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Hi my sister is starting her last exam week for her undergraduate accounting degree today!! Could you draw a Yamaguchi and/or Tsukki wishing her good luck? She loves them and we always text each other when you update your blog because your art is amazing. So it'd be awesome to text her look "what asked for you!" Best big sister points.

Hello!! I don’t know if this is late or not but wishing your sister all the best!! 

“I grab both sides of her face and force her to look at me”

“I don’t want to ever see you like that again.”
“I’m alright. I’m still here. Okay?”

TEACH ME | Chapter Three

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summary: “Not now, Holland. I’m not in the mood of hearing your nasty comments.” you answer him back.
“If you really want to be noticed by Harrison we have to work together.”
You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan, Genius?”
Tom smirks “I’ll give you a few lessons about how to flirt with a guy, how to kiss, things you can say during a first date and so on.”

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Chapter Three

“So” he whistles on the crock of your neck “are you ready for your second lesson, darling?”
You close your eyes, it’s hard to admit it but this dom version of Tom is a huge turn on for you. The way he touches you, holding you by the waist, his hot breath hitting the back of your neck and the unbutton shirt makes you take a big gulp of air.
Tom smiles at you and your reaction. He still has a great power on you and he just loves how responsive you are to these small actions.
It’s an hard pill to shallow, but Tom is really good at flirting, it always seems like he an ace up one’s sleeve that makes you knees tremble.
“Dance with me. I want to see how you lose control.”
You turn around to check if he’s serious or not.
“What? No way. I’m… I’m not good at dancing, you already know this” you stutter.
“That’s fine darling. I can also teach you how to dance”
You try to answer back but Tom is already heading to the middle of the room where most people are already dancing.
Tom’s eyes are glued on you, sometimes a few girls wave at him but his sight never leaves your figure. All the confidence that you gained before disappears immediately as Tom is staring at you, his eyes looking darker than usual.
“You are so sexy, darling” he moves your hair from the back to your left shoulders as he whispers in your right ear “I bet every guys want to dance with you, but they won’t make a move. Do you know why?”
You shake your head.
Tom licks his lips and whispers in your ear “Because you’re mine”
These last words make you wrists tremble like leaves in autumn.
“Now dance with me, darling.”
You take a deep breath, Tom’s hands surrounded your waists as he dictated the movement. Everything becomes slower, it’s like you and Tom are the only people in the room. His perfume floods your nostrils while Tom nuzzles his head in your hair.
You never noticed how strong Tom’s arms are, or how soft his hair is. Not to mention his voice. God, the way he whispers in your ears can keep you awake for whole nights. But your favourite thing about him is the colour of his eyes, that reminds you of aged whiskey.
A quake spreads in your body as your hips rock on Tom’s ones.
On Friday, you hated Tom so much that you wished he could disappear while now you are grinding on him, your hands in his curls.
Tom’s hand traced invisible ways on your body, his fingertips leaving goosebumps on every inch of your body.
“Turn around, darling. Let me see you.”
You turn slowly, almost ashamed to be so vulnerable.
Your eyes travel from his eyes to his lips. Tom swears that your eyes are the brightest thing he has ever seen while his thumb caresses you check as you shake under his touch.
“Tom…” your voice is weaker than you could imagine “I want…”
Your words die in your throat when your noses meet. A part of you wants to kiss him, kiss him in front in everyone not caring about what Tom or the other people would think of you, the other part is telling you to stop and save your first kiss for someone else.
“What Y/N. Tell me what you want.” his voice is deeper than usual for the sexual tension between you two.
I gasps a few times “I want some fresh air” you stutter.
Tom tries to hide delusion that he’s feeling and just nods, following you on the balcony.
You don’t know what to say, if you should say something.
“Hey Tom” a guy says, waving at Tom.
“Jacob!” Tom greets him with a huge smile and a hug.
“Who is this lovely lady?” Jacob says looking at you.
“Oh, sorry. Jacob, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my dear friend Jacob.”
“Nice to meet you” you say, shaking his hand.
“Y/N? You mean the Y/N you told me ab-” Tom stops him with a jab in his ribs “I mean, it’s my pleasure.”
You chuckle giving Tom a cheeky smile.
Jacob is the sweetest person in the world, with a contagious laugh and a nice word to everyone. You start talking about random topics, laughing like crazy and for a moment you forget about the tension between you and Tom.
Everything is going great, until you look on your left and your eyes meet Harrison’s tall figure drinking with a few friends.
“Look Tom. Harrison’s here.” you exclaim with a big smile painted in your face.
Jacob and Tom look at each other, unsure about what to do.
“Y/N, I don’t think it’s a good idea greeting him” Tom suggests you.
“Why not? Come on guys.” you insist as you head to Harrison.
He is more beautiful than usual with his black shirt and the skinny jeans. You can’t help smiling at the idea of showing Harrison your new look. You want him to look at you like the rest of the guys in the house, you want to dance with him like you did before with Tom, and maybe kissing him.
All your dreams disappear when you see a brunette girl hugging Harrison from behind. He takes her hands and hugs her like he does with you and then he gives a small peck on her lips, smiling at her.
“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you but…” Tom tries to apologize.
“Save it, Tom.” a small tear escapes from your eyes “I want to go home.”
Tom nods “Ok, let’s go.”

During the way back, Tom tried a few times to start a conversation without receiving signals from you. All you did was staring outside the window pane, thinking about what happened.
“Here we are” Tom says when you reach your house.
You unfasten the seatbelt and turn to face Tom “Do you think I’m ugly?”
Tom loos at you, completely perplex “Sorry?”
“It’s just… I don’t understand why Harrison doesn’t like me back. I’m trying to change so that he can notice me… I just want to cry.” you sob.
“Shhh, come here, darling” Tom says opening his arms to welcome you in.
“Don’t ever say that you are ugly, because you are not. You are beautiful, and witty and Harrison is just an idiot because he doesn’t understand what he’s missing.” he tells you, caressing your back.
You dry your tears and chuckle “This is so funny. The guy I’m in love with is with another girl and the guy I used to hate is comforting me”
Tom giggles with you “Sometime life is weird.” he admits.
You stare at each other, again unaware of what to do or say.
Everything with Tom is strange, a minute before you are natural and comfortable around him and the second later you feel small and vulnerable. You start to think that messing up with your mind is the more natural thing for him.
Tom’s hand moves from your back to your cheek, stroking your soft skin.
“You are so beautiful” he whispers and the moment later you feel Tom’s lips on yours.
It’s just a small peck, like the one Harrison shared with that girl but it was enough to fuck up your mind.
Tom is about to move but your hand reach the collar of his shirt and you kiss him again. It’s a slow kiss, like the ones in the movie. Tom doesn’t pressure you and he doesn’t even get handsy.
When you break the kiss, Tom bites his lower lips, trying not to smile. On the other hand, you aren’t that happy.
“Who gave you the permission to kiss me?” you almost scream.
“I… You were watching me with your doe eyes and I thought you wanted it.”
“Well, you were wrong” you said opening the door.
Tom follows you outside the car and grabs you by your wrist.
“Hey, I’m sorry if I kissed you. That was my fault but you kissed me back so you’re also to blame.”
You sigh and look down at your feet.
“I’m sorry Tom, is just that… Tonight has been pretty intense, so many emotions and I need some alone time to make up my mind.” you apologize.
Tom seems to understand and leaves his grip on your wrist.
“Ok, text me when you’re feeling better” Tom smiles at you one last time before going back into his car.
You look at him leaving your alleyway. When Tom’s out of your sight, you hand touches your lips and you can still feel his delicate touch.
“I had my first kiss with Tom” you whispered to yourself.


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Hi again! I was reading The Universe of  Us by Lang Leav and it sorta gave me the feels and then the feels gave me an idea, so basically here the idea is??? Everything I do is so cheesy lolol, I’m really and truly sorry???? Also, I wrote this in about half and hour, so it’s totally not the best?? Sorry about that as well?????


By Lang Leav

It was all I wanted for the longest time-to open my eyes and see you there. To stretch out my hand and touch the soft, yielding warmth of your skin. But now I have learned the secret of distance. Now I know being close to you was never about the proximity.

    Tom’s pillow was wet when she curled up on his side of the bed the night before to fall asleep, and it was still saturated when she blinked her eyes open when she awoke.

Her day had been awful. First, her alarms didn’t go off so she was late to her first class and received a harsh scolding in front of all her peers, then, when she went to grab a coffee, she realized that she had forgotten her wallet. To make matters worse, when she was driving home from school, her car decided that it was appropriate to break down in the middle of the street, before she even had time to pull over. Worst of all, she missed Tom so much that her entire body ached for him.

She was unable to focus on any of her lessons that day because her mind was consumed by thoughts of Tom. She missed the way he said good morning, she missed the way he made her tea, she craved the soft kisses he would give her practically every five minutes.

Tom had given her a key to his apartment and as soon as her car was deemed alright to drive, she rushed over to his place. She knew that he wasn’t there, but being surrounded by all of his things would make her feel closer to him, or so she thought.

As she dropped down into his bed, she lay on the side he always slept on, and glanced around the room. Her eyes watered as she took in the comics and books placed haphazardly on his bedside table, and at the laundry he had failed to do, and at the sweatshirt that he had thrown messily onto the floor. She bit down hard on her bottom lip and sucked in a massive breathe in a lame attempt to stop herself from breaking down.

She knew what she was getting into when she agreed to enter a relationship with Tom. He wouldn’t always be there, and she would never hold that against him, it’s just that she couldn’t think of anything more comforting than to simply collapse in his arms and to allow him to kiss her tears away one by one. She couldn’t even bring herself to call him up, or to send him a text complaining about her day, because he knew that he was most likely having an amazing time with Harrison and she wouldn’t want to ruin that by making him feel guilty for being gone.

So, instead, she cried herself to sleep, wrapped tightly in Tom’s warm blankets.

Tom was confused when she hadn’t messaged him. They always spoke. They would always be texting, and he would usually call two to three times day, just to hear her laugh over the phone. When he said something particularly cheeky, he could practically feel her blush and she would stutter out a response. In fact, Tom had barely spoken to her all day, which was bizarre and he was beginning to panic.

Was she okay? Was she done? Did something happen? Should he call her best friend? Maybe her Mom? Should he call anyone?

As he glared at his cell phone, Harrison hopped over the back of the couch he was sitting on and clapped him on the back. “Alright man, what’s going on? You’ve been scowling at your phone for a good fifteen minutes.”

Tom barely glanced at Harrison before going back to staring his phone down. “She hasn’t messaged me.” Tom grunted out in response to Harrison’s inquiry. “She sent me, like, maybe five texts yesterday and we didn’t even speak on the phone.”

“Maybe she’s just busy with school work?” Harrison offered.

“She’s not, she already finished her midterms and her next essay isn’t due until May 2nd.” Tom brought his hands up to his temples and shut his eyes. “I don’t know what’s up, we always talk. You know that we always talk.”

“Call her, mate. You’re being ridiculous. I’m sure it’s not that deep, she probably had a late night, or her phone died. Call her now and stop looking so sad. It’s bumming me out.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re right, yeah. I’ll call her up right now.” Tom snatched his phone up off of the couch and paced back to his room, already dialing her phone number.

She blinked, rolling onto her side to examine her phone. Her screen was brightly lit and Tom’s I.D. was flashing up at her. She held her phone in her hands and took a second to center herself. Breathing in deeply, she answered the phone as happily as she could.

“Hi,” She could barely croak out before a strangled sob escaped her throat.

“Darling, darling, what’s the matter? What’s wrong, have I done something? Has anyone else done something?” Tom started to panic, pacing across his room. His mind was overcome with a multitude of bad situations his girlfriend could be encountering.

“It’s honestly nothing,” she stated in a small, scratchy voice. “It’s truly fine, I’m just being dramatic. It’s nothing, how’re you?” She asked, her voice breaking again.

“No, sweetheart, it obviously is something quite large, tell me what’s the matter.” Tom bit at his nails.

“Ugh, I’m such a baby, this is literally so humiliating,” She took a deep, shuddering breath once more, “Yesterday was just horrendous and I miss you. You’re so far away, and I’m being childish but I just, I just miss you.”

Tom stopped short. His mouth fell open, and then shut. “Darling,” was literally all he could get out before she began to sniffle.

“I’m really sorry, I know how dumb this is.”

Tom could tell that she really did feel terrible for her tears, and he felt even worse for not being there to wipe them away. “You are not being dumb, don’t even say that. You’re the smartest person I know.” He heard her snort and he rolled his eyes and smiled. “Darling, I miss you all the time, every second, especially when I’m in bed,” Tom stated, hoping to get a giggle out of her.

“Shut up, Tom,” She choked a laugh into the phone.

“You know, yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble and just sat in the corner. Literally, didn’t even grab a book, a coffee, or go on my phone. I just stared at the bookshelves and picked out all the books that you’ve read and all the books you go on and on about wanting to read. I sat there for so long that an employee threatened to kick me out if I didn’t purchase something from their store. I miss you all the time too. I love you, darling, and I’m sorry that I’m away. I wish I could take you with me, but you’re getting your education right now, and that’s much more important than me. Let’s facetime later, yeah, so I can see your lovely face again?”

“I don’t wanna go to class, I wanna facetime now.” She pouted, sniffling one last time.

“Absolutely not. You’re going to go to class, and once you’ve come home, you’re going to tell me everything you learned and we’ll have a skype dinner date. Is that okay, love?”

Rubbing her eyes tiredly, she agreed. “Goodbye, Tom.” She murmured, cradling her phone to her ear.

“Bye-bye, darling. I love you and don’t be late for your class.”

“Love you back.” She whispered into the phone.

After the phone call was over, she laid back down, and smiled up at the ceiling. Reaching down, she grabbed Tom’s dirty sweatshirt and pulled it over her head and began to prepare for class.

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Pairing: Moriarty x Reader 

Warnings: Bit of depression, mentions of bullying, and a gunshot wound (barely a graze). 

A/N I posted this earier, but it didn’t, I suppose. I posted this last Sunday actually, for a prompt contest, but it’s whatever. It didn’t work, so I’m so sorry for the delay, and I’m sorry to the host of the contest, as well. I should’ve checked.


Normally, you abided by every rule. It was like an obsession to always be the perfect little angel. So when people had found out you were… involved with a criminal, they couldn’t believe it. Actually, many thought it was a sick joke Moriarty was playing- the last little piece to his great game… the kindly assistant of Mycroft Holmes who always kept her head down, and always aimed to please.

 Your boss was not happy to find you were the beneficiary of about 90% of Jim’s personal effects. Pretty much the only thing you didn’t “inherit” was his criminal web and his “small” arsenal. But you weren’t happy, either. Because if you inherited his effects, that meant he was gone. For good… 

Of course, people had questions when they had first found out- not all of them pleasant. And you still heard whispers about yourself whenever you left the room. Especially around this time of year. The anniversary of his death, of the day he left you for good. Sometimes, if you concentrated hard enough, you could block out the whispers of your “betrayal” and replace them with the dancing, irish-kissed words.

 Of Jim whispering in your ear, “Come’ere, Angel, I missed you today,” and could practically feel his lips press to your cheek. “I’m the Napoleon of Crime, Darling, what do you expect?” After you saw a particularly nasty photo or heard an exceedingly heated exchange. You’d swear you could feel the heat of his hands on your shoulders as he tried to calm you… it’d never been his strong suit, but you thought it was a bit sweet. Sometimes.

Today wasn’t one of those times. Today, your coworkers’ words ricocheted around your mind like a .22 caliber bullet. They’d gossip about all sorts of things. Not-so-quiet whispers talking about how you were a traitor to your country for loving that man. They’d reason with each other that you’d been tricked, because a psychopath like him couldn’t love. That you’d been manipulated for his own sick entertainment. They’d ask how you could love a man with so much blood on his hands, but no matter how you answered, you knew they’d never understand. 

Maybe that’s why you just stayed, and listened to their words, letting each one chip away at you. Maybe if they got deep enough, you could break the “spell” Jim had put you under. Just like this time every year, you stumbled back to your flat, choking on your tears as you tried to convince yourself they were wrong, or that they just couldn’t understand. 

Your blubbering cries were stopped when you saw the lights of your home on, even though you’d turned them all off that morning. Slipping your gun out of your purse, and lifting it to aim, you slowly pushed the door open to find a man standing by your mantle, covered mostly by shadows. Before he had the chance to turn around, a loud BANG echoed through the walls, and a short yelp as the bullet grazed his shoulder. 

“Holy hell, Angel- what was that for?!” Jim clutched his barely bleeding shoulder, palm getting splotched in thick crimson liquid. 

“Y-You’re- You’re dead!” You proclaim, swearing your mind was playing tricks on you- that this man couldn’t be your Jim. No, your love had killed himself on the roof of Saint Bartholomew’s hospital four years ago- to the day. 

“So you shot me? What made you think shooting me was a good idea?!” He hissed, sitting himself down on your loveseat. It wasn’t a severe wound- heck, it wasn’t even that deep. He’d been shot many times before, and this one was barely bad enough to leave a scratch. What hurt was the fact that YOU shot him…. his little Angel. Your bottom lip quaked, eyes welling up with more tears, like the day’s hadn’t already been enough. His suit was just as crisp as the one he’d been wearing when you last saw him, minus the small traces of blood leaking onto his sleeve. His hair smothed back, almost as if it wasn’t single strands but one solid piece. He was the exact same man he was all those years ago. He was Jim. 

“Jim?” Your breath was thick with disbelief. The sound of his name caused him to look up at you with those same puppy eyes he’d had upon waking up in the mornings, and his lips curved into a gentle smile, reserved only for you. 

“Yes, Darling?” Sobs escaped your lips as you stumbled over to him. In response, he stood to greet you, eyes sparkling with a certain glee. Once he was right in front of you, the scent of irony blood mixed with cedar and mint from his expensive cologne engulfed you in it’s sweet presence. You crashed into his arms, violently sobbing as you clutched onto him like he was your lifeline. With his free hand, he softly rubbed your back, setting his chin on your head, and letting you cry it out. “I hate you, you complete and utter arsehole.” You grumbled, causing him to vibrate with laughter. He tsked a few times, and brought his lips to your temple, pressing them firmly against your skin. Despite his weak arm, he managed to pull you slightly closer. “I love you, too, Angel.” Because despite what anyone thought, he’d missed you more than anything- maybe even more than you’d missed him. “Now, let’s get this arm fixed, yeah?”

Scary Sweetheart // KJ Apa

Anonymous: Hey girl, love your imagines and I was wondering if you could do a KJ imagine/oneshot, where the reader is a dancer and KJ supports her at a show and stuff? Thanks lovely.

Word Count: 1,440

Warnings: panic attack, supportive KJ, cuddly KJ

Characters: KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott,

A/N: I legit had to watch Dance Moms and I got so much inspiration you do not understand (I love dance moms omg). I hope you enjoy this and I can’t wait to finish all these and open my requests again. X

This is the dance: if you don’t want to watch the intro, the performance starts at 2:19. x


You took a deep breath as you walked out of your dressing room and to the foyer of the theatre. KJ had messaged you, letting you know that he and the gang were here and to meet them in the foyer.

Your hair was curled and thrown into a bun and your make up was all done and perfect, your winged eyeliner had been done less than 10 minutes ago. “Hey!” You grinned, seeing the familiar brunette (unfortunately, the red faded) and your group of friends. They all turned at the sound of your voice, seeing you clad in a pair of Adidas sweatpants and a crop top.

Your 6 cast mates all walked towards you, smiles on their faces. Madelaine was the first to hug you, pushing past KJ and wrapping her arms tightly around your body, giggling. She squealed. Words of luck were given to you by Cole, Camila, Lili and Casey, as Madelaine and the rest of them left, telling you that they’ll see you after the show and telling KJ that they will save him a seat.

“I can’t wait to watch you tonight.” He grinned, pushing a curl behind your ear and kissing your forehead gently, looking down at you. “You’re going to be the best and you’re going to win.” KJ chuckled, kissing you softly on the lips. “Now, go knock ‘em dead, baby. And make sure your partner doesn’t fall in love with you.”

You giggled, pushing KJ towards the double doors where he would go and find the gang. “Good luck! I love you!” He turned around just before he got to the doors, grinning at you. You blew him a kiss, waving at him and running back to your dressing room to get changed into the yellow dress you would be wearing.


“Please welcome to the stage, entry number 25, ‘Scary Sweetheart’.” You heard the voice through the speakers as you looked at your partner, James, who was standing on the opposite wing, giving you thumbs up. You took a deep breath, walking onto the stage with poised steps and took your place in the middle of the stage.

Once the music started, you were automatically in the zone. The touches of James’s cold fingertips gave you goose bumps, but you focused on the beat and lyrics of the song. You had been practicing this dance with James for a few months now, your dance instructor wanting every bit perfect. You had practiced 9 hours a day, 4 times a week for about 4 – 5 months.

Once it got to a specific part in the dance that you had trouble with at the start, but you eventually got it perfect, you became nervous. James lifted you up by your waist twice, and when he placed you down so you could go behind him, you had lost your footing and slipped up. It wasn’t anything major, but it still made your heart beat faster and tears prick at your eyes. Your dance instructor was going to be very pissed off at you for stuffing up a dance you had been practicing for months.

The drastic change in music to set the scene was your favourite part as you went from ‘sweetheart’ to ‘scary sweetheart’ made the crowd cheer, loving the mood. You took deep breaths as your partner fell onto the floor from the ‘kick’ you had given him, and you used the emotions you were bottling up right now to set the emotion for the scene. Once you had grabbed the back of James’s shirt, picking him up and dropping him back onto the floor, you left the stage with your chin high and back straight, but as soon as you were behind the curtains of the wings, you burst into tears. Covering your mouth to stop the sobs, you rushed back to your dressing room and closed the door, grabbing your phone with shaky hands and sitting on the floor and unlocking your phone. You dialled KJ’s number, your whole body shaking as tears fell down your face and you used your free hand to wipe the tears from your cheeks.

“Baby?” KJ had answered. He was speaking in a normal tone, not hushed or anything, since it was intermission and he had obviously either stepped outside or there was no one around him. “You did amazing, what’s wro-“

“I st-stuffed up!” You sobbed, pulling your knees to your chest and pulling the bobby pins out of your hair, letting your bun fall loose and your hair fall over your shoulders. “I-I slipped and now James is going to hate m-me and so is Re-Rebecca.” You tried to calm your breathing, but you had worked yourself up, and now you were border lining a panic attack.

“Hey, hey. Breathe, (Y/N). C’mon. Where’s your dressing room? I’ll come and see you and bring you a bottle of water.” KJ’s voice soothed you, and you could hear Cole and Camila’s voice in the background, asking if you were okay. She’s just a bit worked up, KJ spoke away from the phone, and you could hear the chatter of your friends, asking if you needed anything.

“Baby. Just text me where your dressing room is and I’ll see you there, alright? You gonna be okay for about 5 minutes?” KJ asked you, his attention back onto you.

“O-Okay.” You hiccupped, your sobs still coming through, and tears still flowing down your cheeks. Your hands shook as you attempted to text KJ, but you sent the message with a few mistakes and an odd full stop in the middle of the sentence, but you couldn’t be bothered editing it.

KJ had shown up in your dressing room, and seen that you had calmed down a little bit, but you would let out the occasional sob and hiccup. “Hey, darling.” KJ closed the door behind him, slowly walking towards you. He knelt down in front of you, resting his hands on your knees and rubbing them gently. “It’s alright, hey? Just, breathe for me. Like you taught me. In and out. Slowly.” KJ’s voice soothed you a bit more than the instructions did, but you still complied, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

“I-I didn’t mean to slip.” You looked up at the brunette, your eyes red. “The floor was slippery and my stockings just didn’t mix well.” You closed your eyes, letting your chin rest on your knees. “I’m just really tired too.” You pushed yourself off the ground, grabbing your dance bag and shoving all of your belongings into it, not caring how they’re placed.

“Come on then, I’ll take you back to my place. We can drop Cole and Madelaine home, since they came with me, but you can have a hot shower to relax and we can watch a movie and go to bed.” KJ grabbed your bag from you when you went to sling it over your shoulder. His bicep rippled as his arm flexed, and you followed him out the door.


“Bye, Cole!” You waved to the brunette who walked towards his apartment. Madelaine had been dropped off before Cole, but now you and KJ were on your way back to his place.

You watched as the buildings went past, and when you saw the familiar street of KJ’s street, you sat up a little and grabbed your phone, seeing that the time was 7pm. Once KJ had pulled the car up, you got out the car. “I’ll grab your bag.” KJ told you and you looked over your shoulder, smiling.

“I’ll be in the shower,” you spoke softly, unlocking the front door and kicking your shoes off. You had already started to unzip the dress and were in the shower within 5 minutes of getting home.

KJ was in the bedroom, turning Netflix on the Xbox and he was changing the sheets over (since he and Cole had fallen asleep on the bed. Go figure) and grabbing you something to eat from the kitchen.

Once you had wrapped a towel around your body, you walked into his bedroom and opened the draw you had claimed, changing into some sweatpants and a training bra. Pulling your wet hair into a bun, you got on his bed and put your phone on charge, sliding under the covers.

“I made you a cheese sandw-“ KJ looked at your quite figure. You had fallen asleep, already snuggled under the covers. He grinned, placing the sandwich on the desk in his room. He turned the lights off and crawled into bed next to you, his arms wrapping around his waist.

“Good night, Sweetheart.”

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