soap ground

Ya know when ya go to take a shower and there’s another guy in there, there’s soap on the ground and you’re like ‘oh I shouldn’t pick up that soap. Wait a second, that’s a bomb! How do I get rid of this bomb? I know, I’ll kick the dude so hard, for some reason wearing his underwear in the shower…I’ll kick him so hard he’ll bounce across the room, the stick of dynamite will go up his arse, he’ll explode and turn into an amorphous blob all over the floor because I just fucked all his shit up and now his feet are over there and his ass is all around him instead of just being behind him.’ WHAT DID I DO?


the greatest story teller of our generation

Soap and my messy as shit table. The brown ones are made with honey soap with coffee grounds and one has orange scent and glitter. The aqua ones are unscented with glitter and shaped like celtic knots. The purple is unscented with a flower silhouette in the top.


Muh brown sugar/coffee ground soaps from yesterday

They look a lot nicer than when I put the mixture into the soap molds, but they became even lighter. (I’m letting them cure for 3-4 weeks before I start selling them)

So today i made a new darker batch. I suppose those will become lighter too by tomorrow.

and i also made a marbled orange scented soap (i used an old loaf pan so the soap bars will be bigger); i doubled the recipe for this one so i’d have more soap bars too