Don’t say it. Ever since the first time I saw you, I have felt everything for you. And all this time, you will memorate (?) about how you feel about me and I get that you can’t be the guy who says how he feels. But Jackson is. And I can be happy with him. I will be happy, Elijah. So whatever you say to me, please don’t say it.
—  “I Love You, Goodbye”, The Originals
I just realized...

There will be no new stills or promos or anything this week. OMG. I am so sad right now. What are we gonna do til The 100 returns in October? (did I mention OCTOBER? That’s so far away)

Almost done with the first season of Supernatural~~~

And I think it should be known that I am having a Sherlock sob fest tomorrow.. With all of the stress this week I’m in a desperate need of a good cry.

I’ll probably be tumbling with my hummus, frozen yogurt and tissues, so this post is a fair warning of what might go down all up in my Sherlock feels…………………………..

Sherlock feels. FEELS. 

Applying for jobs is the fucking worst!  How do people manage to do this and not cry into someone’s shoulder every night?  This is not hyperbole. It is soul crushing fucking awfulness.  Someone just give me a job because I’m intelligent and willing.  Like applying to the fucking Gap and you can’t apply for a “job” it’s a “career”. I don’t want a fucking career in retail. 

I want to help marginalized people and I also want to be able to pay rent.  Why must those two things be mutually exclusive?