sobbed at the end

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Helppp ang sakit ng puson ko *sobs* it feels like its stabbing you multiple times until ur periods ends thats why I hate being a girl *sobs* it fucking hurtss helppp me.

oh no :^( eat some chocolates I think it helps you

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight


half way through finding nemo i realized dory’s monologue really suited jason and thalia…soooo….here we are.

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So yknow how Jeremy said that Lance 'dies' and yknow how Zarkon and Haggar died but came back to life with that quintennesence gig right?? Are you thinking what i am thinking??

I mean… kinda?

You’re probably thinking that the Quintecennsse (? Spelling?) revives him. But you also gotta remember that while it did revive Haggar, it also corrupted both her and Zarkon. So I offer you this;

Lance dies. He jumps in front of Allura as someone is shooting at her and dies. It’s a quick death, direct hit to the heart. The battle stops. The Galra fall silent. The Paladins explode in rage and tears. All of them are running to Lances corpse, desperate to see if he could have maybe survived that despite knowing there was no way he could have. Lotor, for a brief moment, takes pity on the Paladins.

He offers to revive Lance.

Allura, who’s completely lost her chill at the fact that LANCE IS FUCKING DEAD (she can’t believe it. The guy she sees as a little brother is dead.) recognizes what he’s offering. A part of her wants to except it but the cost is so high. She doesn’t open her mouth, knowing that if she does she’d probably agree to it. Pidge, is the first one to agree (she’d lost a brother once and in no way in hell was she losing Lance someone she thought of as a brother) demanding that Lotor do it. Shiro is next (lance is dead. Lance is dead. Maybe if Shiro had been a better leader he wouldn’t be oh god Lance’s family. What about his family) and he’s shaking as he agrees. Keith rages his answer yelling that he better bring Lance back (Lance is dead. Lance who teased him and who he teased back. Lance who was always knock and knock with him. Lance is dead. Oh god.)

Hunk is the only one who says no. When he does the others look at him like he’s insane, and he explains about Lances religion, about how lance would hate to be ripped out of his heaven because the others couldn’t cope. He knows it’s selfish. But he knows lance and he knows Lance wouldn’t want them to do this.

Hunk gets ignored.

They do it- Lotor is the one that goes into the quintecennsse with him- and he’s back god he’s back. Something’s off. His eyes are hollow and he looks so empty. He looks so dead despite breathing. When he speaks his voice cracks, “you should’ve left me dead.”

Everyone cries when they realize that despite Lance being alive, he in no way is back.