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ace!Nico and bi!Jason headcanons
  • Jason was the first one that Nico told about his sexuality.  Of course, it wasn’t in the most…  Settling setting but, it got the point across.
  • Jason and Nico had been dating and Jason was obviously very ready to go to the next step.
  • Nico was not.  Like, at all.
  • Jason’s hand went under Nico’s shirt and Nico started to get a bit uncomfortable but, he let Jason continue, just thinking he was nervous.
  • Jason’s hands quickly made it to Nico’s jeans and suddenly, he was not okay.
  • “I’m asexual,” Nico had blurted out.
  • Jason blinked before guilt covered his face.
  • “Nico, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know-”
  • Nico was so confused.  Jason wasn’t mad at him?
  • Of course Jason wasn’t mad at Nico.  He felt so bad in fact, for trying to push Nico further than Nico was comfortable with.
  • Jason gently pushes Nico off, getting up quickly, brushing his hands on his pants.  “Gods, I’m so sorry!”
  • Nico’s so confused and panicked.  “Jay- stop.”
  • Jason won’t stop apologising and eventually, Nico calms him down and explains to him how he thought Jason would be mad.
  • Jason laughs at this because a certain ex girlfriend of his was also ace.
  • The couple continues being literally the funniest/cutest/cheesiest couple at camp.
  • They go on doing normal things but, Jason figures out all of Nico’s boundaries.
  • Whenever other campers tease them for not going all the way, Jason goes Mama-Bear to defend his babe.
  • Kids don’t tease Nico about sex anymore.
  • Their favourite things to do in substitute for that are cuddling, star-gazing, and scratching each other’s back.
  • When they move into an apartment in New Rome together, they have a terrace/balcony that they sit on and watch stars and clouds.
  • Nico is always either next to Jason or on Jason, whether it’s his lap or being the little spoon.
  • They like to cuddle on their very own couch and drink wine and share secrets and squish their noses together.
  • Showers together aren’t really okay but baths together are more than okay.
  • Baths are fun to cuddle in, you can make soap beards, and wine in the bathtub is so nice.  (Nico finds it very relaxing.)
  • All in all, the couple can live without the sex.  Their constant cuddling touch and PDA is enough, (even if the rest of the gang can’t handle their cuteness).

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Taking a bath with Niall would he be silly or lovey and sweet do you think?

i think a bit of both? at first it would be silly bc we all know niall is “not a bath kinda guy” so he’d maybe joke around trying to ease the awkwardness HE is feeling (bc you are fine, its just a bath with your hot bf, right?) so he cracks a few dumb jokes and chuckles at himself. maybe he tries to tickle you with his toes under the water or makes a stupid soap bubble beard on his face but then….as he sits back and is watching you, watching the soap slide over your skin and the water glistening across your wet chest and shoulders, it suddenly turns really serious. and maybe you feel his hands grip your ankles under the water and yank you towards him, your entire body practically sliding into his. and you kinda just stare at him, his eyes flicking all over you, not being able to settle on one single place bc you are so beautiful and every part is his favorite and he maybe reaches up and softly brushes some stuck hair off your face before cupping his hand around your jaw and bringing you into a kiss. and for a minutes, okay maybe a few minutes, it starts to get really heated. hands twisted in hair, tongues sliding and sucking, tiny whimpers being swallowed as the steamy heat from the water billows up around both of you. but then it kinda of slows, and it becomes tender again. he pulls back, smiling at you before he drops his face in a bashful moment when you whisper how in love with him you are, and before you can even say another word, he’s got you turned around so he can wash your hair for you. taking his time with his fingers massaging at your scalp before he rinses you and roams his hands across the skin of your shoulders as he tugs your body down against his front. both of you relax in the warm water, fingers intertwining and heart beating like crazy as his lips slip down to your ear and he whispers to you that he’s the luckiest guy in the world.  

BTOB: fluffy times in the tub

Eunkwang: with him you’ll always be smiling and laughing. But he takes this time to just chill with you and unwind. You’d both sit in front of each other and talk about your day as you play with the bubbles.

Minhyuk: he’s hella romantic so when he asks you to take a bath with him, he’s got everything set up. The candles, the music, the amazing aromas of the bath soaps. He’ll sit behind you as he plays with your hair and massages your shoulders and neck, making you forget all about your worries.

Changsub: this boy has a bunch of water toys to play with. And when he’s in the tub with you, you two have a blast as you shoot each other with little water guns and blowing bubbles at each other.

Hyunsik: he’d be so cheeky and always try to turn it into something more, but he’ll just say he’s joking and pull you closer to him. He’ll be humming in your ear as he softly strokes his fingers over your arm and shoulders.

Peniel: not to type to take bubble baths often, but when it comes to you, he can’t resist. He’ll want to hear all about your day and he’ll tell you about his. Wouldn’t go overboard like Minhyuk tbh he just loves your company no matter where you’re at, it’s always special to him.

Ilhoon: you might have to convince him to actually talk to you and not fall asleep as you’re playing with his hair. He lays his head on your chest and sighs in content, wondering why you two don’t do this every minute of every day.

Sungjae: the type to buy extra bubbly soap and make funny beards with them. You two will play with the bubbles as you try out funny hairstyles and facial hair. Ofc there will be music playing in the bathroom as you two mess around in the tub.

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UF/US/SF Paps and US Sans babysitting a toddler

Edge:  He will deny to his last breath that he enjoys it at all, or thinks the toddler is cute, or that he wants to pinch the little chubby cheeks.  He is a liar.  Their hands are so small!  They aren’t even as tall as his leg!  And, surprisingly, he’s pretty good with them.  Something about his yelling, his gruff attentiveness, his unintentional hilarity, and how big he is just strikes a cord with small children for some reason.  All Papyri are total Moms, it’s a fact, and Mr. Pointy here is no exception.  He is Determined to show this tiny human the utmost care!!!  No harm shall come to his young charge!!!

But he’s also forgetful when it comes to human needs and when he doesn’t put it down for a nap, the baby starts screaming.  Edge screams back, the huge goober, turning the baby’s shrilling back into giggles.  The kid loves it!  Whenever the baby gets fussy he just… unhinges his jaw and lets loose a pterodactyl shriek.  Works every time.

Honey:  This guy is the chillest babysitter.  He just plops them on the sofa next to him and watches MTT.  It’s a bit hard remembering not to smoke, it’s a habit now and he almost lights one up a few times without even thinking about it, but he always catches himself.

Except.. how is the kid so fast?!  He looked away thirty freaking seconds and somehow the toddler is in the kitchen covered in sharpie!  How?!  He just laughs it off and gives them a bath, scooping them up and setting them in the sink.  But that.. doesn’t work like he’d hoped.  The toddler shrieks like a demon because they don’t want to get sucked down the drain, crawling away and knocking everything on the counter onto the floor.  It takes him forever to get them in the damned sink, at which point things are ok for a while.  He plays with them for a bit, putting suds on their nose and stuff, takes a pic of them with a soap bubble beard.  Heh, maybe kids aren’t so bad.

…… they don’t want to get out of the sink.

When the toddler’s guardian comes to pick them up they find both of them sleeping, the toddler passed out on Honey’s chest.  Honey is so exhausted.  Kids are cute and all, but he doesn’t want one now…. Maybe one day.  He feels a bit lonely after the lil tyke is gone.

Puppy:  He watches the toddler sleep, holding his breath despite not having to breath.  It isn’t moving…. is it dead?  It looks dead.  Oh, it moved!!  Thank god.  He is so sure he’s going to kill them.  They’re so small and fragile and ohmygod it isn’t moving again!!  He gives it a little poke.  Ok, it made a little noise.  False alarm.

The kid likes him.  He was really nervous at first, but then the toddler reaches out a hand and touches his face, giving a silly little monkey grin.  He falls in love instantly.  This small squishy creature is precious and he would die for it.  Every laugh he gets out of the child makes him smile wide, doing whatever he can to make them make that sound again.  The minutes after he discovered belly tickles are some of the best in his entire life, he swears.

Blue:  IT IS TIME FOR ADVENTURES!!!  He plops the baby right on his shoulders and heads out for the park, very gently bouncing the baby.  The kid loves him, giggling and wanting to be bounced more.  He is only happy to oblige; though he obviously keeps a hold of their legs and is very careful not to knock them off!!  Playing with the toddler at the park is a lot of fun!  He stays close, making castles with them in the sandbox and pushing them on the toddler swing.

He reacts quickly and calmly when they fall down, crying and holding an injured knee.  “SHH, IT IS ALRIGHT SMALL HUMAN!  SANS IS HERE!  AND I KNOW THAT YOU CAN TRIUMPH OVER THIS!  GET UP, THAT’S RIGHT, YOU’RE ALRIGHT!  SEE, IT WAS NOT THAT BAD, WAS IT!  COME ON, LET’S GO GET NICE CREAM!!”

This guy is crazy good with kids.  It’s impressive.

Headcanons, Honey - Sleepy RFA

I’m quite tired myself, and I’m about to go to bed, so let’s have some sleepy RFA headcanons, shall we? Here’s my take on how you know they’re tired, how they get ready for bed (if they do), and how they like to drift off to dreamland. -M

- This bean tries so hard to convince you he’s not tired.
- But he’s slumping over more and more at his desk playing LOLOL.
- And he works his jaw every now and then like he’s swallowing yawns every ten minutes.
- This one’s also the kind of sleepy child to ramble a lot and slur words the later it gets.
- 10/10 would just brush his teeth and then collapse onto his bed if you didn’t make him also wash his face and change clothes
- Seriously, he becomes a little boy again when he’s sleepy.
- Only he doesn’t make you carry him
- Most of the time
- He sleeps on his face/stomach when alone but on his side when you’re there.
- Light, quiet snoring
- Probably a big shirt and boxers for pajamas
- Falls asleep super quickly if he’s touching you in some way, anything from holding your hand to spooning

- His body’s his alarm clock.
- The moment he yawns is the moment he starts getting ready for bed.
- But you can tell before then if he’s tired because he’ll get quiet.
- King of the Nighttime Regime
- This man might stay up late, but when it’s time for bed, he’s got a whole schedule.
- Like an hour-plus-long schedule
- Like brush teeth, floss, exfoliate, wash, tone, moisturize, night cream, he does EVERYTHING
- Shares any and all of his skincare products with you
- LOVES sharing his skincare products with you (within normal hygienic limits)
- He also helps you rub lotion on your body in hard-to-reach places hehehe.
- But for real his bedtime massages are heavenly.
- And sometimes result in the both of you NOT sleeping depending on both of your moods hehehe.
- Shirtless with undies for pajamas
- Sleeps on his back and falls asleep fastest when you snuggle next to him/on his chest

- This poor, sweet angel tries to buck the grips of sleep at every turn.
- And it’s not because she wants to.
- Because when she’s not working herself into the ground, she’s feeling like she’s forgetting something for work and needs to be doing something productive.
- She’d live off of quadruple shots of espresso if you and her doctors didn’t drill into her head how bad that is for her and how sleep is mandatory.
- She gets more flustered as she gets more tired because her coping mechanisms go kaput when she doesn’t have enough energy.
- On bad nights, she gets weepy because she’s overwhelmed while tired.
- Doesn’t put up a fight when you order her to get ready for bed
- But does insist that you go to bed too because she sleeps better when you’re holding her
- She hasn’t admitted that part to you yet but she’s out like a light if you cuddle her in bed.
- Big shirt and shorts for pajamas
- Occasionally drinks chamomile tea before bed if she’s too anxious
- Sleeps on her side in a semi-fetal position but with one leg stretched out and the other hiked up
- On some nights that leg is hiked up on you huehuehue

- This one understands the necessity of sleep but doesn’t necessarily like to sleep.
- But he gets Elizabeth the 3rd ready for bed each night.
- And he makes sure that you don’t stay up later than he does.
- Canon that he has a glass of wine before bed so you two share some and look over the city lights from his penthouse
- Is like Zen in the sense that he gets quieter the sleepier he is
- Expensive silk pajamas for both of you (of course he got matching sets)
- Used to be straight and stiff as a board when sleeping but has since loosened up
- Loves holding your hand as you share drowsy late-night convos
- His voice is a lullaby every single time.
- Occasionally whispers directly into your ear if he isn’t quite tired enough yet to see you react hehe

- Ohhhhhh boy
- Good luck getting this one to sleep when he doesn’t want to.
- Cranky mode goooooo~
- This man would never sleep if he had a choice.
- Gets snippier the sleepier he gets
- But when you call him out on it, he realizes what’s happening and begrudgingly gets ready for bed with you.
- But if he’s not tired enough to be cranky, be prepared for water fights, soap beards, and the like in the bathroom.
- It’s a huge damn mess afterward lol.
- Shirt or tank with boxers for pajamas
- Snores and denies it
- He needs to hold you close to his chest as you sleep (canon from one of the graphics!) so he sleeps on his side.
- Loves to stroke your hair so he can watch you fall asleep
- Falls asleep faster than you do if you stroke his hair
- Boi loves having his hair pet.
- It soothes every fiber of his being.
- Not to mention it smells wonderful and is unbelievably soft.

untitled Klaine message fic

alianne and I just spent the past day or so messaging about Klaine, and it turned into this collaborative story-type thing that we wanted to share with y’all. <3

Kurt doesn’t want to go that day because he’s busy but Blaine makes him go out for a swim because it’s the weekend and Kurt deserves a break and also SWIMMING and Kurt really secretly loves it but he can’t just give in so he complains about the sun and that he’ll get freckles everywhere so Blaine lies down on top of him to “protect him” and Kurt laughs and tries to throw him off and they end up wrestling and roll right into the water all tangled up and screaming and laughing. Or something, haha.

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Today, I fucked up by trying beard oil.

This just happened and I thought you would all like to know about my own stupidity.

I read recently about how you should avoid soaping up beards and instead replenish it with beard oil, this sounds great to me so I was planning to make my own with coconut oil, I’ve yet to get around to that… So today in the shower I decide my beard really does need a proper wash and that I’ll have a dig in the cupboard afterwards to see what oils and lotions we have, this is where I made a terrible mistake.

I picked out a bottle of mint oil thinking that as long as it didn’t say essential oil that it should be okay, I poured a healthy few drops out (the dropper style bottle rang alarm bells which I have learnt to ignore) and started on working it into my beard.

This worked beautifully for all of ten seconds before I entered a new world of pain as my face started to feel the heat and sting, the following wave of menthol made my eyes and nose immediately start streaming and so I stumbled around trying to think what to do.

Bleary eyed, without my glasses, and trying desperately to avoid wiping the tears away with my hands, I looked over the bottle to see if there was any warnings of my impending fate. I managed to glimpse a brief flash of “"warning … near eyes … throat” and I am afraid to say I panicked. Lurching over to the sink I frantically tried washing it out of my beard with water and, as if seeing the Archangel Youdumas, a voice rolled forth in my head like thunder simply booming “You should not have done that.”

I thought I was going to die then, as my vision left me and my face began to burn with the renewed fury of Satan’s taint I imagined myself collapsing, choked for air. A thought occurred to me to try diluting the menthol oil with normal vegetable oil, but my hopes vanished as I considered the lengthy path downstairs to the kitchen.

I set forth, the staircase appearing as a watery grey wall that either fell downwards into nothingness or loomed impossibly huge over me like a wall. My eyes and mind playing tricks on me I slowly and tentatively made me way down, gripping the banister for dear mercy.

The kitchen cupboard spilled out with all my greatest desires, nestled amongst piles of sweet treats and exotic cocoa products there lay my prize. A bottle of grapeseed oil shimmering golden in what little light and vision was afforded to me. I would like to say I left that room a proud man, that I wore my underpants and socks without fear nor humiliation as oil dripped from my hands and beard.

I would like to say that.

TL;DR Never ever use mint oil for anything, it is the devils juice.

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ever since you and luke had a baby showering together was out of question, one of you had to watch little man as he crawled around the room, curiously opening drawers or climbing in little spaces but luke misses sharing the most innocent intimate moment with you so one day he decides to take little man with him and join you in the shower, getting in with a ‘‘your man are here’‘ and you turn around, smiling as you see luke and little man waiting to shower with you and you take little man, who is incredibly eager to get under the warm water, squealing and laughing and luke is so !!!!!!!! for his lil family and little man helps you wash luke’s hair and back and he even rubs soap on luke’s beard and luke can’t stop laughing and he gets soap in his mouth and starts to cough and little man whispers a tiny ‘‘oh no daddy’‘ and it is very safe to say, saturday morning showers are a new routine