soap and lampshades

Here is exactly, precisely why it is okay to punch nazis in the face.

They want me and my entire family dead. They want to make us into soap and lampshades and perform science experiments on us. They want to rip our babies from our arms and shoot them. They want to destroy our temples and burn our Torahs before burning us along with them. Never ever forget what they did to us and would do again if given the chance. They want to brutally murder and torture lgbtq people, people of color, Jews, rromani people, and the disabled. They are not to be debated. If one more white goyische Christian moderate tries to tell me to be nicer to nazis but turns a blind eye to the hateful graffiti, the harassment, the wrongful arrest of Shia labeouf, the armed march planned on Whitefish Montana, and the bomb threats on synagogues, I’m going to lose my mind. Advocating genocide is not a political stance, it’s a call to violence.

Take it from someone who’s family would be twice as big if not for the holocaust; fighting nazis does not make you just as bad as them. It makes you a fucking hero.

Never again.


Not quite as big as a Barbie doll, but definitely one of the tallest soft sculptures I’ve made, this needlefelted One Of A Kind doll was made entirely with pipecleaners, wool, alpaca fiber, and cotton batting. He’s strong enough to hold both Darkwing and Gosalyn in his arms in a big bear hug, and posable enough to fly a plane or ride a horse! (A Breyer Smart Chic O’lena painted by me to resemble Breyer’s Hidalgo model. He is wearing Breyer’s parade tack).

While felting has been around for ages, Needle felting is a relatively new craft that started in the 1980’s and was revitalized in the past decade. You can put felt on anything: soap, lampshades, make purses or slippers or hats out of it, sew with it, make “paintings” with it, or punch it into 4D shapes with just a foam pad or pillow, some barbed felting needles, and a pack of dyed wool. You can even use the lamb’s wool some pharmacies sell for lining shoes. I’ve felted over rough seams on elastic casts and knee braces to make them more comfortable for Mom. It’s fun, fast, beautiful, and it can be used to express any skill level. As long as you’re careful not to poke yourself with the needle. Those barbs HURT.

Launchpad McDuck, Magica De Spell, Gosalyn Mallard, Scrooge McDuck, and Darkwing Duck all are copyrighted by the Disney Company, and are characters from Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck comics, as well as the tv shows “DuckTales” and “Darkwing Duck.”

These OOAK dolls were made as fanart by me, for me, and will not be replicated or sold. I do not use patterns, and I am a self taught artist. Nobody showed me any tutorials on how to do this; I figured it out on my own, and after buying a couple of instruction books, I decided I preferred my own method for building volume versus what I read. Since I do not make or use patterns, each sculpture turns out different. It is hard to make legs and arms symmetrical and stand evenly. It is hard to make heads and bodies proportional.

If you decide to commission a fiber artist, please keep in mind that complex designs do not work well in a small size, as there is less room to fit in details, needles are all about the same length, and we risk hurting our fingers more frequently as we try to hold the tiny little thing on our work station, and strain our eyes. Every doll takes lots of time, concentration, and hand-eye coordination.