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Top 5 skincare products✨

Not sure why I decided to drop this, but my skin care routine has been ON POINT this year and wanted to share it with the rest of Tumblr. Use it, don’t, make some edits and let me know how they turn out for you. My melanin has been sparkling all year though so I really wanted to share the love. Enjoy✨

African black soap: I tend to gravitate towards the Shea Moisture brand although it’s very drying in areas with harder water, so using a great moisturizer is key. Those of you with soft water, you’re blessed. I tend to use this on my face despite the risk. On sensitive skin areas, (face and cooch) do NOT let this sit long. Trust me, please don’t.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a life saver! Since my skin doesn’t break out often, I tend to only use this once a week or when I do get a minor breakout. Mix this half and half with water, applying to the face with a cotton ball and let dry. Super easy.

Lemon, honey, oatmeal/sugar exfoliator: I love making products myself when I can. Plus, these ingredients are sooooo good for you! The lemon brightens your skin, and in this mix gets rid of unwanted facial hair with continued use over time. The honey makes such a great moisturizer and my skin feels so soft and smooth after I use it. The oatmeal after you grind it up as fine as possible, (I like to use a mortar and pestle, but a blender works fine too) calms down redness and irritation, even caused by acne. I tend to substitute sugar when I’m going for a lip scrub. With oatmeal, I’ll apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Let this set for twenty minutes, then in outward circular motions, rub off, rinsing off with COLD water. With the lip scrub, I’ll use at least once a week or before using matte lip stick.

Eucerin Healing Soothing Repair Cream: This works MIRACLES for me. Where I currently go to school, the water is super harsh so keeping my skin moisturized is a necessity, especially since my combination skin develops eczema when dry. A dot or two of this is enough to keep my entire face moisturizer and dewy in appearance. If I do happen to use too much, it’s easy to blot with a paper towel. In the summer, the product is great because I’ll forgo foundation or bb cream and just use this.

WATER: A no brainer but this is so important for good skin. I love to use the H2OPAL App to keep track of my intake. It also calculates how much you need based on temperature, age, weight and height which cuts out a lot of guesswork for you. It also will calculate how much you should drink by certain parts of the day. HYDRATE.😊


By asmr_soap_princess


 Word count: 726

 Asgard is absolutely beautiful. All your time there you spent checking everything out. You went to sleep every night exhausted. Those people were legends, warriors, and gods. Living there was an old dream, thanks to your father’s stories. You’d stay forever, but Thor had to come back. As soon as you arrived, he went on a mission, leaving you alone. Then it started.

 Even though Frigga and Odin were very kind and took a liking of you, sadness filled your heart. Thor is meant to be king. And what does it means? Yes, he’ll break up with you right before the coronation and propose to someone worthy like the beautiful, fearless and strong Sif. You were already gathering the courage to form the words. You’ll break up with him before he could break up with you.

 It’s 2 a.m when you hear a loud noise downstairs. It’s him. You don’t bother to get up, so you just drift back to sleep. He comes to kiss your forehead before leaving.

 On the morning next, you wake up and find him sitting on your couch, talking to the TV again on a white T-shirt and jeans, smelling like your soap.

 “Good morning, princess.” His deep voice scares you a little. You missed him so much your heart aches.

 “Hey.” It’s all you manage to say.

 “What’s wrong?” Thor turns off the TV immediately, staring at you. Shit. You tried to hide the nervousness in your voice, but how could you deceive a god?

 “Nothing.” You run to the kitchen, almost tripping.

 “Lady (Y/N)! You can’t lie to me! You know it.” Standing right before you, looking down, his worried expression brings a smile to your lips.

 “Why you gotta be this tall?” You open the fridge, the door staying between you and him. The orange juice you bought yesterday may give you the strength to go ahead with it.

 “Why are you acting so weird, my princess?”

 “Stop calling me princess, Thor, please.” You sit on your small square table, while he sits in front of you.

 “Why? I am to be king. It makes you my princess. ” He’s smile is so kind and true. God, how you missed this smile. Thor was away for two months, on the other side of the planet saving the world again.

 “Thor, we can’t do this anymore.”

 “Do what?”

 “This. Me and you.”

 “(Y/N), can you please explain to me what happened when I was out?” The weight on his shoulders makes you gasp. You’re hurting yourself and hurting him as well.

 “I want you to have the chance to be with someone… worthy.”

 “Stop this nonsense at once, my princess!” He gets up loudly, almost making the chair fall back. “I love you.”

 “Thor, you’ll be king. King of Asgard. And who am I? A midgardian. Your parents will advise you to choose someone better. This much I know, even though they were nice to me. I want to spare me the pain of you breaking my heart!” You sigh, looking down at your hands. Telling him the true reason for leaving him wasn’t in your plans, but you know him too well. Thor wouldn’t let go until you admit everything.

 “These two months made you very creative, my princess.”

 “Stop it.”


 Thor walks to you, pulling your hand so you’re on your feet. He’s blue eyes making you melt in his arms. The memory of your first kiss, almost a year ago, brings a smile to your lips. You didn’t know he was Thor, the god of thunder, but he soon told you the truth. It’s taking all your strength not to kiss him right now.

 “I spoke to Odin. He approved you to be my queen when the time comes.”

 “No. I can’t. I can’t do this. I don’t believe you.” You try to get away from him, but he’s way too strong.

 “Everything I want is to have you by my side.”


 “My lady, I love you. I don’t need to be king, I just need you.” With these words, he crushes his lips on yours, passionately. You don’t even try to resist him since you always fail. You throw your arms around his neck to hug him, thankful for having your whole heart still beating. The love of your life isn’t ging anywhere.

A/N: Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my first language.


Soap C.H.

Command M.C.

Experimenting A.I.



WARNING: smutty smut smut, sub!Luke, princess!Luke, pain kink, sex toys…

Anybody wanna take me to church? (not the hozier song ok, but thats a great song tho)


Many people believed Luke was either vanilla or dominant in the bed room, oh but they were wrong. 

Date Luke Hemmings for a year and you start to open up, he had his kinks and so did I… But Luke’s kink wasn’t just some pain or fem-dom kink, he wanted to be dominated.. Just with a bit of a twist…

I got home from work, a bit later than I expected. I usually see Luke on the couch, playing a game or watching t.v., but he wasn’t there.

“Luke, babe I’m home!” I yell through out the house tiredly.

When I don’t hear anything I put down my bag and take off my coat, walking upstairs to our shared bedroom.

“Luke?” I say as I open the bedroom door.

What I wasn’t expecting was my boyfriend to be laying in our bed wearing nothing else but a pair of pink lace panties, his cock rock hard and with a shiny metal ring around it. He looks up at me with his innocent  baby blue doe eyes, biting his lip ring inbetween his teeth as he grips the sheets tightly in his hands.

“Princess, have I kept you waiting?” I ask seductively, unbuttoning the first couple of buttons of my blouse and walking to the end of the bed.

He nods, looking me in the eyes as I give him a warm smile.

“You didn’t touch yourself did you princess?” I ask softly as I walk along the side of the bed, combing my fingers through his hair when I sit beside him.

He looks down anxiously, his face turning a light pink as he lets out a small whine.

“Princess, answer your daddy.” I command, grabbing his jaw and making him meet my gaze again.

“I’m s-sorry daddy, you t-took so l-long and I couldn’t take it anymore…” He says nervously as I move my hand down his neck and chest, caressing his thigh.

“Did you cum?” 

“N-no daddy.” 

“That’s good princess, but you still broke a rule and now you have to be punished. Whip or paddle?” I ask as retract my hand from his body and walk to our closet.

“Whip.” He mumbles

“Speak louder baby, daddy can’t hear you unless you speak clearly.” I say while going through the box of “toys”.

“Whip.” He says louder, a small whimper forming at the end.

I grab the whip, but decide to bring a few other toys as well…Walking over to the bed as Luke watches me, I place the items on the mattress and he looks at the toys with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

The items I brought include of course the the whip, but also a vibrator and a butt plug…

Luke looks at me and I give him a smirk.

“Turn over and put your ass up princess.” I command, Luke immediately obeying.

“You look so good in your panties baby boy… My little princess is so good for his daddy.” I praise him, rubbing his bum and sliding off the thin fabric.

I quickly get up and grab a bottle of lube from the box that’s filled with our “toys” and come back to Luke with a bottle of lube.

“Tell me if you want me to stop, ok baby.” I say to Luke, dropping my role as daddy for a moment so I can make sure this is pleasurable and not painful for him.

He nods and mumbles a quick ok as I open the cap for the lubricant and rub it on his entrance and on the butt plug.

“My princess looks so pretty, such a good boy. To bad he has to be punished.” I say after I put the plug in him.

“Daddy, how many are you going to do?” Luke asks in a more kid type tone, acting innocent and driving me insane with desire for his cock.

“How many do you think you deserve?”

“I-I don’t know..” He mumbles.

I give his ass a small slap with my hand, that makes him jump and let out a small shriek.

“You know I don’t like it when you mumble, now tell me how many spankings you deserve?” I command.

“I’m sorry daddy! H-how about t-ten?” He whimpers out, gripping the pillow in front of him and holding it close to his chest.

“Ten it is princess.” I whisper in his ear, standing in my place at the end of the bed with his ass in full display in front of me.

I take the whip and hold it firmly in my right hand.

“Ready baby?”

“Mmhm, please daddy. Spank me.” He says

I move my arm and wrist in a quick motion, the whip slapping against his bum

I continue this 9 more times, the whole time Luke has been muffling his moans and whimpers in the pillow he was holding along with thrusting into it a little bit.

“You did good princess, now turn over.” I say, putting down the whip and picking up the vibrator.

He turns over and looks at me, his face as red as his bum. His hair is no longer in the perfect styled quiff, its now scattered along his forehead wet from his sweat.

I turn on the toy and see Luke’s face perk up from the buzzing noise.

I climb on the bed and straddle his waist, his naked cock rubbing against my clothed center.

“You want daddy to take these off?” I ask, putting down the vibrator and pulling at my half way buttoned up blouse.

“Yes daddy.” Luke replies, licking his bottom lip and slipping his lip ring imbetween his teeth.

I slowly lead my hands to the buttons of my blouse, teasing him by taking my clothes off at the opposite pace I knew he desired. 

“Daddy, please go faster.” He begs

“I’ll go as fast as I want, you don’t get to tell me to go faster.” I whisper softly, taking my blouse off fully and throwing it to the floor. I reach behind my back and teasingly slide my bra off of me. Luke stares at my bare chest, mouth practically watering as he lets out a small whimper and leads his hands to the two mounds. 

“Daddy, you’re so good to me.” He says with a moan.

I stand up on the bed and take off my pants, along with my underwear. Luke looks at my dripping core and lets out a sigh as he closes his eyes with a smile.

I return back to my position with his cock rubbing against my now bare center, the vibrator still buzzing off to the side. I reach over and grab it, placing it on his throbbing red tip as he moans with little high pitched whimpers.

“You like that princess?” I ask, rocking my hips back and forth on the base of his shaft.

“Daddy, t-that f-feels s-so g-good.” He says, throwing his head back with a long whine. 

I stop moving my hips and take the vibrator away,lifting up a bit on my knees so I can grab his cock and circle his tip on my clit. We both let out moans and whimpers from the friction as I place the vibrator on his balls.

“Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” Luke yells out, high pitched moans and squeaks.

“Hold it.” I command

“B-but I-I can’t!” He whines

“You hold it or you won’t get to cum for a month.” I threaten

“Please, please, please daddy!” He yells out, him breaking into sobs from the immense pleasure.

I stop what I’m doing and he lets out a harsh ‘No!’

“Daddy, please let me cum.” He begs

I crawl over him and place a kiss to his lips, whipping away a few tears that were falling down his cheeks.

“You ok baby?” I ask

“Yes, please just fuck me. Let me cum.” 

I reach down between us and line up his cock with my entrance, sinking down all the way to the hilt.

“You feel so good princess.” I praise as I move up and down his shaft

“Daddy, you fuck me so good.” He moans out, placing his hands on my waist.

I continue rocking my hips against his, getting faster within every second. I ride Luke at a rapid pace, him thrusting up into me as he mumbles my name and daddy with his moans.


“Yes princess?”

“Can I please cum?”

“Yes, cum with me baby boy. Show me how good I make you feel, how you’re my little slut.” I say, clenching around his cock as I let out a small whine.

I scratch my nails down his chest and he lets out a long moan.

“Cum.” I say, both of us reaching our climax as I continue riding out our highs.

After we finish, I slip him out of me and lay down next to him. 

“Thank you daddy.” Luke mumbles as he lies down on his side, facing me.

I give him a small smile before I remember that I might want to take something out of him.

“Luke, let me take out the butt plug before we go to sleep.” I say with a giggle, sitting up and pushing him a bit so he rolls over.

He moves and I carefully slide the toy out of him, little moans of displeasure and quick breaths coming from him.

“There ya go!” I say as I toss the plug on the floor and lie down with Luke, holding him as the big spoon as he nuzzles his face into the nape of my neck…


I wanted to do something different and make y/n be called daddy, I’m sorry if it wasn’t really your thing, I just wanted to make each of the sub smuts different and also I know that there might be people who read these and are gender fluid… I hope you all enjoyed it though!! Love ya my beans! XXxxx