Dare [Chibs Telford]

“Truth or dare?” Juice asks as [Y/N] takes a sip of her beer as the two of them stay perched at the table they’re sharing.

“Truth,” [Y/N] replies as Rat drop off two more beers at the table as the rest of the club sits at the bar talking amongst themselves.

“Okay, okay,” Juice says as he pops the top off his new bottle, “is it true that you like Chibs, you know like-like.”

[Y/N] narrows her eyes at Juice who only responds with a smile, knowing full well how you feel about the Scottish man, “You know damned well how I feel about Chibs Juice, you’ve tried how many times to set me up with the man. Truth or dare?”

Juice chuckles before replying, “Dare.”

“Alright, I dare you to chug your bottle of beer.” [Y/N] states as she pops the top off of her own beer.

“Ha! Too easy [Y/N], step your game up.” Juice replies as he puts the bottle to his lips and downs the whole thing without any trouble at all. She chuckles a bit herself as her eyes wander past her friend to Chibs who is eyeing the two of them while wearing his own smile.

“Truth or dare?” Juice asks as he sucks in a deep breath and slams the bottle on the table.

“Dare.” [Y/N] mumbles, her thoughts racing to other places.

“Oh shit, I’ve got a good one for you.” Juice states as he leans across the table towards her as a big ass grin slinks across his face, “I dare you to go and kiss Chibs.”

The dare catches her off guard, “What?”

“You heard me, go kiss Chibs unless you’re a chicken.” Juice replies while making a low clucking sound. Her hand tightens around the bottle sitting in front of her as she begins to way the pros and cons of what she’s about to do. She slides the bottle away from her and pushes away from the table, one with one last glance at Juice she walks over to Chibs.

“Having fun with Juice?” Chibs questions as [Y/N] leans against the bar.

“Something like that,” she says before quickly leaning over and pressing her lips against his, pulling away she adjusts his kutte and pats his chest, “now I’m having a lot more fun.”

Turning she walks away from Chibs as her cheeks turn a bright red, as she passes the table where Juice sits she flips him off which earns her a smile. [Y/N] exits the clubhouse without realizing Chibs is following her and missing some of the guys cheering and wolf whistling.

Imagine being the daughter of Clay and Gemma Morrow and have a secret relationship with a lawman

Part II ’ Things Uncovered ’

Your head was pounding, you tried to move but you were tied down. Unbelievably tight ropes wrapped around your wrists, and your legs. You felt like they were nailed to the chair, the ropes were so tight that you barley felt your toes and fingers. You tried to break free, you had a gag in your mouth and it was hard to breath considering whoever these bastards are they shoved the gag almost down your throat. Looking around and you can’t see much of anything, everything was still hazy, but you got your vision back after awhile. You were in what seemed like some sort of warehouse or shack you were completely certain. You had no idea where you were but you knew it had to do with the club. You were the daughter of the president of SAMCRO, if anyone wanted revenge on the club, or to hurt the MC they got the right idea by taking you. Perhaps you’d get lucky and they’d use you as a bargaining chip for guns but if they wanted money you were screwed because the club had none, that were strapped for cash at the moment.
Thrashing your arms and legs, trying everything and anything you can think of to try and free yourself. The more you did that, the more the ropes dug into your already raw flesh. They were bruised and bleeding, you tried for what seemed like forever to get free. The back door swung open and 4 giant men walked in, you tried to look at who these men were but the light was too bright. You squinted and you looked up to see Mayan tattoos on each of these men.
You were confused you thought the MC and the Mayans were good? You seen with your own eyes, the Mayan president Alveraz and your dad shook hands. So what the hell was going on and the man in front of you knelt down in front of you just so he could be eye level with you said;
“ oh so your the daughter of SAMCRO ”
You looked at this piece of shit and said;
“ sorry asshole, you got the wrong girl ”
This seem to piss him off and so he swung his arm and hit you across the face, it stung and he busted your lip open. He said with a smirk across his face;
“ don’t be cute with me bitch ”
You spat out some blood and looked at him and said;
“ what do you want ? and who the hell are you ? ”
He smiled and grabbed your chin roughly so you would look at him;
“ we want SAMCRO to suffer and to send a message, so that no one messes with the Calaveras MC ”
You knew this was wasn’t going to end well and you said while pulling your face away from his grip;
“ Don’t know where you get your information from buddy, but SAMCRO doesn’t get involve with bullshit MC’s ”
The man didn’t even let you finish talking, when he hit you for a second time but only this time was harder then the last. The men laughed and one man said while walking towards you;
“ Well that look like it hurt sweetheart, now SAMCRO is going to suffer for calling my MC bullshit, and they are going to do my dirty work for me by killing the president of the Mayans ”
You gathered your barring’s and focused on the man in front of you and said;
“ what makes you think SAMCRO will do that for you ? ”
He chuckled and said;
“ because I am Salazar and I have you ”
You laughed and said;
“ you are more of an idiot then you look ”
Salazar enjoyed how you talked and he gestured to one of the other man, a bigger man and he hit you so hard that he knocked you out cold, the last thing you remember was seeing his fist.
David went over to your place but you weren’t home, your car wasn’t in the driveway. So David thought maybe you got a ride and left your car at the clubhouse. He knocked on your door, but no you didn’t answer, he knocked on your window and finally the back door but nothing. So he got your spare that you hid under your favorite rock and opened the door.
“ Y/N ? baby ? you home ? ”
Dead silence, David’s heart quickened and he began to panic. He walked throughout the house looking for you, but the house was empty so he called your cell. It went straight to voicemail and that set off red flags for David. He didn’t know where you were and thought maybe that you were at the clubhouse, so David left your house and drove by the clubhouse. He seen your car in the parking lot and he knew he couldn’t just go into the clubhouse to see if you were okay.
David gripped his steering wheel and his knuckles went white and he drove off home. He kept calling your cell but nothing, David paced around his pace he was very uneasy and couldn’t shake this feeling that something was wrong. Morning came around and not one word from you and that was so unlike you, so David could not wait anymore and so he drove to the clubhouse.
He parked by your car and looked around it and he walked over to the driver side and noticed the mirror was broken. His heart stopped and he looked around and found your purse underneath the car. He panicked and ran into the clubhouse, he slammed opened the door. Members were sitting at the bar and noticed Hale, instantly the members jumped up, they were confused and angered at Hales entrance. Hale didn’t give anyone the chance to say anything when he said;
“ where’s Y/N ?! have you guys seen her ?! ”
Chibs said as he walked over towards Hale;
“ settle down lad, what’s going on ? why do you want to know where Y/N is ? ”
Hale held out her purse and he said in a worrisome tone;
“ her purse was underneath her car, and it seems like there was a struggle, her mirror is broken. have you seen her ? her cell keeps going to voicemail ”
Chibs and the members were all now standing around Hale now concern about what he was saying about you. Juice said;
“ someone has to know where she is, call Jax? Gemma ? ”
Myles went and looked in the dorms for you and Juice, Chibs were calling Jax and Gemma. Chibs called Gemma;
“ hello ? ”
“ aye, morning gem ”
“ morning Chibs, what’s up ”

“ uh, have you heard from Y/N at all since last night ? ”
Gemma stopped doing what she was doing instantly and said in an frantic tone;
“ no why what’s going on Chibs ? where’s Y/N ? something happen ? ”
Chibs inhaled deeply and said;
“ you better get down here Gemma ”
Gemma hung up the phone and raced down to the clubhouse, along the way she explained to a curious Clay on what she knew so far. Juice called Jax;
“ Hello ”
“ Jax, hey its juice ”
“ juice, hey what’s up ? ”

“ uh, just curious. . have you heard from Y/N since the party last night ? ”
Jax sat up in bed immediately once those words left Juice’s mouth and he said;
“ no, why what’s wrong ? where’s my sister ? ”

Juice knew Jax was freaked out now and said;
“ no one has seen or heard from her since last night, and her car and purse are here. we called her cell but it keeps going to voicemail and i can’t track it because its off or dead ”
Jax was already getting dressed when he said;
“ I’ll be there in a few minutes ”
They both hung up the phone and Jax dashed down to the clubhouse. Gemma and Jax got the clubhouse around the same time, and everyone came out including Hale. They were confused as to why Hale was here, they never dealt with law enforcement unless the finger was pointed to them for the crime. Jax demanded;
“ where’s Y/N?! what’s going on ?! ”
Chibs explained everything to Jax and Gemma then Hale said;
“ I don’t know what’s going on, but I found her purse under her car, the mirror was smashed and when I tried to call her cell it went straight to voicemail ”
Gemma and everyone was confused as to why Hale was so involved and wondered why, but then Clay said;
“ why the hell are you calling Y/N’s cell ?! ”
Everyone looked at Hale, and Gemma said;
“ Hale, why are you calling Y/N’s cell ? ”
Hale felt the pressure and he swallowed hard and said;
“ uh ”
Hale didn’t know what to say and Clay was so frustrated and worried and he couldn’t handle it and he exploded, he lunged for Hale. Jax got in the middle of both Hale and Clay, Tig holding back Clay and Jax said;
“ woah woah ! everyone calm down alright ! ”
The guys separated the two and Jax said;
“ okay look, we can settle this bullshit later, right now we have to find out where my sister is and if she’s okay. that’s our main concern right now ”
They pulled their shit together and called everyone that they thought of that would possibly have heard from you or seen you, but nothing. The guys called your cell a million times and nothing, Jax called it again but this time it rang. Jax yelled to everyone;
“ its ringing, her phone is ringing! ”
Everyone gathered around Jax, including Hale. Salazar looked at your ringing cell and said just before he answered it;
“ oh looky looky here, big brother is calling ”
You couldn’t say anything they had gagged you once again, and he answered Jax’s call. Jax heard someone pick up and he said;
“ Y/N ?! hello .. Y/N ?! ”

Salazar chuckled on the other end of the line and said;
“ oh, she’s quite busy at the moment, can I help you ? ”
Jax had a lump in his throat and a fire in his belly and his face grew angry and said;
“ who the hell is this !? and where is my sister?! ”
Everyone in the clubhouse grew silent and they knew it wasn’t good, someone has Y/N, but who? Jax continued to talk to this strange man on Y/N’s cell;
“ well I’m the one that has your sister and you are going to do something for me, and if you want to see her breathing again I shouldn’t see a problem ”
Jax was radiating with anger and Gemma made him put the cell on speaker, Juice got on his laptop right away and started the process of tryin to track your cell. Gemma said;
“ look asshole, I don’t know who you think you are or what you want but if you hurt my daughter in anyway I can guarantee that will be the last thing you will ever do ”
Salazar chuckled and said;
“ listen here bitch, you do what I say and I wont kill her. you keep talking like that I’m going to have to keep hurting her ”
Salazar looked over at one of his men and he hit Y/N. Everyone could hear you getting hit, Hale grabbed the and said;
“ okay okay, stop it. we will do what you want! please don’t hurt her ! ”

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Everyone looked at Hale, surprised and please at the same time, Salazar hearing this made the man stop and you could finally catch your breath. Your eye was swelling shut, your body ached and you were bleeding pretty bad. Jax said as calmly as he could;
“ what do you want us to do ? ”
Salazar had a smile across his face and he said;
“ I want you to kill Alveraz and I want 25K or I will kill your little princess. you have 1 day. ”
Salazar hung up the phone before Jax could say anything else, Gemma was panicking, Hale said in a concern voice;
“ what we going to do Jax ?! ”
Clay snapped;
“ we? your not going to do anything deputy, your going to crawl back in your pretty cage and drive off ”
Hale didn’t hesitate this time, things have changed and you were in danger and Hale did not give a shit what the MC thought about him. Hale spat back to Clay;
“ I’m not going to not do anything, I care about Y/N just as much if not more than anyone here ”
Before Clay could say anything further, Gemma said;
“ okay, just let him help us find Y/N, enough of this bullshit Clay ”
Jax looked over at Juice who was still on his computer and said;
“ did you find her Juicy ”
Juice turned on his stool, looking at Jax and said;
“ yes I did, she’s in a warehouse by Oakland ”
Clay said;
“ we need to call Alveraz now ! ”
Tig grabbed his cell and called, they set up a meet and went out to meet them. They parked there bikes and greeted each other;
“ Alveraz ”
Clay reached out for Alveraz’s hand and he shook it, along with Jax’s;
“ Clay, Jax ”
Hale tried to stay quiet but he joined the men and said;
“ Do we know where she is ? ”
The men were shocked and Jax said;
“ Hale, we are figuring this out ”
Alveraz interrupted;
“ it’s Salazar, has to be him all my guys are loyal to me. that little puta is dead ”
Juice showed Alveraz the location and he knew right away where he they were, he gathered his men and told SAMCRO to follow them. Your ears were ringing and your face was stinging, the men just finished torching you. The roar of Harley’s were becoming louder and louder, you thought you were imagining it but you noticed the men starting to panic and run around the warehouse grabbing what weaponry they did have. Next thing you know the warehouse doors are flying open and the SONS crash through the doors. Salazar rushes behind you with a knife and held it tightly to your throat. You looked at them, all of them and you were surprised yet relived to see David along side your brother Jax. David looked at you, his eyes wide with terror and the fact that you were bound to the chair, your face was bloody and battered and to top it all of Salazar with that blade to your neck. Salazar threatened;
“ back the hell off or I will slit her throat ! ”
Jax, Clay and David all yelled, holding up their hands along with their guns;
“ don’t! okay okay. .. look we will back off, just let her go ”
Salazar’s men were nervous, they had guns on the sons and Salazar demanded;
“ where’s the cash?! ”
Juice emerged from behind Jax and tossed a duffle bag to Salazar’s feet, Salazar then looked at it and demanded someone to open the bag and show him the money. Hale offered to do it, he walked up slow towards you and Salazar his eyes never leaving yours. The SONS still had their guns drawn and ready to fight, David then looked at Salazar and Salazar looked at David and said viciously;
“ don’t even think about doing anything stupid ”
Salazar pressed the knife even harder to your throat, enough to make you wince in pain, Salazar drew blood and David saw blood coming down your neck from under the blade and David said with his hands up;
“ easy buddy, look here’s your money ”
David slowly unzipped the duffle bag and as he was doing that Salazar was trying to look and David noticed the blade from your neck was being pulled away from your neck as Salazar was trying to look at the money in the duffle bag. David didn’t wait a second, he quickly leaped towards the knife and Salazar, just then the guys unloaded on Salazar’s men. David wrestled with Salazar for the knife, Jax ran to you and just before Salazar could stab you Alveraz shot him in the shoulder and he dropped. David rushed over towards you, Jax was trying to cut you free and David removed your gag carefully. You smiled at David, he moved closer towards your face, he was scared to hurt you considering how badly injured you were. Jax finally cut you free and you reached out for David, you wrapped your arms around him as he did with you. Jax watched as the two of you embraced each other, Clay also seen the two of you and he just as the others were shocked yet extremely happy to see you alive.
Alveraz and his men picked up Salazar from the floor and tied him to the chair that he had bonded you too. Clay and Jax went and see you as David was helping you up. You looked at your father and he held back his tears, and said as he was wiping your face gently;
“ I’m so sorry this happened to you baby ”
You looked at your father who you have never seen at his lowest, you could see that he blamed himself for everything that has happened to you and you felt pity and love for you father and you said as you touched his face;
“ dad, this isn’t your fault ”
Before he could say anything you just hugged him, and he hugged you back. Clay walked over to where Alveraz was beating the crap out of Salazar. Jax made sure you were okay, and he looked over at Hale who was holding onto you. David walked you out of the warehouse, you guys got in back of the van. David and Chibs patched you up as best as they could then Chibs said to you both;
“ aye darling, you need to go see Tara ”
You looked at Chibs and David and said;
“ if I go to the hospital they will have this on file, I don’t want that ”
Chibs understood and then David said;
“ Y/N you need to go to the hospital, make sure nothings broken or no internal bleeding ”
You agreed and the two drove you to St. Thomas, the SONS mad Salazar regret everything he did to you, Alveraz was the one that finished him off. Tara got you in a private exam room and Hale told Tara to put his name on the books. Just so your name wasn’t in the records at the hospital. Tara checked you out, she was theory, you had a broken rib or two and a few stiches here and there. Bumps and bruises but overall you were okay, Hale stayed with you the entire time and you finally managed to ask David;
“ I can’t believe your here, I can’t believe you came and rescued me with my family ”
David smiled at you, stroked your hair lightly and said;
“ of course I went for you, I couldn’t just do nothing ”
You smiled, and asked him;
“ How the hell are you still alive and they know about us ? ”
David shrugged his shoulder and leaned in;
“ I guess they agreed with me that saving you was more important then killing me ”
You both laughed and he continued to say as he leaned in to kiss you softly on the lips;
“ I’m glad you are okay Y/N i was so worried ”
You smiled as you kissed David and once your lips parted you said;
“ I’m glad you are here with me ”
David helped you get dressed in some extra clothes that Tara had given you from her office. Tara had cleared you to go home and rest, but before you left the Tara’s office Gemma stormed in. She stopped dead in her tracks, she took in the sight of you. Tears welling up in her eyes, she walked over to you and David. You tried your best to hold back your tears, but a few crept out once your mother hugged you. Gemma through tears said;
“ I’m so sorry sweetheart ”
You sniffled and replied;
“ I could be better ma, but I’m still alive ”
The two of you giggled and Gemma looked at you, brushed you hair away from your face and kissed you lightly on the cheek and Gemma looked over at David and said;
“ Thank you David ”
He nodded and gave her a little smile, Gemma looked over at you and said as sweetly as she could;
“ you ready to go home baby ? ”
David then walked up to you and said to both you and your mother;
“ I’ll drive you home Y/N ”
Before you could answer David your mother said to David;
“ I. .. I’ll drive her home David ”
Gemma added as she looked at you;
“ I think you should come and stay with your father and me tonight ”
You looked at your mother and said;
“ I think I want to go back to my place tonight ma, David will be with me ”
Gemma was surprised and a little hesitant but eventually she said;
“ okay baby, we will go check on you in the morning ”
David was surprised you told your mother you’d rather stay with him instead. The three of you walked out of the hospital, you got into the van and David got in the drivers side. Gemma kissed you and watched as you drove off with David.
David made you comfortable, practically made you feel like a queen. He then laid next to you. Morning came and waking up next to David was an awesome feeling. Your body ached and you walked to the bathroom. You didn’t want to wake David up so you were as quiet as you can be, once you reached the bathroom you turned on the light and looked at your reflection. Your face was bruised, cut and swollen. You put a damp cold cloth to it, it stung but it also felt so relieving. David noticed you were beside him anymore and he got up and walked over to the bathroom and he seen you by the sink. He leaned against the frame of the bathroom door and watched you, than he said;
“ your still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen ”
You turned and looked at him, you gave him a crooked smile and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around you, you took in the smell of him and he said while still holding onto you;
“ want some coffee ? breakfast maybe ? ”
You smiled and said while looking up at him;
“ coffee sounds great babe ”
You slowly got dressed and David was making some coffee, you walked over to the kitchen and sat down at the table. The thundering rumble of Harley’s were heard in the distance as they came down your street, and soon enough the sound died down and a knock came to my front door. David got up and opened the door, Clay and Gemma were standing in the door way, Clay then said;
“ good morning deputy, didn’t expect you to answer the door ”
Hale chuckled and you said in a snarky tone;
“ dad, would you just get in here ”
Clay and the rest of the guys walked in, Jax walked over to you and gave you a kiss, then he took a seat beside you at the table. Along with Gemma and Clay, the rest of the guys sat where ever they could find a place and Hale walked over to you and touched your shoulders. Clay seeing this and his jaw clenched and he said through his teeth;
“ so what, your seeing this … deputy ? ”
Everyone stared at you and David, and you said with a smile across your face;
“ well that was settle dad, but yes I’m seeing David. ”
Everyone was quiet and Gemma said while clearing her throat;
“ umm, how long has this been going on? ”
You and David shared a look and you said and you touched David’s hand;
“ uh, a few months ”
Gemma nodded, Clay’s expression was annoyed and Jax said with a little laugh;
“ so he’s the one that has been keeping you pretty busy ”
Chuckles left you and David’s mouth, Tig couldn’t control his outburst and said;
“ we can’t trust this cop, we can’t trust him with Y/N ”
All eyes were on Tig, and David said;
“ look, me and Y/N, that’s our business .. what happens with the club is yours. that has nothing to do with me ”
You spoke before anyone could say anything;
“ guys, I’m not your property. you can’t tell me who I can see and who I can’t. I am not a member of the club, so my personal life is my own. I appreciate you guys looking out for me, but David means a lot to me ”
David looked at you and said proudly;
“ I care about Y/N too, I … I love you ”
You were surprised and said back to him;
“ I love you too David ”
He kissed you and you kissed him back, and you said to him in a chuckle;
“ I bet you weren’t planning on saying that in front of everyone ”
You both laughed and he agreed with you and you looked over at your parents, your brother and the club and Gemma said;
“ okay baby ”
Clay said, in a what almost seem like a threat towards David;
“ okay deputy, if you hurt her or my club .. well I’m sure you can figure out the rest ”
David nodded in agreement and as everyone got up and headed out, Jax stopped and turned to David and said;
“ Hale, look I know we will never be friends because the whole outlaw and cop thing but she’s my baby sister and I’ll do anything for her. if you break her heart in anyway I will kill you, cop or not ”
David respected Jax and understood what he was saying, Jax reached out and shook David’s hand and you were glad they did that. Your brother Jax accepted the fact that you and David were together. The guys heard Jax give David the ’ big brother ’ speech, and told him he was right to do that. Gemma gave you a kiss on the forehead and told you;
“ I got to get to the office baby, I’ll see you later ”
Gemma left and it was just you and David again, as he closed the door he turned and leaned his back against the door and said;
“ well wasn’t that kind of awkward ”
You both laughed and he sat down next to you and you said in a flirtatious way;
“ so, you love me ? ”
You smiled and David giggled and leaned forward;
“ yep, I sure do. and you love me ”
You couldn’t help but blush a bit and he smiled at you, you leaned in and gave him a kiss, you didn’t care that your lip hurt when you kissed him. Once the kiss was done, you said to him;
“ oh yes baby, I do love you ”

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An imagine where you very emotionally admit to your bf tig that you dont want kids and your sorry if that changes his opinion of you and everything. Fluffy of him comforting u maybe smut?

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A/N: Didn’t make it smutty cause it felt cuter if it was fluffy hope you don’t mind.

Day 10 of Spooky Tales 

Ft. Alexander “Tig” Trager from SOA


Another batch of kids can knocking on your door all dressed in their creative costumes, Tig joyfully handing out candy smiling at all the kids that came up to your door and you couldn’t help but feel the sudden pain in your heart. You knew he wanted kids he talked about it often, but deep down in your heart you knew you didn’t want to have them and you were so afraid to tell him because you knew it would break him.

You took a deep breath after the fifth batch of kids “Alexander.. I have something to tell you.. and I don’t know how you’re going to react but I have to say it to you.” You said taking his hand leading him to the couch as you both sat down. Another deep breath “I know you’ve been talking about kids.. how much you want them.. how you can’t wait to have them.. but I.. I really don’t want kids at the moment.. or at all maybe and I’m really sorry if that makes you look at me differently or if you want to end us.. I wouldn’t blame you but I just wanted to tell me you.” You said looking at him as he smiled softly.

“Who knew you would be so selfish to want me all to yourself.” He said grabbing your waist pulling you on his lips “Mhm, I don’t mind not sharing you doll.” He said kissing you softly entailing his hand in your hair “All to myself huh.” He said laying you on the couch “I should ravish you right now shouldn’t I?” He asked as you smiled ready to reply until the doorbell rang “Nope, time to serve brats.” You said moving from under him to the door.

Worry [Juice]

Panic rushes through [Y/N] as yet another call to Juice ends up in the voicemail box, but that panic soon turns to rage as she closes her phone and flings it across the room. The cellphone strikes the wall across from her jarring the battery loose as it clatters to the floor.

“When I get my hands on that boy so help me,” [Y/N] mumbles just as the doorbell chimes. Taking a deep breath she heads towards the front door, but stop shorts when she sees a very familiar face, one that she currently wants to smack.

In a hurry she yanks open the door coming face to face with Juice, “Where the hell have you been? Better yet, why the hell can’t you answer your phone? I’ve been so worried Juice.”

Juice doesn’t respond, instead he crosses the threshold and pulls [Y/N] into a hug, “I know baby and I’m so sorry, I just-I just needed some time.”

Her fingers grip his hoodie tightly as tears prick her eyes, “You had me so worried Juice, Chibs has been calling asking if you’re okay.”

“I know, I know and I’ll fix that, but for right now it’s about us.” Juice states as he kicks the door closed and ushers [Y/N] to couch, never letting her go.

“I love you Juice,” [Y/N] replies.

“I love you too,” Juice replies as his eyes land on the dismantled phone, “is that your phone on the floor over there?”

“Yes, yes it is.” She replies as Juice lets out a chuckle.

Tease [Tig Trager]

[Y/N] shifts around on the bed in an attempt to make her very pregnant self more comfortable just as the shower cuts off in the other room. She fumbles around on the bedside table looking for the book she’s been entertaining for some time, hoping to add a few more pages to the left side. Propping the book on swollen belly she opens it to the page where she stopped just as the bathroom door opens and Tig walks out stark naked.

She pauses and glances over the top of her book before letting a low wolf whistle, “Now now Tig, you’re teasing your very pregnant wife and it’s not exactly fair.”

Tig chuckles softly as he pulls on a pair of boxers and slips into bed next to [Y/N], he casually props himself up and plants a soft kiss on her belly, “Mommy’s a little tense right now, but I can assure you that she adores it when I tease her.”

“That I do baby boy,” [Y/N] replies as she drags her fingers through Tig’s hair, “how was your day?”

“Oh you know, exhilarating,” Tig states as he catches her hand and plants a kiss on it, “what did the doctor say?”

A soft smile slips across her face as she closes her book and places it back on the table, “Everything’s going as planned, they’re both happy and healthy and will coming very soon, I hope you’re ready Daddy.”

“Oh I am,” Tig states as he shifts around so that he can plant a kiss on [Y/N]’s lips, “we’re going to be great parents to two beautiful kids.”

“Yes we are, now I need you to be a good Daddy and run to the kitchen.” she replies as a low grumble erupts from her belly. Tig laughs loudly as he rolls off of the bed and hurries down the hall to the kitchen to grab a late night snack for [Y/N].

Prompt List of Sarcasm
  1. “Well, what can I say? I’m a badass.” 
  2. “Define normal.” 
  3. “Do I get bonus points if I act like I care?” 
  4. “Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.” 
  5. “Don’t look for any redeeming qualities. I don’t have any.” 
  6. “It’s amazing how fast the world can go from bad to total shit storm.” 
  7. “I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.” 
  8. “And you wonder why you’re still single.” 
  9. “Remind me to kill you. Please.” 
  10. “I’m listening to you. I’m just not paying attention.” 
  11. “That’s a little melodramatic, don’t you think?” 
  12. “Were you dropped on your head?” 
  13. “She’s crazy. And just when you think you’ve reached the bottom of her craziness, there’s a crazy underground garage.” 
  14. “She may seem like lollipops and rainbows but I bet behind close doors she’s latex and whips.” 
  15. “If my day gets any worse, I’m asking hell if they’re having an exchange program.” 
  16. “Sorry. I don’t speak skank.” 
  17. “If I survive, can I go home?” 
  18. “My middle finger salutes you.” 
  19. “This is a whole new level of moronic, even for you.” 
  20. “I don’t think I could ever stab someone. I mean, let’s be honest. I can barely get the straw in the Capri Sun.” 
  21. “I don’t have enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel.” 
  22. “Insanity run in my family. It practically gallops.” 
  23. “Oh darling. Go buy a brain.” 
  24. “Somebody’s cranky.” “Somebody needs to shut up.” 
  25. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.” 
  26. “All due respect, but that’s a bunch of crap.” 
  27. “I am one of the few people in the world who can murder you and leave no forensic evidence behind.” 
  28. “Excuse me. I have to go make a scene.” 
  29. “What did I tell you about calling her/him the devil?” “That it’s offensive to the devil?” 
  30. “I heard that!” “You were supposed to!” 
  31. “I need therapy after this.” 
  32. “You didn’t get in trouble for lying. You got in trouble for lying badly.” 
  33. “I’m not weird. I am limited edition.” 
  34. “I turned out liking you a lot more that I originally planned.” 
  35. “I think you’re weird.” “I think you’re boring.” 
  36. “If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur.” 
  37. “You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?” 
  38. “I’m afraid I’ve been thinking…” “A dangerous pastime.” 
  39. “I’d explain it to you, but you’re brain would explode.” 
  40. “Wow, there’s a big surprise. I think I’m going to have a heart attack and die from surprise.” 
  41. “I’m gonna hit you so hard, it’ll make you ancestors dizzy.” 
  42. “Even when we were kids, I always kicked your ass!” 
  43. “Sarcasm is the body’s natural reaction to stupidity.” 
  44. “You’re good. A monster pain in the ass… but you’re good.” 
  45. “Well, excuse me, psychic wonder!” 
  46. “The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” 
  47. “Don’t look in her eyes, she might steal your soul.” 
  48. “She’s hot, but she’s evil.” 
  49. “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.” 
  50. “I already know that I’m going to hell. At this point it’s really go big or go home.” 
  51. “Go on, knock his teeth down his throat.” 
  52. “You’re going to burn in a very special level of hell. A level they reserve for child molesters, animal abusers and people who talk at the theater.” 
  53. “What’s the point in screaming? No one’s listening anyway.” 
  54. “I’m not a damsel in distress. I’m a damsel doing damage.” 
  55. “So stick that in your juice box and suck it.” 
  56. “Never take life seriously. No one ever comes out alive anyway.” 
  57. “This place hold a lot of memories for me. Some bad, some… No. No, no, all bad.” 
  58. “A little gasoline… blowtorch… no problem.” 
  59. “Good, bad, I’m the one with the gun.” 
  60. “I know you can’t kill anybody, ‘cause I can’t kill anybody.” 
  61. “You’re insane, but you might also be brilliant.” 
  62. “What you call insanity, I call inspiration.” 
  63. “Sometimes I question my sanity. Occasionally it replies.” 
  64. “Why should we date?” “Because we are attracted to each other.” “I am attracted to pie, but I do not feel the need to date pie.” 
  65. “Why does everyone assume the worst of me.” “It saves time.” 
  66. “I like you. You’re different.” 
  67. “You successfully cured him/her of anything interesting about his/her personality.” 
  68. “Neither one us is drunk enough for this conversation.” 
  69. “You’re questioning my methods.” “I’m not questioning it, I’m saying it’s stupid.” 
  70. “Wow, somebody needs a Happy Meal.” 
  71. “I didn’t do it!” “Then why are you laughing?” “Because whoever did it is a freaking genius.” 
  72. “Idiots. I’m surrounded by idiots.” 
  73. “You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.” 
  74. “I care so little, I almost passed out.” 
  75. “Well behaved woman rarely make history.” 
  76. “You’re so weird.” “You have no idea.” 
  77. “The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.” 
  78. “You haven’t even seen my bad side yet.” 
  79. “Obviously you have mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit.” 
  80. “How’s life treating you?” “Like I ran over it’s dog.” 
  81. “Rule number one: don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you, that’s not going to change.” 
  82. “Oh God, we’re not gonna have to hug or anything, are we.” 
  83. “I’m so glad you could come.” “Cut the crap. Give me a drink.” 
  84. “You make no sense to me.” “Welcome to my life.” 
  85. “Have fun being deal.” “I will.” 
  86. “Damn, you’re strong for a little thing.” 
  87. “It’s called thinking. Go with it.” 
  88. “I made a new friend today.” “Real or imaginary?” “Imaginary.” 
  89. “Where have you been all my life?” “Hiding from you.” 
  90. “I’m getting real bored and impatient. I don’t do bored and impatient.” 
  91. “The girl is strange no question.” 
  92. “Do us a favor… I know it’s difficult for you… but please, stay here, and try no to do anything… stupid.” 
  93. “I know most people don’t like me; I don’t care, I don’t like most people.” 
  94. “You are a very strange person.” “Well, thanks for noticing.” 
  95. “I can tell that you think what you’re saying is funny, but… no.”
  96. “I didn’t steal it. I permanently borrowed it.” 
  97. “I’m not shy. I’m just examining my prey.” 
  98. “If you pull out my earphones, I will pull out your lungs.”
  99. “I don’t dislike you, I nothing you.” 
  100. “Are you crying? No, I’m impersonating a fountain.” 
  101. “Ah, he’s playing hard-to-get. That’s cute.” 
  102. “You’re kinda anti-social, you know that?” 
  103. “I feel like a freakin’ soccer mom.” 
  104. “My advice is much more subtle. Stop being an ass.” 
  105. “I’m just gonna pack up and go straight to hell now.” 
  106. “My ex? Yeah, I’d still hit that. Except this time it would be with a car or baseball bat.” 
  107. “She’s complicated like the DaVinci code, you know but harder to crack.” 
  108. “And just like everything else we do around here, it’s about to get weirder.” 
  109. “Such big evil in such a little thing.” 
  110. “Why do I still like you, knowing you’re a total asshole?” 
  111. “What does not kill you will likely try again.” 
  112. “Oh honey, I would but… I don’t want to.” 
  113. “And hello to you too… little homewrecker.” 
  114. “I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.” 
  115. “I don’t need anger management. I need people to stop pissing me off.” 
  116. “What doesn’t kill me might make me kill you.”
  117. “In another life, I think I was in a mental institution.” 
  118. “I’m not crazy. I’m just interesting.” 
  119. “Don’t make me pop your ten grand sand bags honey.” 
  120. “This is fun.” “Seriously, we’re trying to hide a body.” 

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Sons of Anarchy Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(Ok so i’m trying for my first SOA preference :3 Hope it’s okay and you all like it! Hope it is as requested :D Also I plan on keeping this list relatively short as I don’t want it to be as long as my TWD list, hope you all understand! Gif not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Jax-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d take a little step back and start to chuckle as he realizes you had a little dirty mind. He’d start to tease you, grinning and pretending to be in disbelief that you just said that, making you plead for him to get back at it and for him to give into your demands but only after you’d repeat yourself. “What? Daddy? You just called me Daddy! Yes you did!Fuck I never thought you were this dirty…Oh no I am not letting it go! Not until you tell me what was that all about! Come on, call me Daddy again!”

Opie-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and wouldn’t know what to say at first apart from calling your name curiously. However, seeing your sudden shocked expression as you’d realize yourself, he’d start to smile and laugh before cupping your cheeks and kissing you sweetly as he asks you what’s wrong. “Y/N? Did you just…Call me daddy? What’s that all about…You okay baby? It was an accident? Really? Well let me tell you what…I don’t mind if you call me that…”

Chibs-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get cockier about himself. Letting out a chuckle, he’d lean in closer to you ear and whisper about how dirty minded you are to even think of such things, truly not letting you get away with what you just said before gripping you tightly and thrusting harder. “You dirty little girl…Calling me Daddy so loudly and eagerly…Is that what you think of me? Hmm…Say it again! Call me Daddy again! Louder!”

Tig-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just to stare into your eyes, making you both get quiet before looking at you lustfully and smirking darkly. Seeing you shake your head and sigh in denial of what just happened, he’d then pin you down to the bed and would thrust even harder and spank your ass to make you repeat yourself. “You…You just called me Daddy…Wow…Fuck…That’s so fucking hot! Y/N! Baby! Call me Daddy again!”

Juice-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d blush and actually be so happy about it that he couldn’t stop smiling. However, he’d pretend to be bashful and would deny enjoying it as you’d ask him whether he might like it or not, yet despite his denial, he’d actually seem more confident. He’d end up pinning you down tightly and thrust even harder. “You just called me Daddy…What? No…No I-I am nothing like that…But that doesn’t mean i hate it…”

Happy-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and let out a satisfied chuckle. He’d growl and grip onto your hair, pulling you back and simply tell you point blank to keep repeating yourself. He’d claim you as his and wouldn’t give a fuck if you both made too much noises, even going as far as to thrust even harder and make you beg for more. “Daddy?! Was it?! I didn’t hear you right you dirty little slut! You’re mine! Say it again! Let everyone know that i’m your Daddy!”

Kozik-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d actually get confident about himself and wouldn’t be able to stop smirking and grinning as he’d look at you. Still thrusting, he’d tease you by getting you to get to be even louder. He’d even go as far as to mimic you at some point, only to make you blush even more from what you just said. “Daddy! Daddy! Oh…That’s you a few seconds ago! Huh, Y/N! You like that?! Calling me Daddy! Yeah you do! Look at you! Oh no don’t hide yourself!”

Rat-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get oddly quiet and would take time to process what had just really happened. He’d be actually overwhelmed with joy but just couldn’t find the right things to say or do in the moment that he’d kinda stay still for a moment. As you’d wonder if he’s okay and apologize for it, he’d panic and reassure you. “I-I’m fine! I’m really fine! I-I just never expected it…B-But I-I like it a lot! I swear! I really didn’t mind…”

Half-Sack-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and get so overly confident that he’d start to play into it with you, acting as if he has always been your daddy dom. He’d laugh to hear you and would try his best to be rough with you, pulling on your hair or spank you but doing so lightly you’d laugh more than moan. “Yes baby girl?! You like that calling me Daddy?! Alright! Why don’t you say it louder! For everyone to hear!”

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