut like this one !




You were very puzzeled at how your birthday came up so fast. It was just yesterday that it was Christmas. But, nontheless that one day of the year that “you became just the same lttle shit but older”, according to your boyfriend, Shawn, was here. Speaking of Shawn you hadn’t seen him for a while now and that made you a bit upset, cause your birthday was here and you weren’t sure if he’d be able to be home already or if his trip to promote his tour would go on.

So, here you were, on your birthday afternoon, with a tiny, little chocolate birthday cake in your hand, a lit up candle and spoon, singing happy birthday to yourself. How pathetic (a/n HOW ME!)? But you weren’t alone. Friends was playing on the tv and you felt less lonely as the night was unfolded. Then there was Supernatural coming up and more of the shows you watched as a kid. Yeap, you were a very weird kid, watching supernatural, jamming out to AC/DC and metalica, you could defenitely be Dean Winchester’s daughter. 

It had been a couple of hours already and you didn’t know how you ended that way, but you found yourself slightly drunk with a bottle of wine in your hand and another episode of an old tv show rolling in. That was until you heard the front open and suddenly you were completely sober once again. You heard loud footsteps moving to your appartment’s kitchen and you slowly tiptoed towards the the sudden noise. As you entered the kitchen you were met with a familiar cologne you had grown to love. Just then you knew who it was.

“Baby, you made it!” You exclaimed like an excited little kid. His skined looked a bit tan and he looked just as handsome as you remembered. “Yes, darling, I did. And I have a present for you.” He replied, giving you a lustful look followed with a loving one. Just from his intimate gaze you quickly caught up to what his mind was going to, making you sobber up even more with a wide toothy grin. Steadily, but painfuly slow, you made your way towards him, overexaggerating your hip’s movements, swaying them from side to side. As you finally reached Shawn his hands grabbed your hips as his lips found yours, engaging in a lustful and passionate kiss, one that was sure to let the other know just how much your love for each other was.

As you kept on making out, Shawn, swang you up in the air, still kissing you, and placing you on the kitchen counter. His hands were going under your shirt as yours were roaming up his back. 

Along the way to your shared bedroom your clothes had evidently found their way to the floor, making a pathway to were your naked bodies now stood. Just as you made it to your destination, Shawn carefuly threw you on your shared bed and climbed on top of you. He started taking his lips on a little trip across your bare body, starting from your jawline and moving down to your parted breasts. When you tried to attack his neck he stopped you mumbeling “Not today princess. It’s your birthday!” as his lips continued their route towards the place you needed him the most. 

When he finally stopped teasing you, he moved down and parted your legs kissing the inside of your thighs as he moved to your core. His lips eventually found their way to your clit as they attacked it while his hands were roaming up your body.Kissing a sucking while letting out dirty sentences once in a while, Shawn kept on giving you the pleasure you deserved. By now you were a moaning mess and Shawn didn’t let it go unnoticed. Slowly he brought one of his hands to your entrance and he started pumping one of his finger inside of you while another one followed and his lips kept on kissing and sucking, adding even more pleasure to that bliss feeling inside of you. By the time he saw you were about to cum he stopped as you whimpered when the lack of contact hit you and the cold air embraced your body. 

Shawn saw your reaction and he moved towards your face as he attacked your lips as if he was reasurring you the fun had just begun. Just then you felt him thrust his hard member inside of you making you moan loudly. Then your grievance turned into pleasure as he thrusted in and out of you. Your hands found their way to his back as you scratched it and his lips found their way to your neck, leaving marks that would be there for a while. From time to time he would just whisper dirty nothings into your ears until you finally reach your climax. His big hands would roam your back as you arched it, your eyes roll back and the screams of pleasure would fill the room. Your appearence would trigger Shawn’s orgasm too as the warm liquid filled your insides. Right after him was your time to finish. “Oh my! Birthday sex is my favorite!”

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Hi! First of all I need to say I love your work, especially your BMP stuff, it's my favourite! Now on to business. I have a bit of a naughty ask for you. Here it is... how vocal are each of the Princes in bed and in what way (moaner, screamer, sobber etc) Thank you and much love.❤❤❤

Wilfred: This guy is a complete animal, so he’s definitely a growler. He doesn’t do it too much and is rather quiet because he’s so focused on making you feel pleasure, but when he does, you know shit is about to go down. He loves to pant down your neck when he gets into it.

Keith: He’s so loud that sometimes you think he’s doing it on purpose so people know what you two are doing. Groans, growls, grunts, screams, he does it all. He can’t control it most of the time, so he conceals his voice by sucking and nibbling on your skin.

Roberto: He moans more than anything, tbh. His moans sound so sweet and sensual, and when he reaches the peak of his desire, he’ll bury his nose in your hair and let out a long one. Afterwards, he’d laugh about how loud the both of you were.

Joshua: He’s a groaner, for sure. His groans always surprise him because they leave his lips without his consent. He’ll go as far as slapping a hand over his mouth to get rid of the noise, and when you remove it, all control over his voice is gone. He’ll end up not caring at all, and fastening his pace so you can be louder than he is.

Glenn: He hates how vocal he is, he’s about on par with Keith. It, just, why does it feel so good?! He pants most of the time, but occasionally, he lets out a little whimper. When you talk about how adorable he sounds, he’ll blush and shut you up immediately by going harder on you.

Edward: This sentimental fuck cries during every tryst. This means so much to him, and he lets you know that. When his tears fall on your body, he licks them up or kisses them away. When he’s not crying, he’s whimpering in pleasure.


(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, panick attack, hospitals, angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff

A/N; Hi there! Third part already, just wanted to thank you guys, for real, you are all amazing xxx. Also, sorry if for someone the panic attack doesn’t correspond to how they feel when it happens, but it was how it felt for me the time I had one.

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2

Chapter 3 

The gently voice of Natasha calling your name brings you back to reality. At first you can’t situate yourself, you are surrounded by white walls and people looking at you expectantly.

- Y/N…? -  she tries again. Still groggy you look at her and she smiles brokenly at you - Hey girl, how you feeling? - Well, to say the truth you were feeling better in your slumber, now you that you are starting to be aware of your own body you feel how sorrow you are.

With a frown you try to sit just to be helded by two pairs of hands. Okay, bad move, all the pain intensifies.

- Where… - you hawk your voice is raspy because of the lack of use - Where am I? What happened?

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hii. Can I get some crying headcanons for 4taro and Josuke?


-Josuke is the kind of crier who tries to cover it up at first. If something upsets him his first instinct is to get defensive and keep the tears from coming out the best he can. However, his attempts will 9/10 times usually end up in vain because he will let his emotions run if he’s really upset about something.
-He isn’t an ugly crier, but he is quite the sobber. He’ll take gasps of air between sobs and clench his face in his hands in frustration. Josuke is the kind to swear while he cries, as well. He’ll repeatedly exclaim “damn it!” and will most  definitely kick some things around to try and “release” some of the pent up emotion. 
-Bonus: He becomes softer in the arms of an s/o, just planting his face in their shoulder and letting all the tears and sobs run out while his s/o rubs his back whispering that it’ll be okay.


-Before the events that occured in Egypt, Jotaro wouldn’t be caught dead shedding a tear. But after everything he experience, after all the trauma he was put through (as a teenager no less) he became more sensitive when it came to his emotions.
-Jotaro tends to try to cover up his tears as well. He’ll dip his head down and hopes no one will see the streams running down his face. He is still Jotaro though, and he is stubborn to accept other people’s comfort, preferring to settle things out on his own.
-Similarly to Josuke, Jotaro also swears when he is upset, except instead of exclaiming his profanities, he will murmur them under his breath, his voice hitching. He also tends to clench his fist, especially in tense situations. (Like everything that happened in Morioh. He was so afraid of losing the people he was close to again.)
-He can’t really be soothed by an s/o. Jotaro prefers to close himself off until all the emotions have let themselves out and he was back to his calm stoic self. An s/o can try and try but every attempt will usually end up in vain. He’ll let them sit there with him, but he’d prefer not to make someone else upset from his own emotions getting out of hand.

pollyannam3  asked:

Hm, do you have any crying headcanons? Like little ways the kids/trolls cry.

john does this thing where he hides that hes crying by laughing, 
rose covers her mouth while crying and find talking hard
dave holds it in so much that when he finally breaks its full breakdown mode
jade hiccups a lot while she cries and her vision gets very blurry 
jane is a sort of violent sobber if she gets sad enough 
roxys crying is sort of messy and sporadic, she has to gasp for air
dirk covers his mouth to avoid being noticed
jake is the biggest crybaby so his crying is always really messy and obvious
aradias cry is kinda hollow, like there is no sound coming out but she is crying
tavros has to gasp for breath
sollux either just cries one or two tiers quietly or has to totally cover his face
karkat tries to cover up his crying by yelling but that only makes him cry more
nepeta can get kinda snotty and has to blow her nose afterwords
kanaya covers her whole face in her hands and very obviously sobs
terezi snorts kind of loudly while she cries
vriska has a rough and loud cry, it sounds almost like she’s in psychical pain 
equius cries loudly though he tries to hide it by keeping his mouth shut 
gamzee has a very violent and kind of scary cry
eridan shakes while crying and has a high picthed cry
feferi sniffles a lot and her voice gets shakey

Let you go - Opie Winston

Requested by   @homicidalteenagedream       Hope you enjoy doll.
Warning. Alcohol abuse. Driving drunk.

Song - Let You Go By Machine Gun Kelly

Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory
Since you walked out that door, yeah
And you said I changed and you’re so damn sick of me
You’re not mine anymore, 2 3 4
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

“Fuck you Opie”. You yelled at him, slamming the door in his face.
“You new about this shit before we happen, so dont go getting all mad about it”.
“You think I’m mad  because the club needs you, I’m not”. “Your way off”. You ran your finger threw your hair.
“Then what the hell are you getting so mad about”?
“You”. “I’m mad at you, you said you would come home early, then its four hours later and I find you drunk with Jax”.
“Come on Babe, its not that bad”. He said trying to defuse the bomb that was going to blow up in his face.
“Opie, I love you but you’ve changed so damn much that I dont know if I love you like I did”.
“So what are you saying”? He asked
“I dont know, I just want the same guy I started dating”. You wiped a tear away.
“So thats it we’re done”? “Your not going to fight”. Opie started yelling
“How can I fight for something that left along time ago”. “Why should I , you dont care”.  You yelled back
Opie stood and walked out of the room. Looking back in.“I love you I always will”. He walked out of the house, he was gone.

Ayy, I still remember what you wore on the first night
Still remember how that black dress had your curves right
Still remember smokin’ just to calm my nerves
‘Til you had to leave and grabbed your purse, I grabbed first
Uh, it’s no words, yeah, it’s just her
Body against mine, makeup on my shirt
Lipstick on my neck, whiskey on my breath
Takin’ pictures in the moment so we don’t forget, yeah
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

Opie rode to the clubhouse, there sitting was a some what sobber Jax.
“Hey brother”.
“Hey”. Opie said as he sat down beside him
“Whats wrong Ope”.
“Y/N and me are done”.
“Shit, i’m sorry”. “What can you do to make it better”?
“I cant, shes made up her mind”.
Jax new it was his fault, he made Opie stay over for a drink. Jax grabbed the Jack Daniels bottle taking a swig and handing it to Opie. “Drink it will make you feel better.
It didnt, it just made Opie think about Y/N even more. Taking him down memory lane. To where he first met Y/N. It was at a BBQ at Gemmas. She was a retired porn star that Gemma loved. Why? Who knows maybe because she was a fire cracker like herself..
"Y/N walked in with this sexy sundress that hugged her breast perfect, showed her flower tattooes off and that made her glow”. “I was so nervous man”. Opie slurred talked to Jax.
“Haha why were you nervous, shes probably had more guys then you’ve meet”.
“I dont know why, she looked just way out of my league”. “Gemma is the one that told us we looked good together”.  Opie said as he took another sip.
“My mom the match maker”. Jax laughed.
“We were good togethe until I screwed things up”. “I wish I could fix it”.
“You can, just go talk to her”.
Opie didnt think twice and ran to his bike. He was drunk but his love for Y/N was over powering.
He arrived at your house pounding on your front door.

And I can’t be myself without you
I am not well
Okay, I said that before but
I need you now, yeah
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

You opened the door.“Ope what are you doing here”?
“I cant just walk away, I cant”. “I’m fighting for us”.
“Your drunk, you dont care”. You said as you stepped down on the porch.
“I care so much about you, I love you”. “I cant live with out you”. “All these memories are stabbing me in the heart and I cant get you out of my mind”.
“Opie please just go”. “I cant stand by and look at the man I love destroy himself with booze and just living a reckless life’. "You drove drunk”.
“I’ll change, become the man I need to be and the man that takes care of his family”. He slurred.
“Please just give me one more chance, please”. “You are all I want”.
“I’ll call one of the guys to come get you, stay here”. You grabbed your phone dialing TM’s number.
Opie sat on the step of the porch as Chibs drove up in the tow truck.
“Hey Lass, sorry about all this”. He said as he picked Opie up.
“Just take care of him please”.
“I will, he loves you Y/N”. “He doesnt mean any stupid thing he does”.
“I know, I just cant watch this anymore”. You said pointing to Opie appearance
“I know Love, we’re here if ya need us”.
“Thanks Chibs”. “Bye”. You said as you walked back inside, looking out the door. The man you loved was just a memory now.

Since you left, I’ve been holding onto a memory
Since you walked out that door
And you said I changed and you’re so damn sick of me
You’re not mine anymore
Woah, woah
She said you need to let me go
Woah, woah
She said I’d die for you, you’re like my drug but I can’t get high off you
You’re not mine anymore

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Cry baby cry

AN: After losing her place amongst the Trikru, Octavia starts to push everyone away.
Characters: Octavia Blake, Harper, Bellamy Blake
Pairings: Octavia Blake x reader
Spoiler(s): Season 2
Warning(s): Swearing, Angst
Prompt: “Octavia x reader with the prompt ‘don’t touch me’ & ‘don’t try, I’m not worth it’ J”

You were worried about Octavia, but hey, what else was new. Ever since the whole incident at Mount Weather, the girl had been making life in camp Jaha harder than it needed to be, every other day it was something. A fight with this one, an argument with that one, it was like she couldn’t help but start fires wherever she went.

You sighed, running your hands through your hair. That didn’t explain why you were worried though, I mean it’s not like the two of you were particularly close. The most touching, in depth conversation you’d had, well…Octavia liked to act like that hadn’t happened. Ever since Clarke had left, the job of keeping the peace had fallen to you, and what a wonderful job it was. You let your head fall back against the fabric of your tent, relishing the silence. You had barely slept in three days, your hair looked permanently tangled, you had four separate cuts that probably required medical attention and your fuse was as short as a fuse could be. What you needed was a day off.

“Oh yeah? Well if you’ve got such a problem with it, why don’t you fight me?” An all too familiar voice challenged.

“Why?” you groaned, “Why? Why? Why? Why me?”

Slowly, you pushed yourself to your already overused feet and walked towards the source of the commotion.
It was just as you’d expected, Octavia and Harper were standing just outside the camp, a small group of people trying to calm the girls, and failing miserably. Octavia’s sword was unsheathed, and Harper’s hands were balled into fists. You did not have the energy to deal with this right now.

“Okay, what’s the problem now?” You asked, letting the annoyance in your voice ring out.

“Y/N!” Nathan Miller called out, relieved, “Please, just tell them to calm down.”

You shrugged, “They’re not gonna listen to me.”

“So are we going to fight or not?” Harper spat, “Not so brave when you don’t have your band of savage killers to back you up, are you?”

Octavia roared and leapt towards the blonde girl. That was your cue. Calmly, you stepped between the two, and you pressed a hand to each of their chests.

“Everybody just take a deep breath. Now, does someone want to tell me what’s going on here?” you asked, hoping no one could hear the pounding of your heart.

“We were just joking around, and this psycho flipped out on us.” Harper explained, shooting a venomous look at Octavia.

You nodded slowly and looked towards the dark haired girl. Octavia’s eyes met yours, a deep sadness filling them and making something in your chest twinge.

“Octavia?” You asked gently as a full picture started to come together in your mind.

Her eyes flicked between you and Harper, and glanced around their spectators. Realization dawned on the brunette’s face, and you saw a glimmer of guilt in her dark eyes. You breathed an inward sigh of relief. Octavia may be proud, but she wasn’t cruel, and she wasn’t stupid. She did remember, you realized, she hadn’t forgotten you, not yet.

“They’re not savage killers.” Octavia said simply, shrugging off the hand Miller placed on her shoulder, “Don’t touch me.” She said, not harshly, to the boy. Then she stormed away.

You watched as her small figure disappeared into the woods, and you ached for the pain you knew she must be feeling. She remembers, a small part of your mind whispered.

You pushed the thought away; it had been a while since your mind had drifted back to that place.

The quiet noise of someone sobbing had woken you upon that fateful night. At first, you’d ignored the sound. You’d been on the ground for a while now, people had died. In short, the sound of crying wasn’t exactly alien to you, but something about this was different. The sobs sounded broken, like the person who crafted them had lost all hope and for some reason, you couldn’t let that be the case. Here on Earth, it was tough enough just surviving, no one should have to battle hopelessness at the same time.

“Hello?” you called cautiously into the night, “Are you okay?”

There was the brief sound of sniffing, and someone hurriedly cleaning themselves up before an answer came your way.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” A shaky girl’s voice replied, “Don’t worry, go back to sleep.”

You sighed and shuffled in the direction of the noise. It had come from behind a tree that was situated a few meters from your tent. You’d sat there and thought more than once yourself. With a tired sigh, you sat down next to the night sobber, and gave her a comforting smile.

“You’re Octavia, right? Bellamy’s sister?” You asked, trying to ignore the obvious.

The girl nodded, “And you’re Y/N.”

Your smile grew, “Yup, that’s me.”

Octavia gave you a small smile, and you tried to ignore how beautiful she looked when she wasn’t so sad.

“Sorry for waking you up.” Octavia apologised, “I just didn’t know where else to go.”

Now, your smile became understanding, and maybe a little bit sad, “Well you’re welcome to use this tree for your late night sob sessions as often as you want, under one condition.”

“What?” The girl asked, light jumping in to her dark eyes.

You felt chills run over you. There was something about this girl, not just her physical attractiveness, something pure and good, and something you wanted to protect.

“You wake me up first.” You finally said, bumping her shoulder with your own.

Octavia gave out a small giggle as she wiped her newly wet eyes.

“Do you think the ark will really start treating us like people when they come down?” Octavia asked, nervously chewing on her lower lip.

You sighed and rested your head against the tree, “I hope so.” You heard yourself reply, “By God, I hope so.”

Octavia had woken you up for late night chats a few times after that, and your fondness for the younger Blake sibling had only grown from that first meeting. She’d shown you that it was okay to let yourself be weak every now and again, and in return, you’d shown her that she was strong. You’d trusted her, and she’d trusted you.

So how on earth did we end up here? You asked yourself as you jogged to where you hoped Octavia would be.

Well, you answered yourself, a war had happened. A war, and then another war, and then another one, and somehow you’d lost touch with the beautiful girl who used to wake you up just to talk.

“Octavia?” You called out to the forest, “Octavia?”

“I’m here.” She replied in monotone as your tree came into view.

You felt the worry in your chest evaporate as you saw her sitting there, unharmed, as though no time had passed.

“Oh thank God.” You gushed, picking up your pace before sitting down next to the dark girl.

She gave you a hollow smile, that didn’t reach her eyes, “Why’re you here?” she asked.

You shrugged, “I was worried about you.” Octavia gave a short bark of laughter, not meeting your eyes, “No, really. What’s going on with you O? This isn’t like you, if there’s something wrong-“

“Don’t.” Octavia cut in sharply, “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Of course you are.” You replied, bumping her shoulder with yours, “O, talk to me.”

Octavia’s eyes locked with yours, a desperate fire burning there, freezing you in your seat.

“Why me?” Octavia suddenly asked. In answer, you gave her a confused look, “I know I wasn’t the only person who cried in this camp. Why did you comfort me?”

“Oh.” You muttered, thinking for a moment, “You sounded lost, and I didn’t think it was right for me to do nothing.”

Octavia looked down, nodding pensively before suddenly starting to shake her head incredulously.

“God Y/N,” she finally burst with a humourless laugh, “you’re so good, all of the time.”

“No I’m not.”

“You really are, you always have been. Everything you do, you just-I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” Octavia said, “No matter how much I screw up, you’re always right there, you always stop me before I hurt myself or anyone else. You’re like my goddamn guardian angel.” You felt your face heat slightly as Octavia touched your hand softly, “I’m sorry, Y/N, for everything. I really am.”

“It’s okay, I’m hardly perfect myself.” You replied, “But please, I can’t help you if you don’t let me.”

The next thing you felt was her lips, pressed fiercely against yours, and her long fingers weaving themselves into your hair.

“Okay,” she said breathlessly as you broke apart.

“Okay?” you questioned, your brain still short circuiting after the electric kiss.

“I’ll let you help me, under one condition.” She said. You raised your eyebrows in response, “You let me kiss you again.”

You nodded, and smiled into the younger girl’s lips. This wasn’t such a bad way to spend an afternoon, you thought to yourself.

Dead Customer, Live Nightmare

So, I have a story that happened in October. It’s the perfect Halloween Retail Horror Story. While this is a month late, I knew I had to share the story somewhere else besides with my family. 

I work in fashion retail and we usually get an interesting array of customers who are often kind and sweet, with the occasional grump or jackass thrown in. I was working the nightshift, the only other one on duty besides one of my lovely managers. 

Well, after an hour into my shift, I suddenly hear someone swearing loudly in the store.Hoping to calm her down, I went over and asked her if she needed any help. She briefly shut up and said yes. We’ll call her Miss Mouthy.

I help Miss Mouthy for about 15 minutes, her swearing a bit, but less loudly along the way. She was very particular about what she wanted. I finally asked her what the event was for.

She told me the outfit and accessories was for her granddaughter–her DEAD granddaughter. Miss Mouthy was looking for an outfit for her granddaughter’s corpse to send to the funeral home. Believe it or not, this information, I could handle. I couldn’t really handle (at least very well) what came next. 

After a few more moments of helping Miss Mouthy, there was this wailing coming from the front of the store. I go up to investigate, and there’s this younger woman coming into the store, wailing down the store aisle while picking out clothes. Miss Mouthy immediately begins trying to console the woman–annnnnd it turns out that this wailing woman just happens to be the identical twin granddaughter of the dead granddaughter. 

We’ll call her Sally Sobber. So Sally Sobber is crying down the aisles and picking out clothes at the same time. Apparently, she was trying to find an outfit for herself…and help pick out an outfit for her dead sister. And yes, she was crying about having to pick out an outfit for her dead sister. They were very close. 

So, this goes on for a good 30 minutes, and at this point, customers around are starting to get concerned. 

The only thing I can do is go around helping them…but god, it’s starting to get downright ridiculous. They can’t decide on what they want for the dead granddaughter to wear. Not even Sally Sobber, the twin sister, can help.

I wish I could shorten this story, but I really can’t because it only gets worse from here. Another 10 minutes go by and yet another granddaughter pops in. We’ll call her Apathetic Anna. She doesn’t care how much time they waste there. She just wants to sneak in some extra clothes for her grandma to buy. 

Finally, Miss Mouthy and her two live granddaughters make it to the checkout. Sally Sobber picked out an outfit for her dead twin sister, Apathetic Anna picked out many, many outfits for herself, and Miss Mouthy begins shelling out the cash to pay for it at checkout…swearing all the way.

Miss Mouthy is Miss Picky too because she wants me to fold the clothes that are to go to the funeral home a very particular way and she also wants me to wrap those clothes in white tissue paper. We’re technically not supposed do that because tissue paper is expensive as hell…but I did it anyway in the hopes that it would get them out quicker.

I ended up snapping at the woman when she yelled at me (in between the Sally Sobber’s sobs) about the way I put the folded clothes in the bag. It wasn’t bad but Miss Mouthy stopped…swearing after that? Huh. 

All in all, Miss Mouthy pays for almost $300 worth of new clothes. This is a relatively big purchase, and given the suffering I’ve been through to endure this really sad, disturbing sale, I file it under my cashiering number and usher them out of the store with a forced grin.

Anyways, this already unbelievable story comes with a bonus ending. 

A couple of days later, Miss Mouthy comes back with the clothes I wrapped in the tissue paper, the clothes she sent to the funeral home. As it turns out, the shirt she selected was too small for the corpse. The funeral home didn’t even bother to cut the shirt–they simply said: “It’s too small” and requested a different one. 

So yeah, Miss Mouthy returned the fucking shirt.

Bless my managers–they put the clothes in the “damaged” box because of the “bad juju.”

windsorgirllove  asked:

For the couple ask meme, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Martial Arcs


Based on this post:

who’s the cuddler:
Jaune. Ren’s more of an introvert, but Jaune craves physical affection and will dive onto the bed when Ren is lying on it and wrap his arms around his waist and snuggle up to him. If Ren’s up for it, he’ll scratch Jaune’s head lightly or cuddle up to him, but if he’s not, Jaune will (very respectfully) go mope in the corner with a stuffed animal and read his comics or something. When Ren is feeling very relaxed and loose – which happens more around Jaune than it does around other people – they’ll both cuddle each other. Jaune loves when he gets to hold Ren close to him and stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head. Jaune just loves touching Ren’s hair. Jaune just loves Ren. (Look they just love each other a lot, okay?)

(and sometimes they’ll just lie on the bed looking at each other with their foreheads gently resting together and yes, Jaune will stroke Ren’s hair then, too)

who makes the bed:
Oh, Ren, for sure. Jaune doesn’t mind at all (he likes climbing into a freshly made bed), he just… doesn’t think of it himself.

who wakes up first:
Jaune. Ren is not a morning person, and he needs, like, five alarms and two cups of coffee to wake up. Jaune’s not a morning person either, but he’s so used to dragging himself through life that dragging himself out of bed in the morning is hardly that much more of a challenge.

who has the weird taste in music:
They both think each other’s taste in music is weird. Jaune listens to alt rock and whatever Remnant’s equivalents of All American Rejects / Green Day / Vertical Horizon are, while Ren really likes instrumental pieces, usually of a musical style equivalent to Chinese music in our world (something sort of like this). They both theoretically get the appeal, but if it weren’t for their love for each other they would never be able to sit through an entire piece of the other’s choosing. Ren doesn’t connect to songs through lyrics the way Jaune does, and Jaune just gets fucking bored with long, built-to-be-beautiful music. The closer they get though, the more they begin to vividly hear each other when they listen to each other’s music choices, and the more they grow to appreciate them as a result. Jaune may or may not have an orchestral piece or two downloaded on his scroll to listen to to help him fall asleep when he and Ren can’t be togethre for an extended period of time, and Ren may or may not have also downloaded Jaune’s top played songs to try to understand what the heck is going on in his boyfriend’s head when he goes and does That Stupid Thing (no not /that/ stupid thing, That Other stupid thing. No, not that one either).

Bonus: Ren finds something a little like this in Jaune’s music library, downloaded before they started dating. When Ren asks about it (since it’s so out of character for Jaune), Jaune just shrugs and flushes and says, “It reminded me of you.” Because Jaune’s a fucking sap.

Bonus 2: Jaune also really likes Fucking Epic Film Soundtracks (think Dark Knight Rises) and Ren has a soft spot for Epic Celtic-Equivalent Music (maybe something a little like this, except without the sound effects of actual battle in it), and these are both things they can come to an enthusiastic consensus on.

who is more protective:
They’re both super super protective. Have you seen this comic? Yeah, it’s like that.

who sings in the shower:
Both of them. Jaune does it pretty loudly, usually along to some of his aforementioned alt rock songs, and he isn’t very good, and Ren sighs and puts his hand over his ears because he loves this boy dangit and he will put up with this. Ren sings low and quiet but it’s actually really nice, and Jaune tends to shift closer to the bathroom door and just casually lean his head as close to it as he possibly can without being weird because Ren never sings elsewhere and Jaune loves it.

who cries during movies:
Ren tears up during the saddest parts of movies but he’s really good about not letting them turn into full on roll-down-his-cheeks tears, except sometimes he’s not so good at it and Jaune has to dry them off. They’re always silent, though – Ren’s not a sobber, not about stuff that isn’t real life.

Jaune doesn’t cry during movie, he just gets really angry when the movie does things that are Unacceptable, like killing off a main character, or a dog. He always yells at the screen when the dog dies. 

(“Jaune, the dog always dies,” Ren reminds him.
“That’s no excuse!” Jaune says. “They should dare to be different. Why are we even watching this movie, anyway?”
“You’re the one who picked it out.”
“Well, I’m an idiot, why’d you let me do that?”)

who spends the most while out shopping:
Jaune. Ren grew up without parents, fending for both himself and his best friend, so he’s got less money to begin with and knows how to shop on a budget. Jaune’s easing his way into independence with pocket change from his parents, and while it’s not a lot (raising eight kids means they do have to be economical) it’s more than Ren’s got. Jaune also always tosses treats like candy and hot chocolate into the cart, while Ren is more of a healthy eater (a health nut, Jaune would say. Ren would struggle through a protest, because it sounds like the kind of thing he should protest to, but at the same time Jaune’s not exactly wrong.)

who kisses more roughly:
Jaune. Oh god, Jaune. (But Ren does not mind. He does not mind at all.)

who is more dominant:
It depends. When it comes to interpersonal stuff, the Jaune-as-team-leader dynamic runs in the DNA of them getting to know each other better, since it didn’t really start happening until after Jaune was more of an effective leader anyway, so there’s an echo of that. At the same time, they also both know and acknowledge that Jaune would be a complete mess without his friends and boyfriend emotionally supporting him, so it kind of gets balanced out. All it really means is that sometimes Jaune will automatically Tell Ren What To Do instead of Asking Him To Do Something, but the moment he realizes he’s done it, he’ll apologize and rephrase the request, and if it’s not that big a deal, Ren will do the thing anyway. Neither of them really sets the pace for the relationship – they just kind of stumble through it together and figure out what they’re okay with and not okay with when they hit a wall. They’ve had a couple of pretty bad bumps because of this, but they’ve worked hard to get through them and they’ve realized that most of them come from bad communication (because Jaune is stubborn as a mule, and Ren is very reserved and… also pretty stubborn, tbh).

When it comes to the eyebrow-waggly stuff, they’re both kind of awkward and hesitant at first so it really depends on the situation. Usually Jaune is the one who will end up clambering into Ren’s lap just to get that one kiss more, and he tends to be the hungrier one in general (I headcanon Ren as being ace-spectrum, and Jaune… definitely not), but every once in a while, Ren gets it into his head that he’s gonna pin his boyfriend down on the bed and kiss him like he really deserves to be kissed – i.e., exhaustively. Jaune has exactly zero problems with this. He always kind of gets a thrill out of watching Ren take control – it’s a gorgeous image.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
This is a good one. I’ll give it a 9. I don’t know what a 9 means. Let them live their fictional lives free of a ratings system!