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“I apologize if this comes out as rude, but… Are you Plegian…?”


may the light forever shine upon us.

lance: psshh i’m not in love with keith. i hate keith. we’re rivals

hunk: *gives him this and solemnly pats his hand*

I wonder when my headcanon of one’s eyes changing color depending on the magic they use, will be accepted 

Some frames with better quality here x!

Since commissions are going well, I decided what to spend the money on…

…I’ve been putting off getting a proper urn for Spock for a while. He’s just sitting on the mantle in a box in front of his portrait, but I wanted something special. So, thanks to your commissions, I decided to get him a nice ceramic urn and a custom-sculpted figurine of him to place on top of it.

Thanks, guys. <3

Will I Ever Make a Sound?

fandom: Dear Evan Hansen
pairing: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen
chapters: 1/1
rating: mature.

Oh, Evan. But people do notice you.

Connor noticed you.

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there is a part of me only you get to see.


“He and Spade were just induplicable as a team – wonderful together. David is very acerbic and… he’s – you know, he’s a toughie. And Chris is a softie. You’ve got the best of Belushi and Aykroyd, of Abbott and Costello, of Martin and Lewis… You had just a perfect yin-yang situation with those guys.” - Dan Aykroyd

“A fantastic combination of ultimately innocent and ultimately jaded. They are the oil and vinegar of comedy.” - Mike Myers

“They would react to stress in different ways. Chris would get bigger, and David would – there’d be less of David. And I used to say that the amount of weight in the frame kind of stayed constant, you know, in a two-shot.” - Lorne Michaels

“They were funny, they were close, you could tell they were really good friends. And only real – really, really good friends can fight the way they fought. And they’d throw something, and not speak to each other for a couple hours, and we’d all sit there and laugh and watch this thing go back and forth.” - Bo Derek

“And when I’d visit those fools during the [Tommy Boy] shoot, they’d have little fights on occasion, and Farley would [laughs] have a snap and Spade… [laughs] Spade would be scared for his life. They were in love with each other – we all were! You know. But Spade and Farley had a definite… brotherly relationship.” - Adam Sandler

Those fools. The way everyone talks about those fools, and the way everyone smiles so much while talking about those fools. 

But David Spade himself, every time he’s asked about Chris Farley, he always gives the same answers, usually “I think about him every day” or some variation thereof, and appears very stoic and tired like he’s climbed these same stairs too many times. It should be noted that this is likely because he once said “if I think about that for more than 5 seconds ill start bawling.”

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hannigram 84 i hate myself

I literally sat in the dark trying to fall asleep and ended up writing this in my head, so now I hate you more than I did before. *wipes tears from face and sniffles* 

84. “I’m dying.”

Will pulled them both from the water, panting and coughing as he finally got breath. He turned to look at Hannibal who was paler than he should be, fighting for breath as he gasped, “Will, I’m dying.”

Will ran over to him, hands on his shirt as he shook his head. “No, you’re not, we just need to get to that house there, it’s not far, we can…”

Hannibal put his hand on Will’s cheek, the blood seeping through and Will shivering from the cold. “No, I can…there is not much time, I…”

Will shook his head, tears of frustration on his cheeks as he yelled, “NO! You…you can’t die, Hannibal! It’s not…why did you have to turn us around and…when you hit that rock I…fuck…this…”

Hannibal smiled, blood coming from his lips as he spoke, “I am the…happiest…I have ever been…my beloved is crying for me…you will mourn me…not follow.”

Will pressed his face to Hannibal’s neck, shaking his head as his body shook, “No, no, it’s…he stabbed me worse, it’s not…”

“Promise me, mylimasis, promise. Suicide is the…ene…my.”

Will looked up, touching his face and nodding as he sobbed, “I…god, I don’t want to…I…I’ll call Jack, he’ll…”

Hannibal shook his head, wincing at the pain as he moved. “No…they will…you will burn for my crimes if they find you. Promise. Please, Will. I…”

Will kissed him, tears blurring his vision as he nodded his promise, swallowing back sobs as he felt Hannibal go limp in his arms.

When he woke it was to an empty room, feeling for someone not beside him. He shot up, tears wetting his cheeks as he ran down the hallway. “Hannibal? Hannibal?” he called out, his desperation getting louder the longer he was alone.

He heard a dog bark and turned as he reached the living room, seeing Hannibal there holding the dog’s leash. Will ran at him, plastering himself to Hannibal as he burst into sobs, “Will, what’s happened?”

Will sobbed, clutching him tightly as he tried to speak, “Don’t go, please…god, I can’t…you died, I just…god, please don’t leave me, I can’t…”

Hannibal pet his head, kissing Will’s cheek and whispering, “You had a nightmare, mylimasis, I am here.”

Will looked up from his chest, sniffling as he confessed, “I…I dreamt about the water. You didn’t…you didn’t make it. I was…god I was alone.”

Hannibal kissed him, pressing his lips tightly to Will’s own and lingering before he let go.

“That was nearly ten years ago, Will, you have this dream every year beloved right before our anniversary.”

Will hugged him so tightly, “I woke up and there was no one there, and I just…I thought maybe…god, are you sure this isn’t a dream?”

Hannibal hugged him and whispered softly, “If it were, would you want me to tell you?”

Will shook his head against Hannibal’s neck and sniffled, whispering, “No, no I wouldn’t.”