My family tree! 

Mom’s parents are Soapsuds and Minty Hooves. Dad’s parents Aurora and Pierce . Me and Dinky share the same mom but different fathers! Mine is Warden but aah i don’t know who Dinky’s dad is? I asked her and she doesn’t seem to know and mom won’t talk about him so i just left it blank!

My mom has SEVEN sisters! Can you believe that?! From oldest to youngest it goes Quilty, Icy, Smoothy, Candy, EDGY, Prickly, Derpy (mom), and Rosey! They’re all my aunt and it can get pretty crazy during the holidays…

Remembering the sound of your voice still stops my heart in its tracks and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to shake you out of my bones. The way I felt when you entered the room still lingers with me like the smell of your cologne you left with me when you hugged me goodbye for the last time. Smelling like you for the rest of the day was the sweetest torture that haunted me – if only showering could wash away my memories – if only our moments together could swirl down the drain with the soapsuds around my feet. My mind is so cruel in the way that I will forget why I entered the next room, but I can’t get thoughts of your hand in mine, your arm around my waist, or the rise and fall of your chest as I rested against you, out of my mind. Maybe I simply want what I cannot have—or maybe I fell in love. I’m not sure exactly, but I’m just sorry I didn’t know how much I’d miss you, until missing you became the only option I have.
—  I still think of you & it hurts like yesterday

Imagine Chris Evans telling you about the girl he likes

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“What’s wrong with you?” you asked locking eyes with your best friend.

“Nothing,” he answered frowning.

“Yeah… Nothing…” you gave him your best bitch face knowing that he was lying. You went back to the dishes, turning your back on him.

“Y/N?” he murmured.

You turned again to face him and raised an eyebrow, silently asking what he had to say.

“Please sit,” he started, pointing with his eyes to the stool in front of him.

You rolled your eyes and snorted, cleaning the soapsuds of your hands. You still had a lot of things to do and he had an annoying bad habit of distracting you when you were busy. Chris was an awesome friend but sometimes he just enjoyed teasing you. He used to be that overprotective neighbor that’s always looking after his little sister, and since you were his sister’s best friend… he was overprotective with you too. Even when he started with all the acting thing he had managed to come back home and keep your good relationship alive.

You sat and asked, “What?”

“I have to tell you something…” he mumbled looking down.

“Shot!” you smiled watching him blushing.

“I think… I think that I’m in love with someone…” he said looking up at you again.

Your heart sunk and the feeling of someone kicking your stomach came all over you. You had to admit Chris had been your crush since you wore pink skirts and pigtails, and knowing that he was in love with someone else made you wanna cry.

You put yourself back together and tried to smile, “And who is she? Do I know her?”

“Yeah… you know her pretty well” he chuckled.

Great, you knew the girl Chris was in love with. Could it get any worse?

“I actually wanted to ask you if you know how could I tell her that I like her…” he said.

Well, it definitely could get worse. You stood up and turned around fighting the tears.

He stood up too, “Come on Y/N! Help me with this! Please…”

You faced him, hoping he wouldn’t notice how bad he was hurting you and said, “If you like a girl, you should just grab her and kiss her,”

“Just like that?” he asked with a half-smile.

“I guess…” you shrugged.

“Well, then…”

He didn’t said anything else, he just placed his hand in your nape and pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around your waist and crushing his lips against yours. You put your hands around his neck and kissed him back, letting him know how long you had been waiting for that kiss.

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  • Emma: Regina!
  • Regina: What?
  • Emma: It's your turn to do the dishes.
  • Regina: Is it?
  • Emma: I swear it is.
  • Regina: Are you absolutely sure?
  • Emma *chuckles*: Yes. I did them yesterday.
  • Regina *groans before pouting*: You know you love me....
  • *Emma laughs before throwing the towel over Regina's face*
  • Emma: Come me!
  • *Regina chuckles pulling the towel off of her face*
  • Regina: You know this means war?
  • Emma: Soapsuds war?
  • Regina: Followed by..."drying off"?
  • Emma: Yep.
  • Henry: Every day....I swear it would be easier if I just did the dishes...