soap treats

exo and their shower/bath habits


• water efficient, turns off the water when applying soap and shampoo

• showers within 5 minutes

• enjoys buying different fragrances of soap and shampoo

• treats himself to a bubble bath and a beer in secret sometimes 

• the bathroom is full of steam because he enjoys showering with very hot water

• sings quietly in the shower


• showers until his skin is wrinkly

• always in deep thought

• always being pranked by the other members (lights are turned off, water turns cold/hot etc…)

• has flashbacks to embarrassing moments of his life, cringes a lot

sneaky glass of wine in the shower

• after stepping out and putting a towel on, he practices speeches and jokes in the mirror. Members hear his laugh from their bedrooms


• contemplates life in the shower

• uses the steam to draw music and doodles on the glass screen

• uses two loofahs 

• uses bars of soap instead of liquid body wash

• talks to himself in the shower

• once he finishes showering he will leave the water on for the next person (”it’s already warm so you don’t need to wait for it to heat up”)


• always has to move the shower head higher to fit his height 

• pees in the shower

• he saw this hack on buzzfeed, so he started eating oranges in the shower. after that he just started bringing fruit into the shower

• has imaginary arguments in the shower 

• always forgets to bring his towel, he’ll yell out for someone to help

• if no one helps he’ll run out naked and looks for his towel


• has a collection of cute shower caps since he doesn’t wash his hair often

• also pees in the shower

• brings his phone into the bathroom and blasts his shower karaoke playlist

• blows bubbles with the body wash

• uses the shampoo lather to style his hair into funny hairstyles

• when he comes out of the shower he wraps a towel around himself and sits on his bed and plays on his phone for 30 minutes


• plays his shower playlist on full blast (95% are girl group songs)

• dances cutely whilst washing up

• sings loudly

• uses exfoliating gloves to scrub his body

• uses shower bombs as aromatherapy to relax and unwind

• once he is done, he will wrap his towels around his body and hair and sit outside to watch TV for a bit


• always has to adjust the shower head lower to suit his height

• has one of those exfoliating back brushes so that he can reach his back

• closes his eyes and daydreams in the shower

• always gets a feeling that there’s a monster in front of him so he’ll open his eyes quickly

• when he comes back to earth he’ll feel flustered so he’ll quickly rinse off the soap and shampoo and get out

• he’ll apply a face mask and gets into bed to watch some movies


• uses hot water to clean his body and cold water to rinse his hair 

• practices choreography as he washes

• shampoo gets into his eyes since he moves around and the water hits his hair

• has some really weird thoughts in the shower sometimes (eg. When your dog keeps bringing you the same toy, is that because it’s your dog’s favourite toy, or because your dog thinks it’s your favourite toy?)

• sometimes he is so tired from work he’ll just sit under the shower and let the water hit him (and falls asleep)

• one of the members always knocks on the door when it exceeds 5 minutes of him being in the shower to see if he fell asleep


• prefers baths to showers

• likes bubble baths because he can play with the bubbles and bring his bathtub toys into the tub

• has a large collection of bath bombs

• watches tv shows on his phone

• soaks for a long time to the point where the others knock the door and tells him to hurry up

• spends the next 20 minutes doing his skin care routine and drying his hair

@nectarbathtreats blessed me with this package today! I am SO EXCITED to try these and immediately buy more lol THANK YOU ✨🍰🍨🍪🍩✨ Make sure you check out their page, they make all kinds of AMAZINGLY delicious looking and smelling soaps and bath luxuries! And they are right here in Vegas if you want to go to an actual location! My guest bathroom will now ALWAYS have super cool soap 😄💖

I just want people to watch andi mack so i can be like yooooo can you believe this wild ass disney show? Like is andi gonna get with jonah?? Is bex gonna marry bowie?? DOES CYRUS LOVE JONAH TOO??? and when is buffy gonna admit that she likes marty from the party? I NEED TO DISCUSS THIS MIDDLE SCHOOL DRAMA

Dorm Life in America: Tips

A post about how much you really need to buy for college when you don’t like clutter. Mostly what NOT to do.

Disclaimer: I hate stuff. I hate clutter. I don’t like chaos. I can see the appeal of pinterest board dorms and Christmas light decor  but from experience, here’s what I think you can or can’t live without. Every person is different, but if it means having a productive year or being trapped by your (already cramped) surroundings, here’s what to bring:

  1. DO buy two backpacks. Buy them as sort of storage units in and of themselves. Most college classes alternate days. You’ll save time packing and unpacking, and will have less weight to carry around all day while you trek to class.
  2. Shoe rack’s are great. A small one or hanging one is preferable. Creates instant order.
  3. DON’T buy a lamp. Most dorm rooms come with lamps or adequate lighting. Wait until you move in before buying to see if you need it.
  4. DON’T bring ten thousand items of clothing unless you are used to wearing each item often. I’ve frankly gotten by with 6 outfits in my leaner years and the golden number for me lies around 10 day-to-day outfits. Pack additional items if you’re used to clubbing, have formal events OFTEN, or you find enjoyment by going through your choices often. Less clothes means more frequent trips to the laundry, but who doesn’t like feeling clean and smelling nice? Also, you can hide open faced closet room to minimize distractions with a shower curtain. Not the vinyl ones but nice cloth ones or tapestry style ones.
  5. On that note, for the love of god, DON”T buy crappy body and hair soap. Invest. Treat yourself. Showers will save you. Stress studying? Take a shower. Bad day at work? Shower. Bad lecture? Shower.
  6. Buy very little to put on your school desk. More writing area is better in college. My reasoning is you’ll have more textbooks, more reference books, probably your laptop out and open for even more reference or writing, and it’s better to only have your essentials out while studying. And while I love studyblr aesthetic, My stationary at least needs to be organized and in a drawer, not out for me to see and play with. Utility over aesthetic for the A.
  7. I have no preference about wall hangings. Just keep in mind if your eyes wander from your work often it might be best not to hang every square inch of your allotted dorm wall with posters or tapestries. I save that for my bed space, not my study space, if that.
  8. A hamper that stands up by itself??? Pet peeve.
  9. Do NOT buy a printer specifically for college. I mean you can, but school printing is cheap, half the time the computer labs are free and have better software than your personal computer would have, and the computer screens are usually bigger
Forbidden (part three) - Scott McCall

Two weeks, two more weeks anyways.  Two more weeks of sneaking out of camp to either go into town, or to the northside overlook to see Scott.  The fourteen days consisted of more.. well romantic things.  Hugging and cuddling, which you liked fine.  but kissing was like.. your new favorite thing.  And you did it whenever you possibly could.  Sometimes when Scott was talking mid sentence.

“What was that for?” Scott would ask, and you would just shrug.

“I dunno.  I felt like it?” And he would laugh, pulling you against him again for another kiss.

You were currently waiting in a booth at the old diner in town.  The one you’d first met Scott in, all those years ago.  You hadn’t met up here in a while, maybe a week, so you were kind of excited to see him here.  He’d told you yesterday that it was going to be a special occasion, so you’d tried to look presentable.

You snuck a bath in the lake, while no one was fishing, and deeply shampooed and conditioned your hair, then brushed out all of the tangles.  You used soap, which was hard to be sneaky about because soap around camp was treated like gold.  You even went through your mother’s things, and found eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick.  You had on your cleanest jeans, and a red tee shirt.  It was the nicest outfit you had

But you were overly anxious, maybe tonight was a date? Maybe the last two weeks were dates? What was so special about tonight? You were nervous because you didn’t want to disappoint, he seemed to know a lot about dating and relationships and things, and all you knew was what you saw from your parents.  Which was little to nothing, they weren’t exactly love struck teenagers anymore.  And it wasn’t like you could ask them, or anyone for advice really.  Because that would involve admitting that you had a secret werewolf boyfriend from the other camp that you’d been seeing for the past ten years. 

y/n?” You heard the bell above the door ding-a-ling, and turned your head to see Scott enter.

“Scott” You grinned, and got up from the booth to walk over to him.

In walked to more people, and you quickly stepped backwards out of instinct.

A beautiful strawberry blonde girl with round green eyes, who had on jeans like you, and a yellow sweater top.  Her hair seemed soft… and curled? Next to her, holding her hand actually, was a much taller lanky pale boy, with a constellation of moles and freckles, and brown unkempt hair.

“No don’t freak out” Scott smiled at you, and tugged on your hand.  “y/n, this is Stiles and Lydia” He introduced.  “Stiles and Lydia, this is y/n” He looked back to you again.  “My girlfriend” You blushed at the title, and nodded to the two.

“I’ve um.. I’ve heard a lot about you guys” You said quietly.

“Oh we’ve heard plenty about you too” The boy, Stiles said.

“Yeah, Scott sure does like to drone about y/n this, y/n that” Lydia added, and you blushed deeper.

“I uh… I didn’t know anyone knew about me”

“Just these two” Scott said, and smiled big.  “That’s why the sorta know like.. a shit ton”

“Literally” Stiles mumbled, and Lydia nudged his ribs.  “Hey-”

“So I was thinking we could all spend tonight together” Scott told you, and Stiles stopped his rambling with Lydia.  “We could all get to know each other and just hang out?”

“I brought sandwiches” Stiles said, shrugging off his backpack and holding it up to show you.  “Also fruits but like-” He went on rambling again, something about grapes, but Scott had already started talking to you again.

“Is this okay?” He asked, and you nodded, smiling your sweet smile that made him swoon (more than you knew, and more than he cared to admit).  But Scott smiled a crooked smile back, and pecked your lips before tugging you back to the booth you were sitting at.  Stiles and Lydia followed, sliding in on one side, and you and Scot sat opposite them.

“I’ll get out the sandwiches!” Stiles said eagerly, and pulled out six plastic bags, each labeled with a different type of sandwich.  As well as a big Tupperware container of various fruits.  In which you saw strawberries, raspberries, sliced bananas apples and pears, and blueberries.

“I thought I heard you say something about grapes?” You said confusedly.

“Oh no” Lydia muttered.

“WELL” Stiles exaggerated.  “We would have grapes, in fact we did, plenty of beautiful and fresh picked, by me, round, plump, juicy, and rather delicious purple wine grapes” Stiles told you, and your eyebrows raised at the boy’s enthusiasm towards the fruit.  “BUT RED HERE” Stiles gave an accusatory look at Lydia, who rolled her eyes and gave you jazz hands with no pzazz.  “Tell them what you did Lyds.  Tell her.  This new girl you could’ve been friends with.  Tell her what you did.  She wanted grapes Lyds.  Tell her why there aren’t any grapes.  Go on.  We’re waiting” Lydia gave you a bored look, rolling her head to look at you.

“I ate them” She said, in the blandest, most non caring tone you’d ever heard.  It made you laugh.

“Stiles I didn’t know you were so passionate about grapes” Scott said, furrowing his brow.

“Me neither” Lydia sighed, and the three of you were giggling together.  Stiles was glaring at you.

“You’re on thin ice right now”

“And you’re on a grape shortage” You replied.  Stiles’ lips parted, and his eyes widened for a short moment.

“Wow, he hasn’t been at that loss of a word since I took my bra off three days ago” Lydia told you, and again, you girls burst into laughter.

“Scotty you’re girlfriend’s mean” Stiles mumbled, before stuffing his face full of sandwich.  “She really is a hunter”

“Stiles” Scott hissed, and Lydia smacked his shoulder.

“No it’s okay” You said shaking your head.  “I’m not actually really… my parents were I just… I don’t know I guess I was just raised by them” You shrugged.  You’d never really talked about that before, not even with Scott.  Not because you were ashamed, or anything like that.  It just never really came to mind.

“He’s not even a supernatural” Lydia said.

“You aren’t?”

“Nope.  Full human” Stiles said proudly, and you held up a hand to high five him, which he happily did.  “I don’t know how these two wanted to be friends with me, around that camp I’m pretty much a loser”

“Why?” You asked, suddenly very curious how the other camp worked.

“Well if you’re human, and not related in any way to a supernatural, then you’re sorta an outcast”

“If you don’t mind me asking, and don’t take this the wrong way but-”

“Why am I a human in an all supernatural camp?” You nodded a little.  “Well, before this whole, you know, apocalypse thing, My father married this one’s mom” Stiles said, pointing to Scott.

“Really?” You smiled between the boys.  “So you’re brothers basically?” Scott nodded.

“Yeppers” Scott said, and he intertwined his fingers with yours under the table.

“Anyways, Dad and Melissa wanted to stay together, which is great! Really!” You chuckled as he waved his hands around in the air.  “It’s just.. that links my Dad to the supernatural… but me… not so much” Scott shrugged his shoulders.

“But you’re pretty much my brother”

“And I’m your lover” Lydia said, shaking her shoulders, and wiggling her body closer to Stiles.

“You don’t seem like such a loser” You told Stiles, continuing to eat your dinner.

You spent a lot more of the night talking and joking, and you got really close with Lydia for sure.  You’d never really had a friend that was a girl before, so it was nice to have some estrogen around you for once.  The four of you ended up eating all of the food, which surprised you, because there was a lot.  Stiles threw a few more fits about grapes, and Scott’s hand never left yours.

After three hours, Stiles was holding up a barely awake Lydia, and you were all tucked into Scott’s side, his arm around your shoulders, and your hand intertwined with his still.

“Hey” Scott hummed to you, and you hummed back, too sleep to form real words.  “Let’s go on a walk to the woods” He said, and you smiled softly with a short nod.  You waved goodbye to Stiles, not wanting to speak and wake up Lydia.

Nice to meet you, the boy mouthed.

You too, you lipped back, and nodded your head to gesture to Lydia as well.  With that, you let Scott wrap his arm over your shoulders and walk you outside.  The abandoned city around you seemed cloudy.  Which was strange for it being so dark, but actually looked pretty.  You’d never really thought of the ruined suburbs could look pretty.  Even with loose papers drifting across cement cracked streets, and dirt covering nearly everything.

“What’re you thinking about?” Scott asked you, squeezing you slightly while you walked along the sidewalk.

“Everything and nothing” You mused, and he chuckled.

“Care to elaborate?” You smiled over at him.

“I’m not sure, I’m not… I’m not good with words like you are”

“Well then explain it as best you can, and then I’ll word it for you” He said, and you pulled out of his hold, trying to find the right way to tell him your thought process.

“Okay” You walked on the tips of your toes along the very edge of the sidewalk, arms barely having to stick out to balance yourself.  Being trained your whole life perfected your balance and coordination.  “I just think this place is prettier at night”

“See? you found the words it’s not that difficult” Scott assured you.  You walked back up next to him, a slight skip in your step as you were flat footed again.  You looked around in the dark, before smiling up at him.

“Wanna know a nice thought?” You asked, and he nodded, reciprocated your expression.

“Before all of this, if we were born just… just a few years earlier perhaps… we could be living up there” You pointed up at the big apartment building, and Scott’s smile turned to a crooked grin.

“You wanna live together?” He asked, lacing your fingers together, nearing the border of the city.

“Yeah, I mean, isn’t that what people who are… people like us do?” You asked, an innocent look on your features.  “My parents did, you said Stiles and Lydia do” You shrugged a shoulder, and Scott stayed quiet.  Your heart began to race and blood rushed to your cheeks.  Had you said something wrong again? Embarrassment clouded your mind.  “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m still getting used to-”

Scott cut you off, leaning down and softly capturing your lips in the most gentle kiss he’s ever given you.  You were sure that when he cupped your face he would feel how hot your skin was.

“No, no you didn’t say anything wrong, you said exactly the right thing” He assured, and you smiled at him.  “Someday, I promise you we’re gonna be able to live together”

“Really?” You asked, a hopeful glint in your eye.

Your mind wandered off to how amazing that would be.  A domestic life with Scott.  Waking up early in the mornings and gazing at his sleeping figure in front of you, before wiggling out of his arms to make breakfast.  He’d wake up a  little later, and would announce his presence in the kitchen by wrapping his arms around your waist and nuzzling his head onto your shoulder.  It would be warm, and sweet, a life with Scott.

“Really” He promised, and sealed it with a kiss to your forehead.

hey y’all just wanna let you know i’m really glad to be back in general and with this series.  this part is dedicated to my gal pal @skylars-little-world bc she loves scott and i know she was getting impatient ha

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i just felt like someone needed to refute this claim and god knows if anyone is going to stir shit up, it’s going to be me, so like whatever the fuck. 

not gonna fight about it because i know i’m a feminist because i believe that women are equal, and i want to fight for women to be treated as such, including equal pay, equal opportunity, paid maternity leave, eliminating the stigma around taking maternity leave, etc

but in doing so, i’m not going to degrade or diminish the value of men and treat them as if they don’t matter or are inferior or are all the villains, because they’re not. 

everyone deserves to be treated equally with love and respect regardless of sex, gender, race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or anything else that a person could be labeled by.  

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welcome to new york is for the modern day explorers armed with polaroid cameras and endless optimism and trying to make everything into an adventure even if you are just going out for groceries and bright neon signs and glossy magazines and walking through a crowd and realising that you are just a background character in someone else’s story and collecting maps and tickets and tacky memorabilia from every city you visit

blank space is for the guests of life’s great masquerade ball and their forced smiles and private journals and the string of pearls caught around their necks like a noose and airport waiting lounges and holding a stranger’s gaze in public and for just a moment imagining a world where you stop them in the street and talk to them and stopping for an espresso at inner city cafes and deep red lipstick and walking with your head held just a little higher because you know you look good today

style is for the unlikely girl gangs and the photos you take in bathrooms on nights you hardly remember and effortlessly messy hairstyles and the stillness and silence in the air when you walk around at night time and screenshots of old text conversations and stumbling home when your family is already asleep and making extra effort to let people know what they’ve been missing and the traditional melancholy of a drive home from a concert 

out of the woods is for the daydreamers sprawled on top of freshly changed bedsheets and staring at the imperfections of your bedroom ceiling and worrying about the past and the future more than the present and flowers and patterns and stars in the margins of lined paper and dancing past the point of feeling tired when you can feel nothing but the music and that feeling of missing a step on the stairs that wakes you up when you are only half asleep and old bookshops and tiny house plants and the realisation that you have fallen into a routine

all you had to do was stay is for everyone checking their phone every three minutes for a message they know is never coming and 11.11 wishes and realising that some people have little parts of you that you can never get back and long lazy sundays alone and staring out of the window on public transport and making up stories about the people you pass and wanting to tell someone something and remembering that you don’t speak anymore

shake it off is for the ones who are starting again and your already forgotten new years resolutions and to do lists and never truly knowing what other people are thinking about you but not letting it worry you and wearing clashing colours and laughing at your own insecurities and singing really loud in the car with the windows rolled down and pink lemonade and not saving nice clothes for special occasions and smiling with your teeth and multicoloured strings of fairylights

i wish you would is for unconventional lovers who are slightly crooked and never fit the mould and that feeling of clarity you sometimes only get at 2am and wishing and hoping and putting all your faith into shooting stars that are probably just planes passing overhead and all the lights of the city and the way they blur when you drive really fast into the heart of it all and every soft shimmering person you let slip through your hands like smoke and the ones who shine so bright today but could be gone next time you open your eyes

bad blood is for those who can’t say certain names because they leave a bad taste in their mouths and leather jackets and friendship bracelets beginning to unravel and doing things just to spite those who said you couldn’t and missing someone you know you shouldn’t even think about and photographs ripped in half and laddered tights and waiting on an apology and thinking of a clever comeback three hours too late

wildest dreams is for the cynical hopeless romantics who’s head and heart are constantly are war and looking at the moon and realising that everyone looks up at the same sky and mentally taking a photograph because no camera can do a moment justice and the fear of slowly being forgotten and the need to leave not a mark on this world but a stain and falling in love just a little bit with anyone who’s even the slightest bit nice to you and family heirlooms and keeping others people’s clothes

how you get the girl is for anyone who deserves a second chance and confetti and soft pink chapstick and renting dumb romcoms to watch under four blankets and coffee shop encounters with strangers and home baking with someone you care about who has flour in their hair and 1950s love songs and pretending you’re not staring at someone and the moment you realise your heart isn’t broken it was just under repair

this love is for the children of the sea who got washed up by the tide and spend all their lives trying to get back and candles at dusk and anything vintage and lacy and driftwood and holding your breath without realising and letting people float away from you because you don’t want to trap them like butterflies behind glass and messages in bottles that never reach their destinations and being asked by adults what you want to do with your life and not having an answer

i know places is for the star crossed lovers who have all the odds against them and suddenly feeling like your life is a movie and having a soundtrack playing in your head and being the underdog and secret handshakes and private jokes and all black ensembles and meeting someone’s eyes across the room and it feeling like home and walking walls instead of pavements and fairytales that sort the world into good and evil and feeling invincible and being short of breath because you’re trying to laugh and run at the same time

clean is for those who became the hero of their own story and who greet each morning with a small smile because they weren’t sure they’d ever see it and scrapbooks of all the people you’ve ever been and jewelry from people you used to love that you don’t wear any more but can’t throw away and tear-streaked cheeks and hand written notes and floral soaps and being treated like you might break and the music he didn’t like but you did and waking up at the right time without your alarm and dressing in metallics and sheer blouses

Tronnor fandom Chill !

Ok so I wanted to rant about what happened at Vidcon and Connor mentionning Troye so here. 

To begin with, the peoples who were screaming Troye in the background when that girl was asking Connor the questions, you guys are disrespectful, you didn’t let him the time to think about his own answer and almost force him to  answer that 

Then, now that you got what you wanted that he mentionned Troye, I’m really happy he did, I get you guys it’s been forever since Tronnor didn’t interact ,  but explain me what the fuck is this wave of TRONNOR RISING, TRONNOR IS ALIVE, TRONNOR IS REAL ??? is  some fans of Tronnor fandom a bunch of stupid brainless  kids ? 

It’s so obvious that Connor and Troye had something going on, from good to bad, after their “ break up” they were both feeling kinda down and faking things, but lately they seems both genuinely happy, and I doubt it’s because of a comeback together, you don’t accept that and try to brush that but NO! there’s no brushing shit, Jacob is in the picture, wether you want it or not, Jacob has been with Troye during European tour, the BBMA’s, The Little Mermaid somthing with his parents, eating at restaurant, chasing each other, ( Troye going to Colorado for Jacob, Jacob coming back to LA for Troye), sharing cloths basically every Troye most important events . And no matter how you want to make Jacob be Troye cousin so he don’t appear as a threat to Tronnor, sorry to disapoint, he is not a threat to Tronnor, he came in the picture when it was over , he is a nice guy, and seems to make Troye happy, wtf is your problem ?? 

as Connor,  he mentionning Troye  is maybe a way to imply that whatever problems they had, it’s over now and they are good, not that  they are going back together lol, and peoples are going crazy as fuck for that, but don’t talk about that Edsta guy actually modeling for Common Culture  and posing with Connor type of flowers,  it’s obviously too soon, to say anything about Connor and Edsta, but they may become a thing as  Jacob became someone important to Troye, what are you gonna do ? harrass Edsta the way  Jacob has been harrassed  for being a potential Troye boyfriend ? 

I am disgusted by the fandom, treating Troye and Connor lives  like a  bad soap opera , and treat them like toys, because yeah, you all  know there is no Tronnor anymore, it’s just you wishing  there was and thus  create any crazy rumours and shit to make peoples believe there is hope, when Troye and Connor are trying to be friends, and move on. You re not respectful of their lives  and choices but your own selfish desire, Tronnor fandom is DISGUSTING ( well at least those who are like this not all ) 

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Levi bathroom headcannon



  • He totally has scented soaps he’ll use to treat himself with.
  • He doesn’t like the taste of mint toothpaste so he just uses cinnamon.
  • Likes to take his time, so showers last about twenty minutes. He just sits there too, his thoughts flow a lot in there.
  • Levi styles his hair while it’s damp, and he usually towel dries it.