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here’s AN ENTIRE MEME of EVERY SHAWN MENDES LYRIC EVER SUNG, & also the cause of my death. 
ALSO feel free to change these in anyway you need to fit your character!

“you’re way too short.”
“no i’m not!”
“i won’t listen to you.”
“i’m gonna do what i wanna do.”
“do i need to show you?”
“guess i gotta show you.”
“watch me.”
“i’ll rebuild it from the start.”
“do i really gotta spell it out?”
“i’ll flip the whole world upside down!”

“the time needs wasting.”
“fear not.”
“welcome to the jungle.”
“think fast, move quick, don’t stumble.”
“we can’t do this alone.”
“where do we go?”
“follow the wind, where it blows.”
“let’s make mistakes & don’t look back.”
“it’s now or never.”
“we felt invincible.”
“every glass was full.”
“we thought that the world was ours.”
“we’re young, living with no fear.”
“we don’t have this time for long.”
“we make big plans & spend all our change.”
“we missed the last train.”
“it’s our time!”
“we’re leaving home.”
“i wanna hold tight to a little of this.”
“it’s over, but it’s not the end.”
“don’t wait til you’re older to begin.”
“keep your composure & innocence.”

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