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this got sorta long and its ramble-y and i’m sorry there’s probably some unpopular opinion-y stuff but that’s fine. if you read all of this and still love me <33333 also tldr: still ride or die, babes. just frustrated with the writers and i may have also gone on a mini bandaid rampage??? somehow??? i’m so sorry i’m like this..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but nothing will ever be as bad as the Lodge stuff for me. That was the bottom of my robron barrel, the was a big low for me, that was my ‘can i still do this’ moment. I stuck through it because I couldn’t give them up then and I won’t let shoddy storylining do it to me now. I knew the baby reveal would be huge and dramatic, it had to be after last night’s episode and their conversation about it. But this episode felt so similar to those Lodge scenes for me in some ways, where my heart broke and my chest ached and I wondered briefly how the hell can they do this to them? how can they come back from this? again.

But the thing is, I do think they can come back from it, baby or no baby (as much as I’d like there to be no baby). They’ve come back from worse. And Aaron was right; he is different. He even said it yesterday, that Robert didn’t have to tell him, he didn’t wait until he was caught out like he had the last time. Love is messy and hard, and yeah there are bumps, some larger than others, but when you really, truly love someone you take the mistakes you’ve made and you work through it. You fight for it (not physically, I think Aaron’s already learned that lesson enough times now thanks ED can we try WORDS NOW?). No matter my views on the lack of consent or how I could do without them bringing an innocent child into the mix or how frustrated I am that Marlon seemed more concerned about the situation than Paddy or this whole ridiculous Victoria and Rebecca thing, i was still struck by how well Aaron and Robert communicated yesterday in comparison to how poorly they seemed to communicate tonight. They’re doing the same “well let’s not properly talk about it, side step it, and let it fester until one of us explodes” stuff they’ve always done in the past. They argue, they don’t listen to each other properly, they run away from each other in the heat of the moment, and nothing gets solved. Robert wants to put a non-waterproof bandaid on it, one of those shitty ones that comes off the second you move wrong, and that does feel like a kind of step backwards yeah. But I’ve never ever looked at character development as just an upwards slope where the character grows and gets better and doesn’t stumble a bit, cos holy shit I know these are fictional characters, but no one is like that. That’s just so fucking unrealistic. If there’s no realism at all to fictional characters we’re gonna be fucking bored in a second. Sure we all grow and change for the better over time, but we’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all said shit we shouldn’t have, we’ve all done things we shouldn’t have, but we’ve apologized and learned and done better the next time. And maybe we stumble again and again with the same things, but you keep trying. That’s true character development imho, there’s no ‘going backwards’ in that for me. 

But I also have hope in Aaron to maybe be the one to lead this towards something good, to maybe use what he learns in counseling for positive steps forward? My lil bub who went to an emergency counseling session, realizing that he needed to do so without being shoved into it by anyone else. He made that decision. But you don’t change overnight. Anger issues, self harm, depression, self loathing, whatever issues Robert’s dealing with etc. isn’t going to just disappear after a few therapy sessions. Nothing’s going to change overnight with someone’s love and one ‘magical’ counseling session. Mental health doesn’t work like that. It takes time and open, honest communication. I’m hoping that’s what the writers are trying to show. It doesn’t seem like it’s coming across that way just yet, but I’m hoping beyond hope that the communication we got yesterday was supposed to be a sign of that ‘it’ll take time and we’ll stumble but eventually we’ll get there’ growth. This being Emmerdale though, I’m keeping my bar very low.

I do think this is Robert finally breaking down though, I think this is him losing his cool and his patience. I think it’s finally, and about damn time, for Robert to have that moment (without violence, Robert, for the love of god without violence *swats Robert’s head with a rolled up newspaper*). So in a sense I do get it. I get the putting the decisions about the baby on Aaron (as much as I hate it, that’s just.. fucking writers…), I get his anger and frustration to a point. He’s more terrified of losing Aaron than anything else because Aaron is his world. He’s said it time and time again that the thought of losing Aaron is so unbearable to him. So I have to believe they’re gonna be okay, eventually. It might take some time and we might have to watch some pretty rough moments, but I have to believe that they’re going to fight tooth and nail for each other, for this rollercoaster of a relationship. Because they promised each other messed up forever. 

Classic SOD Cover Date: June 1, 2004

(top row) John Aniston, Josh Taylor, Suzanne Rogers, Alexis Thorpe, Thaao Penghlis, Matthews Ashford (Victor, Roman, Maggie, Cassie, Tony, & Jack, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(bottom row) Bill Hayes, Deidre Hall, Peggy McCay, & James Reynolds (Doug, Marlena, Caroline, & Abe, DAYS OF OUR LIVES)
(top inset) Robin Mattson (Heather, GENERAL HOSPITAL)


You all say you want Catpool. But none of you have seen our soap bill the last few months.

This is the third bottle this week Catpool. Going to break my neck one of these mornings slipping on your kill…

You may be asking “Why not swap to Dawn?”

You’ve never woken up tied to the cat-tree with him yelling “Where’s Francis?”

I just wanted to say that I relate sm to Jungkook!!!! I had braces for like 8 years so I’m really obsessive with oral hygiene (I mean like overall hygiene but like) so whenever I see Jungkook brushing his teeth it’s so relatable because I carry an entire travel sized toiletries kit in my bags at all times because I’m so paranoid. And whenever they say he’s sensitive to smells so he showers a lot I want to die because SAME like I’m really really obsessed with cleanliness but like I hate smelling perfumey so I just wash my clothes a lot and shower like 3 times a day because I like smelling like laundry detergent and soap but my water bill is ridiculous ??? ?? and I LOVE JEON JUNGKOOK BC WERE THE SAME irl ):

John Partridge says his mother died with nothing in the bank due to care costs

Former EastEnders star John Partridge has revealed his mother died with nothing in her bank account because of the cost of care home fees, just a year after he took part in Celebrity Big Brother to help pay for her medical bills.

The soap star, who played Christian Clarke on the BBC show, revealed she died three weeks ago after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia in 2010.

John Partridge on Big Brother (Channel 5)

He told Good Morning Britain he looked after his mother Bridget for years at home because of the expense of care, but the costs still racked up.

He said: “We still had to have nurses that came in, there were still costs involved in that, then when we as a family felt we were not equipped medically to deal with her condition – my sister and I both work – we had to find her a placement.

“The only place we felt was fitting for her cost that amount of money and we saw a lot of places.”

John Partridge (Jonathan Ford/Channel 5)

He added: “Care is incredibly expensive, I don’t come from money. My mum had a two-up, two-down in Manchester which we sold for £75,000 and that was in 2010, so then what do you do? How do you pay those care costs? It was £45,000 a year, how do you pay for that?

“It was devastating, mum worked so hard every day of her life, what she had was to leave to her grandchildren, that was all she had.

“My mum passed away three weeks ago with zero in her bank account.”

In the CBB house, left, with David Gest and Angie Bowie (Channel 5)

John has previously said he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in January 2016 to help pay his mother’s care expenses.

He came sixth and the series was won by Ex On The Beach star Stephen Bear.

Okay, here’s the drill! Hamish (Woody Harrelson) IS the sharpest tool in the shed and he’s sick of being shelved in favour of designers who don’t know their elbow from a set square. He pines for a more powertool position so that he can carve out a better future. With the structural support of his best friend, a wisecracking shovel named Dougie (David Spade), Hamish heads off to Nale University to study architecture. He’s given the cold chisel by the class favourites, Petey (Bill Hader), a protractor, Christopher (Jon Heder), a compass and Charlie (Zach Galifianakis), a calculator who try to SCREW him over, but he doesn’t let them break his spirit level, and goes back to the drawing board  to clamp down, study hard, workshop new ideas and (touch wood) make them eat his sawdust at the big end of year design competition.

So join Hamish, Dougie and a host of total tools as they team up to build this heart wrenching new animated comedy straight from the top shelf, where the performances are anything but wooden, and you might just SHED a tear. Be there or be T-square! From the builders of Soap Opera and Out of the Kitchen.

So, according to today’s New York Times, this wretched winter is the coldest February since 1934.

1934. *coughs*

Where, you know, Steve would have been fifteen with terrible asthma and apparently a nonexistent immune system, his Ma working extra hours at the ward for money just to get by, because FDR might have had the first 100 days of magic in 1933, but it sure ain’t done any good in the Brooklyn slums yet, a few months down the line.

And Bucky is barely sixteen, had started tenth grade in the fall even though their school stopped at ninth, because Mrs. Rogers had gotten into it with Bucky’s Da, who thought his only son would do more for the Barnes name at the docks and not sitting in a classroom. Mrs. Rogers had dumped his Da’s whiskey down the sink, stuck her face right in Mr. Barnes’ reddened nose and fetid breath, closer than Bucky ever dared to get. “You have seen that boy’s report cards, haven’t you?” she demanded, with the lilt Steve hadn’t inherited, her cheeks flushed. “He’s smarter than every other child in that school. And if you’re too blind to see that, George, then I’ll march the lad home with me right now, and find the money to send him on to college.” And when George Barnes started guffawing at the idea of poor, widowed Sarah Rogers having enough money for anything more than laundry soap and doctor’s bills, Mrs. Rogers had done just that.

But now it’s February, and Steve hasn’t been to school in over a month, Bucky reviewing most of ninth grade (and some of eighth that Stevie missed the year before) in the evenings when he comes home. And he’s delivering milk in the mornings, even though it’s frozen solid some days, and so is he, and Mrs. Rogers is working herself ragged, hiding a cough she thinks that Bucky can’t see … but there’s still not enough money for coal, and baby Gracie had told Bucky last week that their Da had lost another job, and their Mam was too sick to take in sewing.

Stevie’s the only one who’s not freezing, and that’s just because his temperature is over 102.

It’s February, 1934, and some days Bucky thinks none of them will make it to spring.

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