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Domestic Sheith: 

  • Chores are split up between the two of them and rotated as much as humanly possible but Shiro still ends up always cleaning the fucking toilet. He could just not clean it until Keith took the hint but he’s terrified of the toilet never getting cleaned at all.
  • Shiro has a minor dust allergy and frequently dusts. He has to practically yell at Keith to help him dust. If Shiro didn’t live with him Keith would never dust. Shiro nearly wept when he saw the amounts of dust Keith managed to collect at his previous apartment. Those weren’t dust bunnies those were dinosaurs and Shiro sneezes at the thought of them. 
  • Rule of the kitchen is clean what you use but for whatever reason Keith just doesn’t wash utensils. It’s not that he can’t he just… doesn’t. They always have an obscene amount of plastic forks and the like for this very reason. 
  • It’s a miracle one of them knows how to cook for the most part otherwise they would either starve or die from too much fast food intake. Shiro can’t cook for shit and had originally assumed the same of Keith. Just didn’t seem like the type… he was pleasantly suprised when he found out Keith had the general idea down. It’s not great but it’s something and Shiro isn’t complaining. Keith is better at making sweets over an actual meal. 
  • Over time Shiro had to start wearing glasses. Keith blames it on his late night reading with only a shitty lamp light ruining his eyes but that’s okay Shiro looks hot with glasses. 
  • Since he’s not used to them, Shiro constantly loses them. By lose them that actually means he leaves them in the bathroom and forgets he left them there. Always the bathroom. It makes no damn sense to Keith. 
  • One time Shiro “lost” them and practically wrecked the house just to find them. Keith wasn’t home at the time so coming home to a disaster was certianly interesting- 
  • “Babe! Thank god you’re home! Have you seen my glasses?" 
  • ”… They’re… on top of your head….“ 
  • Shiro sings in the shower. Loudly. The only reason Keith knows was by mere chance. He came home early from work one day and he’s greeted to Shiro’s voice singing "Stay” It was really cute how embarrassed Shiro was that day. He couldn’t look Keith in the eyes for the rest of the day.
  • The fact that Shiro is shy about singing makes no sense to Keith when Shiro dances around the house most days… badly might he add. 
  • Keith has to remind Shiro to take off his prosthetic before bed because he WILL forget to. He also has to remind Shiro to actually go to bed. He could stay up all night working on something if you let him.
  • Shiro sleeps like a dead fish (when he isn’t having a nightmare) meanwhile Keith runs a marathon in his sleep and occasionally wakes up with sore legs. 
  • Keith snores from time to time. He snores loudly. Shiro contemplates smothering him with a pillow some nights but he never does. 
  • Neither of them are morning people exactly but Keith is the worse of them two. Shiro is just cute and sleepy in the morning. Keith is just angry. Unless he has food or coffee in him he cannot speak coherent words. It’s just a series of huffs and grumbles. 
  • Morning kisses are forbidden until teeth has been brushed. Shiro has lethal morning breath. The kind of stank breath you can taste.
  • They usually take showers together in the morning until Keith pisses in the shower then his ass gets kicked out even if he’s covered in suds.
  • One day Shiro will let Keith grow a beard but for now he has to settle for a lil scruff on the chin.

ace!Nico and bi!Jason headcanons
  • Jason was the first one that Nico told about his sexuality.  Of course, it wasn’t in the most…  Settling setting but, it got the point across.
  • Jason and Nico had been dating and Jason was obviously very ready to go to the next step.
  • Nico was not.  Like, at all.
  • Jason’s hand went under Nico’s shirt and Nico started to get a bit uncomfortable but, he let Jason continue, just thinking he was nervous.
  • Jason’s hands quickly made it to Nico’s jeans and suddenly, he was not okay.
  • “I’m asexual,” Nico had blurted out.
  • Jason blinked before guilt covered his face.
  • “Nico, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know-”
  • Nico was so confused.  Jason wasn’t mad at him?
  • Of course Jason wasn’t mad at Nico.  He felt so bad in fact, for trying to push Nico further than Nico was comfortable with.
  • Jason gently pushes Nico off, getting up quickly, brushing his hands on his pants.  “Gods, I’m so sorry!”
  • Nico’s so confused and panicked.  “Jay- stop.”
  • Jason won’t stop apologising and eventually, Nico calms him down and explains to him how he thought Jason would be mad.
  • Jason laughs at this because a certain ex girlfriend of his was also ace.
  • The couple continues being literally the funniest/cutest/cheesiest couple at camp.
  • They go on doing normal things but, Jason figures out all of Nico’s boundaries.
  • Whenever other campers tease them for not going all the way, Jason goes Mama-Bear to defend his babe.
  • Kids don’t tease Nico about sex anymore.
  • Their favourite things to do in substitute for that are cuddling, star-gazing, and scratching each other’s back.
  • When they move into an apartment in New Rome together, they have a terrace/balcony that they sit on and watch stars and clouds.
  • Nico is always either next to Jason or on Jason, whether it’s his lap or being the little spoon.
  • They like to cuddle on their very own couch and drink wine and share secrets and squish their noses together.
  • Showers together aren’t really okay but baths together are more than okay.
  • Baths are fun to cuddle in, you can make soap beards, and wine in the bathtub is so nice.  (Nico finds it very relaxing.)
  • All in all, the couple can live without the sex.  Their constant cuddling touch and PDA is enough, (even if the rest of the gang can’t handle their cuteness).
30 Day OTP Challenge (Bucky Barnes) Day Twenty-Eight: Doing something ridiculous

Note: Complete fluff that will melt your heart, Daddy Bucky is my weakness

Pairing: Bucky x Reader; Uncle!Steve x Baby!Winnie x Daddy!Bucky

Words: 1125

Bucky and (Y/N) loved Winnie so much and everyone treated her like she was already part of the family and tonight was bath night. Wait let me clarify it was Bucky and Steve’s turn to bath Winnie since Natasha and (Y/N) did it last time. They decided to bathe her in the sink which no one would complain about considering how small she was. “Alright, here’s soap and shampoo.” Bucky said setting them down as he tested the water to make sure it wasn’t too hot and scalded the poor child. “Good.” He grins before slowly sinking Winnie down into the water when she immediately started to splash around, giggling as both Steve and Bucky got wet. “She’s already yours.” Steve comments as Bucky rolls his eyes before looking to Winnie who was spewing random noises.

“Let’s get you bathed little Lady.” Bucky smiles before he dumps a little bit of soap into the water to create little bubbles. “Well she seems to be enjoying this.” Steve mumbles before smiling softly as Bucky starts to wash her hair when he made a curl at the top with the soap. She giggles as Bucky lets out a chuckle of his own before he starts to slowly wash her face. That’s when she reached out a put bubbles on Bucky’s face that clung to his five o’clock shadow. Steve bit his lip softly watching that happiness spreading across his face before he glanced to Steve to show off his bubble beard. “You know who would look great with a beard Winnie? Uncle Stevie.” Bucky said biting his lip as Steve’s smile grew before he bent down to her.

“You think Daddy’s right? You think I’d look good with a beard?” He asked when she placed bubbles onto his face before the two men looked at each other as they grinned. She giggles before squealing as she kicks her feet when Bucky told a little dot of soap and placed it onto her nose. She crossed her eyes trying to look at the plop of soap on her nose causing them to chuckle at her adorableness. “Dada!” She exclaims throwing her hands up at Bucky who froze for a moment before nodding. “That’s right.” He whispered when she giggles softly. Unaware to the three in the kitchen the doors to the elevator opened and in stepped (Y/N), Tony, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, and Sam when they heard Winnie’s giggle as they peeked in to see.

(Y/N) bit her lip to stop the smile that arose on her face as she noticed there was water all over the boys and soap, Winnie had a curl on her head from the soap with a little dot of soap on her nose and the boys had soap beards. “Maybe you two should wash her more often.” Natasha comments when they both looked back to see everyone as their face lit up in a dark flush. “H-How long have you been standing here?” Steve wiped away the soap beard quickly before slapping his hand down Bucky’s face who jerked back. “Oh not long.” (Y/N) giggles when Winnie took notice of (Y/N) being there. “Mumum!” She exclaims as everyone smiles. “Hello my babygirl. Have you been good for Daddy?” She asked as Bucky smiles looking to Winnie.

“As always.” He comments when she bends down to get her soap beard as Bucky grins softly. “You thought you and Steve were the only ones who got soap beards?” She asked when Natasha walked over as Winnie gave one to her Aunt Nat. “I wanna soap beard.” Clint comments. “I too want this beard of soap!” Thor exclaims excitedly and before long everyone had their own personal soap beard courtesy of Winnie. That’s when Bucky finally cleaned her up and put her in a snug towel when she cuddle against his broad chest. “Cozy.” Natasha said chuckling when everyone cleaned their face off as Bucky walked back to the bedroom and laid her down onto their bed before getting her onesie on despite the struggle he faced.

Everyone walked back to see Bucky cuddling up with Winnie as he held open a book, reading to her while helping her fall asleep. “I knew he’d be a good dad.” Tony comments as (Y/N) smiles leaning against him. “I did too.” She whispered softly watching as Bucky changed his voice for each character, getting a tired grin from the small child. “And to think that use to be the Winter Soldier.” Clint whispered as (Y/N) smiles when Steve placed a hand onto her shoulder. “He’s come a long way from then, and it’s thanks to (Y/N).” Steve mumbled. “Please, I can’t take all of the credit, you and Natasha helped a lot too. All of you helped in your own special way. Something he will always be grateful for.” She whispered looking at each and every one of them.

“True, but (Y/N), you gave him something that none of us could give him. You gave him a home, a reason to live. Sure, he may live here and he considers us family, but (Y/N) without you… He couldn’t have made it this far. All of us had a limit, but you didn’t. You loved him unconditionally, you loved him in a way that he had never known before.” Tony explains nudging her as she smiles softly looking back to see both Winnie and Bucky fast asleep in the recliner. She laughed along with everyone when Tony and Clint smirked at each other. “I’m gonna draw on his face.” Clint and Tony said together when (Y/N) tilted her head at him. “Do you want the Winter Soldier? Because that’s how you get the Winter Soldier.” Sam commented to the two who grin.

“Or something far worse…” Steve trailed off before gesturing to a glaring (Y/N). “His wife.” He smiles softly as both Tony and Clint pale when Clint dropped the permanent marker he had pulled out. “Ah…  We’re sorry?” He asked. “We didn’t do it yet!” Tony whines. “Yet is the key word in that sentence.” Natasha said when (Y/N) held up five fingers. “You have to the count of five to start running boys.” She had an emotionless smile plastered onto her face as they both stepped back. “Five… Four… Three.. Two.. One!” She exclaims picking up the marker before running after them as they pushed each other towards the elevator causing the others to laugh when Sam glances into the room. “And I wondered why he was afraid of her. Note to self, never cross (Y/N).” Sam crossed his arms as Steve leans against him. “Duly noted.” He comments, grinning mischievously.

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Taking a bath with Niall would he be silly or lovey and sweet do you think?

i think a bit of both? at first it would be silly bc we all know niall is “not a bath kinda guy” so he’d maybe joke around trying to ease the awkwardness HE is feeling (bc you are fine, its just a bath with your hot bf, right?) so he cracks a few dumb jokes and chuckles at himself. maybe he tries to tickle you with his toes under the water or makes a stupid soap bubble beard on his face but then….as he sits back and is watching you, watching the soap slide over your skin and the water glistening across your wet chest and shoulders, it suddenly turns really serious. and maybe you feel his hands grip your ankles under the water and yank you towards him, your entire body practically sliding into his. and you kinda just stare at him, his eyes flicking all over you, not being able to settle on one single place bc you are so beautiful and every part is his favorite and he maybe reaches up and softly brushes some stuck hair off your face before cupping his hand around your jaw and bringing you into a kiss. and for a minutes, okay maybe a few minutes, it starts to get really heated. hands twisted in hair, tongues sliding and sucking, tiny whimpers being swallowed as the steamy heat from the water billows up around both of you. but then it kinda of slows, and it becomes tender again. he pulls back, smiling at you before he drops his face in a bashful moment when you whisper how in love with him you are, and before you can even say another word, he’s got you turned around so he can wash your hair for you. taking his time with his fingers massaging at your scalp before he rinses you and roams his hands across the skin of your shoulders as he tugs your body down against his front. both of you relax in the warm water, fingers intertwining and heart beating like crazy as his lips slip down to your ear and he whispers to you that he’s the luckiest guy in the world.  

BTOB: fluffy times in the tub

Eunkwang: with him you’ll always be smiling and laughing. But he takes this time to just chill with you and unwind. You’d both sit in front of each other and talk about your day as you play with the bubbles.

Minhyuk: he’s hella romantic so when he asks you to take a bath with him, he’s got everything set up. The candles, the music, the amazing aromas of the bath soaps. He’ll sit behind you as he plays with your hair and massages your shoulders and neck, making you forget all about your worries.

Changsub: this boy has a bunch of water toys to play with. And when he’s in the tub with you, you two have a blast as you shoot each other with little water guns and blowing bubbles at each other.

Hyunsik: he’d be so cheeky and always try to turn it into something more, but he’ll just say he’s joking and pull you closer to him. He’ll be humming in your ear as he softly strokes his fingers over your arm and shoulders.

Peniel: not to type to take bubble baths often, but when it comes to you, he can’t resist. He’ll want to hear all about your day and he’ll tell you about his. Wouldn’t go overboard like Minhyuk tbh he just loves your company no matter where you’re at, it’s always special to him.

Ilhoon: you might have to convince him to actually talk to you and not fall asleep as you’re playing with his hair. He lays his head on your chest and sighs in content, wondering why you two don’t do this every minute of every day.

Sungjae: the type to buy extra bubbly soap and make funny beards with them. You two will play with the bubbles as you try out funny hairstyles and facial hair. Ofc there will be music playing in the bathroom as you two mess around in the tub.

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Kaminari Denki

- He probably suggests it to you at some point in your relationship. Part of him doesn’t think you’ll accept, so when you do he’s absolutely ecstatic!
- Low-key worried about accidentally electrocuting you in the bath since water conducts electricity, but he hasn’t accidentally done that since he was in elementary school so it’ll be okay!!
- Despite how eager he is to bathe with you he’s also flustered!! He wouldn’t mind bathing in swimsuits if you wanted it.
- He tries to make it romantic by lighting candles and putting on a nice playlist on Spotify
- But in the end it’s probably more fun than romantic! He puts in a lot of soap so the bath is super bubbly, and you end up sloshing water over the tub
- It’s a little awkward to sit in the tub together because it’s small, but you end up sitting with your back against his chest
- He offers to wash your back (but you can’t really change positions for you to reciprocate later :p)
- You two end up putting on soap bubble beards and laughing about how silly the other looks
- Probably ends with some heavy petting 😉

A Baby's Laughter

**Author here. This is mine originally from Wattpad so don’t freak out and be like you stole this yada yada. Hope you enjoy bye. **
Imagine: Walking in on Tom blowing bubbles at your seven month old baby in the tub.
(Inspired by this video)

You had just awoken from a nap and felt better than you had in months. Due to the fact you had just recently had a baby, you were tired because the little guy wouldn’t let you catch a wink of sleep. But Tom being Tom, he wouldn’t let you over work yourself and insisted that he do most of the work.

You stretched your arms above your head and listened to the popping of joints. You sighed in bliss; even months after giving birth your body had yet to ‘heal’ so you still ached, especially in your lower regions. Which kept you and Tom from being intimate, not that he was expecting it. He didn’t want to push you too far yet, wanting your body to heal, so he always stopped things before they could get too passionate.

You got out of bed and threw on a pair of Tom’s boxers so you’d have something underneath his navy blue t-shirt you were wearing.

As you moved to leave your bed room, you heard giggling and a deep laughter coming from your bathroom.

Shh, Ezra. We must be quiet your mum is sleeping and she needs her rest.“, you heard whispered from the bathroom.
What is this silly man up to now?, you thought approaching the door.

You didn’t have even a hint of what the two were up too. Even though Ezra was only seven months old, he and Tom could get into mischievous situations and at times you truly believed Tom was more Loki than Tom.
As you opened the door you were not prepared for what greeted your eyes.

There before you on his knees was your lovely british husband and in a tub full of and face covered in bubbles was your adorable son.

His face was alight with glee and happiness that babies always have upon their face.
You quietly leaned against the door jam for you had yet to be noticed by either of your loves. You waited to see what Tom was doing to cause your son such joy.
You hadn’t been standing there too long before Tom said, “Okay little one. One more time and then it’s time to get out and make mummy lunch.”

You watched as he stuck his hands into the soapy mess in the tub and brought his cupped hands to his face.
Your son waited in excited anticipation.

Tom then proceeded to ‘sneeze’ into the bubbles causing your son to let out loud giggles.
Your heart about bursted into happiness at hearing your son giggle at his father being silly and it warmed your heart to see them interact.

“So this is what you two get into when I’m asleep huh?”

Tom startled and turned to face you and your son stopped mid-giggle almost as if he’d been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.
As soon as you got a look at your husband, you burst into a fit of laughter.

Upon your husband’s face was a soap beard.

“Oh uh hello love! You’re awake. You see Ezra and I we well, he needed a bath and I just got the idea. We didn’t wake you did we?”

You walked towards your boys and squatted next to them. “No you didn’t wake me. And how could you leave me out of all the fun?”, you grinned.

Tom, was relieved they weren’t in trouble, for now, and that they hadn’t woken you. You leaned over and scooped some bubbles onto your face making a beard.

Looking at Ezra, you say in a deep voice,“ You’ve been a bad boy Mr. Ezra and it’s time for your punishment.”

You then quickly started to lightly tickle his belly causing him to go into another fit of giggles. Tom decided to join in and you all play in the bubbles for a bit.
After about ten minutes your legs started to cramp so you stood grabbed a towel and picked up your baby. As you dried him off, Tom drained the tub and came to stand behind you with his arms around your waist, head resting on your shoulder.

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UF/US/SF Paps and US Sans babysitting a toddler

Edge:  He will deny to his last breath that he enjoys it at all, or thinks the toddler is cute, or that he wants to pinch the little chubby cheeks.  He is a liar.  Their hands are so small!  They aren’t even as tall as his leg!  And, surprisingly, he’s pretty good with them.  Something about his yelling, his gruff attentiveness, his unintentional hilarity, and how big he is just strikes a cord with small children for some reason.  All Papyri are total Moms, it’s a fact, and Mr. Pointy here is no exception.  He is Determined to show this tiny human the utmost care!!!  No harm shall come to his young charge!!!

But he’s also forgetful when it comes to human needs and when he doesn’t put it down for a nap, the baby starts screaming.  Edge screams back, the huge goober, turning the baby’s shrilling back into giggles.  The kid loves it!  Whenever the baby gets fussy he just… unhinges his jaw and lets loose a pterodactyl shriek.  Works every time.

Honey:  This guy is the chillest babysitter.  He just plops them on the sofa next to him and watches MTT.  It’s a bit hard remembering not to smoke, it’s a habit now and he almost lights one up a few times without even thinking about it, but he always catches himself.

Except.. how is the kid so fast?!  He looked away thirty freaking seconds and somehow the toddler is in the kitchen covered in sharpie!  How?!  He just laughs it off and gives them a bath, scooping them up and setting them in the sink.  But that.. doesn’t work like he’d hoped.  The toddler shrieks like a demon because they don’t want to get sucked down the drain, crawling away and knocking everything on the counter onto the floor.  It takes him forever to get them in the damned sink, at which point things are ok for a while.  He plays with them for a bit, putting suds on their nose and stuff, takes a pic of them with a soap bubble beard.  Heh, maybe kids aren’t so bad.

…… they don’t want to get out of the sink.

When the toddler’s guardian comes to pick them up they find both of them sleeping, the toddler passed out on Honey’s chest.  Honey is so exhausted.  Kids are cute and all, but he doesn’t want one now…. Maybe one day.  He feels a bit lonely after the lil tyke is gone.

Puppy:  He watches the toddler sleep, holding his breath despite not having to breath.  It isn’t moving…. is it dead?  It looks dead.  Oh, it moved!!  Thank god.  He is so sure he’s going to kill them.  They’re so small and fragile and ohmygod it isn’t moving again!!  He gives it a little poke.  Ok, it made a little noise.  False alarm.

The kid likes him.  He was really nervous at first, but then the toddler reaches out a hand and touches his face, giving a silly little monkey grin.  He falls in love instantly.  This small squishy creature is precious and he would die for it.  Every laugh he gets out of the child makes him smile wide, doing whatever he can to make them make that sound again.  The minutes after he discovered belly tickles are some of the best in his entire life, he swears.

Blue:  IT IS TIME FOR ADVENTURES!!!  He plops the baby right on his shoulders and heads out for the park, very gently bouncing the baby.  The kid loves him, giggling and wanting to be bounced more.  He is only happy to oblige; though he obviously keeps a hold of their legs and is very careful not to knock them off!!  Playing with the toddler at the park is a lot of fun!  He stays close, making castles with them in the sandbox and pushing them on the toddler swing.

He reacts quickly and calmly when they fall down, crying and holding an injured knee.  “SHH, IT IS ALRIGHT SMALL HUMAN!  SANS IS HERE!  AND I KNOW THAT YOU CAN TRIUMPH OVER THIS!  GET UP, THAT’S RIGHT, YOU’RE ALRIGHT!  SEE, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD, WAS IT!  COME ON, LET’S GO GET NICE CREAM!!”

This guy is crazy good with kids.  It’s impressive.

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Headcanon where u and Luke have a bath together or something?? Just really intimate and cute

Luke Alvez Headcanons, having a bath with you:

  • Maybe it would happen after a particularly long day at the office. The both of you just need to unwind and relax, so you proposed the idea to him after dinner.
  • Luke definitely wasn’t a bath person. In fact, he hated all the scented bubbles and was one of those people who believed you were ‘just lying in your own dirt’.
  • However, you would consider it a challenge to change his mind.
  • So, you would pull out all your best bath bombs, scented salts and bubble bath – even going as far to light some candles.
  • Luke would immediately become a lot keener on the idea when he saw you hovering by the bathroom in just a short robe.
  • When could he ever resist you?
  • So, he would end up happily joining you in the bath.
  • You would just sit there together, leaning against his chest with his arms wrapped around you as you both just enjoyed being in each other’s presence.
  • Luke occasionally would press little kisses against your neck, letting his hands drift down your body as he massaged your skin.
  • He would love the little contented sighs you let out.
  • It would be really sweet and intimate.
  • The two of you would just chat about everything – ranging from the serious to the silly as you spent all night relaxing in the warm water.
  • You would definitely end up building each other soap beards though. Luke would find it particularly hysterical to see you covered in bubbles.
  • Afterwards, you would smugly tell him that you knew he was a ‘bath person’ deep down.
  • He would just wrap his arms around your waist, pressing a kiss to your lips as he muttered about how he could definitely get used to sharing a bath with you.