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New Candy Hearts Soap line! A sweet treat for yourself or a loved one! Available in white peppermint, pink grapefruit, orange creamcicle, yellow pineapple, and blue blueberry!

White Peppermint-

Pink Grapefruit-

Orange Creamcicle-

Yellow Pineapple-

Blue blueberry-

baudeiares  asked:

i can't believe emmerdale (a freaking SOAP OPERA) treats its main gay couple better than freeform/the cw/any other network apart from netflix combined

oh hunty that is tru they like made the wedding a big deal even tho it is a gay wedding so i agree on that end BUT they still treat robron like shit im not giving emmerdale credit for that like they deadass about to go thru hell yet Again

I like it when little old ladies talk about making soap because they treat it like it’s basically advanced banana bread and it reminds me of dudes who are way too into Fight Club and act like lye is the most dangerous scary thing you could possibly keep in your home.

Scorpions and Orphan Black

Well after our third teaser, I feel like we are finally onto something here! Today’s message translates to: Some scorpions are predators. No predator is a pet. Conclusion: Some scorpions are not pets. True or False?  (Thanks once again to 324b21-clone, clone club’s wonderful decoder)

So to refresh, we have bloody bathtubs, soap, and scorpions. Seemingly random? [whispers] They have a connection.

Now, before today’s message, JJ (who has been on the scorpion path for some time, you smarty!!!) made this post, talking about the cure for a scorpion sting, into which I threw some science about scorpion venom.

To summarize the post: scorpion stings are treated with soap and water (bathtub?), and their venom may be helpful in curing autoimmune disorders (clone disease???). (Also their venom is currently being studied as a potential cure for cancer due to it’s ability to block chloride channels.)

What does this all mean????

Well Helena is featured with the scorpion, possibly indicating Helena’s use as a weapon (“I’m not your weapon”) by the military, in an attempt to brainwash her to do their bidding (torture and brainwashing go hand and hand and we already know a torture scene featuring Helena and a scorpion is to come). 

Sarah is featured with the bathtub, perhaps symbolizing how she will attempt to save Helena from her situation. Sarah could be part of Helena’s treatment of her military wounds (whether simply by saving her, preventing her from being harmed, or picking up the pieces afterward). The bloody bathtub could also indicate the scene of the crime, perhaps Sarah is somehow involved in Helena’s torture, either accidentally stumbling upon it in an attempt to rescue Helena, or being used as a pawn by the military to persuade Helena.

Alison is featured with soap, another form of treatment for the sting. She also has the phrase “I’m not your toy” attached to her, so perhaps she is being manipulated in some way by people connected to Helena and the military, using guilt about saving Helena to get what they want. It could also reference a need by Alison to cover up everything in her life that makes her unhappy (she is often putting a bandaid over a bullet hole and then turning the other cheek with all her might). A scorpion sting may be treated with soap and water, but ultimately you need to see a doctor, and this could reference Alison’s demons coming back to haunt her, or her need to 100% face the fact that she is a clone this season.

Now what is to come? Well the therapeutic nature of scorpion venom is already a nod at Cosima. She has an unidentified autoimmune disorder, and scorpion venom is a potential cure for that. Also a random fact: there is a type of scorpion known as a ghost scorpion…who do we know that’s been referred to as a ghost? Paul. Paul, military, Helena, scorpions…it all is coming together.

We shall see tomorrow.