Status update on social media

Oh people, you’re so sick. Me too, or maybe i was sobber formerly.

I mean, ketika kita sama sekali tidak posting, update status, bahkan tidak sama sekali mengintip instastory orang lain, maka apakah mereka akan peduli?

Mereka akan sangat peduli ketika kita berbagi. Apakah kepedulian sebegitu mahalnya hingga kita harus membelinya dengan “berbagi”? Ya berbagi, katanya berbagi.

We are only care about what we really knew before. Unfortunately, when we don’t know what to care we don’t have such a little willingness to look after other people who needed one.

Guts. People. Please be more considerate for what we have to do. Oh, we were too awful to live right here right now.

he cries {calum}


you can just tell calum would be the type of person you would catch crying in the middle of a movie and it would just be silent tears until you’d finally hear a few tiny sniffles and i feel like calum isn’t much of a sobber unless something really bad happens or he’s really really drunk and i can picture him being really stressed out on a new song and he gets drunk and he would confide to you how he doesn’t think he’s good enough for the band and at one point his voice would crack and suddenly he’d be wailing into your arms and his eyes would get swollen until they’re almost shut and it would take forever to calm him down and the next morning he’d try to avoid you because he’s so embarrassed but you’d catch him and comfort him once he’s finally sober before grabbing him some aspirin because he can’t even focus on your voice with the splitting headache he’s got from the night before.