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Zero Waste Hygiene Update

I have tried a bunch of new zero waste hygiene options and would like to share them with you:

Hair washing:

My #1 recommendation for this is to buy a shampoo bar from Lush. They are a little pricey ($9-$12), but last long, leave no residue, come in various scents and target different hair needs, and leave your hair soft. The only hair product I use is one of these bars. 

I used to use a shampoo & conditioner bar from Whole Foods (only $2), but I found it left a residue in my hair and doesn’t leave it feeling as nice as the Lush bar. 

The other option, for those of you who are brave, is to use baking soda and then an apple cider vinegar rinse. This is the “no poo” option. I haven’t tried this personally, but have heard good things. 

Hair spray: 

I used to make homemade hairspray out of lemon and vodka (the recipe can be found on my blog) but now find I don’t really need it (though I frequently curl my hair). 


The options are almost limitless here. I find rubbing a little bit of coconut oil on your underarms and then following with a 50/50 mix of baking soda and corn starch works very well. The coconut oil keeps the baking soda from causing irritation. 

Another option is to buy an all-natural spray on deodorant in a reusable glass bottle. This is good if you want a scented deodorant. 

Lush has many deodorant options like bar and liquid deodorant. They tend to be pricey, but might be worth a try if these other options don’t appeal to you. 

You could also buy a crystal deodorant rock, which I haven’t tried but have heard works well. 

Make-up removal:

Coconut oil on a cloth or reusable cotton pad works the best. 

Feminine Hygiene: 

Menstrual cups are an option that many women rave about once they try one. 

Cloth pads are another great option. I recently tried Party in my Pants and would definitely recommend them. 


Invest in a safety razor! They are a bit pricey (and seem a tiny bit scary) so I haven’t bought one yet. I’m working on it, though. 

Use a soap that really lathers. 

Hope these suggestions are helpful!

View of an advertising card for the Detroit Soap Co., depicting a rose, a bird and a winter landscape. Printed on front: “Detroit Exposition. Queen Anne soap souvenir. See other side.” Printed on back: “Queen Anne soap, best in the world. The finest line of pictures in the country, sent free for the wrappers. Over 400 designs, also scrap book pictures, booklets, etc., etc. See list of premiums wrapped around each cake. When in Detroit, visit the Queen Anne Soap Art Gallery, 183 Dix Avenue and see our great exhibition of pictures. No finer collection in the United States.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Introducing The Bold and The Restless, the Soap Opera AU no one asked for but we’re giving you anyway. 

Kings Landing is a city of luxury, which is odd considering that if you don’t own a multi-million dollar corporation you’re probably a detective or work in a bar, maybe a coffee house if you’re lucky. The rich and the beautiful live lives full of drama, intrigue and passion, and Kings Landing is a city full of the rich and the beautiful. Sure, those who live there have their share of bad experiences, babies being switched at birth, kidnappings, being held at gun point, stalkers, the woman who thinks she’s a witch, heck there’s even a man who keeps getting killed but miraculously continues to return somehow, so behind all the glitz and glam Kings Landing is really just your typical city.

 At least that’s the story being portrayed to millions of viewers across Westeros every single day when they tune into WBC’s top rated, and longest running, soap opera The Bold and The Restless. 

Our cast of characters are the usual suspects. Our twist here is that they are all actors on a hit TV series where they play fictionalized versions of themselves. Which means behind the scene shenanigans as well as on screen soap opera tropes. (More info under the cut!)

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Alright so that African Black Soap is no joke.

That person with the popular post was right, it’s really really good at clearing up any blemishes on your face like I had a blemish by my eyebrow a day or two ago now it’s completely gone.

I’m also trying out the shampoo (it’s all in one, body/face/hair) and its peppermint! It makes my hair feel/smell really nice ^_^

But yeah, if you have acne or just want a better face wash that’s also organic and won’t kill your face with dumb chemicals you should totes find the bar soap or a scrub because DAYUM.

(I don’t expect anyone to read this, but in the off chance anyone does then I hope you find 5$ on the ground)


View of an advertising card for the Detroit Soap Co., depicting two cats on a windowsill. Printed on front: “Use Detroit Soap Co.’s Queen Anne soap. The best family soap in the world.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

anonymous asked:

After over a year of games she has landed one episode of a tv show that is brand new. One episode in a year. She has worked 6 weeks (two gigs) in two years. I would have to say her games are getting her nowhere. Her former soap co-stars have 2-3x the followers she does.

Well, she’s benefiting - her IG numbers are up - but what’s the end game? If being in someone’s orbit is the medium of getting somewhere, she needs to seriously rethink her options. But all in all, what do I know? Some people like coattails.