sob sob

been growing out my hair for 3+ years but this is it, i made an appointment at a nicer hair salon for this afternoon and i am going back to the Bisexual Bob

pray for me. and also my stylist

I just need to get this off my chest bc smh I couldn’t quite express my thoughts earlier today, I was just speechless and I still am. In matters of directing, coreography, vocals, song selection and concept, I have to say, this was such a well thought out concert! Just the fancams, pictures and the audio stream managed to convince me of what an expirence it must’ve been to attend this concert, to see Taemin performing and creating these captivating images and atmosphere for every song, he seems to convey so effortlessly. I think I’ve never been this excited to be able to watch a live stream! I can’t wait… And the fact that this was his first solo concert. If I had not known who Taemin was, I would’ve assumed he had never done anything else but this; standing on a 360 degree stage like the radiant personality he is, performing in his own distinctive style, every song and every stage was so…just so Taemin. Genuine, touching, heart-felt, emotional, powerful and simply stunning; out of this world 👏👏👏👏 I am so proud of him…