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Quick Morning Magick

Here are some quick magickal techniques you can use first thing in the morning to help make your day go a little easier!

Morning Shower Meditation - use the element of water to cleanse yourself of any lingering negativity from the previous day. Use herbal soaps, herbal bags for aromatherapy, oils, or other means to help you focus on your intent to wash away negative energy down the drain.

Light some incense - I do this on most mornings to set a tone for how I want the day to proceed. Aromas can produce powerful emotions and moods. Here’s a brief list of some of my favorites scents and some of their attributes.

  • Frankincense and Myrrh - uplifting
  • Amber - comfort, healing, and happiness

  • Cinnamon - success and strength

  • Jasmine - love and wisdom

  • Pine - grounding

Altar Devotion/Invocations - You can light some candles on your altar and speak some invocations for your deities to guide you throughout the day. I do a Goddess Devotion every morning to ask Her for her strength, vitality, love, and intuition to guide me.

Breakfast - Even your breakfast can be spiritual! You are filling yourself with the nourishment that the Earth has provided you with. Be conscious of what you eat. Try fruits, oatmeal, grits, milk, juices, meats, and breads to start your morning by showing your gratitude to all that is.

Glass of Water - Having a glass of water in the morning can be used to cleanse the body, just like the shower. You can even do an herbal tea blend to incite a mood just as the incense does.

Yoga and Exercise - This can also be a form of meditation in the morning.

Dream Journals - You can keep a dream journal by your bed so you can record your dreams in the morning when you first wake up. Writing can also be considered a form of meditation and getting into a routine can become your personal ritual.

Greet the Sun - Going for a walk outside or just watching the sunrise can be a very powerful ritual. The Sun lends us its strength, passion, and love as we go about our busy day. Greet the sun and ask it for guidance.

First Aid Basics

I just got certified in CPR and First Aid last month with the American Heart Association. I wanted to share this information with you, because a lot of what we see on TV is not at all accurate as to what you’re supposed to do to actually help someone. Here are some of the topics that were covered:

First Aid Basics

Here are the steps you should follow when addressing a situation where a person may be injured/unconscious: 

  • Check to make sure the scene is safe- you are no help to anybody if you also get hurt
  • If the person is responsive: “Are you okay?”
  • If they are unresponsive, hit their shoulders hard and yell: “Are you okay?” to see if you can rouse them
  • Phone 911 and put the phone on speaker (you can delegate this task to somebody else if you’re not alone)
  • Have somebody get a First Aid kit (don’t leave the person if you’re by yourself unless the 911 operator tells you to)
  • Is the person conscious? Unconscious?
  • Check them for any obvious signs of injury
  • Check them for medical jewelry


  • Time is of the essence! Be decisive and confident. 
  • Don’t be afraid to call for help and assign people tasks
  • You can only perform CPR on a flat service. If a person needs CPR and is on a bed or in a chair, move them to the floor immediately. Don’t worry about hurting their head or anything, if they don’t get CPR immediately, their life expectancy is significantly less. (See my CPR post for full details)
  • Do not move the person unless the area they’re in is unsafe. If you have to move the person, drag them by their clothes and pull them to safety.

Adult Choking

There are both mild and severe cases of adult choking. In a mild case, the person choking will be able to make a sound or cough loudly. Typically these cases resolve themselves. 

  • Ask: “Are you choking? Can I help you?”
  • If the person cannot make a sound or cough in response, they are suffering from severe choking.
  • Walk around back of the person and put your arms around them
  • Make a fist with your dominant hand
  • Place your fist slightly above the belly button and below the chest bone.
  • Grasp the fist with your other hand
  • Give quick upward thrusts
  • If the person is overweight or pregnant, put your arms around the person’s armpits.

If you are unsuccessful in removing the blockage, the person will quickly become unresponsive. You will need to perform adult CPR and call 911.

After chest compressions (see above link) check person’s mouth to see if the thing they choked on is visible. If it is visible, remove it. Never going digging around in someone’s mouth


  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put gauze on the wound and apply pressure until the bleeding stops
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top and keep applying pressure until the bleeding stops
  • Clean the amputated part with water
  • Warp the amputated part with dressing 
  • Put the amputated part in a small plastic bag
  • Get a larger plastic bag and fill it with equal parts ice and water
  • Put the small plastic bag inside the large plastic bag
  • Label the bag with person’s name and time of the injury

Asthma (How to Operate an Inhaler)

People diagnosed with asthma will typically be aware of it and may have an inhaler on them. If someone has an asthma attack:

  • Ask them: “Are you okay? Do you need your inhaler?” 
  • The person will probably be able to give some sort of indication in response
  • If they need their inhaler: 
    • Locate the inhaler
    • Put the medicine (metallic capsule pictured below) in the inhaler if it is not already in there, it will click into place
  • Shake the inhaler to activate the medicine
  • Attach the mouth piece if it’s unattached (not all inhalers have one, it is not pictured below)
  • Remove the cap (cap is darker blue piece pictured below)
  • Have the person put their head back
  • Put the inhaler in the person’s mouth
  • Push down on the canister and have them breathe out slowly
  • They should begin to feel relief immediately, but you should still have them sit down and take it easy for a while
    • Call 911 if they are still having difficulty breathing after the inhaler has been administered

Bee Sting

Usually bee stings present only mild irritation and pain. If the person stung has a severe allergic reaction, you will need to call 911.

  • Get a first aid kit
  • Scrape away the bee stinger and venom sack using a credit card or something similar in nature
  • Wash the affected area with lots of soap and running water
  • Wrap a bag of ice in a towel and place it over the affected area for 20 minutes or until the pain is gone
  • Watch the person for up to 30 minutes for signs of an allergic reaction
    • Call 911 if they present any classic allergy symptoms

Bleeding from Nose

  • Have the person lean their head forward
  • Get a First Aid kit
    • Or have someone else get one
  • Have the bleeding person apply pressure to the bridge of their nose using gauze from the First Aid kit
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top until the bleeding stops
  • Call 911 if the bleeding lasts longer than 15 minutes

Heat Cramps/Dehydration

Can lead to heat exhaustion! These typically happen when someone is dehydrated and tries to do lots of physical activity.

  • Have the person sit down and cool off
  • Have them drink something with sugar and electrolytes
    • Water will work in a pinch but sugary drinks and gatorade are preferred

Heat Exhaustion

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Have the person lie down
  • Cool the person by pouring water on them or wetting them with wet cloths until they begin to act normally
  • Have them drink something with sugar and electrolytes
    • Water will work in a pinch but sugary drinks and gatorade are preferred
  • Wait with them until help arrives

Opioid Overdose

My instructor said that these will often happen in an unsafe or an isolated environment. Always check to make sure that the scene is safe- look out for needles. 

Naloxone is used to revive people who have overdosed on opioids. If you find someone who has overdosed on opioids you happen to have naloxone on you and know how to administer it, the American Heart Association recommends that you use it instead of waiting for help to arrive.


  • Yell for help
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Wait with the person until help arrives


  • Yell for help
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Perform five cycles of adult CPR
  • Wait for help


Seizures are abnormal electrical activity in the brain. Typical seizure symptoms: spasms, muscle rigidity, and unconsciousness. Seizures typically last between 60-90 seconds before the person gains consciousness. 

  • Do NOT touch the person who is having a seizure
  • Do NOT put anything in their mouth
  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • If there are people around, ask them to get a First Aid kit while you wait with the person having the seizure
    • Don’t leave the person having a seizure if you are alone
  • Move objects away from the person having the seizure so that they don’t knock into them
  • If possible, place a small towel/pad underneath the person’s head
  • If the person starts vomiting, turn them over on their side so that they don’t choke
    • If possible use gloves and an eye mask from a First Aid kit to avoid exposure to bodily fluids
  • After they come to, they may be bleeding from the mouth. 
    • Use gauze from a First Aid kit to stop the bleeding
    • Have them apply pressure with the gauze until the bleeding stops
  • Stay with the person until help arrives


Splints should be significantly longer than the injured area. They’re used to constrict movement, so the person is injured should not be able to move freely once the splint is applied. Splints are use to treat broken/dislocated bones. It’s very difficult to tell if a bone is actually broken or just dislocated, so don’t worry about it and just splint the thing.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put on gloves/eye glasses from the First Aid kit to avoid contamination from bodily fluids
  • Cover exposed wound area with gauze
  • Do not remove the gauze if it’s bled through- this will remove any blood clots that have formed. 
    • If the gauze is bled through, add more gauze on top until the bleeding stops.
  • Place a strip of rigid material underneath the injured area
  • Use gauze/dressing from the First Aid kit to secure the splint by wrapping material above and below the injured area
    • Never tie material directly over the injury
  • Have the person stay as still as possible until help arrives


Strokes are caused from blockage/bleeding from things like blood clots. Typical signs of a stroke: face drooping (or numbness), arm weakness (or numbness), and speech difficulty. There is nothing much you can do except wait with the person and try to make them comfortable until help arrives.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Note the time that the stroke symptoms began (this will help hospital technicians)
  • Stay with the person until help arrives


Some First Aid kits will come with a pre-made tourniquet. If your kit does not have a tourniquet you can make one fairly easily. Tourniquets should only be used for injuries where the person is squirting blood. No squirting blood? Use a splint.

  • Call 911 and put the phone on speaker
  • Get a First Aid kit
  • Both these steps can be delegated to someone else if they’re around
  • Put on gloves/eye glasses from the First Aid kit to avoid contamination from bodily fluids
  • Fold cloth or a bandage so that it’s long and an inch wide
  • Wrap the the bandage/cloth two inches above the wound
    • Never apply a tourniquet bandage/cloth on a joint (like elbows or knees). 
  • Find a small stick
  • Place the small stick atop the cloth/bandage and tie it there
  • You can now turn the small stick to tighten the cloth/bandage
  • Have the injured person lay down and try to move as little as possible
  • Do not remove the tourniquet- even if the bleeding stops.
  • Wait until help arrives.
Love Feels Like War - Ethan Dolan

Song: A Love Like War

Artist: All Time Low

Requested: No

Warnings: Cursing, fighting, minor violence… Also, I cried while writing this :)

Y/N and Ethan had been dating for a while, but somewhere along the line, it became less about love and more about obligation. They still loved each other, but it was a battle to stay together. Everything they did felt like they were tip-toeing over eggshells and avoiding land-mines. When they have the biggest fight of their relationship, though, they realize just how much they need each other.

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Abducted (part - 2)

Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: it was time that you learn why you were held captive by a god. A/N: MOMMY’S BACK!!! Man I have been having the worst of both worlds but I wrote, I fucking wrote. Tumblr gotta give me a good kid sticker. I didn’t really edit it because ya know the reason you follow me plus my laptop’s on the verge of dying. Hope you like it! (ignore the text in the gif, or actually don’t imagine all the dirty you sexy little swine)

Warnings: swearing, being chained.

Word Count: 1636

Part 1

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Petrichor. The smell after the rain had kissed the earth and nourished nature again. lying on your dirty mattress it was a great comfort. From nowhere the breeze blew against your skin, you nuzzled in your blanket. Only these comforts where what you had now. For four days you had been numb and scared, but now, you were at peace with it. you knew there was no escaping, you’d have to serve Loki, you’d have to do it all without losing your strength and hope.

You inhaled deeply and wrapped your arms around yourself, the rain had stopped. Your emotions had been quite in sync with the weather for a while now, and you hated it. you wished it could always be sunny and so that your mood could be good again.

You shook your head at this thought, it was all rubbish. Just some nonsense you made up to think that you had something special. Oh, how you wished you had some sort of magic that could overpower your captor’s. then, you kept a hand on the wall you were facing and ran a hand down on it, you wouldn’t be here. The sound of the now familiar footsteps grew closer. You sat up and fixed your now rugged clothes. He gave you the same smug smile and dragged a chair in front of you.

‘so, have I finally tired the beasty kitten?’ he asked. This man surely had a thing for sarcasm and patronizing everyone. You didn’t reply and looked at him with the same uninterested face. he may have nearly destroyed new York once, but you weren’t going to be meek or submissive. ‘human-‘

‘(y/n).’ you corrected and he quirked his brows.

‘very well, (y/n). let’s talk properly now, shall we?’ he looked at you and you nodded slightly. ‘the reason you are here is because you have something I need.’

‘I am a normal person with normal abilities, I don’t understand what is this ‘thing’ of mine that you need.’ You said sharply.

‘have you ever seen signs of things and had that thing happen?’ he asked ignoring what you said.

‘yes bu-‘

‘do you have a very strong intuition?’ he raised another question.

‘yes.’ You rolled your eyes, you were getting tired of this little game of his. ‘

do you have a good eye for colours?’

‘yeah, I –‘

‘lastly, has anything unusual happened when you experienced a strong emotion?’ he interrupted you again.

‘no….’ You furrowed your brows.

‘think again. never? Wasn’t it your birthday that you were upset about and something happened causing an electricity failure?’ he looked at you.

‘it was a coincidence!’ you threw your arms in the air. ‘What are you trying to say? Huh? Do you ever talk without being all puzzle like? What are you? the fucking riddler?’ you stood up with your chain rattling with every little movement you made.

‘calm down,’ he ordered and motioned you to sit. You sat down cross legged with your arms crossed over your chest and huffed. ‘what I am trying to say is, you have powers. ones which can be used after you have practiced.’

‘I don’t have any fucking powers.’ you scoffed.

‘you do. you should’ve noticed it. after all the weather is mimicking your mood and state of mind.’ he said and you thought for a while, was it true? Did you possess some sort of power? ‘in three months, with my help, you shall be able to use them properly. Then you will be of my use and can assist me.’

‘what if I don’t?’ you asked in a low voice.

‘I will make you.’ he grinned in a manner that sent shivers down your spine. You gulped slightly. ‘you don’t really have an option here, mortal. You really don’t. look at yourself.’ He crossed his arms. ‘now, get yourself together,’ he snapped his fingers and the lock of your chain was unlocked with a click. ‘your training begins right now.’ He stood up and started to walk.

‘no.’ you said standing there and he stopped. his brows furrowed and a bit of confusion on his face he turned in your direction.

‘pardon me, but did I hear a no?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah, I want to take a shower. And I need some new clothes. It’s been days for god’s sake.’ He thought for a while and nodded.

‘fair enough. Follow me.’ You followed him to where his room was, that area looked no less than a palace. He stopped and turned to you.

‘do not touch anything.’ He warned and left. You looked at the neatly stacked books and the lavish looking furniture. Where did he get it from? God Ikea? Your musings were interrupted by a clearing of throat. You faced him and tried to look as innocent as possible.

‘what did I say?’ he asked and you shrugged. ‘you can use the bathroom, I have kept what you will require. You can go now.’ You nodded and paced to the bathroom.

The ‘bathroom’ was almost half the section of the second level of the warehouse. it had a bathtub near the old window with frosted glass, a marble wash basin next to it, the shower area was at the opposite wall and right in the middle was this table with soaps and a bag kept on it. you recognized it at once, it was your bag! You shuffled through it and took out a towel. You were going to take a nice long bath.

You were skipping when you walked out of the bathroom, the light feeling was great and the soaps the god used smelled amazing. Loki saw you and smirked, ‘silly girl.’ He thought.

‘save it for later, human.’ He said from his chair in which he used to read. ‘you practice now.’ He stood up.

‘how do I “practice”?’ you asked. He didn’t say anything but climbed the stairs so you followed him. ‘the bathroom?’ you furrowed your browns.

‘no, the other area.’ A creaked open as he said those words. You didn’t notice there was another door here. The room was big and had nothing in it. it was maybe what was used like some sort of storage back when the place was functioning. ‘so tell me, how do your powers function?’ he stood facing you.

‘I don’t know?…’ you said.

‘ah yes, they’re new…. This is going to be much harder than I anticipated….’ he said mostly to himself. He walked further keeping hand on his chin. It felt so weird, the man you were so scared of wasn’t so freighting right now. He stopped and looked at the ceiling. The idea just might work.

‘mortal!’ he called. ‘come here!’ He said and tied ribbons on the ceiling with a movement of hands. ‘try to move these.’ He said.

‘I don’t think I can.’ You stared at the ribbons.

‘one thing I learned from my experience, if you believe you can’t, you won’t, if you believe you can, you will.’ He circled the ribbons dangling in the air. ‘what do you think this power does, mortal?’ his voice was much softer. ‘feel what it can do.’ you closed your eyes and tried to feel. ‘what feels natural to you? what is that voice inside you saying?’ he moved around you speaking gently.

‘The air.’ You breathed. ‘it feels like, like a part of me.’ you felt like some part of you lived in the air.

‘good, now envision what you desire to do.’ he was close to you could tell but there wasn’t a warmth a normal human would’ve radiated. You moved, or maybe the air which was an extension of you. you opened your eyes and the ribbons blew in the other direction. It was a weak gust of wind but you could feel it. maybe it was true, you possessed something unique.

‘well done for the first attempt.’ He took a step back. You didn’t reply, you felt lighter than a feather. ‘let’s take it a step further.’ He said and you gave him a confused look. He grabbed your hand, twirled you around and made your back crash into his chest. before you made a noise covered your mouth with his big hand. ‘shh….. your emotions are what highly affect your powers.’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I want you think of all the bad things that have ever happened to you. see darkness is very strong. Tell me what saddens you.’ he removed his hand and you looked down.

‘I have always regretted opening my mouth in front of people who don’t give a shit about me.’ you said.

‘how about give and take then? I will give you something you need if you do as I say.’ It seemed like a fair deal.

‘where do I start?’ you chuckled sadly. ‘it goes way too back.’

‘why not use what destroyed you then?’ he said loosening his grip. ‘think of it, let the anger fuel you, feed off it.’ he said and so you did. all those things that made you anxious, depressed. You then let the hurt swirl, you didn’t know how it was possible but you did it. the air around you wasn’t still now, it started swirling, Loki smiled a content smile. his idea had worked. The air current was very strong, you opened your eyes and saw how you were standing between the ring of air and dust you had created. Something went wrong then, the room began spinning, you started losing balance and were starting to fall but he caught you. The wind died as your eyes began to close.

‘congratulations, human.’ You saw his blurry face but it cleared as you strained your eyes. ‘you are magic.’ You heard and closed your eyes.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any Costco tips or recommendations for a fellow single person who lives alone? I'm about to get one in my area and I'm excited, but not sure I can really make use of it.


First of all, the stuff you get the most value out of at Costco is always the stuff that doesn’t go bad and that you KNOW you’ll use up. The kind of stuff where you can store the extra in the basement or the garage. A short but by no means complete list:

  • Toilet paper
  • Trash bags
  • Soap of all kinds - dishwasher/dish/body/face/laundry
  • Paper towels
  • Razors if you are a shaving sort of person
  • Shampoo/deodorant/etc, pads/tampons
  • Vitamins if you take them

Then there are your not-very-perishable food items. My go-to list includes:

  • Olive oil (I go through olive oil like whoa), veg oil
  • Canned things (tomatoes, beans, fruit/veg)
  • Pasta sauce
  • Crackers (they have yummy gluten-free crackers there - I am not GF I just like them)
  • Individual packets of Crystal Light drink powders (I use these a lot to help power through a lot of water)
  • Spices/salt/pepper/etc
  • If you eat a lot of any particular grain (rice, quinoa, whatevs) and have room to store them it’s a good buy there.

I tend to stay away from their huge variety of individually packaged snack foods except I do like their trail mix and buy that from time to time. (Incidentally the Costco store brand, Kirkland, is pretty awesome).

Frozen items are good too but you have to consider your available freezer space. I buy the chicken breasts and the quinoa mixture. They have a wide variety of other proteins available, and frozen fruit/veg, it’s just a question of what you personally like to eat.

When it comes to perishables, the things I buy reliably are:

  • Babybels
  • Laughing Cow cheese (both of these items don’t go bad quickly and i eat them a lot)
  • Hummus
  • Mini naan breads (they come in a packet of 18, fit in the toaster and are my go-to quick snack bc they’re super delicious)

I also buy a carton of half and half usually. Their brand, Horizon Organic, seems to last a long time so even though it’s just me and I only drink one cup of coffee a day, it doesn’t go bad before I use it up (a full half gallon). I will sometimes buy a prepared food when I’m there just to have that day - their quinoa deli salad is great, rotissserie chicken, croissants. Most Costco stores have great bakeries that make all their baked goods (muffins, cookies, breads, etc) daily.

Incidentally one of the things I buy the most of, cream cheese, I do not recommend the Costco brand. It just tastes funny to me. I buy that at Kroger (where it’s almost always on sale so no great loss).

I generally don’t go much for the baked goods or the fruit unless I’m buying for a gathering of people. I do like buying their veggie trays and fruit bowls. They’re very reasonably priced and good quality.

Costco also has good prices on wine and beer, stuff like socks and underwear, household goods, small appliances, cookwear, even clothes.

Be prepared - you will have a much larger initial cost than you’re used to. Your price per unit is lower, so your savings are long-term, but because you’re buying the bulk units the actual price will be higher. Just brace yourself. And keep your storage capabilities in mind. I don’t buy stuff like bottled water or bottles drinks bc I don’t drink them but also I have no place to put them. Keep in mind that most Costco locations also have a gas station where you can get cheaper gas (although it’s not usually any cheaper than my Kroger plus-card price, so).

Costco often gets different stuff from time to time, so your favorite items may be there one visit and not the next (I’m still mourning that Greek quinoa mixture with the goat cheese - maybe someday it’ll return). 

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Prompt idea : Hawke and gang goes away for a job which turns out super messy/dirty and they end up camping by the water somewhere and Hawke decides to go clean up and Fenris gets to sit there and ogle over his body... and, who knows, maybe joins him! :P

“ ‘Just a quick, easy trip up Sundermount’, he says. ‘Three days, tops. Up and back. No trouble.’ “

“If that’s supposed to be me, you’re doing a terrible job. My voice sounds nothing like that.”

Varric snorted, and he didn’t look up, his attention fixed on cleaning the gunk out of Bianca’s gears. “I’m just saying, maybe we ought to reevaluate who the liar of the group is.”

“I said quick and easy,” Hawke pointed out. “I never said clean.”

“He has a point,” Fenris said, amused, and Hawke gave him a grateful look. Varric had been in a state ever since Bianca had gotten doused with a sticky, stinking wash of giant spider guts.

“…all right, granted,” Varric allowed. “But you’re getting the bill from my dry cleaner, Hawke.”

“You mean your bookie? Don’t slip any extra charges in there.”

“Bookie-slash-dry cleaner is a perfectly reputable profession.”

Hawke’s answering snort was muffled as he pulled his shirt off over his head. The faded flannel was dark, stiff with the gunk they had all been spewed with, and he grimaced as he fingered a hole in one of the sleeves.

Fenris had gotten the least of the mess, and assigned himself the task of setting up their camp, but the priority was quickly forgotten as he glanced over and found the mage standing there, the broad expanse of his shoulders left tanned and bare, looking at the shirt almost mournfully.

“I go through more of these things than…” Hawke shook his head, and he gestured at Varric with the shirt. “You know, I had five of these when I left Kirkwall. Now I’m down to two.”

“You can buy more ugly shirts, Big Guy.”

Fenris tried to divert his attention from the shock of Hawke’s bare skin before someone noticed, but just as he was tearing his eyes away, the mage kicked off his boots and began unbuckling his belt.

“Please tell me someone brought soap. Anders?”

“You can’t bathe in our water supply, Hawke,” the healer said. When he glanced up, his gaze, too, lingered. He tore it away faster than Fenris could.

“I’ll stay down stream,” Hawke said. “Soap?”

“I-in my bag.”

“Great.” He let his pants drop.

Fenris lost his grip on the tent poles and they went clattering, loudly, to the ground. Anders frowned at him, and Varric gave him a knowing look. Hawke was too busy rooting through Anders’s bag for soap to notice.

Kiss Me Better (13/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 882

Summary: You hope Bucky appreciates your improvisation.

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You played some lively music on the way home, not wanting him to go to sleep yet. Once you got to the tower, his head was drooping and his feet were dragging. He shuffled toward the couch, collapsed on one of your pillows, and was out before you finished removing his shoes. You checked the kitchen to make sure everything you asked for was there, and headed off to the pool area, asking FRIDAY to let you know if Bucky woke. 

Outside, you found a large tent, and what looked like every potted plant in the building. Inside the tent were the sleeping bags and a duffel bag with supplies. Behind a veil of trees were two large coolers with everything you needed. After the inspection, you began moving the plants around to make the area look as foresty as possible. 

Bucky woke to find you stuffing food into a laundry basket to take outside. “Y/N? What you doing?” 

“Gathering what we need for dinner. Come on, we’re spending the rest of the day outside.” 


“We’re going camping… kind of…” you trailed off nervously, hoping he’d play along. 

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A Girl Worth Fighting For-10

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

AN: This one is kinda lengthy but THINGS ARE HAPPENING. I’m not even sure I really like this chapter but we gotta get a move on lol

Words: 1147

Warnings: None

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Masterlist  Part 9

Originally posted by stereocolours

The morning sun woke you up before anyone else. It blared in front of your eyelids, stirring you from some far off dream of home. When you opened your eyes, however, you saw Bucky’s sleeping face. The sleeping bag was pulled up to his chin, head resting on the hard ground under him. His eyes flickered with sleep and you took a moment to just watch him, a soft smile on your lips. He looked so at ease, so peaceful. Part of you just wanted to lie there and watch him, to count his eyelashes or reach out and brush a finger on his cheek. Stubble had started to grow on his jaw, and he looked more of a man now than ever before.

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Adapted from “You Can Survive the Bomb” by Col. Mel Mawrence, Chief of Information Services, Illinois Civil Defense Office

Food and cooking: 

  1. Water (2-week supply, minimum of 7 gallons per person)
  2. Food (2-week supply)
  3. Cooking pans
  4. Eating utensils
  5. Paper plates, cups, and napkins (2-week supply)
  6. Measuring cup
  7. Openers for cans and bottles
  8. Pocket knife
  9. Special food for babies and the sick
  10. Nursing bottles 
  11. Pet food* 

*Most survival guides recommend not taking your pets with you into shelter. As your Block Warden, I say the hell with this because they’re family too and deserve to be treated as such.


  1. Covered cans for garbage (20 gallon) 
  2. Covered pail for toilet purposes
  3. Can for human waste (10 gallon) 
  4. Toilet tissue, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, clean rags, ordinary and waterless soap, detergents
  5. Grocery bags, newspapers for soil bags
  6. Disinfectants and insecticides, including household chlorine and bleach 
  7. Waterproof gloves


  1. Battery radio and spare batteries for 2-week operation
  2. Dosimeter for radiation measurement
  3. Flashlights, electric lantern, and spare batteries
  4. Matches
  5. Clock and calendar
  6. Clothing
  7. Bedding 
  8. A first aid kid and supplies
  9. Fire extinguisher
  10. Writing material
  11. Reading material
  12. Religious articles
  13. Screwdriver, pliers, and other household tools
  14. Games and toys for children
  15. Special medicines and equipment for the invalid and sick

More on Water and Air 

- All approved shelter designs provide vents or blowers to insure adequate air supply

- Three main hazards to air supply are:

  1. Fire - A blaze in the shelter area can burn out oxygen, causing suffocation
  2. Overcrowding - If a shelter is overcrowded, all persons should be cautioned to sit or lie quietly, except those with immediate tasks to perform. The less physical activity, the less air used
  3. Air contamination - Normally, fallout settles on the ground and does not blow around like dust. However, if you suspect fallout is in your air supply, you should wear a mask over the nose and mouth. Masks can be made of two or three layers of gauze or cotton handkerchiefs, secured to the face by tape or string

- The standard recommendation for water supply is 2 quarts per person, per day

- A two-week supply per person would be 7 gallons

- You should also store a jug of household chlorine bleach with water 

- Only drink water or other liquids that you know are safe 

- Sealed cans, glass jugs, fruit jars, quart bottles, and plastic containers are all useful for storing water

- Upon the first alert, fill all available containers with water, including bathtubs, sinks, buckets, pots, and glasses 

- If you have time afterwards, shut off the water service valve and the pilot light in a hot water tank

- It is not necessarily to boil water before storing it 

- With the exception of completely sealed and sanitized water, water should be changed every 90 days 

- There are 4 methods of water purification: 

  1. Boiling for 5-10 minutes
  2. 2 or 3 drops of iodine per quart of clear water, 8-10 drops for cloudy water. Let stand for 30 minutes after treating
  3. Purification tablets 
  4. Adding common household chlorine bleach (1 drop for 1 gallon of clear water, 3 drops for cloudy)

More on food 

- Rations should not interfere with conservation or water in the body

- A maximum of 7-8% of total calories should be protein

- Foods that induce thirst are not recommended 

- A minimum of 100 grams of carbohydrates is required

- A typical survival pack should contain:

  1. 5 vitamin tablets
  2. 8 oz. candy bars
  3. 12 oz. malted milk tablets
  4. malted cereals and full cream milk
  5. 8 oz. biscuits
  6. 2 oz. enriched tropical chocolate

- A list of standard foods which can provide one adult with 2,000 calories per day for two weeks: 

- Select foods that can store easily and be kept for months without refrigeration

- Select foods that require little or no cooking or preparation

- Foods in metal or glass cans with stay in good condition for 6 months or more if stored in a cool, dry place 

- If required, include special foods for infants, toddlers, invalids, or those on special diets 

- Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body; consider limiting quantities 

lil-lizard-wizard  asked:

Hello! Do you have any bear diys?

Yeah, absolutely! Don’t forget to check out my #bear tag!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope these will help!

DIY Bear Felt Bag

DIY Bear Rug

DIY Polar Bear Melt and Pour Soap

sew-much-to-do: a visual collection of sewing tutorials/patterns, knitting, diy, crafts, recipes, etc.

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"Not a Care in the World"

Summary: Both Sam and Dean have liked their friend, Y/N , for years. Since the two of them knew of each other’s feelings, neither acted on it. But with Sam’s soul gone things are different. 

Characters: Soulless!Sam x Reader x Dean 

Warnings: Language

1094 Words

Originally posted by misha-is-weird

You sat in a bar booth, waiting for Sam and Dean. You hadn’t seen them in awhile, and so when you found a case that you wouldn’t normally deal with, you decided to give them a call. It gave you a good excuse to catch up with the two attractive brothers.

The plan was to meet up and share your research before heading to a motel and getting some shut eye, which all of you would need if you were going to kick some monster’s ass tomorrow.

The two brothers walked in and when Dean spotted you he flashed you a smile and waved. He rushed over and was about to sit next to you when Sam beat him to it, grinning like he had just beat Dean in a race.

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anonymous asked:

if i'm not mistaken, you live in new york? i'm going there for school in the fall. got any tips for a newbie?

i am! and congrats! hmmm let me see….

  • don’t just stop walking on the sidewalk or in the subway because people will hate you. v important
  • speaking of the subway: get a monthly pass because it’s cheaper, always check the mta website before you leave to see if there are any major delays (there will be), never look beggars in the eye if you’re not going to give them anything (if you wanna be nice, keep a cereal bar or some soap in your bag to give to them), and avoid the dead bodies in the break room *roll eyes*
  • avoid times square, herald square, anything with “square” in the name at all costs
  • all the good bars are in the lower east side or in brooklyn
  • only go to the halal carts that people recommend because you’ll probably get sick off the shitty ones
  • most people are more friendly than we get credit for unless you slow them down in any way, so don’t be afraid to ask for directions and things if you need help. usually, someone will help. just learn to read whether or not they’re in a hurry (you’ll pick up on it soon)
  • just….. be careful? don’t go anywhere late at night by yourself, never let just anyone into your building if they ring the bell, be wary of your surroundings, etc etc.
  • you will hate this place. you will love this place. just take it one step at a time and, no matter how overwhelming it can be, you can handle this place.

you’ll do great! i can’t think of any other tips, but i’m sure there are more lol. if you need any help, feel free to reach out! (and if anyone from nyc has any more tips, feel free to add)

Zevwarden Week Day 2: Domestic

Kallian was leaned over pulling out a bar of soap from her bag when Zevran’s Antivan leather boots appeared out of the corner of her eye. Without a sound, as usual, but at least she had seen him before he started speaking. Too many times already she’d started as his voice sounded out of seemingly thin air.

He simply stood there though and she stood up, raising an eyebrow as she turned around. “Something I can help you with, Zev?”

“No, no, mi querida, simply enjoying the marvelous view. Do carry on with whatever it was that had you bending over at such a pleasing angle.” Amber eyes were alight with mischief, no shame in announcing he was staring. “Bath time? It is a rather dark night out; things could be lurking. Much safer in numbers, no?”

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The Kid

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

Requested By Anon.

Request: Hello :) Can you write an imagine where Scott and the reader get a puppy and do all these cute things with it like people do with kids? Thanks 💕

I was sitting at home watching TV when there was a knock at my door. Groaning, I got up to meet whoever was interrupting my time of watching Netflix. When I reached the door, I turned the door knob, and swung it open. There, I was met with my boyfriend, Scott.

“Hey, Y/N. I got y-”

“Is that a puppy?” I cut him off, noticing the animal in his arms.

He looks down at it and smiles, “Yeah. I thought you might like it.”

Without saying anything, reached for the cute little dog, and Scott gladly handed her to me.

“Her name is Lou.” He says.

“She’s so cute! Thank you! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

He laughed, “You’re welcome.”

“Can we give her a bath?” I wondered.


Smiling, I lead Scott to my bathroom, still holding Lou in my arms. Then I realized something, “We don’t have any dog soap.”

Scott held up two bags that I didn’t notice him carrying before. “I bought everything for her.”

“Scott, I don’t think she can use your shampoo.” I joked.

“Ha ha ha.” He laughed sarcastically.

I placed Lou onto the floor and turned on the water. Soon, the tub had enough water and I shut it off. Picking up Lou, I asked Scott to get out the soap.

Lou, started splashing around, and at first I thought she wanted to get out, but her tail was wagging and she was jumping around, so I assumed that she was having the time of her life. Scott and I both started rubbing the soap on Lou, and she splashed the both of us, causing us to laugh. This continued all throughout the bath. She would splash us, and get us all wet, and we would just laugh about it. We couldn’t even get mad at her, she was just too cute.

As I drained the water, Scott wrapped her in a towel and started to dry her off, but Lou had other plans. She started shaking all of the water off of herself, again causing Scott and I to become wet.

While, Scott cleaned up, I looked through the bag to see what else he got. In one bag was a doggy bed, in the other there were toys, food, more toys, and then I spotted a dress and a bow.

“You got Lou clothes?” I asked.

“Yeah. I thought it looked cute.” He said.

I took out the clothes and took them off of the hanger. I picked Lou up and started dressing her. When I was done, she looked a million times more adorable than she did before.

“AWW! Scott look!”

He turned his head towards us and replied, “That’s adorable. Hang on, let me get a picture.”

He proceeded to pull out his phone, and snap a picture of Lou. “Y/N, get in the picture.”

I did as he said, and he snapped a picture of the two of us.

“This is so going to be sent to the Pack.” He mumbled.

Later that night, I jumped into bed, and snuggled into the covers. Scott decided to spend the night just in case I would need help with Lou during the night. You never know. Puppies could be like babies. They could start barking in the middle of the night.

Scott had just finished putting her into her little doggy bed, and he was now climbing into bed with me. He turned off the lamp, and put his forehead to mine, and wrapped his arm around my waist. I was about to fall asleep, but I felt something jump up onto the bed, and scurry over my legs. Then, I felt something snuggle in between our faces. Opening one eye, I was met with comfortable looking Lou. I saw that Scott had opened his eyes too, and he let out a quiet laugh. We had to back our faces away a little bit or we would be inhaling fur every time we breath.

I then took my arm out from under the covers and wrap it around Lou. Scott did the same. And at that moment, it was like we were all a family. The mom, the dad, and the kid. And I couldn’t ask for anything more perfect.


Bartok is made of cute. Like seriously adorable. She also seems to be struggling with some balance issues. I’m hoping it’s an ear infection and not something more sinister. However, whatever is wrong we will make sure she gets the best care and really she is doing remarkably well for how difficult her life has been so far. I am really hoping she will be a huge success story just like Mortimer.

While we have been focusing on the rats lately in our posts all of the other critters at The Pipsqueakery have been getting plenty of attention and love too. On their behalf it’s time for me to ask for some more donations from our Amazon Wishlist at

We really need small bags of hay, dish soap, trash bags, guinea pig beds, and litter boxes. We can always use chew toys and critical care too. Basically, if it’s on the wishlist we need it, but the things listed above are what we most need. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support! #rat #petrat #weeklyfluff #baby #rescue

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