soaring herons


I wanted to share a little more about the full American Express project that got released a few weeks ago! When I got the assignment, I decided I wanted to link the three images together in some way; using the natural cue of the cards’ colors I opted to pan up through a jungle canopy, with hints of mystery and adventure fit in amongst all the lush imagery.

Green starts at the jungle floor; as an explorer walks through the foliage another peeks in the reflection. Moving up into the Gold, a jaguar lounges in the trees while batting at the monkey below. And in the Platinum, we pan up into the canopy where an adventurer reaches a mountain peak with herons soaring overhead.

This was a fun challenge; initially I hoped to have a subtle blend of colors between each card but it was requested to keep each image unique in color, so it was interesting to find ways to keep the transitions feel continuous but still distinct.

Thanks to American Express for the fun project!