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Sir Terry Pratchett awakens. A skeleton stands at his bedside, wearing a long black robe. He sits up. “Well, hang on, let me get my hat,” he tells it.

The skeleton reaches into its robe. From abyssal depths it produces a heavy book bound in sheets of lead and night. It is the kind of book that gets stolen by a rugged adventurer from a temple with more spike-traps than the average house of worship contains. It is the kind of book to which the word “tome” might properly be applied. Frost forms on its pages from the lingering chill of the void. 

The skeleton coughs once and holds the book out to the man sitting on the bed.



Yatori Week, Day 2: Bound

Headcanon: (contains minor spoilers)

Hiyori’s cord gets cut off while trying to save Yato from Father. Because her soul was separated from her body at that time, she dies an unnatural death and doesn’t turn into a pure spirit like how Yukine turned into a fluff ball. Instead, she turns into a full ayakashi and simply wanders in between the Near Shore and the Far Shore.

Yato eventually finds Hiyori’s wandering soul but is unable to bring her back to her body (since she already died) nor turn her into his shinki due to her being a full ayakashi.

He, along with Kofuku and the others, find another way to save her. They eventually find out that due to her strong spiritual bond with the people of the Far Shore, it would be possible to turn her into a spirit that would neither be a god nor a shinki. She would be turned into a spirit similar to Tsuyu, Tenjin’s plum spirit companion. This allows her to retain memories of her past life as well as remain by Yato’s side for eternity.


They both joined team Instinct in the end.


Backstory: I’ve been having SERIOUS trouble finding one particular issue of Avengers Vol 3 (which you all know I have been slowly and lovingly reading over the course of the past year), and after going to 3 different conventions in Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and hitting up at least 7 different comic shops in two different states, I was BAFFLED and frustrated by my inability to track down this single damn issue (especially since it was part of the Red Zone story arc and GUYS THAT’S A REALLY IMPORTANT ARC. FOR. REASONS).

Eventually I started complaining on twitter about how this comic apparently DOESN’T EXIST anymore. AND GUESS WHAT.


Specifically, princess-sparklemullet! Turns out her LCS had it and OH MY GOSH she grabbed it for me and mailed it to me! AND NOW I HAVE IT.

So basically, rock the hell on, Carol Corps. Everyone freaking rocks. Especially princess-sparklemullet :DDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not many people know that i secretly cry over songs like ‘love story’ by taylor swift


I was re-reading some SS essays and rants and I was wondering…If Sasuke wanted to reject Sakura in Chapter 181, he should’ve rejected her right on the spot?

It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to respond YET to her feelings that night.

Let’s admit it, Sasuke is a pretty blunt and straight to the point person.

Instead Sasuke told Sakura a simple “Thank you” at the end before putting her out unconsciously.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me that scene is soo important for Sasuke and Sakura’s growth. It’s ambiguous and hopeful. Hopeful that someday we’ll be enlightened on Sasuke’s hidden "feelings" for our pink-haired heroine.