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System of a Down is working on a new album. 15 songs are ready !!

In a new interview with John Dolmayan for the 1644 edition of Kerrang! Magazine, an excellent update on the new System of a Down album was confirmed. Check out the excerpt:

“We’ve been working on a new album for the last six months and there are about 15 songs that I think are worthy of being on an album. There is tremendous pressure on us, because we are 11 or 12 years old and we have not released anything. But we have not yet scheduled to launch”.

“Our ability to play is better than ever and we are trying new things. We’re not making a new ‘Toxicity’ just because it was by far our biggest album. The new work must mean something to a new generation of System of a Down fans, so everyone can see that we’re not resting on our laurels. I’m not going to put my name on an album I’m not 100% proud of.”

Ready for 2017? New emotions come SOAD fans !!

PWX student nearly dies at Chicago’s Riot Fest
[September 13th, 2015]

Aspiring professional wrestler Steve Schneider was nearly a victim of trampling over the weekend at the Chicago music festival Riot Fest. During System Of A Down’s headlining set, Schneider was knocked to the ground in the band’s mosh pit. Schneider gives a detailed account of the incident:

I fell over during System Of A Down, then someone fell on top of me so I couldn’t breathe. Then once they got up, someone else fell on top of me. It was never ending. At one point I had someone on top of my back, and someone either sitting or standing on my head, pushing my face down into mud. I couldn’t breathe the entire time, but then any breath I could take I was close to inhaling muddy water. It was the scariest thing in my entire life cause I had no idea how long I’d be trapped for. Apparently System of a Down had to stop playing so paramedics could get me out, I was unconscious at that point so I have no memory of it. Both of my eyes are blood red from passing out due to lack of air + someone crushing my head + screaming for my life. 

System Of A Down immediately halted the performance, seeing what was happening, and helped bring attention to the incident. Steve was taken from the crowd to get care from paramedics. This video was uploaded to YouTube, showing the events of the near-death situation. All of my respect goes straight to SOAD, who protected their fans and a brother in our community.