soaked in beer

A piece of my heart beating

I love it when Haught took the step to introduce herself to a woman who she cannot explain the immediate attraction it has to get her name, shake her hand, and help her get out of a beer soaked shirt. At a funeral, Haught tried to comfort Waverly but had to back off because she was reminded Wave was straight, little did she know. Waverly tried to make a pass which we know was adorably awkward and it caused a little weirdness between them two. Finally Waverly just decided to push down the insecurity, the fear, all the reasons NOT to and make a beautiful move toward Haught. Finally, like oh my gosh finally, two hearts beat the same song.

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  • “i was playing beer pong with a coin and i accidentally threw it right into your eye at a party” au 


It was like painful slow motion. Ham had never really believed in that sort of thing before, but as the coin left his thumb and flew into the air, he saw it slow down as it s destination became obvious.

This thing was already soaked in beer, it was going to sting like hell even more once it hit the eye of one Acetylene Lamp. “Shit–!” Why did he come to this party? The last one only barely managed to be good. And he likely just pissed off the only reason the last party had been tolerable near the end.