soapy balls


Name: Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive.
Pairing: Bones x Reader
Summary: Bones accidentally got a very severe fever that is not serious, but is too sick to perform his duties, so Kirk ‘asks’ the reader to take care of him and stay with the doctor in case he needs anything.
Author’s Note: yes, too much of McCoy. Yes, I do have other requests. Yes, it’s because he possesses my soul right now, and I need some of his sarcasm in my life.

“Doctor McCoy? Doctor?” you walk in McCoy’s cabin, holding a big bag with medicine on your shoulder. “Excuse me?”

“What do you need?” he asks grumpily, and you notice McCoy, standing next to the wall, almost laying on it, his eyes almost closed, his uniform dirty and creased.

“Wow… You look bad,” he sighs and rolls his eyes.

“What do you, ensign?”

“I am here to take care of you.”

“I am a doctor, I can take care…” he starts coughing, pressing both hands against his chest, as if it was breaking apart.

“No, you can’t!” you approach him and gently put your hand on his shoulder, pushing him towards the bed. “Come on, let’s get you to bed, doctor,” you help him take the uniform off and throw it in the laundry corner, pretty sure that McCoy should get some sleep before you get to torture him. McCoy sighs and leans back, closing his eyes and breathing very rapidly. You sit down by his side and put a hand on his forehead, trying to make sure he will survive without taking out any medical instruments (which you know will be the reason for him to kill you). “Dear lord, you are burning!”

“Well, heal me,” McCoy murmurs, and you roll your eyes, standing up and looking at his cabin. Being the doctor of the Enterprise, McCoy got a rather big cabin, with a big couch (which you intend on using until he feels well) and a good bathtub (which you are going to use to sweat the hell out of this stubborn man). “Jealous of the cabin?”

“God forbid!” you wave your hand at him. “Just expecting the joy of bringing you back on two feet!” he moans, rolling on the bed.

“How are you feeling, doctor?”

“Alive, if that’s all that interests you,” you grin and help him up, leading him towards the bathtub. “What are you doing now, you crazy human?”

“Well, as you are not willing to sleep, I have to make sure that you at least get clean and can sleep in a clean place. You take a hot bath, and I will set the room to get clean,” you enter the command in the computer and get to the bathtub, honestly not looking at Bones until the water reached the level enough for you to act appropriately, as he obediently drops the ‘soapy water’ ball in the tub, and it dissolved in the foam all over the tub. “Thank you.”

“I am not cruel enough to embarrass a girl, crewman,” Bones mumbles, and you grin, putting a towel under a stream of hot water and leaving it on McCoy’s forehead. He smiles weakly and closes his eyes, his breath slowly calming down. You sigh with relief with sit down, feeling both safe and weirdly uncomfortable next to McCoy. “Why are you still here, ensign?”

“Captain’s orders, Doctor. Also, I want you alive,” you answer quietly, feeling like the towel on his forehead and eyes allows for you to actually look at the neck and shoulders, without being terrified of the thought of being seen. There is a blood vessel, slowly counting his heartbeat right next to the trachea, and you can see his beard has started growing back again. You feel relieved that he does not have that overly muscular body of a soldier, but a simple, fit, and more gentle one.

“I can feel that you are looking at my neck and shoulders, ensign, I am quite aware of what you would expect Star fleet officers to look like,” you hear McCoy and, as you look back at his face, you notice that he is grinning. “Disappointed?”

“Quite the opposite,” you murmur, doing your best not to blush. McCoy laughs and slowly gets deeper in the soapy water, so you have to keep your eyes on his face. And quite possibly the still visible part of the neck. “Sorry.”

“No, that’s alright. Quite possibly, I won’t remember anything from today, so do go on… Feel free to yell at me for all the things I said wrong,” you shake your head and lean forward, using a weirdly shaped sponge to wash the back of his neck. As captain said, Bones got stuck in some weird muddy substance that fully absorbed him (which was why you were doing your best washing his hair), and then just spat him out, as if he didn’t fit its taste.

“How did you even manage to get in this… substance?” you ask him quietly, holding McCoy’s head up, so that you can wash the back of his head.

“Oh, Jim told you?” you nod, so he continues, even though Bones can’t see you. “Well, we were talking. And then I realized that I am not walking, and phasers do not do much good with that thing.”

“What about side effects?”

“Oh, I am being painfully honest today. I told Spock I appreciated him being next to Jim to stop him from doing shit,” McCoy sighs. “I wish I didn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because now this green-blooded goblin will think that I approve of him being the goblin!” you laugh and carefully run your fingers through his wet hair, making sure it’s totally clean.

“I am sure he understands that you didn’t mean to say it,” McCoy moans and splashes some water at you, so you gasp and stare at him, totally offended.

“Oh, you had it coming!” he mumbles, not even trying to pretend to be sorry, so you just fill your hands with water and pour all of it on his face.

“So did you,” you smile innocently, as McCoy starts snorting and spitting, looking like a very hurt five year old.

“I am a doctor!”

“You are an idiot right now,” you answer simply, standing up and taking the huge towel. “Do you need help with getting up or will you make it to the bed on your own?”

“On my own, thank you very much! I am still a man, and I shall act like one,” you nod, trying not to laugh and head out of the bathroom, expecting the following few days to be just as hard.