Hi guys - I submitted an entry to the Soapasaurus 1st Birthday art contest, and here’s my little Soapasaurus.

The contest is based on how many likes a picture gets, and I’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to check out the entries, and if you could see your way to adding a ‘like’ to mine I would really appreciate it. The winner gets their art used on a limited edition birthday soap, which would be amazing for me.

Soapasaurus is an amazing company which do some really fun geek-themed soaps and toiletries, so check out their stuff!

Beastly Beverages-Doctor's Orders tea

Tea Name: Doctor’s Orders
Retailer Name: Beastly Beverages

Beastly Beverages is a small business based in sunny Brighton. We combine a love of tea with fandom and a generous dash of geekery, to bring you unique blends.

Description by the Retailer:Inspired by Sherlock Holmes’ constant companion, John Watson. This tea is strong, sweet, soothing and holds a hint of vanilla.

Each bag is 100g and the artwork was done by fantasy artist Amy Learoyd.

(More of her art can be found here: )

Ingredients: Black tea. Brittle pieces (sugar, hazelnut, invert sugar)

Cost Per 100g: £7.00

Comments:This is John Watson inspired TEA! Which I have to say as a total geek and a tea lover I find this concept totally mind blowing, it’s like my soaps but you can eat it. (Please don’t eat the soap.)

Themed after John Watson from Sherlock the artist has done a great job of capturing him of course with a cup of tea, which was probably made by Mrs Hudson.

I’m not a lover of loose tea because I always seem to ruin it but I purchased a Bodum tea cup strainer and had a go.

Firstly the smell is what I made me choose this tea out of the selection I found for sale it smells like sweet sugary vanilla with a hint of hazelnut mixed in with a base of bitter black tea scent.

Firstly I tried it black without any additions.

I found the tea very different then I was expecting, the aroma made it seem like it would be a sweet tea, but I found it sweet at first but after with a strong black tea taste bordering on bitter the more you drink. (This may have been my brewing though.) The taste improved with some sugar I intend to try my next cup with some milk and see how that tastes.

 Although I am still battling though my first packet of tea, I intend to try more of these great creations until I crack loose leaf tea making!

Tea review guide by Tea Adviser.


I volunteer as tribute!

This is the first of our Special Limited Edition Soaps!

To celebrate the launch of the second Hunger Games film ‘Catching Fire’ we decided to do something extra special.

A 4 Layer Gold Embellished raspberry scented soap themed after the long awaited film. With the colours inspired by the book covers and the gold embellishment of a bird to represent the symbol of hope from the films.

Our 'Golden Tribute’ hand made soap is limited to only 10, 100 gram pieces so it is something a little special.

Each bar is approximately a 100 gram Sliced Soap.

Scent Description: A crisp and sharp Raspberry pure and simple.

Inspired by the Hunger games trilogy!.

All Soapasaurus soaps come either clamshell sealed or heat sealed for hygiene and to ensure freshness of your product.