Finally Hanzo is in jail for making us draw his tattoos 

 I have 20 things I could draw, and I draw shitlord prison Hanzo again. I see how it is

Truce by AVoresmith at ao3 is the awesome work of my best friend @avoresmith. Hanzo never left the Shimada clan, Genji never left Overwatch, and it’s time to haul Hanzo in for recruitment and GAY DRAMA. It’s polyship (mchanzo and mcgenji so far) so come have fun!! There’s a lot of MESSY HANZO SMIRKING BEHIND BARS which is THE BEST!!!!!  

Just Friends: Part 4

(( OOC: Lily Evans played by: @potterdeer )) 

*The halls are dim and everything is quiet as James and Lily make their rounds, giggling and chatting in not-so-hushed tones*

James: *smirks* And you bet I did. *swoons* Minnie’s the love of my life! 

Lily: …And where did you get those snapping toffees?

Lily: You don’t call Marlene by her last name….or- 

James: It’s a… term of endearment. 

Lily: You looked like you were having a lot of fun.

James: *shocked* …. You… 

Lily: *quickly changes topics* 

Lily: *smirks* You both have a pension for trouble.

James: *laughs* 

Lily: We’re mates right? You can talk to me about that stuff…

James: Besides… talking about “that stuff” with you… is kind of weird.

James: I’m clearly not picking up what you’re putting down, so could you maybe simplify this for me… ? *smirks*  Pretend I’m a toddler, use small words. 

Lily: I really, really like you… I’m sorry.

James: *quietly* … What are you trying to say Lily?

Lily: Not anymore.

James: *studies Lily’s earnest face* *struggles to contain himself* 

Lily: *laughs in frustration*  

Lily: *turns around and starts heading down the hall*

Lily: *stares down at their laced fingers* 


Alain and Ash bro pals Superhero AU to cope with all the current angst. I am terrible at coming up with names but so far I have Blue Flame and the Frog Kid. They like scarves and saving the day. Alain always remains aloof and cool despite his dorky gliding suit and oh yeah, can control fire too or something. Ash is a ninja munchkin. 



Hey guys, please take a moment to watch this short video, and commented your thoughts on the comment section below, it means a lot to have your support, thank you!

for @yatorihell ‘s 1800s au bc it killed me and hey

hiyori in a pretty dress

(yato’s hopefully on the way too :3c)

everybody seems to be really focusing on the negatives of tops set from reading festival, when on another note their leeds set went (seemingly) without a hitch!! there was no dangerous crowd surfing and they got all the way to the end even playing trees which I didn’t expect them to get to play. it was brilliant, and i’m sure the boys and the team are focusing more on that success than the night befores mistakes. 


anonymous asked:

Why do you think Shinohara at first even cared about Juuzou? Why he stood up for him when everyone else wanted to use him as the Scapegoat? Did he just see potential? Or something else?

I think that Shinohara is a deeply nurturing person. I think that he’s one of the few people at the CCG who is really good. He believes in what he’s doing and believes that what he is doing is right. He’s not corrupt like the Washuus. He’s solid, doesn’t believe in causing pain (even to ghouls), and has a nurturing, paternal disposition. 

It was Shinohara’s team that rescued Juuzou, and Shinohara was aware that Juuzou had been mistreated. He saw Juuzou as a victim and a survivor from day one, and he firmly believed that Juuzou could be rehabilitated. That he could become functional. And he was clearly correct. I think that Shinohara’s paternal love for Juuzou came later, as they worked together and as he learned more about Juuzou and they developed a strong bond. But I think that initial spark that compelled him to stick up for Juuzou came from his own goodness and his paternal nature. 

After 4-5 days of being in denial it’s come to my attention that I do, in fact, ship Jungkook/V. Sooooooo if you are a shipper please share some top!kook and bottom!v fanfics with me because I can’t stop spazzing over their moments. The recent on with Jungkook getting into V’s bed and putting his arm around him while he slept just friggen destroyed me I AM NOT OKAY. I’m not even a BTS fan and I don’t know anything about the group and have only heard 2-3 of their songs but damn this ship got me good. 




Please let me throw Mitsunari into the depths of a forest where he will never make his way out.

“But the world isn’t doomed, Mitsunari! We’ll see peace in time, don’t you worry!”

“So, please don’t throw him into such a forest, Yoshitsugu.”