Dearest Readers,

Hi there! I heard that some of the other members of the guild started a mailbag and it seemed like a neat idea… so I thought I’d join too! Hopefully that’s okay…

I’m not very good at introductions, but… my name is Soarii! Someday I’m going to lead a powerful army… or I hope so at least. Ask me anything and I’ll answer as best as I can.

… Oh! I invited a few of my other guild friends to participate too. They can just introduce themselves later when the time comes, since I don’t feel like I could do them any justice myself… Feel free to ask them stuff too if you want!
(But umm… if I were you… I would avoid asking Vexxpin anything if he decides to show up. He’s just… bad news. If you really want to though then I guess I can’t stop you…)

soarii :

Wooo, You’re a little arianator! :)
and i was really happy when you followed me cause your blog is perfect!
and I complety love your edits, they are awesome! haha
You’re new and you’re already famous, haha but you’re a really sweet girl! (: