soapy adventures

So we went to the Mayan ruins and learned that the world isn’t actually ending on December 21, 2012. That’s when a Mayan cycle ends, and a new one begins there after. It happens every 400 years. This was from a descendant of the Mayan culture, so I’m pretty sure it’s legit.

Also the temple was really awesome, we couldn’t climb it cause it’s been closed to the public for about 7 years. People kept writing graffiti on the walls and ruining the architecture. It was still super cool to see!

So I was out and about today, and this guy around campus came up to me and said “Dude sick band tee, I love them, but I haven’t heard many of their songs. Hey you know when they’re going on tour again?”

I looked at him funny, and thought he was either higher than a kite or just fucking with me cause

this is a majora’s mask zelda t-shirt


Nintendo World!!!

This is seriously the coolest place, Garrett and I were in here for about an hour and a half just looking at stuff. We wanna come back and play some of the demos they had, we had a full agenda so we couldn’t stay too long


I’ve also decided to brave being on tumblr even though spoilers could possibly come up. I just can’t stay away from you guys for very long. 

I had a wonderful time! Unfortunately I was not able to compete with my Naoto Shirogane cosplay, but I still got some wicked pictures!! I also had a duo of fan girls that kept following me and pretty much made my day.

ALSO Jason’s Mamoru cosplay turned out really nice, thank you to Toast and Sydney for fan girling whenever he walked down the hallway :) Even though it threw him for a loop when Sydney did it about three times haha~ Unfortunately no one else knew who he was but that’s okay we got some sick pictures.

Also someone thought Jason’s scars on his face were real so that was a HUGE compliment to me for my make up job. :D <3

I’ll make a photoset of my spoils from the weekend here pretty soon. Needless to say selling some of my perler bead stuff really helped.


I forgot to share my spoils from NYC!

I showed you all my mangas already, but I also got a Link mug and a little gatchapon with Princess Zelda inside from Nintendo World! Two pairs of chopsticks from Chinatown because I collect them.

And an umbrella I found in my hotel room Monday morning. I apparently picked it up when we were out drinking Sunday night


Collection of all the different sections of manga that caught my eye! Top to bottom from left to right:

Vagabond, Billy Bat, Gangsta., UDDUP, Yotsuba&!, Nichijou, Kuroko no Basket (I think!), DOGS: Bullets and Carnage (they had volume 8 I’m jealous still waiting for it in N America), JoJos!

Tagging people that I took most of these pictures for :D