soar into the sun

Don’t You Dare

Markiplier x Reader

Me and Mark walked hand in hand down the moist sand just at the start of the ocean. The scenery was unlike anything I’d ever seen before as seagulls soared, waves crashed, and the air was salty and calm. The sun was at it’s tire, barely visible in the distance as it was surrounded by swirls of pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples. It was absolutely amazing. I hadn’t realized I’b been hypnotized by the beauty of dawn until Mark squeezed my hand slightly. I tore my gaze to look over at him. The light left had hit his face perfectly making me smile. He smiled back before he spoke.

“ Enjoying the view?” He asked as he pulled my arm causing me to get closer to him. I hugged him, thankful that I got to experience such beauty with someone I adored. I nodded in response. A sudden chilly breezed swept through the air causing goosebumps to ripple down my arms and a shiver to shake my entire body.

“You cold sweetie? Here let me go get your sweater from the car-” He said politely before I refused.

“No. Mark you don’t have to, I’m fine.” I suggested with a smile, but he was having none of it.

“I can’t let my baby freeze out here. It’ll be super quick I promise. Stay here, okay?” I reluctantly nodded as he smiled in response. He began jogging across the sand in the direction of our car as I was left with the now cold seawater licking at my feet about every twenty seconds. Still, I crossed my arms to keep warm for now and turned to the portrait-like view of sunset. Considering we’d walked a long bit I expected to be waiting about ten minutes. I heard the sound of moving sand and expected to see Mark.

“Wow, That was fa-” I was cut of by the shock that it was an unfamiliar man. Blushed in embarrassment and quickly apologized.

“Oh, sorry about that. I thought you were someone else.” The man looked about my age and was decently good-looking. He smiled and shook his head.

“It’s fine doll. So what’s a girl like you doing out here so late?” He asked as he looked me up and down. I suddenly felt really uncomfortable and decided to play it safe.

“I’m just out here with my boyfriend. He’ll be back any minute. Plus I can take care of myself.” I responded. He chuckled at my last remark as he took a few steps forward towards me as I took a few back.

“ Well, I think you’re lying. Here, why don’t you come with me and let me take care of you.” His words repulsed me as I began to really get scared. Especially because of the now sinister and lustful look in his eyes. But, I refused to let my guard down.

“ Look asshole, I’m fine. Now leave me the hell alone.” I said, standing my ground. He swiftly reached for me. I swiftly turned and tried to run but I was no match. He grabbed onto my shirt and pulled me towards him. I squirmed and kicked as hard as I could to try and get him off me.

“Mark!!” I yelled before he covered my mouth with his filthy overpowering hands. I bit his finger with all I had causing him to yelp and growl at my doing.

“Hey!” I heard. I turned around to see Mark drop the items he was carrying before tackling the other random perv. Mark whaled on him with dangerous intent as the other swung back both with violent glares. I began to get worried as even though that man had violated me, I didn’t want him to get seriously injured or have Mark get in trouble because of it.

“Mark! Mark stop! You got him it’s okay. I’m okay!” I yelled over the sound of both of their grunts in protest. I tried pulling Mark away and was thankful when the other man hit the floor in defeat. Mark still pacing over him.

“Don’t you dare ever touch her again, do you hear me?!? I will fucking kill you, I swear to god if you ever do so much as look at her again!!” He yelled still panting from the adrenaline off what had just happened. The other guy simply groaned in pain and rolled over, blood visible throughout the sand. I took this as a chance to calm Mark down as I placed my hand gently on his shoulder. He tensed only to loosen up once he turned towards me. He was a little scuffed up but his eyes were no longer filled with rage but rather worry and guilt.

“Oh my god, Y/n are you okay sweetheart? This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have left you alone. Did he do anything to you? Are you hurt?” I smiled despite the recent events and shook my head.

“I’m fine Mark. Thank you.” I said, a tear falling down my already wet cheeks. He gave a sympathetic look and pulled me into a hug.

“Come on baby. Let’s get out of here.” He threw his jacket over me as we began walking to the car. He held me close the entire time. I really was grateful. I was extremely scared that that horrible man would’ve done something awful if Mark hadn’t been there. Once in the car, I leaned my head against Mark’s shoulder and fell asleep halfway through the ride home. Looking at the last minutes of sunset until my eyes slowly shut in exhaust.

There are dreamers and there are realist in the world. You’d think the dreamer would find the dreamers and the realist find the realist, but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see, the dreamers need the realist to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realist? Well, without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.
there are dreamers and there are realists in this world
  • You'd think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not the opposite is true.
  • You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun: Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Cancer, Leo
  • And the realists, well, without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground: Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius

1. the myth of icarus has bred a generation of children too afraid to fly
and this is what it looks like:
chains worn like sleeves and cages worn like armor
your shell was meant to shackle but instead you called it shelter
sinking back into your cell (shrinking back inside yourself)
you think:
you can’t expect me to wear wings when i
can’t even wear my own skin.

2. nobody believes me when i tell them
that a the taste of the sky
will be worth the fall.

you say, “no. i don’t want to end up
a lost cadaver.
at least i’m not burning or sinking or drowning—”

i ask, “but what would you prefer?
to drown in the sea,
or in self-loathing?”

3. it’s not fair. he never wished to be a tragedy. he never asked to be a lesson.

tell us a story where he soars down before the sun can take him. where he catches a gaze instead of catching fire. nothing falls but a heart falling in love. nothing burns but the memory of searing light.

or maybe: a story where he crawls out to the shore, wings water-soaked and dripping waned wax. show us the part where he stands, broken body rising, bare feet steadying on soft, sandy ground. paint the scene where his lips part to exhale his relief. say, this is where the pain ends. say, this is where healing begins.

better yet, tell us a story where he aims for the sun but falls for the sea, falls to the sea, falls in love with the sea,
finds home in a place he once feared.

4. don’t say self-loathing.
better to be swallowed by the ocean than be swallowed by fear.

5. the myth of icarus has bred a generation of children too afraid to fly
remind them all
they are worthy of the sky.

—  don’t let him die a warning || (s.p.r.)
I’m free. Free as a bird. A bird who has spent eternity trapped inside of a cage she didn’t even know enclosed her. I’m able to spread my wings farther than I knew possible. I see the sun and I soar. I soar with the hope of tomorrow. I fly to the beat of my weary heart, finding quickly how strengthened I’ve become. I’m filled with passion and dreams once more. The dark and dismal nights I spent locked away are but a memory. My new life begins now. My freedom takes me far into the majesty of what seems to be wonderland. I am brave. I am strong. I am free.
—  LB

“There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers, and the realists would find the realists, but more often than not, the opposite is true.
See, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun.
And the realists?
Well, without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.”
― Modern Family

“There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You would think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists… well, without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.”

- Cameron Tucker, Modern Family

anonymous asked:

If you could pick just one person to ship yourself with who would it be and why.

That would be Ben Mendelsohn. I think we would make a great couple. I’m always being logical and making plans -he could benefit from that. But at the same time, I would need his spontaneity and creativity to shine some light in my life.

I would keep his head leveled so he doesn’t soar too close to the sun and burn his wings and with his dreamer status, he would be able to make me leave the metaphorical ground every once in a while.

Not to mention that we mostly like the same food, we both love Star Wars and the most important -he knows what taxes are. He could do all that.

And the sexx…I guess he would like to be someone’s teacher for once. ;)

Don’t you know, anytime, anyplace, I’m yours [1/?]

words: 4091
pairing: KuroHina
summary: He was head over heels with a guy who looked like a high school kid, had a weirdly high pain tolerance level, smiled like a thousand suns, and whose name literally meant ‘to soar’, as if the huge black wings tattooed on his back could actually make him fly…
status: possibly tbc after rare pair week

day 1 of rare pair week
prompt: beginnings
with special dedication to kurohinanet who are as crazy about tattooed hina as I am, hope you have fun with this one guys~ 
my rare pair week tag

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To be honest, Tetsurou still had absolutely no idea how it happened, but one day he found himself half-laying on the counterof Bokuto’s tattoo shop, whining and moaning about his most recent crush to his best friend, who was busy cleaning the tubes and paid him absolutely the barest minimum of attention. Tetsurou didn’t mind that as long as he got to say his piece, yet somehow he couldn’t do even that, because all that left his mouth were incoherent strings of moan-words, which made absolutely no sense in ears other than his own, adding even more to his general frustration.

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When you’re up all night penning featured verses. This one is for a track the brotha @jhonypanama wanted me to jump on, with production by @theraisinman. Proud of how it turned out
🙌🏿 Looking for my aura, or my inner Korra /
Inner chorus, soaring like it’s Sora /
Sorting fleeting suns and setting moons /
The meaning of my muses, refuses to see /
The inner me /

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Draco was a wounded snake. He remained with his belly flat to the ground, hiding in the darkest bushes to remain safe from predators while he healed. But Luna couldn’t be slippery and silent and serpentine. She couldn’t be confined to the darkness like he was. Luna was a glorious, colourful bird; she longed for the open skies and the summer sun, and to swoop and soar and circle the fluffy white clouds. Her kind heart kept her wings clipped, and Draco took her for granted.

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Draco/Luna aesthetic, as requested by bellaemysclarke <3

Forbidden Thoughts

Dreams of you,
are forbidden to me;
Yet they breach,
through they come,
into my sleep;
They love me,
with gentle words,
with feather-light,
they touch me;
I imagine,
soaring into your arms,
into the fires,
of this sun;
And melting,
into moonlit embraces;
Listening to your voice coax me,
cast your magic spells on me;
Your web,
is knit,
and I am un-forgiven,
in falling;
like the tendrils of a plant,
inside my quilt.

© soulreserve 2015

Sagittarius ~  ♐  ♡
the shaman, they who see clearly the language of symbolism and esoteric wisdom, they who hold the map of entry to the divine temple 

sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, this is a quest for the expansion of consciousness through personal experience. in esoteric astrology the Earth rules sagittarius and suggests the inner and outer pilgrimage undertaken in life  
Archetype: The God Archetype ♡

“She was here on earth to make sense of its wild enchantments” - Boris Pasternak 

  • sagittarius is a wild flower, a child of the earth and an explorer of wisdom and answers. the music of god plays through nature for sagittarius. they can hear it as their feet sink into the sand or the sun soars of their head
  • the sagittarian expression tends to be quite animated and capturing. they hook people in with their clever quips and jovial sense of humor. they sprinkle laughter and light on their company. they are the dreamer of dreams, but they appreciate lucid logic and substantial evidence. sagittarians don’t mind making a joke - but they don’t want to be one 
  • sagittarians need authentic experiences in life. they are interested in the magic and mysteries of the world and confront situations with logic and intellect. sagittarians have wide eyes that constantly perceive possibilities and enchantment. their personal style can be quite quirky and offbeat. they mostly enjoy the process of learning and acquiring new information 

their pain is this pressing, restless urgency to move because i feel like i am missing out on something great or brilliant and it’s this sort of discontent with the present moment cause i could be somewhere better 

to feel god is to cross land and sea, horizon and mountaintop, on land and through the mind, books, and pilgrimage on the quest for expansion, wisdom, and meaning, to breathe and let nature envelope them, this is Sagittarius in touch with God


[art: valfre]

   Artemicion counters wind and sun, meager wings soaring through spire and tiled roof. The bustle’s the same below, children’s tidings given in jovial laughter, rushing across noble and peasant, oblivious to the world’s divisions in their child-like innocence. 

    But all are blissfully oblivious to the terrible news held in the telegram he delivers. 

   He storms across sky, sweat drenched fur weighing his form lower and lower to the dirty moat surrounding the castle. Urrrgh!!” The message is too important to give way to exhaustion and possible disease this moat undoubtedly contains! He exerts himself harder, beating his wings to bounce him higher and higher.

   Almost–!! Allmooost!!!”


    “What the–?” The guards blink across the other, unsure if they had both just caught a black blur streak across their sight. After an approximate five seconds, they look to the castle doors, and leap back with a gawk. Wha–?!”

   There plastered to the ivory oak is the moogle, sopping, disheveled, and flat against the door, the telegram in hand a wrinkled mass of paper. The guards only stare, unsure whether to prod the creature or let it fall on its own accord. After a time, the moogle muffles, head leaning back, further and further until he completely peels off the door and plummets to the floor. 

   He huffs and puffs, raising a weak hand containing the telegram. A…. a message of urgency to her highness, Queen Garnet.” 




Under covers we are more than just lovers.
Skin becomes ours.
There’s no space between.
I can’t breathe as my breath is constantly stolen.

There are no others.
I pray our love never sours.
Our hearts together is the most beautiful thing ever seen.
No real words ever have to be spoken.

Instead let our lips speak.
We can write novels with our hands.
Our conversations will never be able to be redone.
This is more than just fun.

Hearts reach a peak.
In the air together we soar over lands.
We surpass Icarus and touch the sun.
We are something that can’t be compared to anyone.