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How about five things for Rogue One?

1. The kyber crystal necklace felt like a dropped thread to me. “The strongest stars have hearts of kyber,” Jyn and her necklace, it all felt like it should be more somehow? I’m not sure what place it could have had or how it could have been incorporated better, but you drop a badass line like that and give your heroine a close personal totem on the same theme and … do nothing with it? I feel like something ended up on the cutting room floor that shouldn’t have.

2. Look, I know we kind of had to have General Tarkin around, but the CGI puppet was a little scary in the uncanny valley kind of way. I could handle the Leia one because it was just a couple seconds, but not Tarkin. Please, write around him.

3. I kind of wanted a Jyn & Bodhi conversation about how he came to know her father and why he decided to pass that message on. They were so connected through him and that didn’t go anywhere. Really, there were a couple backstories and relationships I wanted expanded out (why does Baze call Jyn “little sister”? They’ve barely talked!).

4. I feel like something more could have been done with Saw Gerrerra? I’m not sure what, but something. The “Save the rebellion, save the dream” was another good quotable line that felt tossed in there.

5. More of that lady in gold who was arguing at the Rebellion table. I did not catch her name, but I like her, and we needed more ladies.

But honestly the first two are the things that matter to me. The third point–I wanted backstory and interaction, but in weird horrible ways it made sense? Like, these people were meant to have time to have deeper connections and discuss things like how Bodhi got to know Galen Erso and it makes their deaths all the more tragic that they didn’t get the chance to have those conversations.

Lips like morphine pt. 1 / 8

[Note: Since it’s been awhile you can find my sad excuse of a story index here, should you need to freshen up on anything.]

I was the one who answered the door one evening when a blond teen stood on the threshold in tears, “Oh, you’re Umeko’s friend? I’m sorry, she’s not home at the moment. But you’re crying. What do I do with a crying girl? Tissues! Come on in, I’ll fetch you some,” I gestured for her to enter.
“Is Eiji home?” The girl asked between sobs.
“He better be. Eiji!”

Shortly after Eiji came down the stairs.
“What did you do to her?”
“She was like that when I found her,” I rose my arms in innocence.
“Wanna come to my room?” The girl nodded at his request.


I went to Kokura today for Reol’s talkshow and stamp meeting! They didn’t allow taking pictures or recording *sobs*

Before the meeting, we were given a piece of paper to write down questions for her. In 1 hour, Reol talked a bit and finished answering all of them xD I"ll quote some that I still remember ; v ;

Fan: What is your favourite hobby?
Reol: I think I should say something besides singing, ‘cause it seems unfair *giggles* mayyyybe sleeping?

Fan: Why are you so small?
Reol: Why are you asking it this way *hahaha* My father is about 1m66 and my mother is about 1m50 so people said I should be around 1m5~1m6. Buuuut… I couldn’t go over 1m5. I don’t know why *hahaha*
T/N: The question was なんで小さいのか。which is really casual and sound like it was wrong for Reol to be small and short haha :)) that’s why she asked back.

Fan: In this album, which song do you like the most?
Reol: Humph… this is hard because isn’t this album supposed to be a collection of songs I like the most? So I like all of them equally. But my favourite may change everyday. It’s like some days you want to listen to rock, but ballad on another day. I really can’t choose one.
MC: How about today then?
Reol: Today? Humphhh.. today should be ROXY!

Fan: What do you do on your day break?
Reol: *silence* Sleep. I’d definitely sleep.
MC: How about eating out? Or do you cook at home?
Reol: Yeah.. I’d eat at home 'cause I usually eat out a lot when I work.

Fan: What is your last goal?
Reol: Wow this is a broad question. How should I answer this haha. I think you meant what is my lifetime dream *silence* I really want my music to be listened worldwide, not just in Japan, but everywhere else.

Fan: What is your impression about Fukuoka?
Reol: Urgg…… It’s.. hot! Really hot. But today was cool, wasn’t it? And.. oh right. Hakata station is really huge, especially the part on upper ground. Streets and intersections are really broad as well.
T/N: Tokyo station’s underground is very large but the upper ground’s is normal.

Fan: Reol-san, please go out with me! Yes? No?
Reol: Thank you for the question. It’s no. *hahahaha* This doesn’t sound like a question though.

There were more but I can’t remember T_T

Then they set up a table for the stamping. Reol was so close to me I thought my heart stopped LOL I was able to tell her I’m a foreigner, (she then asked me where) and I’ve never thought I’d have this chance, so I’m really emotional, and happy, from now on, ganbatte kudasai~ :“>

The meeting was really really short T__T 1 hour passed in a blink of an eye!!

Btw, I met her again after having lunch, in a department store. I sad hello Reol-san, she thanked me and said see you again :”> I waited for her to go and took the 2nd picture LOL