I will never get over the fact that Neil Josten looked Andrew Minyard in the eyes and said, “You were amazing” KNOWING that they would be his last words to him. YOU. WERE. AMAZING. Those words have so much WEIGHT to them. Neil was literally like “You- YOU, Andrew Minyard, YOU were amazing. Nobody else thinks that of you but I DO.” Like do you think Andrew Minyard had ever been told he was amazing in his entire life? Neil thinks Andrew is one of the most amazing people in existence so much so that he was willing to use his last words as “Neil” to say so. I will NEVER!!! get over that!!!!!

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Hi Cassie! First of all, I adore your books and I am so, so excited for Lord of Shadows to be released next month! I'm currently rereading Lady Midnight to prepare for the sob fest that will be LoS, but I have a couple questions that have been bothering me for awhile: 1. Emma's dream in LM says she used to live in Italy with her parents. I thought in COHF that she said she lived there her whole life? 2. I know it's a small thing, but how long were Cameron and Emma together? Thank you so much!

1) Okay that threw me too – then I realized Emma’s dream describes the “small white house in Venice” she lived in with her parents. That’s not Venice, Italy, though, that’s Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

A very nice neighborhood, kind of hipster, with, yes canals, walking distance from the beach. I used to live there myself. Like all Conclave members who don’t live in an Institute, the Blackthorns would have had their own house in the geographical area falling under the jurisdiction of the LA Institute. 

2) Cameron and Emma dated on and off for a few years, sometimes officially and sometimes not. Sometimes exclusively and sometimes Not Exclusively (otherwise known as “"it is fine and not cheating if you date other people while casually dating me.”) I’m not sure it would be possible to add up all the disconnected months. They have however known each other most of their lives.

Handy Dandy. [Connor Murphy Oneshot].

Title: Handy Dandy.
Pairing: Implied! - Connor Murphy x Reader.
Words: 1,593.
Fandom/Musical: Dear Evan Hansen.
Rating: T. (Language).

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Connor whispered aggressively, more to himself than to you. Though the words came out roughly you knew that they didn’t actually hold any hostility. Tucking back a piece of his hair behind his ear which simultaneously curled around his fingers as he did so, Connor found himself slightly bent over to analyze the extensive amount of nail polishes you actually owned. Funny enough though, he had only seen to wear maybe two of the colors and if he took his time, he could find the bottles because they’d had a lot less polish inside. Picking up a shade of yellow, that was honestly more leaning towards an ugly construction yellow and burned his eyes, he looked back at you.

Connor mumbled, “Really, (Name)? Dehydrated piss color?”

You held your hands up in defense and walked towards him with a gentle, “Sometimes I need the happy colors.”

Connor sat the bottle back where he picked it up from and laughed bitterly, “Happy color? Piss is not a happy color. A happy color is like… Like…” He scanned the polishes before picking up what he’d describe as a ‘cotton candy’ pink. “This.”

Snapping the bottle out of his hand, you chuckled and said, “I don’t think I’ve never worn this color before.” You raised your eyebrows, “Wanna try?” Waving the bottle in front of his face, he pushed your hand back with a small scowl before it slowly turned into a smile.

 “Fuck off.” He bent forward a bit, looking for a specific color. You couldn’t stop yourself from looking at him and the way that he moved. It was interesting, to say the least. Connor pushed people away, both figuratively and literally in instances where he feels that physically pushing someone is the best for his own safety. Even his own movements, as slightly graceful as they appeared, also pushed people away. He moved roughly but with a sense of hesitance behind every move of his muscles. A warning that getting too close would end terribly for both parties.

 Taking a deep breath in, Connor straightened up and picked up a small bottle of nail polish off of your dresser, the sound drawing you back to reality. “Why are there like twenty shades of black?” He asked you, tilting the bottle to the side so he could read what funky name the polish had, “I thought black was black, you know? What the fuck is…” He squinted at the small letters, “Envious Fury?”

Laughing, you plucked the bottle out of his hand and informed him gently, “Obviously, it’s the color of jealousy and anger, can’t you read?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that those emotions included goddamn glitter.” He took the bottle back out of your hands, letting his fingers linger upon yours for a moment too long before quickly drawing them back in. A technique he had learned to keep people away, to make them assume that he was really unobtainable emotionally.

 It wasn’t as if the two of you were friends and it sure as hell wasn’t as if Connor could actually spill his secrets to you, things that people assumed about him, but weren’t really true. You were just a convenience to him, or so he tried to convince himself constantly. A convenience friend, he would say. Not really friends all the time but friends when he got into fights with his parents and had nowhere else to go, or a friend when you were lost and couldn’t find your way out.

 Visits were becoming much more frequent, or so you noticed. Connor was sneaking over to your house more often, later in the evening. He’d even found a way into your bedroom without going through the front door and alerting your parents that you had someone over, and when first executed, it was painful to say that he ended up with a few rose thorns on his fingertips, palms and thighs from the rose bushes in the front of your parents yard.

He’d come over, sneak in, and the two of you would sit there. Nothing had to be said, and if you asked him what was wrong, more often than not, Connor would find himself building up the security wall around his personality and mind so you couldn’t pry your way inside. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to talk about anything with Connor, it was just a sense of some sort of stability. Someone who wouldn’t yell at him for doing bad, someone who wouldn’t get mad at him for not wanting to talk, and someone who could actually maybe, in one way or another, understand what he was going through even if it wasn’t spoken out-loud.

 Catching yourself staring at him once again, you plucked the bottle of black nail polish off your dresser, the one that Connor usually went after and sat down on your bed in an eager attempt to push back any sort of thoughts of an actual friendship. This happened every couple of weeks, or whenever the nail polish would fade from his nails. He quite liked the way it looked, and with his long fingers, you had to admit that he pulled off polish a lot better than most of the people you knew. “I want this one.” He said, holding up the glittering black nail polish.

 “Are you su-”

 “If I want to be a sparkling fucker, why not?” He shrugged his slender shoulders, sitting down on the bed across from you. The meager fact that your bed was only a twin size meant that there wasn’t much space between the two of you. Crossing your legs and laughing at his previous statement, Connor shimmed out of his usual grey jacket to reveal a darker grey t-shirt under that clung slightly to his slim frame. He handed you the bottle and held out his right hand without a word. Managing to balance the bottle on a library book you forgot to return god knows how many years ago, you cupped his fingers and began brushing the dark polish on.

 There was silence between the two of you as you brushed gentle onto his thumb and then pointer finger. Mid-way through his middle finger, he began speaking to you. The tone was the same, but the words were somewhat of a surprise and when you gazed up at his face, you found his eyes fixated on your expression rather than on the nail polish brush like they usually were, “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.” 

Connor swallowed softly, brushing back a few stray hairs on his forehead with his free hand, “I know, we’ve been doing this for like…” He thought, trying to vaguely guess, “I don’t know, three, four months now and you don’t have to do it but you do anyway.” He laughed to himself, “Not everyone would help a guy who threw a goddamn printer at a teacher when he was in the 2nd grade because he was having a fucking hissy fit.”

 “Being line leader was really important back then.” You dipped the brush back into the bottle, “I’d have been pissed too, having been denied the pleasure.”

 “I didn’t really want to be,” He explained, “It was just… “ Connor stopped talking for a moment and thought over his words. Why was he telling you this? “Everyone else had been line leader that year and I guess I felt… Left out. Like, how shitty sad is that? Such a sob fest.” He joked, but you could tell that it was running much deeper than that by how his voiced cracked near the end. 

You couldn’t find any words inside of your mind that would be a good reply to Connor actually telling you something personal, and so, you rested the brush back inside of the bottle and let go of his right hand, gesturing that you were ready for his left. He stared down at his fingers for a moment, admiring the luminescence that the glitter gave the black. It was like the stars, coating the dark sky with what one could see as hope. Hope, that out there, there’s someone or something that understands.

 “Whatever,” He clenched his jaw and lifted his left hand for you, “I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for… Not seeing me as a fuck up like everyone else does. For not saying, ‘there goes that psycho kid, Connor Murphy’ in the halls at school.”

 “They don’t see what I see.” You said to him, furrowing your eyebrows as you began painting his left hand. “They don’t see…” You couldn’t think of what to say, though there were indeed a million ideas running wild inside of your head. With your mouth agape, you had hope that perhaps words would just start flowing out instead of you having to force yourself to speak. “They don’t see this.” You gestured between the two of you with your free hand. “They don’t see you like this, they don’t see you as a human who you know, maybe has feelings like the rest of us do… Maybe, it’s just beyond their reach, maybe they refuse to see because then that would make you just like the rest of them and maybe they can’t handle that sort of truth.”

 Connor sat quietly in front of you for a few seconds, soaking up your words and the way that they spilled from your mouth. Almost as if you… You genuinely cared about what people thought about him.

 “Fuck, that’s some deep shit, (Name).”

holy bullpoop i hope that was good and i really hope that you guys like it! Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Lemme know what you think! -Em




P.S. I hope you appreciate these lovely candids of me :) 

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did shiro and keith ever break up during those 8 years of dating before they got married? like ofc not because of something serious but because keith was dumb and thought shiro deserves someone who can give shiro what he can't. but then shiro convinces him how much he loves him and how he doesn't care about any of that stuff. GIVE ME THE ANGST CATHREL xD

[The Voltron Pre-Family] The Time Keith and Shiro Broke Up Part 1 (Part 2)

Shiro felt like he didn’t have the will to live anymore. He didn’t want to sound a bit over dramatic, but it was dramatic. One minute he was at Keith’s door, ready to hang out with his boyfriend, the next minute, Keith was breaking up with him. It didn’t make sense. It all happened too fast.

“I’m sorry, Shiro. It’s just not working out anymore. Us, being a thing.”

What made it even worse was that, Shiro didn’t even get to say anything. Keith just said he didn’t want to see him anymore. His boyfr—ex-boyfriend—was being utterly unfair. And that was how he found himself crying on his bed while looking at the ceiling because he was confused and hurt. 

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hc's for what the paladins do after getting in an argument with their s/o and their s/o is now locked up in their room?

first of all, can i just say: thank you so much to this anon - you were my first ever request, sorry i’ve taken so long to reply to it. You don’t understand how much that meant to me ^^ So shoutout to you! I made these extra long in your honor


  • Lance is already self conscious so fighting with his s/o would really upset him
  • he’d probably go away for a little bit to regroup his thoughts and calm down
  • and then he’d circle around to say sorry for being a bad boyfriend
  • but when you tell him to ‘go away’ and ‘leave (you) alone’ he gets extremely scared,
  • he’s all “!!!i fcked up!!!”
  • and so he asks for help
  • hunk freaks out because “you guys can’t break up!!!!” and he gets really useless sad
  • Shiro tells him to give you space, so Lance tries that approach
  • but when a couple hours pass and you don’t come out, he gets really scared, so he knocks again
  • when you don’t let him in, he slides up against the door, and he starts talking to you.
  • “i know you don’t want to talk to me - you don’t have to say anything.
  • i’m sorry. i’m a horrible boyfriend. i understand if you want to break up with me now”
  • he gets really freaking sad.
  • he stays there all night, but he eventually falls asleep
  • you wake up and come out of your room and you see him sitting on the wall by your door, asleep and the tear streaks on his face are visible
  • and you melt because no matter what you two said in the heat of the argument, ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind you know that he loves you
  • he wakes up and you’re laying next to him, your head on his shoulder.


  • would probably go to apologize right away
  • you guys mostly have a cute and happy relationship so when you tell him to leave he’s so confused
  • “what? Y/n you don’t mean that right?”
  • you almost let him in because you can hear his voice cracking - you could practically see his heart breaking
  • but you’re not ready yet so you tell him to go away
  • so he respects your wishes and finds lance
  • legit starts bawling like wow tough baby hunk has not cried in awhile but like??? he’s so sad
  • he feels like such a horrible person so he just starts baking
  • like he said, it’s really comforting for him
  • but for some reason, his tears, he keeps on messing up the measurements thus ruining all of his creations
  • “i do nothing right!!” is probably what he says tbh
  • he goes back to you after his tears have stopped and he knocks again
  • and he sounds so sorry like wow, you just feel bad because he sounds so sorry
  • if he said anything hurtful he 10/10 takes it back
  • it’s up to you tho if you take him back.


  • Pidge is an extremely stubborn person, and therefore she takes all arguments to heart
  • firm believer that you should apologize first
  • also feels bad about what she said but does work so that her mind won’t torment her about it
  • so she does whatever she needs to, like practically forgets about the fight happening
  • so no one knows it even happened
  • so when dinner rolls around she’s not there everyone is like
  • “pidge get yo (girl/boy)”
  • and she’s like oh yeah oops
  • so she goes to your room and she knocks on the door
  • she thinks mAYBE You got over it
  • but when you answer “leave me alone katie” and your voice cracks, she’s like
  • “well damn,,, i fcked up” damn right you did child
  • decides that she should be the Better Man™ out of the two of you and apologize
  • but that didn’t  go well
  • so she goes back to them and is like “ohh yea,,,we  got in a fight like 8 hrs ago lollllll”
  • Everyone is sort of freaking out??? like uhm how???? the cute smol couple??(especially if you’re short, ok then everyone loves your relationship)
  • they scramble to help but it’s lowkey pidge’s fault so she just goes i’ll handle it after awhile
  • “y/n,i’m sorry. i’ve lost everybody that i loved. my dad, my brother, my mom is however many light years away - they’re all gone. they’re all i’ve ever cared for and i lost them because of me. i don’t want to lose you too.”
  • and then she walks away and goes to your guys’ hiding space and cries because she’s frustrated
  • but while she’s having her sob-fest, she feels your hand on her shoulder, and you pull her into a hug
  • you both look like a mess but you know what?
  • lets be a mess together.
  • god i want an s/o kjdshjkfhldsf


  • oh my god, fights between you two are a big thing because they rarely happen.
  • when they do all sht breaks loose okay like everyone is watching a soap opera
  • no one knows what to do they’re like 24/7 checking in on you guys
  • so when you run into the room and slam your door everyone is like 👀👀damn 👀👀
  • shiro decides to give you space and so that he can clear his head
  • obviously he didn’t mean what he said,
  • it’s just…he doesn’t know how to apologize
  • he sure as hell is not doing it outside though, no where everyone has their popcorn out and sipping the tea that is this argument.
  • so when he goes to your door and he asks to let in and you’re like ‘no’ he’s like uhmmm ‘what?’
  • so he decides a different tactic, he decides to get all of his thoughts in order so that he can deliver a powerful speech to woo you (lance’s idea, not his)
  • shiro is really not one to panic, but he is panicking inside at this time because
  • you’re literally his only person left. sure everyone else cares for him but you’re the only person left who loves him and believes in him. he can’t and he won’t lose you just like he lost his arm and a year of his life and education to zarkon’s damn war
  • it’s his fault, he’s sure of it, but he can’t yet figure out how to fix it.
  • when the next morning rolls around and you skip breakfast and your dinner and your lunch from yesterday he gets really alarmed and scared for you
  • so he knocks on the door and he forgets the whole stuff abt how he doesn’t want to lose you: he just starts speaking from his sadness
  • “don’t skip your meals and get sick because of me, i’m not worth that, y/n. you need to stay healthy. i love you, i don’t want to see you hurt yourself just because of me” “omg pidge did he really just say he was not worth it” “lance i am dYING he just insulted h i m s e l f ” dskljhfdskh i hate them
  • that really moved you because wow shiro is…so attractive i mean thoughtful.
  • so he continues his actual speech later when you guys are both alone
  • and you have one of those long hugs that the previous anon was talking about


  • keith can get really mad during fights
  • because he’s already well… temperamental, and his cooling off system is by training
  • so he basically just trains for hours
  • he kind of wants it to be a big dream, because he’s pretty bad at confrontation
  • but like when you’re locked up in your room and you don’t listen to him, he realizes that he should probably fix that problem of his,
  • “come on babe, you know i didn’t mean anything, i was just stressed and tired i-” “just,,,just go away keith”
  • god he’s so freaking sad, like even sadder than shiro
  • this is 10/10 his fault in his eyes
  • and now he really will lose everything
  • he;’s really bad with losing people that he cares about, remember his reaction to losing shro? probably because he lost everyone that he considered family.
  • his mom he never met,
  • his dad left him,
  • and shiro went missing for a year. we don’t know keith’s prior relationship with shiro, but you can tell he looked up to him
  • keith does very badly with loses, i.e getting kicked out of the garrison, getting more hotheaded once shiro leaves. so therefore he would act very badly with this loss with those around him
  • but when he gets alone he feels so lost inside because “wow i guess i really do lose everybody”
  • he’s not one display his weakness but this would really take a punch to the gut for him
  • especially since you locked yourself away because of him
  • remember when he made the replica of shiro in season 2 and he couldn’t deal with him ‘walking’ away from him??
  • yeah well you doing this, is like you waling away from him
  • so he’d really end up sitting in front of your door and going “don’t leave me, please”
  • flashbacks to losing too many people in his life are tormenting him, he probably did not sleep that night
  • he feels so broken inside, and will continue to talk to you through your door
  • please accept him.

this got angsty for a few people…

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specifically to do with my post about my dad. not sure how many people this will reach that have sent me something on the topic, as i’ve been getting them since my post a while ago. 

thank you so much for the condolences and stories. they’ve made me feel much less alone, i promise


Headcanon that the McClain family proposes with songs so even though he’s not on Earth Lance keeps the family tradition alive and one night while everyone is just relaxing Lance plays Their Song and after it ends he pulls out the ring. Shiro and Hunk knew about it but Pidge didn’t so after Lance explained what it ment she joined Keith in his mini happy sob fest. There were many tissues and smiles shared among the little family.

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(1//2) DAD HI!! Can we have a head canon where yoongi is part of this cool clique in high school and his gang play dares on asking people out to then break their victims heart (Typical heartbreaker au) So yoongi is dared to date tae but the longer he spends time with tae he actually seriously falls in love. Like when they’re having sex it’s no longer a useless fling. But then tae overhears Hobi and joon asking yoongi when he’s going to complete the dare and break tae’s heart and so tae

The really sad thing about this all is that it starts because Yoongi and his friends have the wrong image of Taehyung from the beginning.

Taehyung himself is pretty popular too. He’s not Yoong’s type of popular per say, he’s not the whole bad boy too cool for school kind of popular, but he is pretty well known. Like, he’s on the cheer team and he’s also the leader of the anime club and softball team. He spends his free time in between classes and during lunch running around the cafeteria saying hello to everyone and anyone that looks in his direction and Yoongi and his friends take that the wrong way.

Or more so, Hoseok is the one to take it wrong.  Yoongi just agrees, which really is just as bad.

“You know, that Kim Taehyung kid is popular too right?”

Hoseok is the first one to really mention Taehyung to Yoongi. They’re sitting at their own table in the back and taking turns drinking sips of some vodka they managed to sneak into the school and Yoongi really couldn’t give two shits but still, he responds.

“Yeah I guess so, what about it?”

Hoseok gets that little glimmer in his eyes he only really gets when he’s up to no good and Namjoon, who sits next to them, shivers.

“Popular stuck-up cheerleader bitch, I bet he spreads his legs for more than just the splits during practice.”

Yoongi actually laughs at that but Namjoon interrupts.

“He’s friends with Jimin and Seokjin, mochi told me once that Taehyung’s only spread them for one boy and it was some sob fest after. Though he’s a cheerleader so it’s probably bullshit.”

That’s really all Hoseok needs to smirk and drop two hundred dollars on the table in front of them. Yoongi, of course, is suddenly interested.

“The first one that can get good boy over there to spread those pretty thighs and break his heart gets this.”

Actually getting Taehyung to agree on a date is a lot easier than Yoongi thought it would be. Though, that’s only because he doesn’t know about the fact that Taehyung’s had the biggest crush on him since his freshman year. It’s only two weeks after the bet has been made. Yoongi has seen both Hoseok and Namjoon try and fail to get Taehyung’s attention and he figures he might as well try for the fuck of it.

He remembers he actually shares his art class with Taehyung, despite being older than him, and he figures he’ll try there.  Normally he’d spend that class in the back of the room drawing and listening to music but this time he decides casually stroll up to Taehyung’s table. The younger seems too lost to notice him at first as he works on some painting, but Taehyung’s seatmate instantly stiffens.

“Move it, asshole.”  Yoongi motions to the boy sitting beside Taehyung and the boy darts away quickly, leaving the seat open for Yoongi to take.

“That’s pretty.”

Taehyung finally manages to notice Yoongi when he nudges the boy’s arm gently and the younger quickly blushes when he notices who is next to him.


“Your painting,” Yoongi motions with his head to the sheet in front of Taehyung covered in blues and yellows. “It’s pretty.”

Taehyung beams so wide, for a moment Yoongi feels something in his chest hitch at the sight.

“Thank you! It’s a replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, it’s my favorite work by him. It’s just so pretty”

Yoongi nods.

“You’re prettier. You should let me take you to the art museum today after school.”

Honestly, Yoongi doesn’t plan on falling for the cheerleader.

He’s always lived his life by a motto that’s pretty simple to him. No one was going to tie down or steal Min Yoongi’s heart and make him weak. Kim Taehyung, though, is just that good at breaking down his walls and it’s so fucking scary to him how easy that happens.

Their first date to the art museum is pretty much what he expected it to be. It’s kind of awkward as they take the bus together to the large building and Taehyung stutters more than Yoongi’s ever heard anyone do everytime he talks about something. Still, he finds it cute. He thinks Kim Taehyung is actually pretty fucking adorable and he even makes sure to the younger as he laces their fingers together halfway into their date.

They have another date not too long after that one. This one to Yoongi’s favorite burger place. They spend it pretty well actually. Taehyung spends a lot of time smiling and giggling at the shitty jokes Yoongi makes and the way the elder shit talks people as they walk by their table. They talk about each other, or really, Taehyung talks about himself and Yoongi listens while trying not to notice the way Taehyung blushes as they hold hands.

More and more dates just seem to follow from there.

Yoongi takes Taehyung to the skatepark and offers the younger his first joint, which Taehyung struggles to hold has he coughs his lungs out after his first hit. They make out in the empty ramps later that same night when everyone has cleared and Yoongi had cut Taehyung off from some story.

Taehyung takes Yoongi to see some shitty anime movie that comes out not too long after that and spends the night teasing Yoongi for falling asleep halfway in and drooling on his shoulder. Yoongi rolls his eyes but smirks, slightly lovingly, at the way Taehyung giggles when he finds some of the popcorn pieces he tossed at Yoongi in the elder’s hair.

Literally, a few weeks go by and it’s just them hanging out every day together do some sort of adventure.

Yoongi takes Taehyung to the clubs he sometimes raps in for fun and gets high off the way the younger watches him with wide amazed eyes as he gets off stage. Taehyung takes Yoongi to one of his cheer practices and Yoongi is just as amazed to see the way the younger can jump and be tossed and fold himself in half for routines. Yoongi takes Taehyung to his first official concert, Epik High of course, and they spend the entire night with their hands locked firmly together as they scream lyrics and Yoongi that night kisses Taehyung softer than any way he’s ever kissed, anyone.

Three months later and Yoongi gets a call from a sobbing Taehyung, too late into the night.

At this point, Yoongi knows he’s fucked.

Taehyung has managed to squeeze and thread himself deep into the cracks inside of Yoongi and it’s obvious to him by the way he instantly shoves on jeans and shoes and runs out of his house when the younger asks him to meet at a park nearby his house without even thinking.  Taehyung just looks and sounds so broken the moment Yoongi sees him, sitting on the swings and holding himself tightly, he doesn’t even question himself before pulling the boy into his arms and hugging him to his chest tightly.

They make love that night.

They find themselves back in Yoongi’s bed, curled tightly against each other, and Taehyung’s eyes are red and puffy from his tears but the moment the boys ask Yoongi to make him forget about whatever hurt him. Yoongi does exactly that.

Yoongi makes love to Taehyung. Yoongi thrust deep into Taehyung and listens to the way Taehyung sobs “I love you’s” into his neck as he holds onto him tightly. He fucks Taehyung slow and deep and keeps their hands locked together no matter what and he knows he’s fucked up.  

Of course, karma would be the bitch that makes Taehyung find out about the bet only three weeks after that.

Yoongi happens to be sitting at his table with Hoseok and Namjoon for the first time in a while since he’s started dating Taehyung and of course, he knows they’re going to bring up the bet the moment they see his neck covered in marks. He’s not wrong either.

“Well well well look who we have here Joon!” Hoseok smirks as Yoongi takes his seat beside him. “Mr dumb and in love has graced us with his presence.”

Namjoon remains silent as Yoongi rolls his eyes and really, he should have been paying attention. Really, he should have known Taehyung would come looking for him during his lunch to eat together. He should have known he didn’t deserve to have nice things like Taehyung.

“So I guess I owe you this.” Hoseok hands him the two hundred dollars form before. “I mean you didn’t really do the whole break his heart part of the bet but you did clearly fuck the cheerleader bitch so it’s yours, man.”

The sound of a tray falling right behind him makes Yoongi jump and he knows he’s so fucked the moment he turns and sees Taehyung staring at him with the same sad eyes he had the night Yoongi ran to him. He knows he’s done the worst thing he could do the moment Taehyung’s eyes lock with his and he sees nothing but hurt and disappointment and the hardest part of it all is that Taehyung still smiles at him.

Taehyung still gives him that small little smile that he reserved for only Yoongi before he turns around and walks away.

Yoongi expects the punch Jimin gives him the next day.

The younger, despite being Namjoon’s boyfriend, clearly cared more about Taehyung than anyone ever had and Yoongi knew it would come eventually. Though, if he were, to be honest, he thought for a moment it would come from Taehyung.

Of course, he was wrong.

He knew Taehyung better than that. Taehyung would never hurt him. Taehyung would never physically or mentally cause him any harm because Taehyung wasn’t fucked up like Yoongi. He actually loved the elder. No, Taehyung wouldn’t hit Yoongi because Yoongi held his heart and so he let Jimin to the hitting while he pretending like Min Yoongi never existed in his life.

For a minute, Yoongi isn’t sure which hurts more.

Is it the hit that gives him a black eye that hurts him more or is it the way Taehyung, still clearly broken and hurt, smiles and acts as if nothing’s wrong. Is the blackness around his swollen eye more painful than the way he crosses paths with Taehyung only to have the younger stiffen for a few seconds before he continues on as if he never saw Yoongi there?

The answer is pretty obvious in the way his heart lurches painfully every day he’s forced to see Taehyung try to smile at his friends jokes as if Yoongi wasn’t right there in the same fucking art room with him.

And then it hits him.

The art room.

Starry Night.

The way Taehyung had lit up at the art museum when they had found Van Gogh’s work and Yoongi had listened to the younger go on and on about the love he had for the artist.

Yoongi suddenly finds a fight in him he hasn’t felt before. There’s almost like a monster inside of him that screams for him to fight for Taehyung. It’s ugly and loud and it claws at his fingers and throat and demands he gives the boy the world he deserves even if it leaves him with nothing and so Yoongi leaves the school to find the nearest paint store with a plan forming in his mind.


The next day and all the younger wants to do is get through his classes so he can go home and hide in one of Yoongi’s hoodies he still has and cry.   Too bad though, Jungkook won’t let him do that as he locks his hands around Taehyung’s wrist and pulls him along the school’s hallway.  

Really, for a moment, Taehyung has no idea what the big deal is. Until they turn into the hallways where his locker is and he notices the giant crowd of students formed around the giant white wall across from his locker especially. His eyebrows furrow and he looks at Jungkook for an explanation but the younger just pushes him forward and smiles.

Taehyung finds the break knocked from him as he finally is able to get through the crowd to see the wall better.

His entire world tilts and his heart clenches and he feels tears instantly filling his eyes and he knows. He knows this was Yoongi. There was no one else it could be. There was no one else crazy enough to spray paint his portrait, with his messy brown hair and his eyes shut as tears fell from deep black lashes, with Van Gogh’s Starry Night surrounding him in an almost galaxy way, as if it revolved around Taehyung.

This was Yoongi and when he turns, Taehyung sees him already watching him.

“I fucked up,” Yoongi speaks, ignoring everyone but Taehyung. “ It was a bet at first.”

Taehyung flinches at the honesty.

“It was a bet and I fucked up but…It was all real.”


Taehyung tries to speak, really he does, but Yoongi is fast in locking their hands together.

“Every kiss, every hug, that night at the concert, that night in the park. It was all so fucking real and this,” Yoongi motions to the painting. Taehyung’s sob catches in his throat as he takes a look at it again before moving his eyes back to Yoogni’s. “This is my world. You once said Starry Night was your favorite well, you’re my favorite everything and I love you.”

Taehyung’s and Yoongi’s kiss is salty with tears and it’s messy from the way Taehyung’s lips tremble with the need to sob but it’s heaven after weeks without the other.

“I love you.” Taehyung whispers. “Please show me I’m not making a mistake.”

anonymous asked:


《Thank you so much for requesting this, okay. It gets gradually happier as the list goes on, by the way, so the whole thing isn’t a terrible sob fest… ALSO DISCLAIMER TRIGGER WARNING FOR ANYONE WHO IS UNCOMFORTABLE TOWARDS THE TOPICS OF AN ED OF ANY SORT OR SELF HARM》

- Tsukishima would only ever admit his struggles of he was very, very close to you, even then he would have trouble. It’s something he’s very self conscious about, something that still haunts him and lingers in the shadows of his mind. It all started when he was 12, or 13 maybe. Still numb from the tragic betrayal of his brother, he only got more and more distant by the day. Those dark feelings mixed with his arising teenage hormones we’re not a good mix for his overall mental health. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder began eating at him far before an ED even came into play. They conjured up thoughts of failure, thoughts of perfection, and soon enough, everything in Tsukishima’s life had to be perfect, perfect, perfect. He had to get exactly a 100% on his Algebra test, he had to clean his room for exactly 30 minutes, he had to do everything exact. Everyone he was close to had began to think it was just a temporary inferiority complex. People would say, “of course he doesn’t care about that, he’s a teenager” and “teenagers tend to ignore a lot of things” but even if Tsukishima didn’t completely understand the situation he was in, he knew it wasn’t just a ‘teenager thing’. His mother brought him to a psychiatrist once or twice, and despite the fact that he was, in fact, diagnosed, his mother was in denial, and so was everybody else he knew. Of course, his mother meant well, but needless to say, she thought it was just a phase. In real life, not that many people could see past his pretentious persona, but the people who squinted through those translucent walls of his could sense that something was up. Yamaguchi, especially.
Eventually, those thoughts of perfection had moved onto something bigger than grades and friendships, his body. He began counting every calorie he ate, every pound he lost. He had an image in his mind that screamed, “perfection” and he would do anything to achieve that. Numbers were slowly becoming the center of his life, and from the time he woke up, to the time he went to bed, all he could think about was numbers. His OCD and inferiority complex are things that are still prominent in his life, even to this day, but his ED was always something that fluctuated. For a long time, he didn’t even realize he was starving himself, and what he was doing was classified as a very tragic mental problem. It only came to his realization in his last year of middle school in health class, while the teacher was discussing disorders teens had. “Anorexia Nervosa”, a slide up on the board that was colored a putrid green, had gotten his attention, fast. He noticed the faces of some girls, how they looked nervously down at their feet as the teacher continued his rambles. He wanted to reach out to them, ask them if they were ok, but brushed it off. If you had asked him what he thought of that disorder in that moment, he would have said it’s “A stupid feminine issue, and they can rot, for all I care.”
But he really did care.
This word, “Anorexia”, had put the past two years of his life in perspective. It explained everything.
And it hurt.
He still continued his tendencies, growing more and more attached to it now that he knew it was a real, his problem was real and therefore it had meaning. He slowly grew bulimic, as well. When he ate 635 calories instead of his perfect 500, he learned to well, just puke it up. Slowly slowly, Tsukishima started to decay. At 6’0 he was only 125 pounds, and people he knew started growing concerned, but he didn’t care. He only got worse by the day, his forms of self harm growing more and more destructive.
Since then, Tsukishima has healed, but those thoughts of perfection and deterioration still linger on his skin and in his mind. Yamaguchi, although he knows very well of the way Tsukishima thinks, still doesn’t know what went down in middle school, and Tsukishima never intends on letting him know. The only two people who know, besides his family, is Kuroo, Akaashi and Daichi.
Daichi found out when they were changing one day. He noticed the scars on his arm and thighs and couldn’t help but ask, because if there was anything going on with one of his most valuable teammates, he sure as hell was going to fix it. He more or less milked the answer out of him, but now that he knows, he’s a lot more understanding of him than the other teammates. Kuroo found out while they were in gym three. Bokuto had brought some snack into the gym, and while Tsukishima really did heal, scars crack open. The thoughts come scampering back sometimes, and on this day in particular, they flooded his mind. Kuroo, being Kuroo, was oblivious to the situation at hand, teasing him about the fact that he was ‘so skinny’ and ‘really needed that food’. Akaashi, however, was not so simple minded. He had taken note of the way Tsukishima reacted towards things during the time he had spent at the camp. Akaashi’s good at analyzing people, and he analyzed Tsukishima in the same way he does Bokuto. In that moment, Tsukishima wasn’t as pissed as he was upset, and whist Kuroo chased after him in attempts to apologize, Tsukishima spilled.
These thoughts only ever haunt him once or twice every couple months, and they’re never strong enough to consume him. Although, raging thoughts of perfection still dwell in that crowded mind of his. After the Shiratorizawa match, where he said there’s no reason anyone should be proud, for he had only blocked one spike, that was the inferiority. His mind is a hurricane of wanting more, more, more, and not wanting anything at all. He wants to try, he has goals and morals and standards, but insecurity drags those down and makes him think that nothing matters. He’s working on it, he is, but Tsukishima has come to terms with who he is, and changing who he is is something he’s done with doing.

- He’s always cared about volleyball, from the day he met Hinata for the first time to the moment he blocked Ushijima’s spike. Although, despite the many times has he said that “this is just a club” and “what’s the point in trying if somebody’s always going to be better?” he still tries. Although he may not be giving it all like Hinata or Kageyama, he’s still trying. If he really didn’t care, thought of it as just some stupid club, do you think he’d really still be involved? After Akiteru’s betrayal, he could’ve just abandoned it completely. He could’ve easily played basketball, with that height of his, or joined any other club if he wanted to, but he stuck with volleyball. I believe if Yamaguchi were to confront him earlier, ask him “if you didn’t care at all, why are you still here?” he wouldn’t be able to give a proper answer. He says there’s no point in trying if somebody’s always going to be better, but he just doesn’t want to get too attached to it, like his brother was.

- Truth is, he doesn’t like getting close to anything, these days, and that’s why ever since the accident he’s been colder towards Yamaguchi. He doesn’t want to let people or things into his life, because anything that can’t benefit him in any way could hurt him. It happened with his brother, it happened with volleyball. He keeps people out in any way he can. Tsukishima is not an asshole. He wants other people to believe he’s an asshole, though, so they don’t stick around him. When he’s being genuine, he’s shy. When he asks people questions, he has his head down, hands interlaced. He doesn’t like opening up to people, and when he does, he’s vulnerable. He’s been betrayed, and like hell he’s ever going to let anything betray him again.

- Growing up, Kei never had a father. After his mother got pregnant with him, his father disappeared, leaving her to take care of her two boys on her own. Akiteru, being five at the time, was absolutely heartbroken by this. Even if he was five, he understood what was going on, and what was going to happen. Every time his father would leave for work, he’d refer to him as “the man of the house”, and that’s exactly what he was now. His little brother, Kei, was never going to experience having a father, so Akiteru, at five years old, decided that he was going to be the father figure for him, and that’s exactly what he grew up to be. Akiteru was pretty much a mentor for him, a role model, and that’s why he’d lie to his brother, so he’d keep setting “good examples” and trying to be a person who his brother could be proud of. In the end, it was devastating for both of them. Akiteru had lost the most important person in his life, and Kei was facing the betrayal of his superhero.

- It’s very rare that somebody comes along that Tsukishima takes a liking to. Before the whole accident, Tsukishima was already closed off. His brother even scolded him for not getting along with the other kids. Yamaguchi practically dug his way into Tsukishima’s life, and if it weren’t for him confronting the bullies, they would’ve never been friends to begin with. They probably wouldn’t have gone to the same schools, and even if they did, Yamaguchi would most likely get closer to Hinata, than anyone. Besides Yamaguchi, Tsukishima doesn’t really consider himself to have friends. Hinata and Kageyama are just teammates, and like hell he’d associate with them anywhere outside. He talks a great deal to Akaashi, but really it’s only ever about how their teams are doing, more than anything. Bokuto and Kuroo are more like mentors, and he can’t see him getting buddy-buddy with Bokuto, even if he was the one who practically helped him overcome his fear of getting too attached to volleyball. Tsukishima believes himself the next person he gets close to will definitely be his future significant other, because he just can’t see himself making new friends anytime soon.

- He has a ton of marks on his body, self inflicted, and not. He happened to grow a lot during the span of middle school, especially around the time when he had an ED. He had his greatest growth spurts during that time, and with all the chaos of gaining and losing and purging, he got stretch marks. His body was always fluctuating, and because he grew so fast, he was cursed with them on his sides, stomach, and thighs. He doesn’t like them all that much, especially since nobody else on his team has them, but what he really hates, is his scars. He regrets it more than anything, cutting himself, because when he did, he’d cut a lot, and deep. So deep he remembers seeing the white of his flesh in between the wound. Unfortunately, they didn’t heal well at all, the scar tissue a bruising purple and rougher than his skin. They’re mostly on his thighs, but he has a few littered on his hips and forearms, as well. Those ones happened to heal better, practically disappearing at this point, much to his pleasure. During the summer, he’s always a bit self conscious to go anywhere, always fearing that somebody’s going to confront him about them.

- Sometimes, especially late at night, he’ll find himself crying. Every so often he’ll throw himself into a state of existentialism, and question his existence, and everyone else’s existence, for that matter, until he gives himself a headache. He has the tendency to over think things, especially things about himself, and once he starts thinking about something inconvenient, he’ll think about it so much that he freaks himself out, until he needs reassurance that everything will be okay, or else he’ll lose it. Often times, he can assure himself, but he doesn’t believe himself. He knows it’s an annoying habit, but he’ll constantly ask his mother if she hates him, or if he’s doing okay, just because he needs to hear it out loud before believing it himself.

- When he finds himself over thinking, he’ll get out of bed and distract himself. Those dinosaur figurines are pretty much there so he doesn’t kill himself in the middle of the night. More often than not, he’ll get up, rearrange them by period, then order, family genus and species, then alphabetically until he forgets whatever was bothering him in the first place. A lot of times, his overthinking isn’t all that self destructive. When it is destructive, the dinosaurs have no chance at helping him, but when it comes to him just remembering something stupid he said in 6th grade, or a really embarrassing move he made somewhere, the dinosaurs are there to cure what ails him.

- Although he doesn’t really think of himself to be all that great, he likes writing. He has a binder, a big white one that has so many indents on the cover you couldn’t even count, and it’s filled with poems and thoughts and short stories he’s created over the past few years. He keeps his older ones mainly for the fact that he loves embarrassing himself sometimes, but a lot of them are terrifying and show a side of him that no longer exists. A lot of what he writes is just tangents, small narratives that start out neatly written and based on a theme, but end up in violent scribbles and on a topic completely different than the one he started with. It’s a way to get his feelings out without actually having to share them. Although, he might show somebody he loves the binder one day, just so they can get a glimpse at who he was in the past.

- He has hope for himself. He knows he’s still insane and sick in the mind but he’s come to terms with himself, and there’s nothing he wants more than a good future. He wants the rest of his life to be on track; graduate high school, go to a good college, get married, have kids, maybe. He knows eternal happiness is too much to ask for, but he’s just striving to be content. He wants to forever live in the feeling of having that slight weight on his shoulders, but still be able to lean back and say, “I’m free.”

Attention ♡ Jack Avery Imagine

Title: Attention

Pairing: Jack x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 640

Summary: The Invitation EP dropped and Jack hasn’t been able to spend time with you.

Warning(s): Some angst, but ends in fluff

A/N: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’m so so glad you love my imagines. Honestly, you have no idea how much that means to me. I hope you enjoy the imagine! If anyone would like to request an imagine, you can do so here: x

You didn’t know when was the last time you actually spent time with your boyfriend. You thought about it long and hard, but still, nothing ever came to mind. He’d gone on tour for the Something Different EP, then when it ended, he spent time with his family. After he had a break, he was back on the road, released a single, then prepared to release a new EP. After the Invitation EP dropped, you began to wonder if you were ever going to see him again.

Sure, you got to call and text often. You did get to Facetime every once in a while. Snapchat was always an option. But there was nothing quite like getting to see Jack in person. You missed him—a lot.

As Jack became more focused on promoting the new EP, the less he was able to focus on you. Calls became shorter. Texts became less frequent. You even lost your Snap streak.

You couldn’t handle it anymore. You texted one of the other boys and asked if they would be home. Once you received confirmation, you drove down to their house. Daniel let you in, telling you that Jack was in his room.

You found him on his bed, scrolling on his phone. You crossed your arms over your chest and cleared your throat. Jack’s head shot up, his curls bouncing. He climbed off the bed, his phone cast aside.

He moved to hug you, but you took a step back. You weren’t going to melt into his arms like you always did. You were going to let him know how you felt, how upset you were. He frowned. “Is there something wrong?”

“You could say that,” you said. “Why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

“What? What do you mean?” Jack asked. “You know I’ve been busy.”

You shook your head. “You’ve been busy ever since we started dating, Jack! But now it’s like you dropped off the face of the Earth! You never call anymore, I hardly ever get a text. If I do, it’s lol or yea or some other one-word response. We’ve even lost our Snap streak!” You took a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts. “Do you…Do you want to break up with me?”

Jack’s mouth fell open. “Wha—Why—I don’t—Why would you say something like that? You know I love you!”

You felt tears prick at your eyes. Your hands fell at your side as your emotions started to take over. “Jack,” your voice shook slightly, “it really doesn’t feel like it.”

He wrapped his arms around you before you could realize what he was doing. You stood still for a moment. You couldn’t handle it anymore—you hadn’t seen him in so long. You dreamed of hugging him, kissing him. You couldn’t stand being angry at him. You wrapped your arms around him, crying into his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he said. “I’ll try harder. I’ll do my best to talk to you every chance I get.”

“No,” you said, “I’m sorry. I overreacted. I’m sorry.”

Jack pulled out of the hug and walked over to the bed, motioning for you to lie beside him. You did and, as you cuddled in bed together, Jack stroked your hair, mumbling things he loved about you in your ear.

When you stopped crying, Jack gave you a small smile. “You do know I love you more than anything, right?”

You nodded, sniffling a bit as you recovered from your sob-fest. “I do. I love you too, and I was just so scared that I was going to lose you that I freaked.”

“It’s okay, baby,” he said. “You’re not going to get rid of me anytime soon.”

“I love you so much, Jack.”

“And I love you so much more, Y/N.”

Stay Alive For Me (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader) Part 11

Originally posted by thedivorcecrockpot

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Teenaged!Reader

Requested?: No

Prompt: Lin finds a teenage girl unconscious at his doorstep and decides to nurse her back to health. As her stay is extended, Lin finds himself attached to the troubled teen that captured his heart.

Words: 3800+

Warnings: Dad Lin, Bullying, Physical Violence, Angst


/ Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six
/ Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Twelve /


Monday, January 26 (Two Days Later)~~

School starts up today.

Winter break was over.

You were so busy with getting kidnapped and in motion to be adopted by Lin to remember that school was starting up again. You forgot about tests and homework that was due. You were just too busy escaping from abuse and moving in with someone who will treat you well and raise you correctly.  

The last couple of days of your break were of you and Lin just lounging on the couch and watching Disney movies. This was your way of bonding with Lin, who was going to be your legal dad soon. You’d lay with your head on his chest while he held you protectively, stroking your hair soothingly. Lin would hum a Spanish tune into your ears. It was a soothing lullaby; a nice melody full of words that meant nothing to you but meant worlds to Lin.  

“What song is that…?” You asked in a hushed voice, not taking your eyes from the movie that was playing, which was The Little Mermaid.

Lin mumbled another Spanish phrase into your ear in a lulling voice, one you had grown to know was comforting and safe.  

Something about Lin made you truly feel wanted in this world. His acts of kindness always keep you going, it was like having a true parent, something you’ve longed for your entire life. You believed you’d get this feeling from your mother but you have now realized that this feeling wasn’t going to come from that woman. She shoved you away for so long that when she tried to keep you to herself, she wasn’t who you wanted to be raised by. She wasn’t the loving and laid back mom you loved years ago. That woman was too independent and lost the motherly aura so long ago. You didn’t want her anymore. Now, you had Lin. He was the parent you always wanted and you were certain he will love and support you the way you always needed to be.

And now, here you were.

On the subway with Lin on an early Monday morning.

He was taking you to school.

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Literally, JESS is such an angel. My favorite moment tonight, aside from meeting Taylor, was when she saw me when I met her. I was literally a sob fest. And she comes up behind me, hugs me tightly, and says “I TOLD you it would happen!!!”
That literally made that moment so real. I’m dead.
I love you, @jtmaster13 ❤️

Top 10 I’m Most Excited To See In Season Two

What a calm title for something I’ve been waiting for for over a year.  I’m proud of myself to being so articulate with only 10 days to go.  To celebrate this big milestone (I’ve also been celebrating with lots of The Final Countdown but how much can I say about that), I decided to make a list of the things I’ve been most psyched for now that we’re so close.

1. General experience- As a major planning person, nothing is more exciting to me than planning for something big such as the season two premiere.  Half the planning isn’t even finished and I’m already over the moon.  That caption for that video @izzy-almighty posted? The most accurate thing I’ve ever seen on this site.

2. Mileven reunion/development- Not necessarily the ship, but the character development for both Mike and Eleven.  This includes Eleven’s backstory, hair adventures, and the gaping hole she left in Mike’s heart upon leaving.  I am ready for all the angst. All of it.

3. Terry’s backstory- To some people seeing this, it’s weird to see such a seemingly insignificant character so high up on my list, but even if what we get on Terry is minimal, I’m going to be pumping out so many new fics.  In all seriousness, I’ve had about 5 serious fics planned revolving around the Ives sisters but I’ve stopped myself from writing them each time because there was just a little too much wiggle room for me to feel like I was doing their storyline justice.  One more scene with Terry or Becky and I’ll be writing about 50 personal interpretations.  I’m always going to be hype for that storyline.

4. Lucas, Max, and Dustin- Yes, partly because I can’t wait to see Dustin and Lucas crushing on Max, but also because their home lives are going to be explored!!  We will finally know if Dustin is an only child or not!!  We will get to see if Lucas has a pet turtle!!  We’ll unfortunately have to look at Max’s brother and feel sorry for her!!  No matter what, we get more information on my favorite characters.  Not only that, but the junkyard scene has my curiosity piqued and the next 10 days are going to be very slow while I try not to think about it.

5. The soundtrack- Soundtracks have always held a special place in my heart because they can really drive a show (and as someone that almost always has music playing, it’s a plus to get new tunes any day), and from Walkin’ In Hawkins I can already tell that the soundtrack is going to be a sob fest for me down the road.

6. Hopper & Will- Not the most discussed relationship within the show because we don’t really get to see them interact (unless you count Hopper punching the life back into him?) but their relationship in the season is going to be so interesting to see for so many reasons.

7. Adult group dynamic- Show me Joyce! Show me Hopper! Show me Bob so I can love him just as much and more!  I think the change will be really interesting and I love that they seem to be working together in the season.  At this moment, I really don’t care about whatever ships are going to be sunk or created- each of the characters are going to be interesting to see both individually and working off one another.

8. Roman- The hooligans in the van theory has only increased my intrigue over the mysterious Roman.  There isn’t much I can say about this topic because the Duffers have said just about nothing, but if Roman is connected to Eleven and possibly Terry, you can sign me up.

9. The acting- This particular topic is so far down on my list mainly because it was almost a no brainer.  Stranger Things has huge amount of talent within the cast, and I’m just excited to see more of it whether it’s portrayed through happiness, sadness or anger.

10. Opportunity for Steve’s character development- I’m mostly alone in this, and I get that, but Steve never really clicked with me.  I started out not liking him because of some associations to real life unpleasant people, and while I’ve now made it past that association, I’ve never loved Steve the way lots of my mutuals do.  But with the clips of him with the kids in the trailer, I’m optimistic that season two will convert me into a Steve Fan.


I’ll Be Okay - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request: anonymous - I’m not sure if u do teen wolf imagines but could u do a stiles one where you are going threw a really tough time like someone in your family died and he helps u through it ( I’m sorry this is so depressing but I lost someone recently and I’m trying to cop with us and I think this might help idk ) but thank you if u decide to do it 🙂

Warnings: Sad, fluff

Word Count: 1,031

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

A/N: Hope you liked it. I also hope anonymous that you’re doing better :) 


Everything felt like it came crashing down on you. Your whole world turned upside down when you heard the news. It didn’t feel real, it didn’t feel possible. You were shattered. You loved them with all your heart. They were family, and they were gone. You would never get to see their contagious smile or the sound of their laugh. You wouldn’t have them in your life ever again.

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Sad Days || Riverdale Preferences

Archie Andrews:

“Oh baby,” You reached towards your trembling red-headed companion with trembling hands, desperate to pull him flush against your palpitating chest. “You don’t need to stop crying.” You would coo softly, your small, delicate hands venturing to his ginger locks. “It’s okay to cry,” You would attempt to cease his constant mantra. A small sigh would emit from your lips, your arms creating a cage against his large form. “He’s going to be okay.” You persuaded the singer, your own tears creating a waterfall that proceeded to cascade down your cheeks. The scarlet drops of blood clung to the interwoven fabric of your pearly white blouse, his oh-so-famous varsity jacket now sporting a new color. You held him taught against your chest, swaying slightly. “Don’t stop crying.” Now shaking yourself, the two of you sank down to the hardwood floors of his small room. “Don’t stop..” You sobbed, your mascara staining your porcelain cheeks as your full eyelashes fluttered against them. “Don’t stop..”

Jughead Jones:

You never really were one to cry. Your mother and father had constantly drilled into your head that it was never okay to cry; never okay to express your emotions. As your (e/c) eyes fluttered open to reveal the raven-haired male in front of you, it was too much. Death was inevitable, and you were completely aware of that, but you did not imagine it would come as quickly as it did. Jason Blossom, your best friend of 6 years, had departed from the world. The scenes of the convicted murder churned inside your head, and how it broke your heart in two. Jughead reached towards you carefully, his long fingers locking themselves around your wrist in an attempt to pull you against his firm chest. “(Y/N)…” His feeble attempt proved worthy as you did not try and pull away from his soft grip. Your shoe-clad feet shuffled against the wooden floors, a single tear escaping its prison. Your eyelashes brushed up against your freckled cheek as you closed your (e/c) eyes, and you felt the small tear make a path. You hugged Jughead, sobbing into his chest. He was gone. 

Betty Cooper:

A war continued to ravage inside your abdomen, and your short arms wound themselves around your stomach. Your parents were not home, nor were they going to be anytime soon. You longed to call the blondie who lived only a few houses down, as she was your faithful companion and knew exactly what you were going through. However, you decided against it and ignored the sounds coming from your phone. Of course, you decided to watch the Notebook on this day, and you decided nothing was going to stop you. Mother Nature obviously took this as a sign, and it took its toll on your out-of-control hormones. “Why did she have to forget? It isn’t fair!” You sobbed, clutching your favorite childhood memento to your chest. There was a loud knock on your wooden front door, and you let out an unsatisfactory moan. However, the youngest Cooper was aware of where your family hid the key and entered the household. She was concerned! You didn’t answer any of her texts, and ignored her calls! When she entered your room, it was a sob fest. She shook her head, knowing of your situation, and pulled you against her chest. “I know it’s not fair. But they’re together. It’s okay..” Her soft words lulled you into a dream filled sleep. She was perfect.

Veronica Lodge:

After the Chuck incident, it was really too much for the sassy girl. Her father was in jail, her mother was using her name in ways she should not have been, and now, she was being used by a filthy male. Her name was forever etched into the shameful book, a worthless number accompanying it. Of course, she got back at him, he deserved it! All of them did! However, the brave girl broke down. Her defensive shield that held witty comebacks, sarcastic responses, and sassy remarks was crumbling, and it was just too much. The raven-haired girl stood in front of the mirror, her hands desperately trying to rid of the shedding tears. “Why am I so ugly?” She murmured, the spiteful words burning. You, of course, heard them and rushed in. When her shield was down, you, of course, had to put yours up. You pulled the sophomore into your awaiting arms and combed your fingers through her tamed hair. “You’re so much more than  you believe, V.” You tried to convince her. “Veronica, you’re just going through a rough patch. You’re such a talented, gorgeous girl and I’m lucky to call you my girlfriend. Chuck was an ass, don’t let him know you’re hurt. Let him know you’re strong.”

Cheryl Blossom:

A friend may last a while, but a sibling will last for life. A twin will last forever. Or so that is what Cheryl thought. Her twin brother was now existing somewhere else while Cheryl was left behind to deal with the crude comments in which the world threw at her. Her brother was her other half, and now, at the moment, she was cracking in half. It was so hard, everything hurt all the time. “Just make it stop…please make it stop. It hurts!” She cried, her perfect face crumbling as she sobbed, her strong demeanor following suit. Your small hands desperately grasped her tear-stained face. “Hey. Hey. Look at me.” You attempted, using the soft pads of your thumbs to wipe away the flowing tears. “I know it hurts baby. It’s going to..” You cooed softly, pressing your lips to her forehead. “He’s gone, and now you have to avenge him. You are Cheryl Blossom! You can do anything..”