Holistic Laundering

Okay, I am more than a little excited now. I just did two loads of eco-friendly laundry. Using only natural ingredients.

I used soap nuts from Mountain Rose Herbs in place of laundry detergent. For my rinse cycle I used a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and essential oil. 

For use in the dryer, I made a dryer ball out of acrylic yarn. It is kind of like tossing in a tennis ball with your clothes.

Anyway, my laundry turned out great. All of my clothes and linens are clean and soft to the touch. My sheets feel like velvet, and my workout clothes don’t have any trace of sweat or odor.

I am a convert. Try it and see how great it works. Not only are you saving a ton of money, but you aren’t exposing your body to unnecessary chemicals.


Cleaning with Soap Nuts

Couple weeks ago, Tumblr introduced me to a natural, cheap, almost odorless, hypoallergenic, and sustainable cleaning agent called soapnuts (or soapberries)! The dried husk/shell of this fruit contains resin that is high in saponins, a naturally occurring chemical compound that reduces the surface tension of water so that it can penetrate and dislodge the solid/other liquid more effectively. Extraction of the active ingredient only requires that soap nuts be agitated in warm water; a lot of lathery foam will form. I’ve tested soap nuts as a

  • laundry detergent
  • body and hair cleanser
  • fruit/veggie and dishwashing cleanser
  • insecticide for my indoor plants

So far so good, although not fond of using it as a body cleanser; it’s too awkward to apply IMO. There are plenty of other uses, but I think this would be a particularly excellent ecofriendly way to bring along a camping trip to clean your wares.

To my gardeners: Trust me, I checked every pod. No leftover seeds, otherwise I would definitely plant a soap nut tree!

i’m holding a few soap nuts in my hand and thought i would share the existence of these magical lil things… we use them to wash our clothes by hand but they can also be used in the machine. it’s also good for cleaning dishes and even to clean yourself :) completely natural as these are literally nuts that grow in trees!!!! it’s amazing. then you can use the water to give to your plants or reuse it in whichever way you find fit. mother nature always provides xxxxxxxx


We hit a chestnut jackpot 🌰  not too far from where we live, there is a street full of chestnut trees and we managed to collect easily around 8kg, from which we’ll use about 5-6kg for our laundry for a whole year. 💚 

If you haven’t already, head over @_wastelandrebel_ she has a blog where she guides you towards a #zerowaste lifestyle. From her book we learned that #chestnuts act just like the #soapnuts because they have the same “saponin” which basically do the washing. So, even better because we don’t have to buy them, more local can’t be and is 100% natural!

(via @ecogreenlove • Instagram)

oqeane  asked:

what are soapnuts? and where can i buy, find them?🌞

soap nuts are literally nuts that grow in a tree and you use the shell :) i use a lil cotton bag and fill it with shells and then soak it for a lil bit or just let the warm water on the shower soften them and squeeze them and they create a cleansing slightly foamy liquid! you can find them on amazon or ebay. and also on health food stores sometimes! xxxxx

this is on amazon uk: 

endless love!!! <3

anonymous asked:

Where do u get ur soap nuts? Also are they expensive?? I've been wanting to try them but idk how expensive it would be

i now get them through a portuguese website but you can get them in ebay or amazon easily :) they are not expensive. the brands i’ve tried are ecozone and salveo indian nuts. i buy mine for 13€ for 1kg. they last a long time! roughly they say 1kg will wash 200 loads of clothes. you only use a handful each time or even less and they can be reused as well! i also wash my hair and body with them for one year now, my clothes and my dishes and anything else that needs cleaning or washing hehe. and you can buy a smaller cheaper portion if you’d like to only try it out, usually they sell just 100g or 300g or something of the sorts… :) x

this is where we are parking up for the night today! just came back from the old school gathering festival this weekend and we are now right next to a beautiful river in portugal called rio zêzere! already washed our dishes in a spring water source with soapnuts and now we’re nestled under the trees, chilling and being :) this beautiful life!!!! x x x x