Paris Barclay: Her one email said, “Why did Juice have to get beat up?” That was the thing that upset her.

Kurt Sutter: Moms love Juice.

PB: They do love Juice. Everything else– she didn’t even mention the school shooting and kids that were slaughtered by an AK-47. But she was upset that Juicy got punched like this. She did not want to see that.

~Paris Barclay’s mother’s review of the Season 6 premiere.(DVD commentary for 6x01 Straw)

no but you don’t understand how badly i need sam to grab dean’s shoulders and shake him and ask why in god’s name he’d think that he deserves the mark of cain and deserves hell and deserves all of the bad stuff that’ll come with it because dean might make hard choices and might make mistakes but everyone makes mistakes but the difference between dean and most is that dean does things out of love and loyalty and a fierce protectiveness that few can match. and that the last place dean deserves to be is hell and the last thing he deserves to be tied to is something so dark because dean is good and he’s nothing like the demons and the monsters the evil people that deserve hell and there are just things in this world that are needs not wants okay?