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Taking a bath with Niall would he be silly or lovey and sweet do you think?

i think a bit of both? at first it would be silly bc we all know niall is “not a bath kinda guy” so he’d maybe joke around trying to ease the awkwardness HE is feeling (bc you are fine, its just a bath with your hot bf, right?) so he cracks a few dumb jokes and chuckles at himself. maybe he tries to tickle you with his toes under the water or makes a stupid soap bubble beard on his face but then….as he sits back and is watching you, watching the soap slide over your skin and the water glistening across your wet chest and shoulders, it suddenly turns really serious. and maybe you feel his hands grip your ankles under the water and yank you towards him, your entire body practically sliding into his. and you kinda just stare at him, his eyes flicking all over you, not being able to settle on one single place bc you are so beautiful and every part is his favorite and he maybe reaches up and softly brushes some stuck hair off your face before cupping his hand around your jaw and bringing you into a kiss. and for a minutes, okay maybe a few minutes, it starts to get really heated. hands twisted in hair, tongues sliding and sucking, tiny whimpers being swallowed as the steamy heat from the water billows up around both of you. but then it kinda of slows, and it becomes tender again. he pulls back, smiling at you before he drops his face in a bashful moment when you whisper how in love with him you are, and before you can even say another word, he’s got you turned around so he can wash your hair for you. taking his time with his fingers massaging at your scalp before he rinses you and roams his hands across the skin of your shoulders as he tugs your body down against his front. both of you relax in the warm water, fingers intertwining and heart beating like crazy as his lips slip down to your ear and he whispers to you that he’s the luckiest guy in the world.  

ever since you and luke had a baby showering together was out of question, one of you had to watch little man as he crawled around the room, curiously opening drawers or climbing in little spaces but luke misses sharing the most innocent intimate moment with you so one day he decides to take little man with him and join you in the shower, getting in with a ‘‘your man are here’‘ and you turn around, smiling as you see luke and little man waiting to shower with you and you take little man, who is incredibly eager to get under the warm water, squealing and laughing and luke is so !!!!!!!! for his lil family and little man helps you wash luke’s hair and back and he even rubs soap on luke’s beard and luke can’t stop laughing and he gets soap in his mouth and starts to cough and little man whispers a tiny ‘‘oh no daddy’‘ and it is very safe to say, saturday morning showers are a new routine


Lately, I’ve been using an all-natural deodorant from a New York City based company called Kent & Bond. This company makes bar soap, beard oil and body wash for the modern man. All the products they make are paraben free and never tested on animals.

When I apply this product, it leaves me feeling fresh and clean. The product smells like teatree and once its applied I never sweat. The bentonite clay kills any bacteria your body creates and helps absorb moisture. The oils in this product provide your skin with antiseptic and detoxifying benefits.

Sometimes organic deodorant gets a bad reputation. People think that since it doesn’t have as many chemicals compared to leading brands then it isn’t effective. However, this is not true. A lot of the deodorant being sold at your local drug store is made with additives and hurtful chemicals. 

Lastly, this deodorant is aluminum free which is really important to me. Using aluminum-based products on your body has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Men should take more precaution about what they apply on their skin. Kent & Bond is doing a great job by making products that more companies should try to emulate.