Priest!Kylo x Rey AU


Ages ago now, @jebeslemon​ made these insanely amazing and gorgeous edits for my two Priest!Kylo smutty one-shots in Infinite Doors just because I asked her to and she is an amazing person. I proceeded to get depressed like an ASS and forgot to share them with the world with the pomp that they deserve. 

I’ve added a cut for those scrolling, because there are eight of them and they’re ALL SO BEAUTIFUL and I couldn’t bear to not include any of them. They’re just… They’re just so pretty. Thank you so much, @jebeslemon, I do not deserve the work you put into this. From the way they change colour with the mood as the story progresses and the choice of imagery and the sexual tension and I just… Ugh. Ugh. So pretty. So very very pretty. And if I can get my technologically slow butt to figure out how to put them with the story on AO3, I shall. 

If you enjoyed “Little Sins” or “Bigger Sins (10pm)”, please share so everyone can see these!!