Chibs (Flanagan, pictured with first assistant prop master Brandon Boyle), really would take a bullet for Jax, a.k.a. Jackie Boy. “Clay [Ron Perlman] took Chibs in when he was like 15. He was on the run from the IRA and came to America,” Flanagan says. “That’s when he first met Jackie, as a little boy. So he’s his baby brother, as far as Chibs is concerned. He has all the love in the world for this kid, and he would die for him. It’s the outlaw life, and that’s what they do.’‘ [x]

Reaper convention: 2nd guest announced and photo ops information


We have a feeling that some of you have guessed who the second guest of the Reaper Con could be, and we hope to have made them happy, exactly how we hope to have made everyone else happy

It’s with a great pleasure that we welcome our second guest, an actor with a big heart (those who follow his initiatives know) who plays a character among the most loved of the series.

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