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etsyfindoftheday | 2.18.17

STEAL OF THE WEEK: lemon sage cold process soap bar by thekirkestate

organically-grown sage combines with ground lemon peel and natural oil to enhance thekirkestate’s olive oil soap bar — it’s cold-pressed and bound to smell RAD. plus, the bar is just $9!


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.17.15

DAY FIVE: favors + gifts
featured: custom-stamped soap favors by viceandvelvet

customized soap favors are a super-useful gift for your wedding guests — everyone needs a little hand soap in their bathroom! you can get your perfect scent and color combination, plus choose your own initials, names, or a nice message for further customization!

*link has been updated, thank you for letting me know, jeblaguejeblog*

What the Nordics smell like

I currently smell of Gucci Guilty because I spend too much money on perfume hahahaaaa.

APH Denmark: Pastries, bakeries, warm sea breeze, fresh bread out of the oven. He sometimes smells a little bit like beer.

APH Sweden: Woodwork workshop, pine trees, furniture, dew. Occasionally does he smell like a very clean house.

APH Norway: Old books, ink, dust, coffee. He tends to smell of rainy days too.

APH Finland: Christmas, glögi, cake icing, sugar. Sometimes washing powder.

APH Iceland: Soap, freshly pressed clothes, wool, air freshener. He sometimes smells of fish.

the signs at a hotel
  • aries: jumps from bed to bed
  • taurus: always on time for free breakfast
  • gemini: yells at bellboys when they lose their suitcase for an hour
  • cancer: constantly using the coffee machine
  • virgo: legit the only calm one
  • leo: zooms down the halls
  • libra & scorpio: tries to do dangerous stunts off the balcony
  • sagittarius: steals all the towels
  • capricorn: steals all the soap
  • pisces: presses all buttons on the elevator
  • aquarius: shouts at everyone to shut up
Keeping track

Repetitive due to different sources

Mainly DS, Metro, ITV and Mags - I update it as the mag spoilers come in

Week 11 (14th - 18th march) - divorce process

Tuesday 15th March

Chrissie heads to see her solicitor to finalise her divorce from Robert. Enjoying spending time with Andy, Chrissie fakes hurting her ankle. Andy picks her up but it soon becomes clear that Chrissie isn’t hurt and she cheekily trips Andy up before racing off to the house. Andy catches up with her and she pulls him in for a passionate kiss.

Robert offers to go with Aaron to attend Gordon’s plea hearing. Aaron is shocked when he realises ‘liar’ has been scratched into the side of his car, but he’s oblivious to the fact that he’s also being watched… (Liv)

Sensing Aaron’s anxiety over seeing his father in court, Robert offers to attend the hearing with him

Wednesday 16th March

Aaron is unable to hide his happiness when Robert turns up to support him in court, (woop) but he receives a nasty surprise when he sees Gordon behaving like he’s seriously ill for the court’s benefit - even pretending to collapse. Could this help his case?

As the Dingles rally round, there’s one person Aaron really wants by his side on-off lover Robert. So he’s overwhelmed when Robert arrives in court to support him.

The following day the Livesy lad is thrilled when loyal Robert keeps his word and turns up at the courtroom to hold his hand (plz not metaphorically)

As Gordon’s hearing arrives, Aaron is sickened to hear that his abusive father has another trick up his sleeve - He fakes a collapse so that everyone thinks he’s seriously ill.

Cain seethes to think Gordon’s defaced Aaron’s car but his face falls when PC Swirling places the garage truck near the jewellers that was robbed the previous day.

Later, DS Wise tells Chas that Gordon has an alibi and couldn’t have defaced Aaron’s car. As a hidden figure watches on from the shadows, it’s clear that someone else has a score to settle - but who? (Liv)

As Aaron leaves the court, a figure emerges from the shadows, intent on settling a score… (liv)

Thursday 17 March (No Robert)

A furious Liv seeks answers from Aaron

Liv has turned up in the village and she accuses Aaron of being a liar. Aaron tries to reason with her by explaining what Gordon did to him.Later, Liv snoops through Chas’s phone and finds Gordon’s address. Soon afterwards, Chas and Aaron are horrified when they realise Liv has gone to find Gordon. Aaron heads off with Zak to find his sister, but will things get out of control when Sandra arrives?

When Liv confronts Aaron and accuses him of lying, Aaron sets out to give her some answers.  He is forced to regale what his dad did to him all over again, leaving him exhausted. But as he tries to get through to his troubled sister, she snoops through Chas’ bag when she is left alone and finds Gordon’s address on her phone.

Liv questions Gordon over Aaron’s allegations and he denies everything. She’s in turmoil as he tries to get her on side. Meanwhile, Aaron’s frustrated as he’s stuck in roadworks, desperate to get to his sister. At Gordon’s, Liv comes rushing out and Aaron hopes for the best.

While Zak and Aaron arrive to find Liv rushing out of Gordon’s, what state will they find her in and has she started to believe what her dad has said?!

When Aaron finally reaches Gordon’s house after being delayed by roadworks, he sees Liv rushing out. Whose side is she on now?

Meanwhile, Sandra is under pressure from Chas and finally admits that she knew about Gordon abusing Aaron, but she still refuses to give a statement to the police. Chas pleads with her to reconsider. (Sandra makes an admission / Chas world is rocked by another huge confession?)

Sandra finally admits that she knew Gordon was abusing Aaron, but didnt do anything to stop it out of fear for Liv

Friday 18 March

Aaron tells Robert about Sandra finally going to the police. Robert is also suspicious of Liv asking him so many questions. When Sandra and Chas arrive back from the station, Liv sees Chas’s hostility towards Robert as she slips out. Later, Liv meets Gordon. Will she betray her brother?

Later as Aaron finally feels the case is going the right way with Sandra having gone to the police, Robert remains suspicious of Liv.

Aaron tells Robert about Sandra going to the police and feels things might be going his way at last. However, Robert’s suspicious of Liv asking him questions.

Robert smells a rat when Liv sets about giving him the third degree over his relationship with Aaron.  What’s she up to?

Sandra and Chas arrive back from the station and Liv sees Chas’ hostility towards Robert (*sigh*) as she slips out. Later, Liv meets Gordon. Will she betray her brother?

As Liv slips out once more to meet Gordon in secret, has her dad gotten so deep under her skin that she is about to betray her brother?  Or will she come to her senses and realise that he is using her?

Week 12 (21st - 25th March)

Monday 21st March

Liv gives Gordon information about Aaron and Robert, hoping something will help get him off.

Hoping it will get Gordon of the hook, Liv gives information about Aaron and Robert to the police (police?)

Belle is shocked when Lisa suggests that she may sell the house so Zak and Joanie can be out of their way once and for all (wait. sell wishing well? nope, hush)

Tuesday 22nd March

It turns out that Pierce has found Tess’s second phone and has come to Paddy and Rhona for answers, knowing they were friends with Tess. Paddy is horrified when Rhona agrees to talk with him about it tomorrow.

Lisa reassures Belle that they’ll find somewhere else to live, while Joanie also tries to convince Zak that selling the house is a good move.

Wednesday 23rd March

Cain works out that Ross and Charity are dodgy dealing together

Paddy worries about Rhona seeing Pierce, but she assures him that she only wants to convince him to let his suspicions go. However, when Rhona meets Pierce, she reads Tess’s messages from her 'mystery man’ on the secret affair phone. Struggling to contain her emotions, Rhona blurts out that it was Paddy who Tess was having an affair with.

Later, Paddy is in the pub when a fuming Pierce arrives and punches him, knocking him to the floor…

Aaron protects Paddy

Thursday 24th March

Chrissie confides in Andy about how she fears Robert will take her for everything he can get in their divorce settlement meeting

Holly Barton has returned to the village. Moira and Adam are pleased to see her back, but Cain secretly has his doubts about her motives for returning.

Later in the pub, Holly tells Adam that she’s not sure about Cain anymore.   Adam reminds her that Cain saved her life. Not long afterwards, Holly takes a phone call outside and promises to get the money she owes. It’s clear that she’s come back with more baggage than she’s letting on.

Meanwhile, Rhona goes to see Vanessa and explains that the adoption is off. Vanessa advises her to leave Paddy if she can’t see a way back. Later, Rhona tells him Paddy that she’d like them to try and make things work, but she wants them to move to Germany. Will Paddy be willing to move abroad?

Belle is annoyed that Lisa has put the house up for sale and is already packing.

Friday 25th March

Moira is thrown when Holly introduces her to her 'boyfriend’ Dean. Once alone, Dean tells an intimidated Holly that he’s there debt collecting.

Recalling that Charity is still in love with Cain, Holly tries to strike a deal with her, telling her that she can help her get Cain back for a price. Will Charity take the bait?

Meanwhile, Paddy and Rhona tell Marlon they want to go to Germany for six months, but he lays down the law and tells them they can’t take Leo with them. Later, Carly suggests to Marlon that it might be a good thing if Leo ends up with three happy parents again. Will Marlon change his mind about the trip?

Week 13 (28th - 1st April)

Monday 28th March 

Holly’s plan is thwarted

Tuesday 29th March 

Moira makes a decision

Wednesday 30th March 

Belle is on a mission

Moira makes an unlikely ally

Thursday 31st March 


The pressure is on for Cain

Belle becomes smitten

The stakes are high for Holly

Belle is out to impress

In David’s shop, Liv is having an argument with David about his pricing and starts throwing fruit at him.

Chas makes a decision

Friday 1st April

Aaron and Robert

Robert telling his worries to Aaron

Gordon manipulates Liv

Week 14 (4th - 8th April)

Liv will be on side on 4th of Apri

Jealous Robert. Robert finding out about Chrissie/Andy.

Robert and Aaron having a drink together. 

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

Robert: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Week 15 (11th -15th April) Trial week

Aaron: All Week

Robet: All Week.

Trial starts on the Tuesday and ends in Fridays episode. 

Week 16 (18th - 22nd April)

Sad spoiler for aaron

Aaron: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Robert: Monday, Wednesday.

What Next?

Sugden who is beaten up by thugs, but not Robert.

Candy leaves Robert annoyed and creates tensions/questions for Robron

Vics bday last week of march


Liv will be staying with Aaron.

Robert will be telling his worries to Aaron and Liv will be secretly listening/recording their conversation.

pineapple is a guest character

villain Robert with the Whites again (a la 2015) evil robert

G’s Trial

Robert holds Aarons hand at the trial.

Robert won’t get into trouble at the trial 

Who instructs thugs to beat up a village favourite - and will he survive? (Lawrence/andy?)

22nd April Roberts b-day      

New Dingle possibly Cain and Chas’ mum Faith (Aarons granny!)  - *+*+*+Confirmed finally*+*+*+

Aaron’s sister will challenge their relationship because she and Robert won’t get on and will be competing for Aaron’s affections

Cain’s tested on where his loyalties really lie

June Stunt - Priya, Rakesh, Lawrence and Nicola

October Thriller (The Big Chill/Final Destination) - Cain, Moira, Holly, Adam, Victoria