Maison Martin Margiela introduces ‘At the Barber’s’, the latest masculine fragrance to complete our ‘Replica’ perfume collection, now comprised of eight unique scents.

A shaving brush sliding through soapsuds, the dry friction of a straight razor against a leather strap; notes of lavender mingle with the warm aroma of a clean white towel, evoking a vintage masculine ritual. Discover the scent.

  • Emma:Regina!
  • Regina:What?
  • Emma:It's your turn to do the dishes.
  • Regina:Is it?
  • Emma:I swear it is.
  • Regina:Are you absolutely sure?
  • Emma *chuckles*:Yes. I did them yesterday.
  • Regina *groans before pouting*:You know you love me....
  • *Emma laughs before throwing the towel over Regina's face*
  • Emma:Come me!
  • *Regina chuckles pulling the towel off of her face*
  • Regina:You know this means war?
  • Emma:Soapsuds war?
  • Regina:Followed by..."drying off"?
  • Emma:Yep.
  • Henry:Every day....I swear it would be easier if I just did the dishes...