soak it in everybody

at the end of the day i could lift the pisces mask and see a spirit that has been worked black and blue, soaking in everybody’s misplaced anguish and fears. i know some pisces who just go home and cry, and i ask them what’s wrong, and they say ‘i don’t know, just have to cry’ 

“I’m not going to make it to the show tonight.”


Inspired by a prompt. 

Just sat and wrote, not sure how good it is.

He was out of breath, feeling as if he had been between your legs, holding up your limbs under the knees, for far too long. Luke could not believe just how out of shape he had become over the course of the tour, and they were only ten dates in. He figured he was just wiped from the day of interviews and meeting with a contest winner. Maybe, his body was trying to reserve some energy for the show that night unbeknownst to him. Regardless, it did feel otherworldly to be buried deep into your soaking warmth. He couldn’t believe that it had been three whole weeks. Everybody thought he would cave, but it had been well worth the wait. While he wished he could have met you at the airport himself and then pulled you up on his lap in the back of a town car, this was better. The sun was just beginning to peter below, but enough bold yellow was flowing in through the large hotel window to cast over your two bodies and tangle you into a perfect blend of one another’s tones. He grunted while adjusting your legs in his hands and moved harder, pushing into you out of rhythm to the rest of his motions, and letting you feel his entire length. Luke’s blue eyes rolled back into his head as his mouth fell open, unable to fully register the pleasure he was receiving by having you push back on him whenever he’d move in.

“Do you want to turn around?” Panting, he asked, already lowering your legs in preparation for having you on your hands and knees in front of him. In the past, back when you two couldn’t go longer than a day without a release with one another, you loved to feel him finish in that position, both his hands gripping your waist and sometimes pulling out to unload down your curves. However, this late afternoon was different.

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