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new high school, neighbor // imagine

“Y/N, grab your bag it’s downstairs, first day!” Your mom screams from the bottom of the stairs. Today, was the day your first day in Orlando was about to be transcribed, school. Sprinting out the door with your straightened to perfection hair and outfit you very-well planned the night before, you stop to see your mom talking to a woman, the next door neighbor.

“Y/N, come over here and meet Mrs.Robinson, her son goes to Orlando High as well, she offered to give you a lift to school!” As your mom beams down at you, you know she’s proud of this neighbor interaction and taking that into consideration, you greet the new neighbor with a hug and even a “good morning.”

“Oh, you’ll love my son Nick, I’ll have to warn you he’s a little rebellious with school, but has pure intentions, bless his heart,” Mrs.Robinson explained, before you noticed a tall figure walking out the front door. His body covered in black jeans and a white tee, a leather jacket in his hands. He locked eyes with you immediately, a smirk present.

“Hey, my name’s Nick, it’s nice to meet you, neighbor girl,” he says, winking. “You as well, my name’s Y/N.” You were shocked at how attractive he was and found yourself struggling to look away. Your mom noticed, clearing her throat while, Mrs.Robinson opened the door to her suv and as You climbed in the backseat, Nick followed, ignoring the open passenger seat.

“Is the front not roomy enough for you?” You add, your eyebrows raised. “Aw, don’t be like that babe, wouldn’t want my fresh neighbor girl sitting alone on the way to school, right?” He says cockily, you huff in annoyance, but smile at his behavior anyways.

When you get to school, Nick insists of walking you to all your classes and introduces you to all of his friends, but whisking you away when one asks for your number. “What’d you do that for?” You ask. “Wouldn’t want you to date the wrong type is all, you’re new here,” he answers. “Is that so? What’s the right type?” You reply. “I guess you’ll just have to wait and see,” and with that he’s off to chemistry leaving you alone.

Once you arrive home, content with your first day, looking out your window you see that Nick’s window faces yours, and he’s lying shirtless across his bed on his computer. Sliding open your window, you yell “Nick!”, only for him
to not hear with the headphones on his ears. Taking that into consideration, you pick up a rock from your stress fountain on your desk and throw it as hard as you can at his window, praying it doesn’t break.

Nick, upon noticing a large rock pelt his window, stands up and walks over. Still shirtless, and with messy hair, he grabs a notebook and you see him writing down something. As he turns around, holding the notebook up, “Come over please, I’m bored :(.” You laugh, and wanting to go to your newest (and cutest) friend’s house, you nod and grab your bag before heading to his house, telling your mom on the way out.

Once you get to the front door, Nick’s already there, this time with a long sleeved black tee, “saw you walk over, anyways, you, me, Netflix. Hope you drank a coffee today, new girl.” He says.

“Something you’ll learn about me, I always do.” Nick laughs, and you guys head upstairs, greeting his mom on the way up. Nick’s room is clean for a stereotypical boy’s room and smells like cologne and laundry soap, the walls covered in band posters and pictures.

“Pick a spot,” he motions to the bed. “Hard decision, out of all the spaces you’ve provided me with,” you joke as you sit down on his bed, leaning against the headboard. He follows, pulling his laptop off his desk in the process, “alright, since you’re the guest, or whatever, you pick. I have a zero chick flick policy, however, I take that rule very seriously,” he says, motioning to the laptop.

You settle on an action movie and halfway through, you aren’t paying attention anymore. Your eyes are drifting towards his lips and his eyelashes, and throughout the movie he whispers jokes in your ear targeting the bad acing present. For the first time in a while, you’re really enjoying your self. When movie number two is turned on, you’re not sure which one it is, you don’t care, neither does he.

At this point, you’re both talking about everything and nothing, and laughing, lots of laughing. As the end credits drift down the screen, you feel your eyes getting heavy, your head leaning down onto his chest. As you fall asleep, Nick’s arms wrap around you and you’re too contempt sleeping to feel him kiss your forehead and whisper “we’re going to be something, new girl, something special.” It began to rain outside, or maybe it already was, and eventually Nick fell asleep too, neither of you caring about the trouble you were bound to get in the following morning.

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akafuri + yellow light

“Seijuro, would you mind waiting for a bit? I think I left my umbrella in the restaurant. I will be right back!” Furihata doesn’t wait for a reply and rushes off. Akashi watches him till he turns the bend before he looks up at the sky. 

The usual clear night sky looked ominous today. Black clouds hung like cloaks, allowing no glimpse of a star anywhere. There might even be a flash of lightning in the far east. 

Akashi hopes Furihata doesn’t take too long. He would like them both to get home dry. He walks to the nearest lamppost and stands underneath it. 

He recalls their first night out after becoming an official couple to have started the same way. 

Two college sophomores, pitching their secret stash funds to go for something marginally better than a dingy hole in the wall ramen shop. Walking back to their dorm because they couldn’t afford a taxi. 

Akashi had taken the dash of courage to grab Furihata’s hand that day morning. Interlinking fingers and palm to palm, they had started walking back from the restaurant. 

A huge flash of lightning striking the neighbourhood and the inevitable boom of thunder had followed. 

They had squeezed their hands to assure each other subconsciously. 

“It will be fine, Kouki. We are close.”

“Yes. I know. I just…..” Furihata tenses. His shoulders are tight and he was worrying his lip. 

Akashi thinks quickly. 

There is a lamppost nearby that blanches yellow light on the ground. Pulling Furihata under it, under the warm circle untouched by the threatening darkness of the night, Akashi holds Furihata close. 

Furihata wraps his arms around him and buries his face in Akashi’s neck. 

For all the times they had imagined how their first kiss would go, they didn’t think it would happen under the yellow light, tasting of moderately cheap greasy food with thunder and lightning dancing around them. 

It was wet, sloppy, inept and perfect as far as first kisses were supposed to go. 

Akashi smiles thinking of the innocence of the moment. 

“What are you smiling at?” Furihata- no, Akashi Kouki - stands in front of him, holding the umbrella and smelling of soap and sweat and wedding band hanging on his skinny ring finger. 

Akashi smiles wider. “Lamppost, Kouki.”

Kouki looks perplexed for a second and looks up at the weather, the yellow light and the warm smile Akashi gives him. “Oh.”

His eyes glaze over at the memory thirty years ago. Still fresh in their minds. 

Akashi pulls him by his scarf. “Yes. Oh.”

Kouki winds his arms around Akashi’s neck and presses his forehead against his. “This setting-” He gestures with his chin to the thunder crackling and the lightning whipping the clouds in the distance and the soft yellow light covering them like a bubble, “-calls for an anniversary of sorts, don’t you think?”

Akashi hums, agreeing, “Of course. What do you plan to do to commemorate this memorable event?”

Kouki pulls back just enough to graze his lips against Akashi’s barely touching them. Their breaths mingling. “I was thinking a recap of the events would be in order.”

Akashi breathes, “Good thinking,” before he swoops down to capture those lips with the same intensity as thirty years ago. 

Now that I have my 3D printer up and running at peak efficiency again, I can use it for what I’ve always considered to be its intended purposes: rapid prototyping and solving small, everyday problems.

I use a Scotch-Brite dish wand to wash the dishes, and when not in use, I hang it from a small hook on the inside of the under-sink cabinet’s door. To do this, I’ve always used a rubber band with a knot tied in it.

It works well enough, but the tension from hanging and the occasional removal of the cap to fill the wand with liquid dish soap means that the rubber band has to be replaced a bit more often than I’d like. This is where 3D printing comes in!

I had a vague idea of what I wanted. The threaded stem that the cap screws onto is a little less than an inch in diameter (…I should probably buy a caliper), so I would need a ring with an interior diameter of similar size, and a part that stuck up to hang on the hook. I threw together a simple model, set the outer diameter of the ring to 1.2″, and printed it out.

Huh, looks kinda like a toilet seat. Anyway, I was a little concerned with the quality of the upright portion. I had just updated my slicer (the program that generates the code for the 3D printer), and the new version defaulted to a slower speed than the old one. I manually set it to the old speed, which after seeing the finished product I assumed had affected the quality. Whoops.

On the bright side, the size of the ring was perfect! I’d only been estimating, but somehow managed to hit that fits-over-the-threads-but-isn’t-loose diameter on my first try! If you’ve been paying attention, however, you’ve probably already noticed the fatal flaw in my design.

Double whoops. I wasn’t exactly sitting there modeling the thing with the dish wand in-hand, but still, I have no idea how I overlooked something like this. Oh well, this is why rapid prototyping exists; it only took ten minutes to print, so I’ll just modify the design and print another.

…My second attempt didn’t fare much better. Due to the shape, angle and how light it was it could be printed without a support, and I had it print as slowly as possible… but still it got all mangled up. I was watching this time, and saw exactly what went wrong: even with the printer on its slowest speed, the two arms of the loop are so small and close together that the layers didn’t have a chance to cool and set before the printer head came back to add more material, resulting in the still-molten plastic being pushed around.

One solution would be to print this at the same time as something of at least the same height, forcing the printer head to travel between the two and giving the plastic a chance to set. I might do that for other prints in the future, but for the time being, I decided to just make the model completely flat.

There we go! Making something flat is about the laziest solution you can find in 3D printing, but so long as it does what I want it to do I don’t care if it’s fancy.

Ta-da! This probably isn’t the best design for this purpose, and I may iterate on it further, but that in essence is the value I see in 3D printing. Rapid prototyping to solve everyday household problems.

No Brand? No Problem

I’ve been asked both on and off this blog the same questions over and over again:

  1. How do I dress visual kei without access (financial or otherwise) to brand clothing?
  2. How do I dress visual kei with my body type? (Which in my case, is being a curvy/busty US size 12-14)

I put off making this post for a long time since I knew doing what I was planning on would take all day of me changing clothes, which it did. I put together 9 outfits so that I could show what kind of items I buy, where I buy them from, and how I coordinate them. I only wore clothes I purchased locally and that weren’t “splurge” items. 

My pictures aren’t very clear due to my camera being not awesome. I apologize in advanced. I hope you can still tell what I have going on. 

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cry baby - melanie martinez sentences.

Send me 🍼 and I’ll generate a number between 1 and 97 to see what my muse tells your muse. ( Alternatively, send me a number between 1 and 97 and I’ll generate a number to see what your muse tells my muse. ) Feel free to change any names and pronouns!

Warning: some of these sentences might include questionable content and other offensive material.

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What the fuck is even going on in the 1D fandom first zayn now Louis this is like a big soap opera

This band is going to break up. I can feel it in my motherfucking bones.

And now the larry shippers are going nuts.

Listen. To. Me. TWO BOYS CAN BE BEST FUCKING FRIENDS WITHOUT BEING IN A RELATIONSHIP. The bond they had was so great and they were so close. Until the Larry shippers FUCKING ruined EVERYTHING. When this band breaks up….I dare a bitch to blame the boys. It will be ENTIRELY the fandoms fault. Full of fucking idiots. FUCKING. IDIOTS. I am sick and fucking tired of it. LET THEM LIVE THEIR FUCKING LIVES AND DO NOT PUT YOUR TWO SENSE INTO IT. THEIR LIVES ARE THEIRS TO LIVE.

If you love these boys so much…why do you do this to them? Why do you make their lives hell? Why? Someone fucking tell me why!

These boys used to make me so fucking happy. But the fans have ruined it for me. And it isn’t fun being in this fandom anymore. It is stressful. And you guys are so cruel.