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Milo and Moritz

So I’ve been such a fumbly dumbly fan of @cestenial and her work “Herr Doktor, der Blutsauger”! It’s Sniper x Medic ship, plus supernatural things and vampires! WHAT’S MORE PERFECT THAN THAT. And it also features all the other mercs and miss pauling and they all have interesting backstories! (Okay well not all of them…. YET).

This kinda took long because of academics, but I finally rushed finished one of the protagonists and antagonists of cestenial’s fanfic *wheezes*. 

The Tower

Well *sweats* I had this tarot talk with @tiafrye and this happened. I never ever painted smth like this, nor have I any idea how a tarot is done in all honesty. I guess I still tried, ahhahah /shot

After the Storm

Life is Strange; Pricefield; 1605 words
contains major spoilers for Polarized

“Where to?”

A startled breath escaped Max before she could stop herself. She glanced around in reaffirmation that it was Chloe who’d spoken. They were alone in her truck, and a quick glance at the clock told her that several hours had passed since either of them had spoken.

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agents of shield season two extended scene: agent skye in quarantine