sob sob whine whine

Three weeks later than what I originally scheduled but I’m finally done! This was a secret project I’ve been working on since end April and honestly it was so hard not to spoil it. I had such a fun time making the wedding fanzine I thought why not do an actual book for real this time so I did!

Please excuse the terrible lighting I shot this at midnight lol , and thank you for putting up with the lack of art uploads while I concentrated on finishing this project!

Why make a recap. Why not make an episode where Naoki steals the hotdog truck, goes for a joyride, and gets into a high speed car chase. Or where Aoi fights her landlord with her bare hands over leaky pipes and late rent. Or where Yusaku finds out Roboppy knows he’s Playmaker and is left Dumbstruck for Hours.

Silly fillers are better than recaps.

Also why the hell did the temperature jump like 20F (10C) in just three days are you fucking with me here Northern Japan - you aren’t the US Midwest for god’s sake!