soap opera tropes

More fucky things...

Where was Ben’s 20 page monologue they were so excited for during comicon? 

Where was the scene Martin was uncomfortable to film, and had to do it alone? (it wasn’t Mary’s death scene cause other actors were present)

Why was John typing into a jpg file about a baby that wasn’t born yet?

Why did Lady Smallwood’s name change from Elizabeth to Alicia? 

Why in the hell did Mycroft let his sister who he KNOWS is a manipulative genius psychopath talk to another  manipulative genius psychopath?

Why all the water imagery that was never followed up on?

Why the glowing, sometimes black, skull painting?

Why constantly build Mary up as a villain, then have a half-arsed redemption arch? 

Why WHY do that Molly Hooper?

Why think a secret sibling would be ‘history making’ when it’s an over used, soap opera level trope?

Why would Amanda say an actor playing more than one character would be ‘ground breaking’ when orphan black, vampire dairies, Tyler Perry’s movies and soooo many others do the same thing?


Something has to be up, this makes NO sense.

Edit: ALSO why this: “ Doesn’t matter who you really are” and “I know who you are” and “its about the legend and stories” When they’ve said OVER AND OVER it’s not a detective show, it’s a show about a detective???

@abouthetwofthem added some great points, so I’ll add them here so we can see!

Also, WHY don’t we know anything about John’s letter, or Sherlock’s recurring dream yet?

WHY did they introduce Hopkins, if she only had a secondary role in the first episode?

WHY did they make a reference to Irene Adler in TLD?

WHY did they credit Henry Knight’s actor and Irene’s actress if the first didn’t appear at all and the second was just mentioned?

WHY did they spread fake rumors about Colin Morgan being in the show and fake pictures of “young Mycroft” ’s actor (don’t know if you remember this, he was thin and had big ears)?

WHY did they use Eurus’ metaphor of the “little girl on the plane” in such a twisted way? How could she be the little girl and herself at the same time?

And WHY “it’s all about the wallpaper”?

The Lance sisters shared the same guy. Laurel dated Oliver’s best friend. Oliver and his father slept with the same woman. How about we don’t pretend like Olicity is a “soap opera” when you have so many soap opera tropes to look back on. Nobody wanted that serial cheating, baby making, sister swapping, best friend swapping train wreck of a relationship that was Laurel and Oliver. I admit Olicity got messy at the end of season 4 but that drama lasted 2 episodes. 4x15 when she found out about the kid/lie and 4x16 with the wedding situation. After that she literally told him what she said was only said because she was hurt and didn’t mean it. She went back to helping them and she didn’t continue to scold him about it. Laurel did for two full seasons even after finding out what he went through on the island. You know it’s funny how even in the midst of all the drama Felicity never told him to rot in hell or that he can’t be saved or that she didn’t believe in him as a hero. You know like someone else did, *coughLaurelcough*. Emphasis on that last one because being a hero is what Oliver cares about most. Also Olicity’s relationship hasn’t been about cheating and yelling and screaming at each other 24/7. So just shove that nasty Loliver relationship comic canon bs up your ass. K thanx :)


Jane’s characters are growing up, but so is the show – though that doesn’t mean abandoning the its blend of sweet storylines, soap opera tropes and quirky humor. “I really feel the balance of our show works best when it has all of these different elements,” reflects Urman. “As long as we have a lot of those elements going on, which is the trick of the show, it can hopefully speak to and affect a lot of different kinds of people.” Still, fans can expect to see a slight shift in the show’s format. “We are doing some structural things differently,“ Urman shares. “Jane ended last season in a really fraught way, and we’re not taking that lightly as we go in – but as always, it’s making sure you can do that but make it be a comedy.”

To My Fellow Richonne Shippers

Today is a beautiful day. A day some of us having been waiting years for and some of us mere months.

But it was a day we always knew would happen.

Richonne is a love story that was planned from the moment they met at the fence. They’ve known each other for a year and in that year, they’ve become the closest of friends and Michonne has become part of the Grimes’ family 

In that year, they have fought together, learned together, lived together, experienced loss together and overcome their past traumas because of each other. 

This love story isn’t a bored showrunner’s whim. It’s not coming ‘out of nowhere.’ It’s been lovingly constructed, thought out, written, directed and acted for three and a half seasons. 

This is a love story between two people who respect each other and trust each other and, yes, love each other. No cheap tricks. No tantrums or doors slamming. No middle school misunderstandings. No soap opera tropes. 

Just a simple story of friends who fall in love through the worst of times and who will find a life worth living.


So, tonight, let us all watch Rick and Michonne’s love story unfold. It will be simple. It will be sweet. It will be right.

It will be beautiful because it’s their story told their way in their time.

I’m so glad to be sharing this important (and yes groundbreaking) moment with all of you. 

Ducktective Theory

Ducktective is foreshadowing the events of Gravity Falls. 

In Headhunters we have the biggest clue to Stan having a twin bro, Wax Stan. And in the same episode, Ducktective was introduced. Both Ducktective and Gravity Falls rely on a heavy mystery element, so Ducktective can be seen as an in show parallel of Gravity Falls.

In  Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons, well after Ford became canon, Ducktective makes a return. Why is this significant? Well, in that episode they satirize the Stan having a twin twist. This links Ducktective to a major plot point in the show. But, here’s where it gets interesting…

In that episode, Ducktective turns out to have an evil twin. A twist that they’re using to poke fun at the revelation of Ford. The evil twin is a parallel to Ford… 

Originally posted by gravityfalls-gf

But, is Ducktective’s evil twin simply a joke making fun of common Soap Opera tropes? Or is Ducktective still foreshadowing the series? And if he is, he might just foreshadow Ford turning evil. Or possibly that Ford will not bring good things to Gravity Falls.

Just a theory. What do you guys think?

Everyone needs to watch the new show Telenovela like right now for so many reasons.

  • The entire main cast is Latinx (except Zachary Levi, but they’re not trying to pass him off as Latinx, and I love him so it’s all good. I’m also not entirely sure if he really is part of the main cast or not anyways).
  • It has Latinxs that don’t speak Spanish and Latinxs that are passing and darker skinned Latinxs and so much variety.
  • Eva Longoria is the fucking star of the whole thing and the executive producer.
  • It’s really funny. It jokes around with so many novela/soap opera tropes. 
  • The women all look out for each other. 
  • There’s an openly gay character.
  • No one’s a walking stereotype. 

Seriously. Go watch it like right now.

nikorys  asked:

im currently discussing #WhoIsCharlesBabyDaddy and trying to make it trend on twitter ohgmgo d JAJAJAJA

I want to know how it’s possible that we haven’t had a ‘Who’s Charles’ Baby Daddy’ fic in fandom until now? Because it’s the best, soapiest soap opera trope EVER and omg the thought of Charles banging Erik and Logan during DOFP (not at the same time pervs lol) and getting knocked up and not knowing who the other father is bwahaha? And of course determining that both are THE MOST UNSUITABLE PEOPLE TO PARENT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING OMG AND SHUT UP HANK DON’T LOOK AT ME I STOPPED TAKING THE SERUM AND I’M NOT ALWAYS DRUNK ANYMORE OKAY IT WAS ONE TIME OKAY MAYBE 8 YEARS BUT STILL I’M A WAY BETTER CHOICE THAN THOSE TWO IDIOTS!

Also, it reminds me of this amazing fanart by @dwaroxxx 

Cause you know those knives/claws are coming out LMAO!!!!!

Also, go read the fic!

You wanna know what’s great about General Hospital?

They have three LGBT characters right now, two of which are also POC (Felix is black, Brad is Asian). 

They have several POC characters in positive roles (for instance, the current police commissioner and mayor are both black women).

They have a mentally ill (bipolar) character played by an actor who actually suffers from the condition irl. The possibility of the character’s son having the condition is a current storyline.

Female characters regularly get to do badass things (for instance, Sam is a private investigator, Anna is a former FBI agent, and Lulu recently fought a bunch of kidnappers to rescue her brother). 

They’ve done groundbreaking issues-based things in the past (Michael is a male rape victim, Robin is HIV positive, etc.)

I mean yeah the show can be a little ridiculous at times, with the evil twins and comas and amnesia and all the other soap opera tropes, but I think it’s seriously underrated.