DIY Milk and Honey Soap Tutorial from Happiness is Homemade.

Make this 10 minute DIY Milk and Honey Soap made with goat’s milk melt and pour soap base and honey. 

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DIY Coconut Milk and Honey Body Wash Recipe from Live Simply here.

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DIY 3 Ingredient Honey Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe from Hello Natural here.

DIY 2 Ingredient Honeycomb Goats Milk Soap Tutorial from Freutcake here. She uses a free material to get the honeycomb look on her soaps.

DIY 2 Ingredient Brown Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub Recipe from The Kitchen Mccabe here.

36 Amazing Bath and Beauty Products to Make and Sell from Soap Deli News.

Do you want to start making homemade bath and beauty products to sell? Or maybe you just want to invigorate and diversify your present bath and beauty line. These 36 products are unique and target many different buyers - perfect for upcoming farmers’ markets, boutiques (where I like to sell), crafts’ fairs and Etsy.

What I like about this list of DIY sellable products is that there are beautiful homemade products that will appeal to people looking for gift ideas, and also products that will appeal to the natural solution market like Homemade Foot Repair Salve Recipe and Cayenne Pain Relief Salve Recipe.

DIY Gemstone Soap Tutorial from Honestly WTF.

Make this gift worthy DIY Gemstone Soap using easy melt and pour soap.

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I posted a similar tutorial by Fall for DIY here: DIY Rough Crystal Soap and Silicone Caulk Mold Making. The main difference between the 2 tutorials, is that Fall for DIY uses molds to hold the melted multi colored soaps and Honestly WTF uses cups.


This cold process homemade pumpkin soap recipe is perfect for the fall season and is handmade using real organic pumpkin! Learn how to make it now at Soap Deli News blog

Charcoal & Rose Clay Spa Bar | Soap Queen

Are there any other soapers out there reading my blog?! Hello to you! I used to love making soap but stopped when I got in to jewelry making. Now I’ve decided to pick it back up again (and hopefully sell some at my annual December stall!) and I’ve been searching for fun recipes. The Soap Queen is one of my favourite blogs because she is great at explaining every step and has great tips. Apparently charcoal and rose clay are great for purifying and cleansing, and the fact that this recipe uses melt & pour soap means this is a great beginner recipe. And even better - just click on the link in the recipe and it will add all the ingredients you need on the Bramble Berry website (you lucky Americans!). This would be a beautiful gift soap - I know I would love a bar!

My Favorite 22 Melt and Pour Soap DIYs from truebluemeandyou. 2015 Spa Gift Guide Part 1. 

Why Melt and Pour Soap? It makes soap making quick and easy, so everyone can make soap that looks like it came from a boutique. 

You can combine DIY Boutique Soaps with sugar scrubs, candles and homemade beauty products for a wonderful spa gift. Check back for more Beauty Roundups.

For more DIY beauty and spa recipes including roundups from 2012, 2013 and 2014 go here.

Left to Right Below:  

Create these lovely and oh so sweet DIY Lemon Peel Sugar Scrub Cubes made using white sugar, grated lemon peel, raw soap and coconut oil via Nicest Things! Pin this sugar scrub recipe here to save for later. And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more great DIY bath and body projects. 


Understanding the Makings of African Black Soap.

I love that they mentioned that traditional soaps differ from country to country and even from a state within a country to another state.

This video pretty much focuses on how Yoruba people make it, but it also mentions that it’s widespread in Western Africa, and also draws similarities and differences between the ones these women make and the ones made in other places particularly Ghana and Togo.

I really liked hearing about the rules associated with making it such as: the makers must not use bad language when making it, they mustn’t break bad news to any of the workers while or where they are working, they should ensure that things are alright with their spouses. The women mention that this was really taken seriously in the olden day, and the rules were really revered. One of the women stated that she dosent believe that the soap has any spiritual qualities and that people believed that back in the olden days cause “ojo won ooti la” meaning their eyes weren’t open, which is wrong, the belief that colonialism brought “civilization” or “enlightenment” is so disheartening and I wish it isn’t so prevalent. However it’s a really good and informative video.