i miss these days of living in the caravan so very much. waking up with the sun and a lil blonde faerie shouting from the outside “cece!!!!” every single day… i’d bring her inside and snuggle with her, laughing until we were out of breath. washing my face with the rain water and brushing my teeth with natural toothpaste, burying my dirty feet so deep into the ground that i could feel the heart pulse of mother nature, washing my bare body next to the vegetable beds with spring water, eating fruit all day long and hugging everybody every single day, as we woke, as we went to do something, as we went to sleep. every single time. we’d hug and tell one another how much we loved each other. washing our clothes with soapnuts in the sunshine. creating all things with our own bare hands. covering our faces and bodies in clay and laughing with each other. rolling in the sun. reading. singing. playing. learning so much. at night we’d gather and just contemplate the stars… my goodness. were the stars beautiful there. there would be shooting stars every five minutes. but we would never wish for anything because we had all we wanted and ever dreamed of. and occasionally there would be faeries fluttering their wings around us, and never once did we see them. a magical place it was. i miss them. i miss all of them. i love all of them with all of my heart. but they say that life is what happens when you’re busy making plans… and who are we to deny the unfolding of the road that we’re meant to walk upon. all of this painful separation is giving birth to healing all around, the most beautiful of transformations and the beginning of wonderful travelling adventures. i am grateful for everything. i’m working on self-forgiveness every single day and i know i will soon get there. everything will be alright. life is only about to start and i couldn’t be happier :) xxxx


Holistic Laundering

Okay, I am more than a little excited now. I just did two loads of eco-friendly laundry. Using only natural ingredients.

I used soap nuts from Mountain Rose Herbs in place of laundry detergent. For my rinse cycle I used a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and essential oil. 

For use in the dryer, I made a dryer ball out of acrylic yarn. It is kind of like tossing in a tennis ball with your clothes.

Anyway, my laundry turned out great. All of my clothes and linens are clean and soft to the touch. My sheets feel like velvet, and my workout clothes don’t have any trace of sweat or odor.

I am a convert. Try it and see how great it works. Not only are you saving a ton of money, but you aren’t exposing your body to unnecessary chemicals.