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Smile, young Achilles.


Will realized it was not the first time his name had been yelled in the last ten seconds. He turned his head and found his coach looking at him impatiently. Pidgeon chest. Piggy legs. Rosy cheeks. Barely a few hairs on his shiny head.

“Yes? Sorry I was…”

“Yes, yes, daydreaming. Now get in there, son.” Head pointing at the court where his team mates waited expectantly. “Jackson’s coming out, his leg’s hurtin’. Now come on.”

Will hated when he had to play. He hated when he had to interact with almost anyone. Dragging his feet, he walked inside the jungle of sweaty young men who were, in a majority and among other things, bigger than him.

This is just fantastic...

Will wasn’t bad at sports, he just did not want to be there and that translated in his performance so, as expected, after half an hour he had listened to his name more than he was used to listening to it in a whole day.

“Sorry.” He shrugged a trot towards the other side of the court.

He was not sorry at all.

A sudden clamor coming from the nearest court called his attention. Oh, the seniors was it?

A young man with blondish hair and tanned skin was running incredibly fast behind the ball. Nobody was able to catch him as he approached the goal, long athletic legs flexing as he moved with such grace Will’s mouth went dry.

Of course he scored. A rather impressive hooky.

Show off.

The screaming and laughing increased as the young man’s team mates patted his arms and back. He just looked at them and smiled and Will still couldn’t move. Didn’t want to move. He was mesmerized by the reincarnated Achilles only a few feet away. The boy found his eyes then, his smile having ceased almost completely. Will looked like a blushed statue in the middle of the field.

Oh, now I look like a complete idiot.

Will was about to turn and leave just in time to avoid remaining in the memory of the young Achilles as the idiot who would not move, when he caught sight of a wide, breathtaking smile. His attempts to blink the clueless cloud away failed so he swiftly eyed his surroundings to check for someone the young man could be smiling at. No. The smile was aimed completely at him. Dazzling and warm. Will could not prevent his lips from curling too.

Just like that every game in the field was paused. Everyone seemed to vanish because, oh yes, he finally was seeing someone that was not in black and white.

The young Achilles’ smile faltered for a second, replaced by a frown and-

“Graham!” was accompanied by a hard thud against Will’s shoulder.

“Man! The ball! Wake the hell up!”


“Sor– “ Nah. He sighed.  

Will was sure his face was red like his shoulder but still dared one last glance at the smiling Achilles.


He was still smiling, perhaps even smirking by then. Smug bastard.

Will’s blush became furious and hot. The young man nodded and ran towards the other side of his court.

                                            *     *      *

After the game (mercifully) ended, Will searched for the most secluded shower. Leaving his small bag on the bench, he undressed and got under the warm spray of water.

It felt divine after all that tension so he sighed contentedly and combed fingers through his curls.

The events of the past hour projected inside his head like flashes from a movie. The smiling Achilles. The smiling Achilles’ strong legs. His golden hair.

Will’s sore shoulder.


He flinched at the touch and reached for the soap.

 Oh don’t tell me I-

He discovered soon enough that the case where he always kept the soap was empty.


“Are you alright?” An accented voice from the next stall made him jump. It almost made him yelp. Imagine that.

“Yes.” His eyes widened as he turned. “Shit… Sorry… I’m -” There stood the young Achilles, barely shielded by a pillar separating the stalls. Tall. Lean. Stunning. God.

The young man arched a brow expectantly.

“I just noticed I forgot my soap.” Shyness tickled Will’s skin as he realized he was in front of a stranger, absolutely naked. Flushed too, he was sure.

Aren’t they all naked here?

The young Achilles’ lips curled in a faint smile. “You can have mine. I always bring more than one as backup.” He disappeared for a moment and returned with soap in hand. Taking a step forward he extended his arm, offering the small box to Will.

Oh god, he’s naked. They are all naked here but he is naked and he is here….


“You needn’t worry, it has not been opened yet. You can keep it.”  

“Thank you.” Will took the box and dared another glance.

“You are most welcome. The circumstances may be strange to introduce myself, but I’m Hannibal.” His voice was soft and velvety.


Rare and powerful as Achilles.

“Will.” Beginning to smile.

Fucking finally, stupid muscles!

“I’m Will”

“Will,” Hannibal echoed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

And just like that, Hannibal was gone. Will blinked until the dizziness ceased.

He looked to his hand. Not as he had expected, it was a rather exclusive soap.

Will rolled his eyes and opened it.

The scent of cinnamon and honey filled his head.


This happened because I must confess that at my almost 30 years of existence and almost 20 years of studying English, I came to know what the word “dove” means. (Other than the brand. Agh, it was so obvious!)
So my darling @lecteronthelam​ prompted me: Write a fic using the word “Dove”. Go.

So I went… ish. 

(Thank you for your help and encouragement, love)

Expect more chapters if I dare! 

I mean all the affair, hurting each other, breaking up, getting back together, fighting each other stuff feels so little compared to what’s gonna happen the next weeks. This is the real heart ache, those are the real feels that make my stomach feel sick, giving me headaches coz I root for them so much. This is them being so incredibly in love, finally accepting their love and showing their love to each other, to everyone but now getting torn apart leaving the other half hurting and alone and I am not ready to see their happy faces switch to sad faces. They just got married. This is gonna hurt so much. Yes I really love watching soap operas :3

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i love doing laundry i love love love love love love love laundry i love soap i love clean i love water i love sorting i love dryer sheets i love cleaning the lint trap I LOVE DOING LAUNDRY HNNNNGH

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Love how you blog about emmerdale, still kinda weird seeing stuff about a (low-key trashy) British soap on Tumblr though 😂😂😂

Tell me about it! If someone told me last year I was going to end up obsessed with Emmerdale I would have laughed in their face. But alas I am a feeble human who got sucked in by the bi representation, great acting, and Yorkshire scenery. 

I do love soaps though. For real. There’s something so satisfying to me (as someone who loves family relationships/character development in fiction) in watching the same characters go through life at a sort of realistic pace. It’s like you know the people. As a writer it’s invaluable. Also you learn a ton of stuff about issues you never even knew existed and it makes you a bit kinder (I think). 

I’d love to write for soap one day. It’s such a great medium for changing social attitudes. 


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Name: Austin
Ancestry: Literally just all the western Europe. Like the only prominent one is a lil bit of Swiss
Zodiac: Crybaby Cancer
Where do you live: West Virginny
How are you doing today: I’m alright. Tired
What’s your favorite song right now: I’ve been listening to a lot of Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights album
Play any instruments: I played tuba in high school and can bs my way through that, and I can kinda sing
What’s your signature drink: Just a big ol’ cup of coffee, or a big ol’ bottle of water, or Dr Pepper
What’s your signature scent: Mitchum deodorant and laundry soap
Favorite color: I love pastels in general, and seafoam in specific
A sound you love: Thunder
A sound you hate: People being loud

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Actual Friendly Reminder

Aelin’s character progression:

“Gods, he took up the entire bathtub. She mutely handed him her favorite lavender-scented soap, which he sniffed at, sighed in resignation, and then began using.
She took a seat on the curved lip of the tub and told him everything that had happened since they’d left. Well, mostly everything. He washed while she spoke, scrubbing himself down with brutal efficiency. He lifted the lavender soap to his hair, and she squeaked.
“You don’t use that in your hair,” she hissed, jolting from her perch to reach for one of the many hair tonics lining the little shelf above the bath. “Rose, lemon verbena, or …” She sniffed the glass bottle. “Jasmine.” She squinted down at him.
He was staring up at her, his green eyes full of the words he knew he didn’t have to say. Do I look like I care what you pick?”

Sarah J. Maas. “Queen of Shadows.”

I love this definitive character progression. It aches in my heart. For those who read the assassins blade, you’ll remember that Celaena smelled her lavender soap on Sam and jokingly told him not to use it because it was so expensive, and bought him some cheap soap to use because he didn’t care either way. She was young, 16. Then when he was murdered, she hated herself for it, for her selfish actions of telling him not to use her soap.

Then you have 18 year old Aelin, silently offering her lavender soap to Rowan, who has no idea the weight of her actions, the things going on in her mind as she uses all of her finest soaps on him. Never to be selfish like that again.

Oh, my heart, it melts.

Happy Valentines Day friends.


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