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Hello! I just read QI in one go, I couldn't put it down! It was just so good. Much kudos to you and good luck to your new book! I look forward to reading it. I do have a lil prompt for the short QI-verse oneshots you're doing tho, if you have the time. I love seeing hardass chef Gordon Ramsay being all gooey and kind to children, so how bout Chef Lexa in Master Chef Junior or a similar kids cooking show, Clarke melting at how good Lexa is w kids?

First and foremost, thank you so much!  I’m glad you are enjoying it.  Below, find your oneshot of Clarke seeing Chef Lexa being kind to a kid with some cutesee domestic stuff in there, too.  Oneshot time!

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Shawn Mendes | Birthday sex

Count of words: 867

Warnings: sexual, strong language

A/N: In honor of my birthday (it was this monday actually) I thought it would be a good idea to write this little gem for you guys. Hope you like it ♥ I REALLY DON’T KNOW HOW I EVEN WROTE THIS. PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME! 

Btw if it is horrible please forgive my sorry ass cause I’ve never writen a detailed smut like this one !




You were very puzzeled at how your birthday came up so fast. It was just yesterday that it was Christmas. But, nontheless that one day of the year that “you became just the same lttle shit but older”, according to your boyfriend, Shawn, was here. Speaking of Shawn you hadn’t seen him for a while now and that made you a bit upset, cause your birthday was here and you weren’t sure if he’d be able to be home already or if his trip to promote his tour would go on.

So, here you were, on your birthday afternoon, with a tiny, little chocolate birthday cake in your hand, a lit up candle and spoon, singing happy birthday to yourself. How pathetic (a/n HOW ME!)? But you weren’t alone. Friends was playing on the tv and you felt less lonely as the night was unfolded. Then there was Supernatural coming up and more of the shows you watched as a kid. Yeap, you were a very weird kid, watching supernatural, jamming out to AC/DC and metalica, you could defenitely be Dean Winchester’s daughter. 

It had been a couple of hours already and you didn’t know how you ended that way, but you found yourself slightly drunk with a bottle of wine in your hand and another episode of an old tv show rolling in. That was until you heard the front open and suddenly you were completely sober once again. You heard loud footsteps moving to your appartment’s kitchen and you slowly tiptoed towards the the sudden noise. As you entered the kitchen you were met with a familiar cologne you had grown to love. Just then you knew who it was.

“Baby, you made it!” You exclaimed like an excited little kid. His skined looked a bit tan and he looked just as handsome as you remembered. “Yes, darling, I did. And I have a present for you.” He replied, giving you a lustful look followed with a loving one. Just from his intimate gaze you quickly caught up to what his mind was going to, making you sobber up even more with a wide toothy grin. Steadily, but painfuly slow, you made your way towards him, overexaggerating your hip’s movements, swaying them from side to side. As you finally reached Shawn his hands grabbed your hips as his lips found yours, engaging in a lustful and passionate kiss, one that was sure to let the other know just how much your love for each other was.

As you kept on making out, Shawn, swang you up in the air, still kissing you, and placing you on the kitchen counter. His hands were going under your shirt as yours were roaming up his back. 

Along the way to your shared bedroom your clothes had evidently found their way to the floor, making a pathway to were your naked bodies now stood. Just as you made it to your destination, Shawn carefuly threw you on your shared bed and climbed on top of you. He started taking his lips on a little trip across your bare body, starting from your jawline and moving down to your parted breasts. When you tried to attack his neck he stopped you mumbeling “Not today princess. It’s your birthday!” as his lips continued their route towards the place you needed him the most. 

When he finally stopped teasing you, he moved down and parted your legs kissing the inside of your thighs as he moved to your core. His lips eventually found their way to your clit as they attacked it while his hands were roaming up your body.Kissing a sucking while letting out dirty sentences once in a while, Shawn kept on giving you the pleasure you deserved. By now you were a moaning mess and Shawn didn’t let it go unnoticed. Slowly he brought one of his hands to your clit and he started pumping one of his finger inside of you while another one followed and his lips kept on kissing and sucking, adding even more pleasure to that bliss feeling inside of you. By the time he saw you were about to cum he stopped as you whimpered when the lack of contact hit you and the cold air embraced your body. 

Shawn saw your reaction and he moved towards your face as he attacked your lips as if he was reasurring you the fun had just begun. Just then you felt him thrust his hard member inside of you making you moan loudly. Then your grievance turned into pleasure as he thrusted in and out of you. Your hands found their way to his back as you scratched it and his lips found their way to your neck, leaving marks that would be there for a while. From time to time he would just whisper dirty nothings into your ears until you finally reach your climax. His big hands would roam your back as you arched it, your eyes roll back and the screams of pleasure would fill the room. Your appearence would trigger Shawn’s orgasm too as the warm liquid filled your insides. Right after him was your time to finish. “Oh my! Birthday sex is my favorite!”

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Suitors pov/reaction when they first hold their newborn :) pretty please

I’m pretty sure all of them cry … isn’t it canon that Byron cries a single tear when he holds Emma? (I can’t remember sorry, spoilers!)

Anyway …

“Oh godddd” Ugly sobbers- Louis, Nico, Sid (only once, and makes MC promise never to tell)

Gentle criers - Robert, Giles

A few happy tears - Alyn

Smeary, teary, “my heart,” criers - Leo, Albert

Single smiling tears - Byron, Rayvis

Bonus - Louis and Nico refused to give the baby back to MC to hold.

Bonus Bonus - Albert saying, “I’ve got something in my eye.”

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Hm, do you have any crying headcanons? Like little ways the kids/trolls cry.

john does this thing where he hides that hes crying by laughing, 
rose covers her mouth while crying and find talking hard
dave holds it in so much that when he finally breaks its full breakdown mode
jade hiccups a lot while she cries and her vision gets very blurry 
jane is a sort of violent sobber if she gets sad enough 
roxys crying is sort of messy and sporadic, she has to gasp for air
dirk covers his mouth to avoid being noticed
jake is the biggest crybaby so his crying is always really messy and obvious
aradias cry is kinda hollow, like there is no sound coming out but she is crying
tavros has to gasp for breath
sollux either just cries one or two tiers quietly or has to totally cover his face
karkat tries to cover up his crying by yelling but that only makes him cry more
nepeta can get kinda snotty and has to blow her nose afterwords
kanaya covers her whole face in her hands and very obviously sobs
terezi snorts kind of loudly while she cries
vriska has a rough and loud cry, it sounds almost like she’s in psychical pain 
equius cries loudly though he tries to hide it by keeping his mouth shut 
gamzee has a very violent and kind of scary cry
eridan shakes while crying and has a high picthed cry
feferi sniffles a lot and her voice gets shakey

soup of emotion

As a young feller

your mind becomes focused

on finding the money

provide necessary funds

to do what you need to do

furnish a lifestyle

& you consider employment

as an easy trade

time for money

a do this, do that

& take this cash

as if eh?

there is no warning enough

for the truth of the devil deal

sure, it is, do this, do that

but no interview

can prepare

give warning

of the soup of emotion

you will work in

the basket cases punching in

to lurk in corners eeking out their day

thin petty thieves filching anything

pilfering all not nailed down

sly passive aggressive bullies

seeking out weak points

in bulletins, snide asides

in their scramble for the next paygrade

the toilet sobbers


dreamers at the photo copier

the sensitives who feel your every word

needs scanning in competition

for ambition



deep in conspiracy

you are not the best person for the job

one of their clique was

& the boss?

the boss is an absentee landlord

issuing instructions


that bear no resemblance

to this ship of fools

the mob

you are trying to learn the job

find solid ground

begin to take the money

& beginning to wonder

if robbing a bank

just might be easier

neil benbow

Cry baby cry

AN: After losing her place amongst the Trikru, Octavia starts to push everyone away.
Characters: Octavia Blake, Harper, Bellamy Blake
Pairings: Octavia Blake x reader
Spoiler(s): Season 2
Warning(s): Swearing, Angst
Prompt: “Octavia x reader with the prompt ‘don’t touch me’ & ‘don’t try, I’m not worth it’ J”

You were worried about Octavia, but hey, what else was new. Ever since the whole incident at Mount Weather, the girl had been making life in camp Jaha harder than it needed to be, every other day it was something. A fight with this one, an argument with that one, it was like she couldn’t help but start fires wherever she went.

You sighed, running your hands through your hair. That didn’t explain why you were worried though, I mean it’s not like the two of you were particularly close. The most touching, in depth conversation you’d had, well…Octavia liked to act like that hadn’t happened. Ever since Clarke had left, the job of keeping the peace had fallen to you, and what a wonderful job it was. You let your head fall back against the fabric of your tent, relishing the silence. You had barely slept in three days, your hair looked permanently tangled, you had four separate cuts that probably required medical attention and your fuse was as short as a fuse could be. What you needed was a day off.

“Oh yeah? Well if you’ve got such a problem with it, why don’t you fight me?” An all too familiar voice challenged.

“Why?” you groaned, “Why? Why? Why? Why me?”

Slowly, you pushed yourself to your already overused feet and walked towards the source of the commotion.
It was just as you’d expected, Octavia and Harper were standing just outside the camp, a small group of people trying to calm the girls, and failing miserably. Octavia’s sword was unsheathed, and Harper’s hands were balled into fists. You did not have the energy to deal with this right now.

“Okay, what’s the problem now?” You asked, letting the annoyance in your voice ring out.

“Y/N!” Nathan Miller called out, relieved, “Please, just tell them to calm down.”

You shrugged, “They’re not gonna listen to me.”

“So are we going to fight or not?” Harper spat, “Not so brave when you don’t have your band of savage killers to back you up, are you?”

Octavia roared and leapt towards the blonde girl. That was your cue. Calmly, you stepped between the two, and you pressed a hand to each of their chests.

“Everybody just take a deep breath. Now, does someone want to tell me what’s going on here?” you asked, hoping no one could hear the pounding of your heart.

“We were just joking around, and this psycho flipped out on us.” Harper explained, shooting a venomous look at Octavia.

You nodded slowly and looked towards the dark haired girl. Octavia’s eyes met yours, a deep sadness filling them and making something in your chest twinge.

“Octavia?” You asked gently as a full picture started to come together in your mind.

Her eyes flicked between you and Harper, and glanced around their spectators. Realization dawned on the brunette’s face, and you saw a glimmer of guilt in her dark eyes. You breathed an inward sigh of relief. Octavia may be proud, but she wasn’t cruel, and she wasn’t stupid. She did remember, you realized, she hadn’t forgotten you, not yet.

“They’re not savage killers.” Octavia said simply, shrugging off the hand Miller placed on her shoulder, “Don’t touch me.” She said, not harshly, to the boy. Then she stormed away.

You watched as her small figure disappeared into the woods, and you ached for the pain you knew she must be feeling. She remembers, a small part of your mind whispered.

You pushed the thought away; it had been a while since your mind had drifted back to that place.

The quiet noise of someone sobbing had woken you upon that fateful night. At first, you’d ignored the sound. You’d been on the ground for a while now, people had died. In short, the sound of crying wasn’t exactly alien to you, but something about this was different. The sobs sounded broken, like the person who crafted them had lost all hope and for some reason, you couldn’t let that be the case. Here on Earth, it was tough enough just surviving, no one should have to battle hopelessness at the same time.

“Hello?” you called cautiously into the night, “Are you okay?”

There was the brief sound of sniffing, and someone hurriedly cleaning themselves up before an answer came your way.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.” A shaky girl’s voice replied, “Don’t worry, go back to sleep.”

You sighed and shuffled in the direction of the noise. It had come from behind a tree that was situated a few meters from your tent. You’d sat there and thought more than once yourself. With a tired sigh, you sat down next to the night sobber, and gave her a comforting smile.

“You’re Octavia, right? Bellamy’s sister?” You asked, trying to ignore the obvious.

The girl nodded, “And you’re Y/N.”

Your smile grew, “Yup, that’s me.”

Octavia gave you a small smile, and you tried to ignore how beautiful she looked when she wasn’t so sad.

“Sorry for waking you up.” Octavia apologised, “I just didn’t know where else to go.”

Now, your smile became understanding, and maybe a little bit sad, “Well you’re welcome to use this tree for your late night sob sessions as often as you want, under one condition.”

“What?” The girl asked, light jumping in to her dark eyes.

You felt chills run over you. There was something about this girl, not just her physical attractiveness, something pure and good, and something you wanted to protect.

“You wake me up first.” You finally said, bumping her shoulder with your own.

Octavia gave out a small giggle as she wiped her newly wet eyes.

“Do you think the ark will really start treating us like people when they come down?” Octavia asked, nervously chewing on her lower lip.

You sighed and rested your head against the tree, “I hope so.” You heard yourself reply, “By God, I hope so.”

Octavia had woken you up for late night chats a few times after that, and your fondness for the younger Blake sibling had only grown from that first meeting. She’d shown you that it was okay to let yourself be weak every now and again, and in return, you’d shown her that she was strong. You’d trusted her, and she’d trusted you.

So how on earth did we end up here? You asked yourself as you jogged to where you hoped Octavia would be.

Well, you answered yourself, a war had happened. A war, and then another war, and then another one, and somehow you’d lost touch with the beautiful girl who used to wake you up just to talk.

“Octavia?” You called out to the forest, “Octavia?”

“I’m here.” She replied in monotone as your tree came into view.

You felt the worry in your chest evaporate as you saw her sitting there, unharmed, as though no time had passed.

“Oh thank God.” You gushed, picking up your pace before sitting down next to the dark girl.

She gave you a hollow smile, that didn’t reach her eyes, “Why’re you here?” she asked.

You shrugged, “I was worried about you.” Octavia gave a short bark of laughter, not meeting your eyes, “No, really. What’s going on with you O? This isn’t like you, if there’s something wrong-“

“Don’t.” Octavia cut in sharply, “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Of course you are.” You replied, bumping her shoulder with yours, “O, talk to me.”

Octavia’s eyes locked with yours, a desperate fire burning there, freezing you in your seat.

“Why me?” Octavia suddenly asked. In answer, you gave her a confused look, “I know I wasn’t the only person who cried in this camp. Why did you comfort me?”

“Oh.” You muttered, thinking for a moment, “You sounded lost, and I didn’t think it was right for me to do nothing.”

Octavia looked down, nodding pensively before suddenly starting to shake her head incredulously.

“God Y/N,” she finally burst with a humourless laugh, “you’re so good, all of the time.”

“No I’m not.”

“You really are, you always have been. Everything you do, you just-I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” Octavia said, “No matter how much I screw up, you’re always right there, you always stop me before I hurt myself or anyone else. You’re like my goddamn guardian angel.” You felt your face heat slightly as Octavia touched your hand softly, “I’m sorry, Y/N, for everything. I really am.”

“It’s okay, I’m hardly perfect myself.” You replied, “But please, I can’t help you if you don’t let me.”

The next thing you felt was her lips, pressed fiercely against yours, and her long fingers weaving themselves into your hair.

“Okay,” she said breathlessly as you broke apart.

“Okay?” you questioned, your brain still short circuiting after the electric kiss.

“I’ll let you help me, under one condition.” She said. You raised your eyebrows in response, “You let me kiss you again.”

You nodded, and smiled into the younger girl’s lips. This wasn’t such a bad way to spend an afternoon, you thought to yourself.

Weird AUs based on my time at university
  • We went to a bar with some classmates and I’m completely sobber, but you’re drunk as fuck and when I say I can’t feel my feet anymore because I danced too much you decide to give me a piggyback ride and OMG THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY A VERY BAD IDEA.
  • We are two chemistry major students and we’re drunk at school after our finals so why don’t we make out in this emergency shower for a while?
  • We are at a party and our classmates decide that we look cute together so they turn off the lights and lock us into the living room and now we’re sitting on the sofa in the dark, what should we do?
  • We met at a cosplay convention and we took pictures together because we were wearing costumes of a famous superhero couple and now two months later you successfully stalk me on facebook to start a conversation and you are super cute but what the fuck

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Westallen for the parents thing?

Yesss I love imagining them with the Tornado Twins. 

  • who’s the one to wake up the kids: Iris usually does just because Barry can be out and about at STAR Labs. She has interesting ways of waking them up (Don is such a heavy sleeper that it’s gotten to the point where Iris will use a damn spray bottle to wake this kid up). 
  • who makes the breakfast: Iris usually does, but whenever Barry is home in the morning, he’ll make breakfast and it’s great because he cooks so fast and can multitask while cooking. 
  • who’s the one to cry for everything: Barry Sobber Allen will cry at every important moment and he refuses to miss a single one. He and Cisco were fighting Captain Cold and got a text from Iris saying that Dawn was walking and he literally asked Cisco to cover for him while he went to go see his daughter walk. 
    • “Dude, what, no - and he’s gone.” 
    • “Did Allen….leave?” 
    • “Yeah, want to call a truce and fight him together?” 
    • Sure, kid.” 
  • who’s the more discipline parent and who’s the more lenient one: Hmmm Iris would probably be more disciplined as a parent. 
  • who helps with the science fair: Barry!!! He’s very passionate about it and will get super excited - the only thing is that Iris has to remind him not to do the twins’ projects for them (as the twins have tricked him into doing, many times). 
  • who does baby talk: Hmmm I don’t know if they would do this much but Barry gets a huge smile and talks a little bit more loud and will speak in a really excited voice when he talks to babies - not necessarily baby talk, but close.
  • who wakes up for midnight feedings: Hmm, both do, but Barry will do it often because he sleeps less and will be up most of the time anyway, so it doesn’t really bother him. 
  • who’s the one who always worries: Barry! Iris always tells him to not worry - after all, the twins have powers, but tbh that’s 90% of the reason Barry worries. 
  • who picks up the kids early from school for some fun: Oooh Barry! Sometimes the twins get antsy so in the early days of elementary school he’d just flash in and take them for a quick 1 minute run that would make them giggle and then drop them right back into the playground while they were roaring with laughter. 
  • who’s the competitive parent: Oh gosh these two together are petty and judgemental and will fight everyone okay they are both competitive af and are known as the PTA parents who you Do Not Cross. 
  • who kisses the ouches: D’aww so Dawn always asks this and Iris will be really serious-sounding and ask her, “Are you sure?” and Dawn will giggle and say that it’s the only thing that will make her feel better, and Iris will nod and say, “Well, if it’s the only thing that can make you feel better…” and kiss the little bruise and it gives Dawn the biggest smile ever. 
  • who’s the sucker for the puppy eyes: Pshhhh Barry is a sucker. 
  • who makes the “dad jokes”: BAAAAAARRYYYYY
  • who embarrassed their kid for fun: Iris! She was having so much fun with it tbh
  • who’s the over protective one: Barry. Iris reminds him that being over protective isn’t really the ideal (you know, having such an overprotective dad wasn’t her favorite thing, even though Iris loves Joe), but Barry worries regardless. 
  • who’s the “take a sweater!” parent: Iris!!! Don and Dawn always run out of the house pretending to not hear her, though, and that’s when Barry speeds in and the next thing they know they’re wearing matching sweaters. 
Your Name

>> At first, i’m brazilian so my english is not perfect, i did this tumblr so i could start writing in english, if something i wrote is not correct or if i could use another word etc, i will be very glad if you help me by sending a message, hope you enjoy it, thanks!! xxlaura

{not requested}

Liam Dunbar’s imagine: Your name

“Get out of my freaking seat Dunbar” I said as I entered the room, he just ignored me and kept talking with Mason, as usual

“Good Morning” Mason said so I replied back, still waiting beside my seat

“Really, I can stay here all day”

“So do I” Liam replied me with a smile on his face, I rolled my eyes making him laugh. He was really cute but really annoying at the same time. We couldn’t have a normal talk since the day we met, it was my first day at school, i didn’t know anyone and i wanted to make friends, i looked at him and smiled, he just kept talking to someone, and that’s why we hate each other… We were 8

“Are you still choosing a seat or…?” The teacher asked me making everyone look in my direction

“You can start the class I’m just waiting”

“Waiting for what?”

“For Liam to get out of my damn seat” Some people laughed, that fight was common between us, i never liked it but he seemed to

“Okay, that’s enough, you two can go talk to the Coach, walk, do whatever you both want to, just get out of this class, I’m done with this ridiculous fight” The teacher said and expelled us from the math class, just because i really needed to be there, and obviously, when i thought it couldn’t be worse, as we left the room, he started to yell at me, like everything was my freaking fault! And that’s why i couldn’t spent one second with him, he was always right, he was always perfect

“Damn it Dunbar stop yelling there’s just us two at this damn hall so stop getting damn nervous, and stop being ridiculous… Actually, stop making me nervous and stop talking to me because that’s your fault, you started this damn fight, you started to annoy me for no reason, just leave me alone and i’ll leave you alone, end of the conversation” I growled and began to walk going to the field, i didn’t listen to anyone following me, so i just sat in the stands waiting for the bell to ring

“What are you doing here?” The Coach yelled from the field

“I was expelled from my math class”

“Uhm… Why?” He asked coming towards me with a donut on his hands

“Long story…”

“Well, I have nothing to do, just finish this donut so… I think I can do it while you tell me everything” He said, i never had any kind of classes with him, but he always treated me and my parents very well, like we knew each other from another life

“So, Dunbar was seating on my…”

“Wait, Liam Dunbar?” He asked 


“You call him Dunbar too… Why?”

“Because…I don’t know, i never tought about that” I said making me stop to think about that for a while, i never called him Liam, just in my thoughts, which was weird, he never called me by my last name “Okay, whatever, he was seating on my seat, just to make me angry”

“He did it very well” The coach said, and he was right, i was angry, and that’s why he kept doing that, i always get angry 

“He is always annoying me and I don’t know the reason which makes me more angry… I mean, I hate him because he hates me, but i hate hating him, because i think he is really cool to everyone besides me, so i hate him”

“Okay, so you like him?”

“No, i hate him”

“I didn’t understand… You like him, but you hate him”

“No, I don’t like him”

“But he likes you” I freezed, it was like my mind couldn’t understand that phrase ‘cause it was really weird or something “I’m serious”

“What is that mean?”

“That means he likes you”

“Okay Coach, i think you are drinking a little bit more than necessary… I’m going to the bathroom, we talk latter when you are sobber” I said laughing while i put my stuff back in my backpack

“Listen to what I’m saying… He likes you girl” I agreed and went to the bathroom, just to wait, but i started to think a lot about what the Coach said minutes before, it was totally insane, and with no sence at all, but my heart was beating so fast ‘cause of that, i couldn’t just ignore my feelings. I always had a crush on Liam, but he never gave me the opportunity to show it, and obviously i would never do that. The only person who knew about my secret crush was Mason, my best friend since ever, and he probably knew about what the Coach was saying, i could just ask him but i wouldn’t, i was happy like that… Well, not happy, but the answer could make my life worse, i totally didn’t want that to happen.

I heard a noise coming from the men’s bathroom making my heart beat faster than it was. The noise made me curious, so i got up to investigate it. I opened the door and entered, there was water running somewhere but i couldn’t see it, so i got closer. He was there, under the shower, his forearms pressed against the walls.

“Is everything okay?” I asked, a little scared

“Just get out of here”

“Everything is okay right? I mean… You are under the shower with your clothes on…”

“GET OUT” He yelled, but for some reason i didn’t move

“Okay, i know we hate each other and bla bla bla, but… If something i said made you feel bad, i’m really sorry”

“I said, GET OUT”

“I’m not going anywhere… Till i know if everything is okay”

“Yeah, everything is okay” He said 

“So… Look at me” I whispered, waiting for him to turn to me, but he didn't 

“I don’t wanna hurt you”

“Oh, I didn’t know you hated me that much…”

“I don’t, it’s just…” And then he turned to me. His eyes were yellow and his nails had turned in claws, he looked very angry, like he wanted to kill someone, or me, making me feel very scared, i didn’t know what to do, the guy who hated me was in front of me as a werewolf waiting to kill me, i thought to get out, running, just as he said seconds before, but i couldn’t move, that’s when i got desperate

“It’s okay… Uhm… Alright”

“You are scared”

“No, I’m not… Not at all… Totally fine… See? I’m smiling, that means i’m not scared…”

“Yes, you are, i can hear your heartbeat”

“Oh… You can do that? How does it work? Like a music in your head? Intense”


“Yes, I mean, your eyes they glow and you hear hertbeats” I smiled making his eyes turn to blue again, the normal and beautiful blue as always “Oh! How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Your eyes… They are blue again”

“I… Don’t know”

“Well, what do they tell you to do when you are turning into a werewolf? To control it?”

“They say to find my anchor”

“So, i think you found it” I said “Do you need a towel? For the hair… Or for the body… I wasn’t looking to your body… Or your abs ‘cause your shirt is white… Really i wasn’t looking" 

"No, i can find it by myself, you have classes right now” He said laughing to me, 15 years hating that boy in public and hiding my little crush to say something like that… Pathetic

“So as you” I smiled as he agreed with me, Liam took a towel and dried his hair. I didn’t know what i was doing, that for sure was insane, i’ve never spent more than five seconds alone with him, my heart was beating very fast and i didn’t even knew why, i was trying to believe it was ‘cause of the werewolf thing 

“Well, I’m not going to classes, you can go” He said

“I kinda don’t want to”

“This is a new one, the genious don’t wanna study”

“You are a werewolf” I said, laughing

“Okay, you won this time” He said making me laugh

“I always win Dunbar” I stated

“That’s not true”

“Of course it is" 

"Whatever, if you don’t wanna go to class, what are we going to do?”

And there we were, at the field playing lacrosse for almost an hour, i was really bad on that game and Liam was really good what wasn’t far. Some people stoped to look at us like we were aliens or something, i felt like one, that scene was weird for me, and probably for him as well

“What the hell are you both doing here?! TO THE CLASS” The Coach yelled, running towards us

“I never though you would say something like that one day” Liam said 

“For everything there’s a first time… Didn’t you say something to me about hating him two hours ago?” He asked me making me blush

“I did”

“So, what changed your mind?" 

"Who said i don’t hate him anymore?" 

"Just to be clear, me too” Liam said 


“I’M NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND” I yelled to the Coach before i entered the school again, Mason was running towards us, so we stoped to wait for him

“Where were you?” He asked looking at Liam

“I was…”

“Hell no” Mason giggled making us both get confused 

“You were with her?”

“Yes…” Liam answered making me laugh

“Too much weird stuff for one day, i really need some rest” I said going to my locker, Mason followed me

“You need to tell me everything”

“About what?”

“About Liam… How did it happen? Seconds ago you were fighting because of a seat… Did you tell him? OH MY GOD, you told him”

“NO! We were just waiting together for our class, that’s all… I know it was weird, i can’t believe as well”

“You were playing lacrosse with him! Did he tell you?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Okay, whatever, he likes you, it was just so obvious, you didn’t want to see it… Or believe it, i don’t know, maybe you are just blind”

“What? Really, i stoped to listen after you said he likes you

“It’s the truth, he begged me to don’t say anything for you”

“I’m going to kill you” I said closing my locker to look at him “Where’s he?”

“Right behind us”

“Is he looking?”

“At us? No, he is talking to Scott”

“Okay, time to run”


“Just come with me” I grabbed Mason’s hand and then we ran to the parking lot, there wasn’t a lot of people there, that was good

“What are we doing exactly?”

“He can not see me”

“Why?! You girls are so confusing”

“I’m feeling embaressed…”

“But he doesn’t know you like him”

“Well…It doesn’t matter, i know he likes me, that’s really bad”

“What? Damn it what is your problem?”

“Okay, we need a plan…”

“I’m out of this…You are crazy”

“You are my only best friend! Alright, i know, say to him that i like him too and he will come to talk to me…Yes, perfect, now go” I pushed him to the school but he didn’t enter “Please”

“Actually…Sorry for hear your conversation but it wasn’t my point, i promise…” A voice behind me said…Unfortunately, i knew it very well “Do you… Maybe, wanna go out with me sometime? Today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, next month…I don’t know, you can choose” He said a little shy, it was the cutest thing ever

“Yes, for me it’s fine” I smiled

“Okay, tomorrow night? We can go bowling”

“Just the two of us?”

“Mason…Mason is going too”

“What? No, i’m not going” Mason said, making me laugh

“See you there then”

“See you there” He said “Bye”

“Bye Liam” I said and turned to the school again

“You… Called me Liam”

“Yeah… I think i did”

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GOM+kagami being scolded by their s/o for doing something dangerous/reckless then telling them that they worry about them a lot and don't want to lose them

Murasakibara: “Baka! Baka, baka baka, BAKA, BAKA!”, you yelled, almost in tears, as your punched his stomach with your tiny fists. “Do you know how bad you could’ve been hurt? What was going through your mind?!” Murasakibara looked at you in surprise, sucking on his maiubo. “Don’t you ever dare do anything like that again! You scared me to death! Next time, I will kill you with my own hands!”

He held you by the wrists, and made you look up at him. “Nee~ ___chin, why are you so upset? I couldn’t leave my snack bag in the middle of the street - it would’ve got ran over by a car, and then I wouldn’t have anything to eat anymore. You understand that, don’t you?”

“You gigantic idiot! What if you got hit by a car just because of a stupid bag full of food? Huh? I- I…” your voice broke down, and your resistance gave in. You leaned your head on his stomach, hiding your face. “Just be more, careful, please” - you said, in a quiet, low, tone. “I couldn’t stand it if anything bad happened to you”. Murasakibara gave you a warm look and put his arm around your shoulder, slightly rubbing your back. “Nee, ___chin ~ don’t cry, ok? I’ll make sure to be more careful from now on.”

Akashi: “I don’t understand why you’re making such a scene. After all, I was completely in control of the situation.” “Bullshit, Seijuro. Kise said those guys were huge, and that they looked shady as fuck. You were really lucky - that’s it. And don’t give all that Emperor’s eye crap again: I don’t care. If I hear you’ve tried to play superhero again, I will cut you up and through you to a river myself. You heard me? I can’t be babysitting you 24/7, and I refuse to live in the fear that you are going to get shot in a dark alley any day just because you decided that there was no need to bother the police. Am I clear?!”

“Kise always exaggerates things, and you know it. But aw, look at you. Come here. You are worried about my well-being, aren’t you?”

You didn’t ‘come here’, but rather turned your back on him. “Yes. Because you act like you were immortal or something. Which, fyi, you are NOT.”

Akashi got up, and hugged you from behind. “I’ll be ok, ___. No need to keep expressing your love and caring in the form of rage anymore - I got the message. I’ll call the cops next time, if that helps you sleep better at night.”

“Unf. Fine. Thank you.”

Kagami: “So… Taiga. I overheard Aomine telling this story the other day - looks like that "guys’ night out” y’all had was kind of wild, huh?“ Kagami cursed to himself. "Well, you know Aomine - he likes to exaggerate.” “Oh, yeah? So he made up the whole thing? Because in such case, he should consider taking up a career in writing: what a wonderful imagination he must have to invent that whole story about you driving out to the country drunk and trying to bullfight while trespassing private property.”

Kagami sighed. “Look, ___…”

“Listen, Taiga: I trust you. But somehow, everytime you and Aomine get drunk together, your life ends up put in danger. Just, try to control yourself. I don’t mind having to drag you home and babysit you - but if neither of you can stay sobber enough to take care of the situation then I don’t think you should do these crazy things together anymore. You know what I felt like when I heard him? What if you’d got in a car crash? Imagine your mom calling me crying from the hospital, waking me up in the middle of the night - you don’t want that, do you?”

Kagami looked very embarrassed. “Yes, I mean, no. Of course I don’t. You’re right: I think I need to start practising moderation. Thanks, ___.”

“Come here, you drunken dork”, you openned your arms for him. “I just care too much for you, Bakagami. Like, a lot more that you do yourself.”

Aomine: You peaked around the corned to look at the groaning mess that a few seconds ago had been saying nasty things about you to Aomine. “What the fuck, Aomine. If I hadn’t stopped you, the guy would be dead by now.” “Yeah. And it would’ve been well-deserved. The bastard.” “Why do you pick a fight with everyone that talks crap about me? It’s inevitable, and you know it - everyone hates me here anyways.” “Well, because they are all clueless idiots - like, c’mon, did you hear that? I don’t understand how you yourself haven’t kicked their asses already”. “No use. It’s just a bunch of stupid lies anyways, and we know it - my friends know it. Who cares? Look, I don’t want you to get in trouble over stupid stuff like this, ok? Just ignore them. I mean, I know you’re strong and everything, but still… What if they come in a group and you decide to beat them all up? Things could get pretty ugly for you. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

”___, you know me better than anyone. If you think I’m gonna stand some douchebag talking shit about my girl, you are wrong. Not if I can stop him.”

“Please” - you looked him directly in the eyes, with a suspicious tear in your voice. “Please, Aomine. Stop it. For me. Please.”

As you broke down. he drew you close to him, and pressed your head against his chest in a tight hug. “Ssh, shh, __… It’s gonna be okay, it’ll be okay…”, he murmured as he slightly rocked you from side to side. But he never promised he’d stop picking up fights with your bullies.

Kise: “This is unbelievable, Ryouta. Unbelievable. You are even dumber than I already knew - Who thought that was possible?”

“Hey, ___cchi, that was mean. And it wasn’t so bad. I didn’t even get a scratch, after all.”

“It wasn’t even that bad?? There was a train coming in two minutes, and you threw yourself at the rails to save a kitten, Ryouta! Is your head full of cotton candy? A train!”

“Well, yes. But the kitten is so cute - I mean, look at him. Isn’t he just adorable?” Kise held the kitten in front of his face for you to see, trying to persuade you.

“Yeah, yeah.But you know who else is cute and can’t get hit by a train? You. So next time, try calling the train company instead of just happily jumping down for the platform with no gurantee that you are gonna make it back up in time to not get smashed.”

“Aaaw, I get it now! ___cchi was so worried I would get hurt she is acting all mad now to make sure I don’t get hurt in the future! ___cchi is so kind and tsundere!” He poked your cheek, and handed you the little kitten. “I am not tsun…”, you started, but you got interrupted by Kise: “what do you think we should name him, ____cchi?”

Kuroko: “I can’t believe you stood up to that guy that was bothering his girlfriend. I mean, it was sweet and noble and everything, but he was so much bigger than you, Tetsu. He could’ve smashed you with his pinky if he’d wanted to.”

"He would’ve never done that. And even if he had, someone had to stop him, or at least try. Men that yell at ladies are the biggest scumbags ever, but luckily, they’re normally huge cowards, like this one.”

“Look, I just don’t want you to get hurt, ok? Just… Give things a second though before you put yourself in danger selflessly like that. Please?”

“Thanks for worrying, ___.” Kuroko reached out and grabbed your hand with one of his, at the same time that he stroked your cheek with the other. “I appreciate it. I promise to be more cautious in the future.”

You were sure he was just trying to put your worries to ease, and would keep acting exactly the same - your didn’t feel relieved at all.

Midorima: “Shintarou, do you realize how much danger you have put yourself in -!” you shook the purple toothbrush just a few centimeters in front of his face. “There was a fucking typhoon warning, for God’s sake!”. You threw it at the floor.

Midorima looked at the tip of his toes, in ashamed silence.

“Shintarou, look at me.” He looked up, and his eyes slightly met yours. “Do you realize the seriousness of this? Have you ever seen a typhoon on TV? Do you know what it is?”

“Y-yes, I’ve seen them… They have almost the destructive power of a tsunami…” - he looked away again.

“Exactly.” “But it was just a block walk to the store…” he protested, not sounding very convinced of his argument himself. 

“Look at me. Do you undertand what you mean to me, Shintarou?” When he looked you in the eyes again, you were almost in tears. “Do you really think a toothbrush is worth throwing all of this away?” - you turned your back to him, trying to hold the sob growing in your throat back. “Throwing us way? Are you conscious of what losing you would do to me?”

Midorima stood there, and watched you as you broke down and fell to your knees. “I am sorry, ___. I-I didn’t know… I just…”

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For the couple ask meme, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Martial Arcs


Based on this post:

who’s the cuddler:
Jaune. Ren’s more of an introvert, but Jaune craves physical affection and will dive onto the bed when Ren is lying on it and wrap his arms around his waist and snuggle up to him. If Ren’s up for it, he’ll scratch Jaune’s head lightly or cuddle up to him, but if he’s not, Jaune will (very respectfully) go mope in the corner with a stuffed animal and read his comics or something. When Ren is feeling very relaxed and loose – which happens more around Jaune than it does around other people – they’ll both cuddle each other. Jaune loves when he gets to hold Ren close to him and stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head. Jaune just loves touching Ren’s hair. Jaune just loves Ren. (Look they just love each other a lot, okay?)

(and sometimes they’ll just lie on the bed looking at each other with their foreheads gently resting together and yes, Jaune will stroke Ren’s hair then, too)

who makes the bed:
Oh, Ren, for sure. Jaune doesn’t mind at all (he likes climbing into a freshly made bed), he just… doesn’t think of it himself.

who wakes up first:
Jaune. Ren is not a morning person, and he needs, like, five alarms and two cups of coffee to wake up. Jaune’s not a morning person either, but he’s so used to dragging himself through life that dragging himself out of bed in the morning is hardly that much more of a challenge.

who has the weird taste in music:
They both think each other’s taste in music is weird. Jaune listens to alt rock and whatever Remnant’s equivalents of All American Rejects / Green Day / Vertical Horizon are, while Ren really likes instrumental pieces, usually of a musical style equivalent to Chinese music in our world (something sort of like this). They both theoretically get the appeal, but if it weren’t for their love for each other they would never be able to sit through an entire piece of the other’s choosing. Ren doesn’t connect to songs through lyrics the way Jaune does, and Jaune just gets fucking bored with long, built-to-be-beautiful music. The closer they get though, the more they begin to vividly hear each other when they listen to each other’s music choices, and the more they grow to appreciate them as a result. Jaune may or may not have an orchestral piece or two downloaded on his scroll to listen to to help him fall asleep when he and Ren can’t be togethre for an extended period of time, and Ren may or may not have also downloaded Jaune’s top played songs to try to understand what the heck is going on in his boyfriend’s head when he goes and does That Stupid Thing (no not /that/ stupid thing, That Other stupid thing. No, not that one either).

Bonus: Ren finds something a little like this in Jaune’s music library, downloaded before they started dating. When Ren asks about it (since it’s so out of character for Jaune), Jaune just shrugs and flushes and says, “It reminded me of you.” Because Jaune’s a fucking sap.

Bonus 2: Jaune also really likes Fucking Epic Film Soundtracks (think Dark Knight Rises) and Ren has a soft spot for Epic Celtic-Equivalent Music (maybe something a little like this, except without the sound effects of actual battle in it), and these are both things they can come to an enthusiastic consensus on.

who is more protective:
They’re both super super protective. Have you seen this comic? Yeah, it’s like that.

who sings in the shower:
Both of them. Jaune does it pretty loudly, usually along to some of his aforementioned alt rock songs, and he isn’t very good, and Ren sighs and puts his hand over his ears because he loves this boy dangit and he will put up with this. Ren sings low and quiet but it’s actually really nice, and Jaune tends to shift closer to the bathroom door and just casually lean his head as close to it as he possibly can without being weird because Ren never sings elsewhere and Jaune loves it.

who cries during movies:
Ren tears up during the saddest parts of movies but he’s really good about not letting them turn into full on roll-down-his-cheeks tears, except sometimes he’s not so good at it and Jaune has to dry them off. They’re always silent, though – Ren’s not a sobber, not about stuff that isn’t real life.

Jaune doesn’t cry during movie, he just gets really angry when the movie does things that are Unacceptable, like killing off a main character, or a dog. He always yells at the screen when the dog dies. 

(“Jaune, the dog always dies,” Ren reminds him.
“That’s no excuse!” Jaune says. “They should dare to be different. Why are we even watching this movie, anyway?”
“You’re the one who picked it out.”
“Well, I’m an idiot, why’d you let me do that?”)

who spends the most while out shopping:
Jaune. Ren grew up without parents, fending for both himself and his best friend, so he’s got less money to begin with and knows how to shop on a budget. Jaune’s easing his way into independence with pocket change from his parents, and while it’s not a lot (raising eight kids means they do have to be economical) it’s more than Ren’s got. Jaune also always tosses treats like candy and hot chocolate into the cart, while Ren is more of a healthy eater (a health nut, Jaune would say. Ren would struggle through a protest, because it sounds like the kind of thing he should protest to, but at the same time Jaune’s not exactly wrong.)

who kisses more roughly:
Jaune. Oh god, Jaune. (But Ren does not mind. He does not mind at all.)

who is more dominant:
It depends. When it comes to interpersonal stuff, the Jaune-as-team-leader dynamic runs in the DNA of them getting to know each other better, since it didn’t really start happening until after Jaune was more of an effective leader anyway, so there’s an echo of that. At the same time, they also both know and acknowledge that Jaune would be a complete mess without his friends and boyfriend emotionally supporting him, so it kind of gets balanced out. All it really means is that sometimes Jaune will automatically Tell Ren What To Do instead of Asking Him To Do Something, but the moment he realizes he’s done it, he’ll apologize and rephrase the request, and if it’s not that big a deal, Ren will do the thing anyway. Neither of them really sets the pace for the relationship – they just kind of stumble through it together and figure out what they’re okay with and not okay with when they hit a wall. They’ve had a couple of pretty bad bumps because of this, but they’ve worked hard to get through them and they’ve realized that most of them come from bad communication (because Jaune is stubborn as a mule, and Ren is very reserved and… also pretty stubborn, tbh).

When it comes to the eyebrow-waggly stuff, they’re both kind of awkward and hesitant at first so it really depends on the situation. Usually Jaune is the one who will end up clambering into Ren’s lap just to get that one kiss more, and he tends to be the hungrier one in general (I headcanon Ren as being ace-spectrum, and Jaune… definitely not), but every once in a while, Ren gets it into his head that he’s gonna pin his boyfriend down on the bed and kiss him like he really deserves to be kissed – i.e., exhaustively. Jaune has exactly zero problems with this. He always kind of gets a thrill out of watching Ren take control – it’s a gorgeous image.

my rating of the ship from 1-10:
This is a good one. I’ll give it a 9. I don’t know what a 9 means. Let them live their fictional lives free of a ratings system!

You deserve better than me.

Youtuber: Kickthepj

Words: 1,175

You tapped your numb fingers impatiently at the rubber steering wheel, resting your head back on the head rest. You spent the past hour waiting for your boyfriend after a night out with chris. He called insisting that you come and pick him up and there you are; waiting outside Chris’ s flat without a sign of PJ.

You sigh as the cold whether leaks into your small car sending shivers down your neck and arms. You start tapping on your knees. You tug the slither of fabric around you neck tighter in hope to gain more body heat unfortunately you dont feel any difference. ’Why am I here?’ you think to yourself looking through your window out onto the snow. ‘I shouldn’t be here’

After waiting for what felt like hours, you see Pj attached to Chris with his arm wrapped around Chris’s neck, slouching barely able to walk in a straight line. Chris however was walking comfortably beside him wrapped in layers of sweaters and jackets helping intoxicated PJ down the stairs outside his flat.

“I am so so sorry, he-we got carried away with the drinks” Chris apologised with his head hung low as he approached the car.

Your grip on the wheel loosened. You couldn’t stay mad at Chris even if you wanted too, he was yours and PJ’s best friend. Your frustration was growing and you just wanted to get home and wrap yourself in blankets.

“Just get him in the car, please?” you replied.

Chris nodded with his head still hung low and his arm holding PJ upwards. The passenger door opened and PJ tumbled into the seat.

“Again I am really sorry” Chris mumbled now looking straight at you through the car window.

“Its fine, ill see you soon Chris” you smile gently starting the engine, avoiding eye contact with Pj. You wave good bye to Chris as you gently pulled the car forwards onto the road.

“Thank you for picking me up babe” Pj slurred. You didn’t reply. You kept your focus on the road. “Come on babe talk to me”

“I have nothing to say”

“Come on” Pj reached his hand to touch your leg slurring his words slowly. “Babe?”

“Stop calling me babe.” you yell shocked at your own tone of voice shoving his hand away. “You’re drunk, you never call me 'babe’. Just shut up till we get home”

A painful silence hung in the air as you drove through freshly layered snow. Everything seemed a lot quieter, more peaceful and still. You loved this kind of weather - well you used too. The same weather where you’d spend your mornings barricaded in blankets on your living room floor with Pj. The same weather where you’d prepare hot drinks for you and your friends. The same weather where you could spend hours walking in the snow, enjoying pj’s embrace as he held your cold hands tightly in his but that Pj was gone. He said it was the stress that drove him to drinking. You chose to think otherwise. Since then you were just Pj’s ride home after continuous nights out drinking. He had practically forgot that you were his girlfriend and quite frankly that made you feel like crap.

“This is hardly fair” Pj added breaking the silence.

“Hardly fair?” you repeated yelling, tightening your grip on the wheel once again.  “I have always been fair to you. Have you not considered my feelings just for one minute? You’re a stranger to me, you have been for months” you shot him a glare taking a split moment to look off the road.

Pj blinked drifting his head from your face back to his window. His adams apple bobbing up in this throat as he swallowed hard.

“Look, all I want is my boyfriend back.” you sigh.

But im right here.” He yelled back, startling you. “Where is all this coming from?”

“Where is this-” you pause scraping strands of your hair falling on your forehead, backwards. “Jesus Pj are you even listening to me?” You switch your attention back to pj.

“I am listening!” he roared. His hands stretched outwards. “I dont see why im being blamed”

“When was the last time you spent the night with me or even a day away from alcohol, friends?”

Pj stumbled for words with his mouth twitching for answers his hands running up and down his legs. “I don’t know …a while ago”

“5 months.”

“What?” Pj craned his head.

“5 months worth of nights ive spent alone, I could have spent them with friends - believe me I wanted too but I insisted on staying at home to wait just in case you came home sobber.” You choked back your tears staring straight ahead biting down on your lip. “but you never did,  you never do” you whimper wiping tears off your chin with your fingers. 

A long pause occurred. Pj sighed heavy clenching his hands into fists by the side of his face. He sat staring at the dashboard.

“Sorry” he murmured

You’re throat stopped throbbing and tears stop streaming.

“Im sorry was that an apology or did you just cough”

“I’m trying to be sincere here”

“Well you’re doing a crap job doing it” you mock him, laughing slightly.

“Well what can I do to earn your forgiveness huh? I’ll stop drinking, I-ill pay more attention to you I’ll stop spending so much time with the guys.”

“You’re lying"  You choke out slamming your palm on the steering wheel. You role you eyes laughing against your tears.

"Im not lying”

“You are,  you made that exact promise to me months ago.” you turn to his damp face. His eyes hanging softly at your gaze. His mouth pulled tight into a slim line of pink, wordless and silent. His shoulders slouching slightly as he blinked away another tear barely being able to hold eye contact with your sorrow eyes.

An ear screeching sound hit you, pulling you out from your gaze at pj. The wheel spun out of your control jerking you and Pj side to side in the car. You get thrown forwards against your seat belt blowing the air out of your chest. The car spun on its side rattling yours and PJ’s helpless body around until the car reached to a halt. You felt a colossal impact as the car rolled upside down. The windows were shattered cutting your face, your neck was locked in place as your scarf got caught on your seat making it difficult for you to breathe. You were loosing consciousness very quickly as a tingling sensation spread around your body. You hear PJ grown quietly.

“Peej” you yell coughing and gasping for air. You reach out to his still body. “Peej please speak to me” you nudge his body but a las no response. Snow started to fall into the car by your side. Your arm slips from his side. Your limbs falling above your head against your control as your vision spun into deep darkness.

HELLO yes thank you for reading! I do have the second part to this written but id hate to post it and not have anyone read it so please let me know if you want part two to be posted!! Thank you <3

Imagines #1- Jack Gilinsky Imagine (Requested)

-Y/N’s POV- 

“Do I really have to go?” I groaned, my phone in between my ear and shoulder. “Yes…yes you do” I could hear the smirk in Johnson’s voice. I rolled my eyes. “Fine. You assholes better be here in 30 minutes or I’m bitch slapping all of you”

“Of course” He laughed. “Alright, bye JackyJ” I smiled. “Bye Y/N/N” I hung up and got dressed. My best friends were making me go to the last big party of the school year. I really didn’t wanna go but I couldn’t say no to them. I did my make up and hair first so I could just get it over with. I curled my hair loosely and did my regualr make up.

I put on my dress and one of my necklaces. I chose my black heels and grabbed a clutch from my closet, stuffing everything in. 

I heard a car horn and ran downstairs.

“BYE WHOEVER"S HOME” I screamed, running outside. I ran and Sammy opened the car door from inside. “Thanks” I smiled. “Hey Y/N/N” Mike smiled from the drivers seat. “Hey Mikey” I leaned up and hugged him. “Hey pretty thang” Johnson smiled. “Hey JackyJ” I smiled hugging him from the back seat. “You look pretty” Sammy hugged me as the car started moving.“Thanks!” I hugged Gilinsky last. “You look so beautiful!”  He smiled. “Thanks handsome"I smiled, I’ve had a thing for Jack for almost 7 months but I don’t think it’s going anywhere. We got to the party and walked in together like badasses. We separated and I started doing what I do best, getting drunk. I started taking shot after shot and Sammy walked up to me handing me a beer.

"Hey beautiful…d-do you wanna dance?” He slurred giggling. “Sure” I giggled. We stumbled quickly through the crowd and I we started dancing. ‘Sunday’ by Earl Sweatshirt came on and I started slowly grinding on Sammy. Smoke filled the air, poisonous whether it was weed or nicotine. Either way, I was fucked up. 'Like Whoo’ Came on and everyone started turning up. I lost Sammy.

“Hey babygirl” Some guy came up to me. “Excuse me, I can’t do this right now” I tried to politely walk away. “No sweetheart” His friend grabbed me. I tried to walk away but his grip tightened. “Hey what the fuck let go!” I tried getting out. “Oooh she’s feisty” He grabbed me and took me upstairs. “Stop!” I cried as he pinned me down on the bed. I could smell the strong alcohol on his breath and cringed.

“Please stop” I cried as his hands traveled up my dress. “STOP” I cried, screaming. No matter how loud I was the music was louder. “HELP ME” I screamed. He slapped me and covered my mouth. “Shut the fuck up bitch” He yelled. I started sobbing.

This isn’t happening.

Jack G’s POV

I walked around the house, looking for Y/N. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. When I couldn’t find her downstairs or outside I went upstairs, hoping I wouldn’t be finding the girl I love hooking up with someone else. Especially since I saw her grinding on Sammy. I opened one door, nope…Bathroom…no…

“HELP ME” I heard screaming. I ran into the room farthest from the stairs and tried opening the door, it was locked. I jiggled the nob and it finally opened. Some punk had Y/N’s arms pinned over her head as she cried. I walked up and pulled him off of her. He rolled off the bed and I got on top of him, beating the shit out of him. He was passed out and Y/N ran up to me, hugging me as she sobbed into my chest.

“It’s okay…I’m here now…JackyG is here now”

Y/N’s POV 

“H-He was gonna rape me Jack” I cried. “It’s okay baby, I got you” He cooed, stroking my head. “C'mon, lemme take you home” He smiled lightly. I nodded and he carried me to his house. “I feel so-so dirty a-and g-gross” I sobbed as he unlocked the door. “It’s okay, baby…we’ll get you in the shower” He cooed. “Are you still drunk?” He asked. “A little” I sobbed. He undressed me and helped me into the shower in my bra and underwear. I washed my body as he put conditioner in my hair.

Jack G’s POV 

I wrapped the towel around her weak self. She continued to sob in her drunken state as I pulled her into my room. “Shh-shh…It’s okay…I got you now” I whispered, sitting her on the bed. I put her wet hair into a ponytail and grabbed some clothes from my door. She looked like a mess. Her makeup was still dripping from her cheeks, getting black on the towel. “Here love” She wobbled up. She still hasn’t sobbered up fully. She lifted her leg to put my boxers on she stumbled, falling over. I shook my head, smiling at her. I helped her up and unsnapped her bra, lifting the shirt over her head. She put her arms through and I slipped her bra off, under the shirt. She took off her underwear, under the boxers, leaning on me for support. 

“I’ll be right back” I whisper, she nods and I go down to the kitchen. I make her a cup of coffee, just how she likes it and went back upstairs. “Here, beautiful” I handed her the cup. She took a sip and after a while of watching TV she sobbered up. “You’re the best Jack” She whispered, hugging me. “It’s nothing, babe” I whispered. I went to kiss her forehead but she looked up and I kissed her lips.


Y/N’s POV  

 I’m kissing Jack G

I’m kissing Jack G 


It was a sweet kiss, his hand rested on my cheek and mine on his chest where it layed when we were cuddling. We slowly let go after a while. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to” Jack says, looking away from me. “I love you Jack” My fingers ghost his chin, bringing his face towards mine. “Really?” He asked, quietly. “I always have…” I say. He grabs my wrist gently, pulling it away from his face and intertwining our fingers.

“I love you too” He smiles softly. He softly kisses me again. “You’re so beautiful” He shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re so so beautiful…” He tucks a piece of hair behind my ear. “I wanna be yours…can I be yours?” He asks eagerly, his fingers tracing my cheek. “As long as I’m yours” I smile softly.

“You’ll always be mine”

Request Imagines About Anyone

Thomas Imagine: Shhh, He's Sleepy

Fandom/Movie: The Maze Runner

Character: Thomas

Hi, guys! So, I got really bored today and I decided I needed some cuddly Thomas (don’t we all??), so here you are! If you could send in requests or ships that’d be great

You groaned lightly as you sat yourself down on a log near the bonfire, slumping against it and yawning lightly. This week had been exhausting, and all you could think about was how pleasant your hammock sounded to you at the moment. Being nuzzled into your blanket with your head against the rough fabric of your dangling ‘bed’ sounded like a luxury, and it was all you wanted to do.

You had been working for the med-jacks all day. Stitching up wounds and healing injuries seemed to be like a second nature to you; You were always gentle, a quality that Clint and Jeff didn’t have, and treated everyone as an equal. There was no 'oh, he’s got bigger biceps, better tend to him first’ or 'ew I don’t want to help him because he has sweat all over him’. No, with you, everyone felt comfortable being themselves, no matter what injury they had gotten or what they looked like. 

“Hello.” A timid, low voice muttered from beside you, pulling you from your daydream-y state.

You turned your head with a small smile on your face, only to see the new greenie sitting down beside you. He had just come to the Glade a few days ago, and was still getting used to the swing of things here. You hadn’t really talked to him yet, but in your defense he hadn’t really talked to you either. All you knew about him was that he had preformed quite the show when he came out of the box, almost running right into the maze if nobody had stopped him.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N). Thomas, right?” You questioned, a bit nervous due to the fact that you weren’t extremely sure whether that was his name or not; you hadn’t had time to introduce yourselves to each other.

You breathed a sigh of relief when he nodded, turning his head to join the conversation that the group of gladers around you had started. You did the same, kind of disappointed because of the lack of conversation between the two of you. You had expected him to be a little more outgoing from what you had heard of him…

After a few moments of listening in on the coversation, which you weren’t really paying attention to anyway, his head snapped back to look at the side of your face,” Is it true that you’re the only girl?”

External image

You turned towards him once again, laughing when you saw his curious face. It was adorable, honestly, his wide eyes and furrowed eyebrows. The question had completely shattered the comfortable silence.

“Yep,” you popped the 'p’, “The one and only.”

He nodded, something he seemed to do periodically, and yawned. He reached up to stretch, his muscles bulging along with your eyes. To say he had big arms was an understatement, and you couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away. His arms dropped back down to his sides, making you turn away and blush, dragging a hand down your face in embarrassment. 

"Tired?” you squeaked.

"Mhmm…” he hummed in response, shutting his eyes sleepily and crossing his arms over his chest in an attempt to keep himself warm.

You giggled quietly, looking down to the dirt underneath you and picking at a few strands of grass. You peeked up at him from time to time, admiring his looks that you had never realised before.

He was actually super attractive. The way his nose turned up only slightly, and the way his face glowed in the light of the raging fire in front of the two of you. It was like he held this sort of calming aura to him too, de-stressing you by only sitting next to him. He was hot and adorable at the same time, but mostly adorable, and it was almost insane to think that he had accomplished his looks without some sort of magic. Looking at him was like-

You were cut out of your thoughts, for the second time tonight, by a heavy weight pushing down on you shoulder.

You recoiled from whatever was on your shoulder, afraid it was a tipsy glader that had become a little bit too frisky because of Gally’s 'special mixture’. 

“Shuck off, idio-oh…” You started off loudly, but soon quieted down when you realized what was actually on your shoulder. 

It was Thomas’ head…

You shrugged your shoulder a bit in an attempt to get his head away from you, but the action only encouraged it to roll into the crook of your neck. He nuzzled his nose into the ticklish spot near the dip between the top of your shoulder and your neck, his slow breaths hitting your collarbone.

"Thomas…” You whisper yelled, trying to coax him from his deep sleep.

He groaned, moving his hands from his sides to bring them around you. One of them landed around your waist as one rested on your upper arms. He nudged you down with the weight of his body, squishing himself between you and the log. The hand that rested on your upper arm snaked it’s way under the sleeve of your dirt ridden t-shirt, sloppily giving your frail shoulder a squeeze as if to reassure himself of something.

Thomas.” You grumbled from underneath him, not quite happy with the surprise sleepover he had decided to host. 

You squirmed a bit, but he only squeezed you tighter to his chest. He couldn’t actually be asleep, could he?

You brought your knees up to where his arm rested against you chest, just under your boobs, and almost pushed him away, before a long, muscly leg came up from behind you and pushed them back down. His leg splayed out over your own two, pinning them to the dirt.

You were trapped.

“Shucking greenie needs to learn some manners…” you muttered, looking towards the group of boys for help.

Just as you were about to call out for help, a familiar face reached your eyesight: Newt. He was casually leaning against a tree, having a conversation with the head of the builders, Gally. You hesitated for a moment, preparing yourself for the embarrassment that was sure to come when they saw you entangled with the new greenie.

Taking a deep breath, you tightly shut your eyes and called over to Newt and Gally, “Newt, Gally, help!”

Newt turned towards you with worried eyes, afraid something had happened to you, while Gally stared at you with a blank expression. Both of them were surprised, however, when they saw you cuddling with Thomas, and a bit confused.

Gally trudged over with Newt hot on his trail, looking down at the two of you with the most entertained expression you had ever seen on a person before.

"Did he hurt you?” he asked, trying to hold in his laughter until he knew you were okay.

"No, I’m fine, just get him off of me!” you yelped, looking up at the two of them with pleading eyes. 

He just stared down at you, along with Newt, and just as you were about to ask them for help again they burst out laughing. Tears streamed down their faces as they found joy in your 'misery’. They had to hold onto each others shoulders to steady themselves, keeping one another from falling over.

"He-oh God-he-he fell asleep on you?” Gally hollered, his whole body erupting with the sound of laughter.

“Bloody Hell, seems like we’ve got a cuddler over here, doesn’t it?!” Newt continued.

"Yeah, yeah, just get me out of this!” You gestured down towards his arms wrapped around you firmly, and his legs that kept yours from moving.

They both sobbered up from their laughing fit enough to talk normally, as Newt replied, “Oh no! Wake him up? No! We can’t do that!”

“And why not?”

"Because,” Gally piped in,” He’s had a rough week! He needs his sleep!”

Newt chuckled a bit, before he marched over to where a small hammock hung between two trees and scooped up a roughly made blanket from the middle.

"Newt, I swear, if you do what I think you’re going to do, you are so-”

“Shhh! Don’t wake the poor guy up, he’s sleepy!” he mocked, tossing the scratchy quilt over the two of you.

"Goodnight!” they taunted as they walked away, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

Oh, they are so dead…” you thought, making a mental note to yourself to get them back some time.

Thomas squeezed you tighter, smiling a cheeky smile before he tightened his legs around yours, entertwining together closely. You couldn’t help but blush at the close proximity of you two, wiggling a bit to get comfortable.

Looks like tonight you were a personal teddy bear, not that there was anything wrong with that…